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Praise for the Gospel. LORD, I ascribe it to thy grace,

And not to chance, as others do,
That I was born of Christian race,

And not a Heathen or a Jew.
What would the ancient Jewish kings,

And Jewish prophets, once have given,
Could they have heard those glorious things,

Which Christ reveald, and brought from heaven! How glad the Heathens would have been,

That worshipp'd idols, wood and stone, If they the Book of God had seen,

Or Jesus and his Gospel known! Then if this Gospel I refuse,

How shall I e'er lift up mine eyes ? For all the Gentiles and the Jews

Against me will in judgment rise.

The all-seeing God. Almighty God!, thy piercing eye

Strikes through ihe shades of night,
And our most secret actions lie

All open to thy sight.
There's not a sin that we commit,

Nor wicked word we say,
But in thy dreadful book 'tis writ,

Against the judgment-day.
And must the crimes that I have done

Be read and publish'd there?
Be all expos'd before the sun,

While men and angels hear? Lord, at thy foot asham'd I lie;

Upward I dare not look: Pardon my sins before I die,

And blot thein from thy book. Remember all the dying pains

That my Redeemer feli,

And let bis blood wash out my stains,

And answer for my guilt.
O may I nqw for ever fear

T'indulge a sinful thought,
Since the great God can see and hear,

And writes down every fault.

The Danger of Delay.
Why should I say, “ 'Tis yet too soon
To seek for heaven, or think of death?"
A flow'r may fade before 'uis noon,
And I this daymay_Jose my breath.
If this rebellious heart of mine
Despise the gracious calls of heav'n,

may be hardend iu mny sin,
And never have repentance given.
What if the Lord grow wroth, and swear,
While I refuse to read and pray,
That he'll refuse to lend an ear
To all my groans another day!
What if his dreadful anger burn,
While I refuse his offer'd grace,
And all bis love to fury turn,
And strike me dead upon the place
"Tis dangerous to provoke a God!
His power and vengeance none can tell;
One stroke of his almighty rod
Shall send young sinners quick to hell.
Then 'twill for ever be in vain
To cry for pardon and for grace;
To wish I had my time again,
Or hope to see my Maker's face.

Obedience to Parents.
Let children that would fear the Lord

Hear what their Teachers say;
With rev'rence meet their Parents' word,

And with delight obey.
Have you not heard what dreadful plagues

Are threaten'd by the Lord,
To him tbat breaks his Father's law,

Or mocks his Mother's word?


What heavy guilt upon him lies !

How cursed is his name!
The ravens shall pick out his eyes,

And eagles eat the same.
But those who worship God, and give

Their Parents honour due,
Here on this earth they long shall live,

And live hereafter too.

Against Pride in Clothes. Why should our garments, made to hide Our parents' shame, provoke our pride? The arts of dress did ne'er begin, Till Eve our mother learn'd to sin. When first she put her cov'ring on, Her robe of innocence was gone; And yet her children vainly boast, In the sad marks of glory lost. How proud we are how fond to shew Our clothes, and call them rich and new! When the poor sheep and silkworm wore That very clothing long before. The tulip and the butterfly Appear in gayer coats thau I; Let me be drest fine as I will, Flies, worms, and flow'rs, exceed me still. Then will I set my heart to find Inward adornings of the mind : Knowledge and virtue, truth and grace, These are the robes of richest dress. No more shall worms with me compare ; This is the raiment angels wear : The Son of God, when here below, Put on this blest apparel' too. It never fades, it ne'er grows old, Nor fears the rain, nor moth, nor mould: It takes no spot, but still refines; The more 'tis worn, the more it shines. In this on earth should Rappear; Then go to heav'n, and wear it there : God will approve it in his sight; 'Tis his own work and his delight.

A Morning Song.
My God, who makes the sun to know

His proper hour to rise,
And to give light to all below,

Doth send him round the skies.
When from the chambers of the east

His morning race begins,
He never tires, nor stops to rest;

But round the world he shines.
So, like the sun would I fulfil,

The bus'ness of the day;
Begin my work betimes, and still

March on my heav’nly way.
Give me, O Lord, thy early grace,

Nor let my soul complain,
That the young morning of my days

Has all been spent in vain.

An Evening Song.
And now another day is gone

I'll sing ny Maker's praise;
My comforts ev'ry hour make known

His providence and grace.
But how my childhood runs to waste !

My sins, how great their sum!
Lord, give me pardon for the past,

And strength for days to come. I'll lay my body down to sleep;

Let angels guard my head,
And through the hours of darkness keep

Their watch around my bed.
With cheerful heart I close my eyes,

Since thou wilt not remove;
And in the morning let me rise

Rejoicing in thy love.

For the Lord's-Day Morning. This is the day when Christ arose

So early from the dead: Why should I keep my eye-lids clos'd,

Or waste my hours in bed?

This is the day when Jesus broke

The pow'r of death and hell:
And shall I still wear Satan's yoke,

And love my sins so well?
To-day with pleasure Christians meet,

To pray and hear the word;
And I would go with cheerful feet

To learn thy will, O Lord.
I'll leave my sport, to read and pray,

And so prepare for heav'n:
O may I love this blessed day

The best of all the sev'n!

For the Lord's-Day Evening.
Lord, how delightful 'tis to see
A whole assembly worship thee!
At once they sing, at once they pray ;
They hear of heav'n, and learn the way,
I have been there, and still would go:
'Tis like a little heav'n below:
Not all my pleasure, and my play,
Shall tempt me to forget this day.
O write upon my mem'ry, Lord,
The texts and doctrines of thy word;
That I may break thy laws no more,
But love thee better than before.
With thoughts of Christ and things divine
Fill up this foolish heart of mine;
That hoping pardon through his blood,
I may lie down, and wake with God.

The Ten Commandments, in Verse.

Exodus, chap. xx. 1. Thou shalt have no more gods but me. 2 Before no idols bow thy knee. 3. Take not the name of God in vain. 4. Nor dare the Sabbath-day profane. 5. Give both thy parents honour due. 6. Take heed that thou no murder do. 7. Abstain from words and deeds unclean. 8. Nor steal; though thou art poor and mean. 9. Nor make a wilful lie, nor love it. 10. What is thy neighbour's dare not covet.

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