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ing the offence. By whatever clouds your mind may heretofore have been obscured, you now know that which is good: and, if you do it not, to you it is fin. Be conscientious in acting conformably to the full extent of your knowledge. Be careful for nothing, except faith and holiness. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all things essential to your earthly welfare shall be added unto you. Stretch not your thoughts forward to remote plans of worldly interest. In all your plans remember that the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth, and distributeth all things to every man severally as He will. Leave all things in His hands, with gratitude for His past mercies, with undoubting reliance on His wisdom and his love. Iu discoursing concerning your future purposes, be not afbamed when it concerneth thy foul. Let it be visible, unoftentatiously yet clearly visible,

refer and commit every event to the good pleasure of your Father who is in heaven. Why takejt thou thought, why art thou disquieted with anxiety; for the morrow? The morrow fall take thought for the things of itself. Why strainest thou thine aching eyes in speculating on airy phantoms? Why buildest thou for thyself visionary palaces amidst the vapours that hang on the extremity.

that you

of the sky? Thou hast here no continuing city. Seek one to come. Seek an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens: a city baving foundations, whose builder and maker is

God (m).

Finally; remember that the concluding admonition which St. James has so pertinently applied to the immediate subject of his disa course, is in its nature a general precept, applicable to every branch and circumstance of duty. Whether faith or practice, whether doctrines to be received, tempers to be cherished, or actions to be performed, be in question: whether to govern or to serve, to labour or to endure, to glorify God through the Lord Jesus by evil report or by good report, by life or by death, be the office to which the Christian is called forth : it is equally and universally true, that, to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is fin. Restrict not to special occasions, circumscribe not by unwarranted limitations, a precept comprehensive as the sphere of human agency. Are you weary of welldoing? Are you solicitous to curtail the required tribute of obedience ? Are you inclined to cherish ignorance, or to diffemble knowledge, if you may thus escape from the obligation of rendering an additional testimony . (m) 2 Cor. v. 1. Hebr. xi. 10. Z


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of love and gratitude to God? Is there any love, any gratitude, in the bosom where such thoughts are harboured? Is there any sense of equity in that bosom? Has thy Creator merited thus at thine hand? Has He been a niggard in His mercies to thee? Has He pared away from thy portion every superfluity of comfort ? When thou walt in bondage to sin and death eternal, did His power make no exertion, did His wisdom devise no counsel, did His goodness suggest no facrifice, for thy fake ? Out of thine own mouth shalt thou be judged, thou wicked servant! Is this the free-will offering of the heart? Is this to serve God not grudgingly, and as it were of necesity? What is the language of genuine gratitude, of genuine love? I am thine :: I have longed after thy precepis.. With whole heart have I fought thee. In the path of thy commandments do I delight. Thy word is very pure : therefore thy servant loveth it. I love thy commandments above gold, yea above fine gold. I rejoice at thy word as one that findeth great spóil. Iesteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right. All thy commandments are righteousness. O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes ! Then

shall I not be ashamed, when Ibavere peal unto all thy commandments (n). (2) Pf.cxix. 5,6. 10.35. 46.94. 127, 128. 140. 163. 172.



If you lay claim to the denomination of a disciple of Jesus Christ, be it in every point and on every occalion your main concerni to fulfil

your known duty to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; and your duty to your neighbour, as a branch of your duty to God. Without that stedfast concern, you possess not the disposition of a Christian. If, through the renovating influence of divine grace, you have attained by effectual prayer this regenerate frame of soul; and if, through the same grace, you hold it fast unto the end : then are you in Christ, a new creature. Then have you scriptural authority for your hopes that, whether in the course of the present year you shall be numbered with your fathers, or shall be preserved unto the dawning of another, you shall be found of

Lord in

and be accepted through the righteousness of Christ.


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On the Guilt and the Consequences of de

spising the Divine Threatenings.


GENESIS, xix. 14.
And Lot went out, and spake unto bis Sons-in-

law, which married bis Daughters, and
faid: Up; get you out of this Place : for
the Lord will destroy this City.But
be seemed as one that mocked unto his Sons-

in-law. MAN, fallen from original holiness, dark

ened in his understanding and perverted in his desires, transforms blessings into evils. The means of happiness consigned by the divine goodness to his application become, under his blind and unhallowed management, causes and instruments of ruin. The food, by which his body is to be sustained in health


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