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A “Centenary Edition" of the Waverly Novels | The Life and Letters of Faraday.—By Dr. Bence is in preparation by Messrs. A. & C. Black. It | Jones, especially recommends itself by the fact that it will

The Life and Remains of Robert Lee, D.D.-By contain notes by Scott which have never before been

R. H. Story. printed. This edition will be dedicated to the nove elist's great-granddaughter, Miss Hope Scott, of

The Life of Oliver Cromwell to the Death of Charles Abbottstord.

1.- By J. R Andrews. A collection of Mr. Disraeli's speeches, from the

Brasseur de Bourbourg. Manuscrit Troano. first one, in which he failed, yet predicted his future

E:udes sur le système graphique et la langue des success, down to his latest delivery, is in preparation,

Mayas, Par M. Brasseur de Bourbourg. T. I. It will be published in a popular form, under the Belgrand La Seine. I. Le Bassin parisien aux editorship of Mr. J. F. Bulley.

âges antéhistoriques Par E. Belgrand, inspecteurGaribaldi's long-expected work, « Rome in the général des ponts et chaussées. Texte et planches. Nineteenth Century," has been translated from the 57. Italian by Mrs. Colonel Chambers, and is in the Shakespeare. (Euvres complètes. Traduction de press. It will be published in a short time, simul E. Montégut. 245. taneously with the original.

Humbert, Aimé. Le Japhon illustre. 505. “Punch's Picket Book” for this year is fully

Tchiharcheff, de, d'Arehiac, Fischer et de Verneuil." equal to its past selt. The grand folding panoramic

Asie mineure, description physique de cette contrie, frontispiece is upon the Ladies' Gallery in the House

par P. de Tchihatchett. Paleontologie, par A. of Commons for 1870, facetiously conceived. There

d'Archiac, P. Fischer et E. de Verneuil. 131. is a great deal of humorous writing, and altogether the little red-breeched one will be found worthy of

Darwinism Tested by the Science of Language. his annual patrons.

Translated from German of Professor August Schler“ Carlotta will Recover,” is the title of a pamph

cher. By Dr. Alexander W. Bikkers. let just published in Paris.

Theory of Serains in Girders and Similar Structures,

The. By Bindon B. Stoney, B.A., M.I.C.E. Vol. Messrs. Bell & Daldy will shortly publish a de

II. ; 215. The 2 vols, 36s. scriptive catalogue of the works, etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, &c., of Mr. George Cruikshank.

Our Plant World is to be another addition to the

beautiful series of Natural History (published by THE EARLY Years of CHRISTIANITY. By G. de

Nelson & Sons). The volume will have one hunPressence, D D. Translated by Annie Harwood.

dred illustrations. (Hodder & Stoughton.)—The author promises us another volume as an addition to the present, which Mr. Hotten, of Piccadilly, is about to place before will comprise all the great conflicts of the Church English readers a translation, sanctioned by the with Paganism, and will be entitled “ The Martyrs, author, of the novels of H. J. Schimmel, the “ Waland Confessors." The translation has been ably , ter Scott of Holland" done, and is free from the blemish of imperfect

The Voyage of the Fox” in the Arctic Seas, to sendering of idiomatic expression.

Discover the Fate of Sir John Franklin and his The first volume of a new edition of Shaftesbury's ! Companions. By Sir Leopold M'Clintock. John Characteristics has been published.

Murray. Memoirs of Rov. yohn Keble.—By Sir J. T. Col Baron Bunsen's God in History is about to be pube eridge.

lished in English by Messrs. Longmans & Co.


Abbott, B. V. and A. A Treatise on the Sketches. Twelve Photographs, from DrawPractice of the U. S. Courts. Vol. 1, 8vo, ings by Mary Alcott. Text by Louisa M. sheep. $7.50. Diossy & Co.

Alcott. Small 4to, cloth. $10. Fields, - Practice Reports. Vol. 6, 8vo, Osgood & Co. sheep. $5. Diossy & Co.

1 Alexander, H. C. Life of J. A. AlexAbbott, L. Old Testament Shadows of ander, D. D. 2 vols, crown 8vo, cloth. $5. New Testament Truths. II., 8vo, cloth. C. Scribner & Co. $3. Harper & Bros.

Alsop, G. A. Character of the Province Agassiz, L. Address at the Humboldt of Maryland. (Reprint.) W. Gowans. Centennial Anniversary. 8vo, paper. A.' Andros Tracts., vol. 2. Various Early Williams & Co.

| Tracts. Small 4to, paper. $5. Prince Alcott, Mary and Louisa M. Concord Society.

Bæher, B. (M. D.) Therapeutics accord- De Vere, S. The Great Empress; a ing to Homeopathy. Translated by C. J. Portrait. 12mo, cloth. $1.75. J. B. LipHempel, M. D. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco. pincott & Co. $10. Bæricke & Tafel.

Edwards, Mrs. Annie, Susan Fielding. Ill, Barry, J. J. Life of Columbus. Compiled 8vo. Paper, $1.25., Cloth, $2. Sheldon & from the French of DeLorgues. 8vo, cloth. Co. $2. P. Donahoe.

1 Embury, Emma C. Poems. First colBartholow, R. Manual of Hypodermic lected edition. 16mo, cloth. $2.50. Hurd Medicine. 12mo, cloth. J. B. Lippincott & Houghton. & Co.

| Episodes of Fiction; or, Choice Stories Baylcy, J. R. Early History of the Cath- from the Great Novelists. Small 4to, cloth, olic Church on the Island of New York. 2d gilt. $6. Virtue & Yorston. Revised and Enlarged Edition. 12mo, cloth. Favorite English Poems. III., 8vo, cloth, $1.50. Catholic Publication Society. gilt edges. $8. Harper & Bros.

Beard, G. M. (M. D.) Our Home Phy Formby, Rev. H. The Life, Passion and sician; a Guide for the Family. 8vo, cloth. Resurrection of Christ; an Abridged Har85. G. B. Neal & Co.

mony of the Gospels. III., 12mo, cloth. $1. Bennett, E. H., and Heard, F. F. Lead-Cath. Pub. Soc. ing Cases in Criminal Law. 2 vols, 8vo, Froude, J. A. History of England. Popular sheep. 815. Little, Brown & Co. | edition. Vols. 3 and 4, 12mo, cloth, per vol.

Bound to John Company; a Novel. III., $1.25. C. Scribner & Co. 8vo, paper. 75 cents. Harper & Bros. | Gage, Rev. W. L. Studies in Bible Lands.

Brewster, Anne H. Compensation. Se- III., 8vo, cloth, full gilt. $2.50. American cond edition, revised. 12mo, cloth $1.75. | Tract Society. J. B. Lippincott & Co.

| Goulburn, E. M. Pursuit of Holiness. Brightly, F. C. Analytical Digest of the 12mo, cloth. 75 cents. D. Appleton & Laws of the U. S. Vol 2, royal 8vo, sheep. Co. $7.50. Kay & Bros.

| Guide to Fortune; a Collection of ReCaldwell, G. C. Agricultural Qualitative ceipts. 16mo, cloth. $1. Porter & Coates. and Quantitative Chemical Analysis. 12mo, Hallock, W. H. Life of Gerard Hallock. cloth. $2. O. Judd & Co.

12mo, cloth. $1.50. Oakley, Mason & Co. Cary, Alice and Phæbe. From Year to Hagenbach, K. H. History of the Church Year. III., 12mo, full silk, gilt. $5. G. in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Translated A. Leavitt.

by Hurst. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. $6. C. Chase, B. History of Old Chester, N. Scribner & Co. H. 8vo, cloth. $5. The Author. | Harwood, Annie. The King's Daughters;

Clark, B. F. Mirthfulness and its Exciters. or, Words on Work to Educated Women. 12mo, cloth. $1.50. Lee & Shepard. 16mo, paper. 50 cents. A. D. F. Randolph

Cowen, P. H. Digest of Criminal De- & Co. cisions in New York. 8vo, sheep. $7.50. Hatfeld, Julia. The Bryant Homestead W. C. Little & Co.

| Books. Illustrated by Hows. Small 4to, Collier, R. L. Every Day Subjects in Cloth, $6. Full morocco, $9. G. P. PutSunday Sermons. 16mo, cloth. $1. Am. nam & Son. Unit. Asso.

Hentz, Mrs. C. L. Marcus Warland. Crane, Rev. J. T. Popular Amusements. | 12mo, Paper, $1.50. Cloth, $1.75. T. 12mo, cloth. $1. Hitchcock & Walden. B. Peterson & Bros, Curtis, G. T. Life of Daniel Webster.

Rena; or, The Snow Bird. 12mo. Vol. 1, 8vo, cloth. D. Appleton & Co. Paper, $1.50. Cloth, $1.75. Phila. T. B.

Deems, Rev. C. F. What Now? For Peterson & Bros. Young Ladies. 16mo, cloth. 50 cents. Amer. Hill, G. Titania's Banquet and other Tract Society.

Poems. New edition, izmo, cloth. $1.50. De la Rama, Julia (Ouida). Puck; his D. Appleton & Co. Vicissitudes, etc. 12mo, cloth. $2. J. B. Hodges, Rev. J. S. B. The Book of Lippincott & Co.

Common Praise, with Music for the Book of Denison, E. B. Astronomy without Math. Common Prayer. 12mo, paper. 25 cents. cmatics. 12mo, cloth. $1.75. G. P. F. J. Hunting on & Co. Putnam & Son.

Holcombe, W. H. In Both Worlds. 1 2mo, cloth. $1.75. J. B. Lippincott & Modern Therapeutics. 12mo, cloth. $2.25. Co.

S. W. Butler. Holloway, Louisa C. The Ladies of the - The Physical Life of Woman. White House. Portraits, 8vo, cloth. $3.50. 12mo, cloth. $1.50. G. Maclean. U. S. Pub. Co.

Narl, G. Bay Leaves and other Poems. Hove, E. P: Lamps, Pitchers and Trum- 16mo, cloth. $1.50. Nichols & Noyes. pets. 2d series. 12mo, cloth. $1.75. M. Nauman, Miss Mary D. Twisted W. Dodd.

Threads. 12mo, cloth. $1.50. Claxton, Hopper, E. Old Horse Gray and the Remsen & Haffelfinger. Parish of Grumbleton. 16mo, Paper, 50 Nebelin, Charlotte E. Gethsemane ; or, cents. Cloth, 75 cents. Hurd & Houghton. | Meditations and Prayers. From the Ger

Horace. Odes and Epodes. Metrical man. Edited by Mrs. C. Mackenzie. 16mo, Translation. By Lord Lytton. With Latin cloth. $1.50. Gould & Lincoln. Text. Crown 8vo, cloth. Harper & Bros. Noyes, J. H. History of American Soci

Houssaye, A. Les Parisiennes. Large 8vo, alism. 8vo, cloth. $4. J. B. Lippincott paper. $1.50. C. Lassalle.

& Co. 'Humphreys, G. History of the Third O'Leary, Con. The Lost Rosary. 6mo, Congregational Society of Springfield, Mass. cloth. $1. P. Donahoe. 8vo, paper. 50 cents. S. Bowles.

Oliphant, Mrs. Historical Sketches of the Irving, W. Rip Van Winkle. Jefferson Reign of George II. 8vo, paper. $1. Littell edition. Six photographs. Small 4to, cloth. & Gay. $2.25. G. P. Putnam & Son.

Parsons, T. Laws of Business for all the Jahr, G. H. G. The Clinical Guide. States in the Union. 8vo, sheep. $3.75. Edited by S. Lilienthal, M. D. 8vo, cloth. S. Scranton & Co. 83. Bæricke & Tafel.”

1 Pecht, F. Gæthe Gallery. Characters Kidder, J., M. D. Vital Resources. Izmo, from Gæthe's Works, drawn by Pecht and cloth. $1.50. The Author.

Von Ramberg. Text by F. Pecht. Imp. Lange, J. P. Commentary on the Scrip 8vo, full morocco, full gilt. $20. D. Aptures. Vol. 9. Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Solo pleton & Co. mon's Songs. 8vo, cloth. 85. C. Scribner Phelps, Miss E. S. The Gates Ajar. III., & Co.

edition, small 4to, cloth. $3.50. Fields, Lawson, G. Diseases and Injuries of the Osgood & Co. Eye. izmo, cloth. $2.50. Lindsay & Pictures and Painters ; a Selection of Blackiston.

Gems of Modern Art Text by T. A. Lea, H. C. Studies in Church History. Richards. Small 4to, cloth, gilt. $25. Virtue 12mo, cloth. H. C. Lea.

& Yorston. Logan, W. Words of Comfort to Be- Preston, Rev. T. S. Christ and the Church. reaved Parents. 16mo, cloth. $1.25. R. Five Advent Lectures. izmo, cloth. $1.50. Carter & Bros.

Catholic Religious Society. Lord, C. E. Evidences of Theology. Pummill, J. Russet Leaves ; Sketches in 12mo, cloth. $3. J. B. Lippincott & Co. Prose and Poetry. Ill., small 4to, cloth, gilt.

Lord, J.L. The Promise of Shiloh. 12mo, $2. J. B. Lippincott & Co. cloth. 81. A. Williams & Co.

Reed, J. Man and Woman: Equal but Lowell, J. R. The Cathedral. Ill., 16mo, Unlike. 16mo, paper. 75 cents. Nichols cloth. $1.25. Fields, Osgood & Co. & Noyes.

McCarthy, J. Mrs. Guerny's Daughter. Robertson, Margaret M. Janet's Love and Ill., 8vo, paper. 75 cents. Harper & Bros. Service. izmo, cloth. $1.75. A. D. F.

Massey, Ġ. A Tale of Eternity and other Randolph & Co. Poems. 16mo, cloth. $2. Fields, Osgood · Roscoe, H. E. Elementary Chemistry, & Co.

Revised edition. 16mo, cloth. $1.50. W. Monk, W. H. Hymns, with Tunes. Wood & Co. 18mo, paper 10 cents, cloth 25 cents. Pott Salomons, A., M. D. Hand-Book of Dis& Amery.

eases of the Eye. izmo, cloth. $2. J. Monnier, M. Wonders of Pompeii. Campbell. III., 12mo, cloth., Ill. $1.50. C. Scribner Saunders, F. Evenings with the Sacred & Co. .

Poets. izmo, cloth. $2.50. A. D. F. Napheys, G. H., M. D. Compendium of Randolph & Co.

Shakspeare, W. A Midsummer Night's Household edition. 16mo, cloth. $1. Fields, Dream. Silhouette illustrations by Konewka. Osgood & Co. Small 4to, cloth. $5. Roberts Bros. i Thackeray, W. M. Miscellanies. Vol.

Shaw, E. and Others. Civil Architecture; 4. Four Georges, English Humorist, etc. a System of Building, with a Treatise on Household edition. iomo, cloth. $1.25. Gothic Architecture. II., lith edition, 4to, Fields, Osgood & Co. cloth. $10. H. C. Baird.

· Thiele, J. M. Thorwalsden and his Shafter, E, F. Memorial of John Shafter Works. Translated by Professo" P. C. and his Descendants. 8vo, paper. (Privately Sinding. 365 Copper Outline Engravings. Printed.) H. W. Dutton & Son.

4 vols., folio sheets, $50. Half morocco, gilt, Smith, Rev. S. F., D. D. Rock of Ages ; $55. J. G. Unnevehr. a Collection of Religious Poems. 12mo, Thrailkill, J. W., M. D. Essay on the cloth. $1.50. D. Lothrop & Co. Same, Causes of Infant Mortality. 16mo, paper. large paper, full calf, $3. Full morocco, $5.'50 cents. S. W. Book Pub. Co.

Southworth, Mrs. The Family Doom.' Townsend, G. A. The New World 12mo, paper, $1.50. Cloth, $1.75. T. B. Compared with the Old. II., 8vo, cloth. Peterson & Bros.

$3.50. S. M. Betts & Co. Specimens of Fancy Turning. By an: Vincent, Rev. H. History of the Camp Amateur. Thirty Photographs. Small 4to, Meeting and Grounds at Wesleyan Grore, cloth. $3. H. C. Baird.

Martha's Vineyard. 16mo, cloth. $1. Lee Stephens, Mrs. Ann S. Wives and Wid- & Shepard. ows. 12mo, paper, $1.50. · Cloth, $1.75.! Wait, W. Digest of New York Reports. T. B. Peterson & Bros.

'Roval 8vo, sheep. $7.50. W. Gould & Son. Stoddard, R. H. and Elizabeth. Re-' Washburne, W. T. Fair Haward. 12mo, member, a Keepsake. Ill., 12mo, full silk, cloth. $1.50. G. P. Putnam & Son. gilt. $5. G. A. Leavitt.

Welch, Prof. F. G. Moral, Intellectual Swinton, W. History of the New York' and Physical Culture. 12mo, cloth. $1.75. Seventh Regiment. Ports. and I11., 8vo, cloth. : Wood & Holbrook. $5. Fields, Osgood & Co..

| White, C. Ecce Femina : an Attempt to Tavlor, J. N. American Law of Land- Solve the Woman Question. 12mo, cloth. lord and Tenant. Fifth edition. 8vo, sheep. $1.50. The Author. $7.50. Little, Brown & Co.

il Wood, A. American Botanist and FlorTennyson, A. The Holy Grail and other ist. 8vo, half roan. $2.50. A. S. Barnes Poems. 16mo, paper, half dollar style, 10 & Co. cents. Farringford style, 25 cents. Cloth, Wrigley, E. The Workingman's Way to $1. Fields, Osgood & Co.

Wealth; a Treatise on Building Associations. Thackeray, Miss Anne J. The Story of Second edition, 16mo, cloth. 75 cents. J. Elizabeth, with other Tales and Sketches., K. Simon.


The charge for insertions in these columns is 10 cents per line.-Letters stating price and condition to be mailed to 7. Sabin & Sons, 84 Nassau Street, N. Y.

John Bartram's Travels.

Nuttall. Plantæ Arkansanæ (in the same). Castiglione. Viaggio negli Stati dell' i Jameson's Scottish Dictionary. Any America-Settentrionale (1785-87). Milan, Gaelic Dictionaries. 1790. 2 vols., 8vo.

Chicago Magazine (complete). Flore de Terre Neuve. Paris, 1839. “ The Medley” (complete). · Pickering on Distributions of Plants of U. First number of the New York Weekly S. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. 2d Series, vol. Tribune, 1869. 50 cents will be paid on III.



Marcus Warland. By Caroline Lee | The Trade Circular and Literary Bulletin. Hentz. (T. B. Peterson Bros.)

The Proof Sheet. Philada. Illinois Legal Directory.

Catalogue of the Wesleyan University, The Mother's Magazine and Family 1869-70. (Middletown.) Circle. January, 1870.

List of Medical Books. (H. H. Bancroft The Old Franklin Almanac, No. 11, for & Co., San Francisco.) 1870. (A. Winch, Philada.)

An Illustrated Holiday Catalogue. (PorContents : American Events, 1869.

ter & Coates, Philada.) American and Foreign Necrology, Classified and Descriptive Catalogue of 1868-9, etc., etc., etc.

the Book Publications issued by the Religious Free Trader. No. 7, Vol. 3.

Tract Society, London. (J. B. Lippincott The Family Doom; or, the Sin of a & Co.) Countess. By Mrs. Southworth. (Peter Holiday Catalogue of Illustrated Books. son Bros.)

(Presbyterian Board of Pub., Philada.) Woods Household Magazine. (New Holiday Catalogue of Books published by burg, N. Y.)

R. Carter & Bros New York. Webster's Calendar, or the Albany Al Catalogue of Illustrated Library of Wonmanac. (Munsell.)

ders. (C. Scribner & Co.) The American Grocer. Vol. 1, No. 7. Catalogue of Superbly Illustrated Holiday Wives and Widows; or the Broken Life. Gift Books for 1870. (Scribner, Welford By Mrs. Stephens. (Peterson Bros.)

& Co.) Rena; or the Snow Bird. By Mrs. Hentz. 1 T. B. Peterosn's Bulletin for the HoliAppleton's Monthly Bulletin. Dec. days Lippincott's Monthly Bulletin. Dec. Carter's Children's Book List. The Western Bookseller. Dec.

Vick's Illustrated Catalogue and Floral American Publisher and Booksellers' Guide for 1870. (Rochester.) Guide. Dec.

Publications of John D. F. Brooks. The American Booksellers' Guide. (Am. (Boston.) News Co.)

Catalogue of Bibles, Prayer Books, etc. The American Literary Gazette and (T. W Strong, New York.) Publishers' Circular. Christmas, 1869. An Ellis's, Sotheran's, Pickering's, Wheldon's, elegant illustrated number.

Beet's, Pearson's, Tross's, Bachelin-DeforTrubner's Oriental and Literary Record. enne's, Weigel's, and other foreign CatNov.

| alogues.


AUDSLEY, W. & G. Cottage, Lodge, and Villa Architecture. London. 4to, half morocco. Numerous Plates. $16.50

Essay on Linear Perspective, Practical Geometry, etc. BALLANTINE, JAS. A Treatise on Painted Glass, showing its Applicability to every

style of Architecture. London, 1845. 8vo. Plates. $3.00. BLODGET, LORIN. Climatology of the United States and of the Temperate Latitudes

of the North American Continent; with Isothermal and Rain Charts, etc., etc.

Philadelphia, 1857. RI. 8vo. Numerous diagrams. $3.00.
BRYDGES, SIR EGERTON. Restituta; or, Titles, Extracts, and Characters of Old

Books,in English Literature, revived. London, 1814. 4 vols., 8vo., tree calf, by
RIVIERE. Elegant copy. $20.00.

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