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And pleads his having glorified his Father on earth. 333

which thou hast promised to me, and which I SECT.
know that thou wilt punctually fulfila ; that thy
Son also in the whole series of his conduct, both

Jolin in this world, and in that to which he is now XVII. 1.

returning, may successfully glorify thee, and ac-
2 As thou hast given complish the purposes of thy saving love ; Ac-2
him power over all cording as thou hast, by the engagements of thy
give eternal liic to as covenant, given him that power over all flesh,
many as thou hast that absolute dominion over all the human race,
given him.

which he will ere long receive and exert ; that
he may give eternal life to all that thou hast

given him by that covenant to be redeemed and
3 And this is life saved. And this is the sure way to that eternal 3

they life", even that they may know thee, who art the
might know thee the
only true God, and only living and true God, in opposition to the
Jesus Christ, whom idols they have ignorantly worshipped ; and may
thou bast sent.

know also and believe in Jesus Christ, whom thou
hast sent into the world as the only Saviour: and
to this therefore thou wilt bring them, and wilt
make use of what I have already done, and shall

yet farther do, as the means of eflecting it.
4 I have glorified It is with unutterable pleasure that I now re- 4
thee on the earth: /flect upon it, () my Fa:her and my God, that I
which thou gavest me have eminently glorified thee on earth during the
to do,

whole of my abode here ; that I have been faith-
ful to the trust that was reposed in me, in all that
I have said and done through the course of my
ministry: and greatly do I rejoice, that I have
now gone so far, as to be just upon the point of
having finished, by my sufferings and death, the

important work which thou gavest me to do.
5 And now, O Fa- And now therefore, () my heavenly Father, do 5
ther, glorify thou me
with thine own self,

thou glorify me with thine own self, with the oriwith the glory which ginal glory which I had with thec before the world I bad with thee before was created', and which for the salvation of thy the world was.


a Glorify thy Son.) All the circum- Holy Spirit, and the consequent success of stances of glory attending the sufferings of the gospel; are all to be looked upon as Christ; as, the appearance of the angel an anseer to this praer. to him in the garden, his striking down b This is eternal life.] Christ might into the ground those that came to appre sert this clause (though neither a petition, hend him, his curing the ear of Malchus, plea, hor any other part of prayer) on his good confession before Pilate, bis ex purpose to reir.ind bis apostles of the imtorting from that unjust judge a testimo. portance of their office; as they were sent ny of his innocence, the dream of Pilate's to spread that hit vleilge which he here calls zeife, the conversion of the penitent robe eternal life, becaise the eterval happiness ber, the astonishing constellation of vir of men depends upon it. tues and graces which shone so bright in c The glory schich I had with thee before Christ's dying behaviour, the supernatu. the world was. To suppose, with the Sociral larkness, and all the other prodigies nians, that this refers only to the glory that attended his death: as well as his re which God intended for him in his decrees; surrection, and ascension, and exaltation at or, with Mr. Fleming, that it refers only, God's right hand, and the mission of the or chiefly, to his being cloted with the SheTt2



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334 He had faithfully instructed those that were given him ;
SECT: people I have for a while laid aside, that I might
clxxix. clothe myself in this humble form.

I have manifested thy name, and revealed the 6 I have manifest, XVII.6. glory of thy power and grace, to the men whom cd thy name unto the

men which thou gavest ihou gavest me out of the world : they were origi me out of the world : nally thine, the creatures of thine hand, and thine they were, and the happy objects of thy sovereign choiced, and thou gavest them me ;

and they have kept thy in consequence of thy gracious purposes thou word. gavest them to me, that they might be instructed and sanctified, and formed for the kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world : and such accordingly has been the influence of my doctrine on their hearts, that they have readily

embraced it, and hitherto have resolutely kept 7 and retained thy word and gospel. And, not

Now they have

known that all things withstanding the mean appearance I have made whatsoever thou bast to an eye of sense, their faith bas owned me given me, are of thee, through this dark cloud and cven now, in this

humble state, they have perceived and known, that all things whatsoever which I have said and done, and all the credentials which thou hast in fact given me, and which so many overlook, are indeed of thee; and that I am truly what I profess myself to be, a Divine Messenger to the

children of men, and the Saviour that was pro8 mised to come into the world. This plaioly

8 For I have given

into thein the words appears to be their firm persuasion : for the words which thou gavest me; which thou gavest to me, I have given to them, and they have receive I have revealed already much of my gospel to ed them, and have

known surely that I them, and begun to deposit it in their bands;

came out from thee, and in the midst of great discouragement and and they have believed opposition, giving attention to the words Ispake, that thou didst send me. they have received [them] with faith and love, and made it manifest by their embracing and adhering to my doctrine, that they have known in truth the divinity of my mission, so as to be fully satisfied in their own minds that I came out from thee with a commission to reveal thy will (compare John xvi. 27, 30); and while I have been rejected by an ungrateful world, they have regarded me as the true Messiah, and have shewn they have believed that thou didst indeed send me on the great errand of their salvation.


; kinah, seems to sink and contract the sen to their great office on account of any

sense far short of its genuine purpose. Sce extraordinary degrees of piety and virtue Fleming's Christology, Vol. II. p. 247, and previous to their being called to follow Whilby in loc.

Christ. So that I can see no natural sense d They were originally thine.) There of these words but what I have expressed can surely be no reason to imagine from in the paraphrase. Compare John xv. 16, the sacred story, that the apostles were cho. p. 318.

e And



And prays the Father to keep them through his own name. 335 9 I pray for them: I therefore pray for them, who have attended me sect. world, but for them as my apostles, and for all those who are, or which thou hast given shall be, brought to the same faith and the same me, for they are thine. temper, that thou wouldest support them under XVII. 9.

every trial, and wouldest regard them in a
peculiar manner as the objects of thy care: I
pray not thus for the unbelieving world, but for
those whom thou hast graciously given me, and I'
am confident that my prayer for them shall not
be in vain; for they are not only mine, but

thine too, chosen by thy grace, and devoted to 10 And all mine are thy service.

And indeed all mine interests, 10
thine, and thine are and my people are thine, and thine are also
mine, and I am glorifi-
ed in them.

mine; and while thy glory is advanced by their
establishment, I likewise am, and finally shall
be, glorified in them: so near and intiniate is our
relation to each other; so sincere and active thy
paternal affection to me, () my heavenly Father,

and my filial duty to thee.
11 And now I am And now I am to continue no longer in the li
no more in the world,
but these are in the world; but these my faithful servants are yet in
world, and I come to the world, and some of them are to remain a
thee. Holy Father, considerable time in it, exposed to various hard-
own name those whom ships and dangers: whereas I (delightful
thou hast given me, thought!) shall soon bave done with this weary
that they may be one, wilderness, and am coming to theť, who art the
as we are.

centre of my soul, and the supreme object of my
complacency and desire € But while I am se-
parated from these my servants, so dear to thee
and to me, vouchsafe, () holy Father, to keep
these whom thou hast thyself given me, and let
them be preserved through thy name; let them
be kept in safety by thy mighty power, and be
established in the faith by a constant regard to
thee, and a sense of thy presence impressed on
their hearts; that they may still continue united

to us, and to each other, in cordial affection,
12 While I was with and may be one, even as we [are] one.
them in the world I
kept them in thy name:

O gracious Father, forget these my friends, in those that thou gavest whose cause I have so affectionately engaged;

me for thou art witness, that while I was with them

in the world I kept them in thy name, and through
the influences of thy grace; [yea], I guarded


Do not, 12

e And I am coming to thee.] It is very on that dear subject, so familiar to his mind, plain that this clause could not be intended with which he for a moment refreshed him. as an additional argument to introduce the self in the course of this humble and pathefollowing petition; for Christ's coming to the tic address. This I have endeavoured to Father was the great security of his people: represent in thc paraphrase. but it seems rather to be a short reflection

1 Inless


Reflections on Christ's prayer to the Father. SECT, them whom thou garest me with a most constant me I have kept, and clxxix. care, and none of them is lost, unless it be counted pone of them is lost,

but the son of perdia John

as a kind of exception, that the son of perdi- tion: that the scripture XVII12 tion perishes by bis iniquityf; that wretched might be fulfilled.

creature, who in a lower sense was indeed given
lo me, but never, like the rest, was taken under
my special care; but is left to fall into deserved
ruins, that the scripture might be fulfilled, which
foretold it as the dreadful consequence of bis
treachery. (See Psal. cix. S, & seq. compared
with Acts i. 20.)


Ver. 1

With pleasure let us behold our gracious Redeemer in this pos, ture of humble adoration; lifting up his eyes to God with solemn devotion, and pouring out his pious and benevolent Spirit in those Divine breathings which are here recorded. From his example, let us learn to pray; and from bis intercession, to hope. We know that the Father heareth him always (John si. 42); and singularly did he manifest that he heard him now, by all that bright assemblage of glories which shone around him in the concluding scenes of his abode on earth, and in those that attended his removal from



l'nless it be the son of perdition.] (am is not used strictly as an erceptive particle ; surprised that so many very learned di- and that if it has any thing like that force, vines, and amongst the rest, even Bishop it is only to incimate that what it introBerret himseif (whom I cannot duces may, in a less proper sense, be retion but with the greatest honour), shouid duced to the number of things mentioned 80 roundly infer from these words, that the before it. And this I take to be its pregiving to Christ, in the preceding clauses, cise sepse in this text; for which reason I cannot imply an election to glory, since itis render it (unless it be,] though in some of here intimated that Judas, who perished, the former instances it has not so much was given as well as the rest. (See Bure signification as that; but is used with as met on the articles, p. 160.) The objection great a liberty, as [except] by Milton, to a mere English reader iright appear un when he says of Satan, auswerable; but those so conversant in the original might casily have observed,

God and his Son ercepi, that is this text will prove that Judas was Created thing nought valued he nor in the number of those given to Christ, in

shunn'd. the same manner Luke iv. 20, 27. will prove, directly contrary to plain fact and Thus likewise gav jeg is used, Gal. ii. 16. the whole tenor of the argument, that the John v. 19. xv. 4. -The words before troman of Serepta was a widoro in Israel, us might indeed refer to the apostles, (comand Vauman the Syrian a leper in Israel too; pare Julin xviii. 8, 9. sect. clxxx111.) but I John iii. 13. that Christ ascended into hea do not see any necessity of confining them von before he began his ministry; Rev. ix. to Christ's care for their prescrvation, for 4, that the men who had not the seal of God the rcason given above. in their foreheads, were either grass or trees; g Is left to fall into deserved ruin.] The and Rev. xxi. 27, that there are some of son of perdition signifies one who desprcedly the most abominable of mankind whose perishes : as a son of death (2 Sam. xii. 5.) names are teritten in the book of life. See children of hell (Mat. xxiii. 15.) and children also Mar. v. 15. xii. 4. 1 Cor. vii. 5. of mrull (Eph. ii. 3.) signify persons justly 2 Cor. xii. 13. In all which plura, as oino vious to death, hell, and toruth. Well as the preceding, it is plain that 49

Christ prays that his apostles might be kept from evil.

337 ît: and in all this too did the blessed Jesus manifest bis zeal for the sect. glory of the Father: May we emulate that holy temper! and

clxxix, *when we pray even for our own consummate happiness in the Ver. heavenly world, may tre consider it as ultimately centering in the honour and service of God!

Well may we be encouraged to hope for that happiness, since 2 Christ has an universal power over all flesh, and over spirits superior to those that dwell in flesh; with which he is invested on purpose that he may accomplish the salvation of those whom the Father has given him, even of every true believer. We see the certain 3 way to this life, even the knowledge of God in Christ: let us bless God, that we enjoy so many opportunities of obtaining it; and earnestly pray that he who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, would by his Divine rays shine forth on our benighted souls; and so animate us in bis service, from the noblest principles of gratitude and love, that we may be able to say, even in our dying moments, with somewhat of the same Spirit which our Lord ex- }, pressed, Father, we have glorified thee on earth, and finished the work which thou gavest us to do ; and therefore, being no more in 11 the world, we come unto thee. Then may we hope, in our humble degree, to partake of that glory to which he is returned, and to sit down with him on his victorious throne.

In the mean time, may our faith see, and our zeal confess, 7, 8 Christ! May we acknowledge bis Divine authority, as having come out from the Father! May we be united in love to him, and to each other; and be kept by that Divine word which is the security of his people, that none of them shall be lost! Let the son of perdi-12 tion, who perished even from among the apostles, toach us an humble jealousy over our own hearts, whatever external privileges we enjoy; and engage us to maintain a continual regard to him who is able to keep us froin falling, and to present us faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy! (Jude ver. 24.)


Our Lord concludes his prayer, recommending his apostles,and suc

ceeding Christians in every future uge, to the favourable regards of his Father, and praying for their union on earth and glory in heaven. John XVII. 13, to the end.


John XVII. 13.

AND now come I
to thee, and these

UR Lord proceeded in that excellent address

clxxx. things I speak in the

to God, which he had begun in the former world, section, in such words as these: And now, () my John heavenly Father, I come unto thee with unutter- XVILIS


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