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Slack, Henry J., continued

Sloan, Samuel, continued. soria, rotifers, water-bears, and polyzoa. L., - City and suburban architecture; containing de1861

Ea 10-7421 signs and details for public edifices, private Slade, A. Records of travels in Turkey and Greece, residences, and mercantile buildings.

Ph., and of a cruise in the Black sea. L., 1833. 2 v.

1859. 4°

Af 3-13544 80

Dh 10-6555 - Homestead architecture, containing forty designs – Turkey and the Turks, and a cruise in the Black for villas, cottages, and farm houses; with an N. Y., 1854

Dh 10-6572 essay on style, construction, landscape gardenSlade, Wm., jr. Vermont state papers, records, docu

ing, furniture, etc. Ph., 1870. 8° Ga 10–17641 ments, journal of the council of safety, first - The model architect; a series of original designs constitution, early journals of the general as- for cottages, villas, suburban residences, etc. sembly, and laws, from 1789 to 1796. Middle- Ph., 1852. 2 v. 4°

Af 3-13550 bury, 1823. 8°

Cb 9–2731 Slugyard, the. Cobbett, W. Sermon on Eg 8-8547 Slasher and Crasher. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-10994 Small books on great subjects. C. F. Cornwallis Slater, Samuel. Howe, H. Life Da 10-4807

He 1-11771 · White, G. S. Memoir of

Db 8–4999 Small house at Allington. Å. Trollope Fe 7-15349 Slaughter, P. Virginian history of African coloniza- Smarius, C. F. The pagan and Christian families; a tion. Richmond, 1855. 8°

Bb 7-365
lecture. 1850

Bh 6-Pam. 35 Slave irade. Burton, R. F. Mission to Dahome Smedley, Edward, et al. The occult sciences. L., 1855 Dg 9-6362

(i 9-4388 - Buxton, T. F. African slave trade Bb 7-4320 Smedley, Frank E. Frank Fairleigh ; or, scenes from - Carey, H. C. Domestic and foreign Bb 7-411 the life of a private pupil

Ft 13-14209 Clarkson, T. Abolition of the

Bb 7-400 Smee, Alfred. Elements of electro-metallurgy. N. - Low, C. R. Tales of old occan Dg 11-13834 Y., 1852

Gb 10-9162 Slavery. Autographs for freedom. Edited by Julia - The potatoe plant; its uses and properties, with Griffiths

Bb 7-404 the cause of the present malady. N. Y., 1847 Bissell, W. H. Speech, 1850 Bh 6-Pam. 4

Ec 8-7720 Channing, W. E. Slavery Bb 7-418 Smellie, Wm. Memoir of Nat. lib.

Dk 6-6976 - Clay, C. M. Writings

Bb 7-399 The philosophy of natural history, with introduc- Follen, C. T. C. Address on

Hd 9-11633 tion and alterations by John Ware. B., 1832 - Giddings, J. R. Exiles of Florida Cb 12-2827


Dk 4-6919 - Gurowski, A. Slavery in history : Bb 7-405 Smet, P. J. de. Oregon missions and travels over – Hall, M. Two-fold slavery of the United States

the Rocky mountains in 1815–6. N. Y., 1847 Bb 7-419

DE 10-6149 – Harper, Chancellor, and others. Pro-slavery Smiles, Samuel. Brief biographies. B., 1861 Bb -408

Dd 2-5430 Helper, H. R. Impending crisis Bb 7-403

Contents.-James Watt; Robert Stephenson; - Helps, A. Friends in council. v. 2 He 12-12067

Dr. Thomas Arnold; Hugh Miller; Richard - Hildretli, R. Despotism in America Bb 7-415

Cobden; E. Bulwer Lytton; Francis Jeffrey : May, S. J. Anti-slavery conflict Bb 7-413

Ebenezer Elliott; George Barrow; John James

Audubon; W'm. Macgillivray: Lord John RusMayer, B. Capt. Canot

BH 7-414

sell; B. Disraeli; Wm. E. Gladstone: N. Haw- Olmsted, F. L. Cotton kingdom Df 8-6071

thorne: Thomas Carlyle; John Sterling; Leigh Journey in the seaboard slave states Di 6-5995 Hunt; Hartley Coleridge; Dr. Kitto; E. A. Poe;

Theodore Hook; Dr. Andrew Combe; Robert – Paulding, J. K. Slavery in the United States

Browning; Edwin Chadwick; Robert Nicoll;
Bb 7-420

Samuel Bambard ; John Clare: Gerald Massey; – Phelps, Mr., of Vermont. Speech on, 1850

E. B. Browniny; Frances Brown; Sarah M.
Bh 6-Pam. 4

Fuller; Sarah Martin; Harriet Martineau ;

Mrs. Chisholın – Phillips, W. Speeches

Bb 7-102 - Pollard, E. A. Black diamonds Bb 7-3147 - Industrial biography; iron workers and toolSeabury, S. American slavery justified Bb 7-407 makers. B., 1864

Dd 6–5511 - Smith, G. Speech, March 11, 1850 Bh 6-Pam. 6

Contents.- Iron and civilization; Beginning - Stringfellow, T. Scriptural view in favor of

of the iron manufacture in Britain: Iron smeltBb 7-416

ing by pit-coal,--Dud Dudley, Andrew Yarran

ton; Coalbrookdale iron-works,-the Darbys – Tucker, St. George. Dissertation on Bb 7-417

and Reynoldses; Invention of cast-steel,- Ben- Van Evrie, J. H. Negroes and negro slavery

jamin Huntsman; Inventions of Henry Cort; Bb 7-410

Scotch iron manufacture,- Dr. Roebuck; David
Slavery and secession. J. H. Aughey

Mushet; Invention of the hot blast.-James
Cd 1-3138

Beaumont Neilson; Mechanical inventions and
Slaves of the ring. F. W. Robinson Fc 6-14969

inventors; Joseph Bramah; Henry Maudelay; Slavic language. Robinson, T. A. L. v. J. Historical Joseph Clement; Fox of Derby: -Murray of view

Ha 6–10544

Leeds.--Roberts and Whitworth of Manchester; Sleeman, W. H. Rambles and recollections of an

James Nasmyth; Wm. Fairbairn. Indian official. L., 1844. 2 v. 8° Dh 5–6168 Life of George Stephenson, railway engineer. L., Sleep. Hall, W. W. Hygiene of the night


Dc )-5213 Ga 5-15505 — Lite of George Stephenson and of his son Robert Hammond, w. A. Sleep and its derangements Stephenson; comprising a history of the in

Ga 5-8779 vention and introduction of the railway loco- Macnish, R. The philosophy of Ga 2–8688

motive. N. Y., 1868. 8.

Dd 3-5481 Sleeper, M. G. Fonthill recreations. The Mediter- - Lives of Boulton and Watt; comprising, also, a

ranean islands; sketches and stories of their history of the invention of the steam engine. scenery, customs, history, painters, etc. B.,

Ph., 1865. 8°

Dd 3-5482 1866

Di 4-13837 Smiles and frowns. s. A. Wentzi Fa 11-14741 Sleigh, J. W. Pine forests and Hackmatack clearings; Smiley, Thomas T. New federal calculator ; or,

or, travel, life, and adventure in the British scholar's assistant, containing the most concise North American provinces. L., 1853 8°

rules for performing the operations in common Df 8-5791 arithmetic. Ph., 1861

Eb 10-16104 Sleight of hand. Craig, A. R. Modern palmistry Smith, Adam. An inquiry into the nature and causes

Ci 9-4384 of the wealth of nations. L., 1870 Ba 3-11844 Sloan, Sir Hans. Memoir of. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6957 Smith, Albert. Cricket on the hearth. F's S. D. Sloan, Samuel. The architectural review and Ameri

Hb 9-10973 can builders' journal. Ph., 1869. 8° Ga 10-8865 - The story of Mont Blanc. n. Y., 1853 Di 8-6783

V, 43

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Smith, Alexander. Alfred Hagart's household Smith, Gerritt. No treason in civil war. Speech. Ff 12-14172 N. Y., 1865 ·

Bh 5-Pam. 67 - City poems. B., 1857

Hf 4-12266 Speech in the capitol, March 11, 1850 Bh 6–Pam. 6 Contents.--Horton; Glasgow; Squire Mau

Smith, Rev. G., D. D. Narrative of an exploratory rice; The night before the wedding, or ten years

visit to each of the consular cities of China, after; A boy's dream ; The change.

and to the islands of Hong Kong and Chusan. – Dreamthorp; a book of essays written in the N Y., 1847

Dh 2-15556 country. L., 1863

He 5–14139 Smith, Goldwin. Lectures on the study of history. Contents.-Dreamthorp; On the writing of es

Ox., 1859–61. N. Y., 1866 Ca 3-10712 says; On death and the fear of dying; Wm.

Three English statesmen; a course of lectures on Dunbar; A lark's flight; Christmas; Men of létters; On the importance of a man to him

the political history of England. (Pym, Cromself; A shelf in my bookcase; Geoffrey Chau

well, and Pitt.) N Y., 1867 CF 8-5271 cer; Books and gardens; On vagabonds.

Smith, Horace. Zillah ; a tale of the holy city Edwin of Deira. B., 1861 Hf 5-12371

Ff 15-15449 Miss Oona McQuarrie

Ff 12-12171 – and James. Rejected addresses ; or the new the Poems. B., 1853

atrum poetarum. B., 1848

Hf 5-12365
Contents.-A life-drama; An evening at home;

Same. Edited by E. Sargent. N. Y., 1866
Lady Barbara ; To ; Sonnets.

Hf 10-13709 Summer in Skye. L., 1866

Di 5-6671 Smith, James Dictionary of arts, sciences, and manStewart, D. Life and writings Hc 8-11791

ufactures. B., 1854. 2 v. 80 Ad 8-13166 Smith, Augustus W. An elementary treatise on me- Smith, Jerome V. C. (Editor.) Scientific tracts and

chanics ; embracing the theory of statics and family lyceum. B., 1834–5. 4 v. Ea +-7188

dynamics. N. Y., 1865. 8° Gb 8-9090 Smith, John. "Fruits and farinacea, the proper fond Smith, Barnard. Arithmetic and algebra in their

for man. N. Y., 1868

Ga 5–8718 principles and application. Cam., 1860 Smith, John. History of Virginia, New England,

Eb 10-16099

and the summer isles. 1584-1624. PinkerSmith, Charles. American war from 1775 to 1783, ton's voyages. 13

Df 1-5833 with plans. N. Y., 1797

Cb 7-2691 True travels, adventures and observations in EuSmith, Charles H. Introduction to the mammalia. rope, Asia, Africa and America. 1593 to 1029. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6-6965
Richmond, 1819. 2 v. 8°

Cb 10-2793 Natural history of dogs. `Nat. Lib. Dk 6–6961 Belknap, J. Historical account of Db 3-4894 Natural history of horses. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6964 Hillard, G. S. Life of. S. A. B. v.2 Da 84713 - The natural history of the human species: its Smith, Joseph, D. D. Old redstone; or bistorical

typical forms, primeval distributions, filiations, sketches of Western Presbyterianism, its early
and migrations; with preliminary abstract by ministers, its perilous times, and its first re-
S. Kneeland. B., 1851. 80

Ch 9-4161
cords. Ph., 1854. So

Ed 10-1974 Smith, Charles H. J. Parks and pleasure grounds; Smith, Sir J. E. Life of John Ray. (From Rees's

or, practical notes on country residences, villas, cyclopaedia.) L., 1846. 8° Dc 8-3303 parks, etc. L., 1852

Ec 5–7687

A selection of the correspondence of Linnaeus Smith, c. M. Curiosities of London life; or, phases, and other naturalists. L., 1821. 2 v. 8o physiological and social, of the great metropo

He 10-15540 lis. L., 1853

Ce 3-3243 Smith, J. H. Gilead; or, the visions of All-souls Smith, David. Dyer and color inaker's companion hospital

Ff 15-15142
Ph., 1851
Gb 6–9079 Smith, Joshua Hett.

Authentic narrative of the Dyer's instructor; comprising practical instruc- causes which led to the death of Major André. tions in the art of dyeing silk, cotton, wool, L., 1808. 8°

Dc 1-0 etc. Ph., 1853

Gb 6–9077 Smith, J. Jay, and John F. Watson. "American bisSmith, E. Botany, structural and systematic. Orr's

torical and literary curiosities; consisting of Circ. of the Sci.

Ea 4-7167 fac-similes of original documents relating to Smith, Edmund. Works. British poets Hf 1-12291 the events of the Revolution. Ph., 1817. 48 Smith, Mrs. E. O. Sanctity of marriage

Ae 2–13003 Bh 6-Pam. 12 Smith, Julia P. Chris and Otho, n. Y., 1870 Smith, Edmo`d Reuel. The Araucanians; or, notes

Ff 12-16096 of a tour among the Indian tribes of southern Widow Goldsmith's daughter

Ff 12-14166 Chili. N. Y., 1855. 8°

Ch 6–4104 Smith, J. T. Discovery of America by the northmen Smith, Mrs. E. V.' History of Newburyport, from

in the tenth century, comprising translations the earliest settlement of the country to the of all the most important original narratives of present time; with a biographical appendix. this event, to which is added an examination Newburyport, 1854. 8°

Cc 6-2962

of the comparative merits of the northmen and Smith, George. Ilistory of Delaware county, Penn- Columbus. L., 1842

Cb 2-2527 'sylvania, with a notice of the geology of the Smith, J. V. C. Natural history of fishes of Massacounty. Ph., 1862. 8°

Ce 11-3089 chusetts, embracing a practical essay on ang Smith, George F. A. S. The gentile nations; or, ling. B., 1833

Dk 10-7059 the history and religion of the Egyptians, As- Pilgrimage to Egypt, embracing a diary of exsyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, plorations on the Nile, with observations on and Romans, forming a complete connection the mariners, customs, and institutions of of sacred and profane history. N. Y., 1854. 8° the people, and of the present condition of the

Ca 4-6447 antiquities and ruins. B., 1852 Dg 11-6314 – The harmony of the divine dispensations; a series Smith, Margaret. Whittier, J. G. Leaves from jourof discourses. N. Y., 1856

Eg 9-8633
nal of .

Cc 7-2983 - The Hebrew people ; or, the history and religion Smith, Matthew H. Mount Calvary, with medita

of the Israelites. N. Y., n. d. 8° Ca 11-2505 tions in sacred place. N. Y., 1866 Eg 4-8170 - The patriarchal age; or, the history and religion Smith, N. D. Meteorological observations made

of mankind, from the creation to the death of near Washington, Ark., 1810–59. S. C. to K. Isaac; deduced from the writings of Moses Vol. 12, Art. 5

Ae 1-134S and other inspired authors. N. Y., 1847 Smith, 0. H.' Early Indiana trials, and sketches.

Ea 7-8095
Cin., 1858. 88

Cb 11-2739 Smith, George. Essay on the construction of cottages Smith, Oliver P. Domestic architect; a series of

suited for the dwellings of the laboring classes. original designs for rural and ornamental cot-
Glasgow, 1834. 8°

Ga 10-8876
tages. Buf., 1852. 4°

Ga 10-8564

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Smith, Philip. History of the world, from the earli- Smithsonian contributions, continued. est records to the present time. Ancient his

veys and explorations, with an illustrated appentorv. N. Y., 1865. 3 v. 8° Ca 4-2806

dix. By E. G. Squier. III. Art. 1. Observations Smith, Roswell C. Practical and mental arithmetic

on terrestrial magnetism. By J. Locke. Art. 2. Reon a new plan. Ph., 1806 Eb 10-16103

searches ou electrical rheometry. By A. Secchi.

Art. 3. Contributions to the natural history of Smith, Sydney. Works. A new edition ; articles the fresh water fishes of North America. By

originally published in the Edinburgh review ; Charles Girard. Art. 4. Nereis Boreali-Amerispeeches, letters, sermons, etc. L., 1869

cana, or contributions to a history of the marine

algae of North America. Part 1. MelanosperHd 5-11525

meae. By Wm. Henry Harvey. Art. 5. Plantae Elementary sketches of moral philosophy, deliv- Wrightianae Texano-Neo Mexicanae. Part 1. By ered at the royal institution in 1804, 5, and 6.

Ara Gray. Art. 6. The law of deposit of the flood N. Y., 1850. 80

Hc 9-11302

tide; its dynamical action and office. By C. H.

Davis. Art. 7. Description of ancient works in Wit and wisdom of

He 1-12011

Ohio. By Charles Whittlesey. IV. Grammar Holland, Lady S. S. Memoir

Dc 6–5259

and dictionary of the Dakota language; collected

by the members of the Dakota mission. Edited Wharton, G., and P. Wits and beaux of society

by S. R. Riggs. V. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. Dd 6-5506

2. A flora and fauna within living animals. Smith, Sol. Hypocrite. F's S. D. v. 14 Hb 9-10958 By Joseph Leidy. Art. 3. Memoir upon the exSmith, S. R. Sawyer, T. J. Memoir of Db 7–4973

tinct species of fossil ox. By Joseph Leidy.

Art. 4. Anatomy of the nervous system of rana Smith, S. S. An essay on the causes of the variety of pipiens. By Jeffries Wyman. Art. 5. Nereis

complexion and figure in the human species. Boreali-Americana, or contributions to a hisNew Brunswick, 1810. 8°

Ch 9-4158

tory of the marine algae of North America.

Part 1. Rhodospermene. By W. H. Harvey. Sermons. Newark, 1799. 80

Eg 8-8531

Art. 6. Plantae Wrightianae Texano-Neo-MexiSmith, Thomas. Belknap, J. Account of

canae, Part II. By Asa Gray. VI. Art. 1. InDb 3–4895

troduction. Art. 2. Plantae Fremontianae; or, Smith, Rev. Thomas. 'Wonders of nature and art.

defcription of plants collected by J. C. Fre

mont, in California. By John Torrey. Art. 3. Ph., 1806. 13 v.

Ci 4-4288

Observations on the Batis Maritima of LinSmith, Thomas, and J. 0. choules. Origin and his

maeus. By John Torrey. Art. 4. On the Dar

lingtonia Californica, a new pitcher plant, from tory of missions, forming a complete missionary Northern California. By John Torrey. Art. 5. repository. B., 1832. 2 v. 4• Ee 9-8120

Synopsis of the marine invertebrata of Grand Smith, W., F. L. S. A synopsis of the British diato

Manan, or the region round the bay of Fundy,

New Brunswick. By Wm. Stimpson. Art. 6. maceae; with remarks on their structure, On the winds of the northern hemisphere. By functions, and distribution, and instructions for

James II, Coffin. Art. 7. The ancient fauna collecting and preserving specimens. Plates by

of Nebraska, or a description of remains of ex

tinct mammalia and chelonia, from the MauTuulen West. L., 1853. 2. v. 8° Ec 1-7612

vaises Terres of Nebraska. By Joseph Leidy. Smith, Hon. Wm. The history of the late province

VII. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2. Account of of New York, from its discovery to the ap

a tornado near New Harmony, Ind., April, 30, pointment of governor Colden, in 1762. Collec

1552, with a map of the track. By John Chap

pelsmith, Art. 3. Notes on new species and tion of the N.Y. Hist. Soc. v. 45. N.Y., 1829.

localities of microscopical organisms. By J. W. 2 v. 8°

Cc +2911

Bailey. Art. 4. The antiquities of Wisconsin, History of New York, from the first discovery to as surveyed and described by I. A. Lapham,

civil engineer, etc., on behalf of the American 1732, with a continuation from 1732 to 1814. antiquarian society. Art. 5. A memoir on the Alb., 1814. 89

Cc 3-2881

extinct sloth tribe of North America. By JoSmith, Wm., LL. D. A dictionary of the bible, com- seph Leidy. VIII, Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2.

Archaeology of the United States, or sketches prising its antiquities, biography, geography, historical and bibliographical, of the progress and natural history. B., 1863. 3 v. 8°

of information and opinion respecting vestiges Ad 1-13191

of antiquity in the United States. By Samuel F.

Haven. A dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities.

Art, 3. On the recent secular period of

the aurora borealis. By Denison Olmstead. Art. Third American edition, revised by C. Anthon.

4. The tangencies of circles and of spheres. By V. Y., 1850. 8o.

AC 2-12960

Benjamin Alvord. Art. 5. Researches, chemical Smith, Wm. Thorndale; or, the conflict of opinions

and physiological concerning certain North

American vertebrata. By Joseph Jones. IX. Art. Ff 15-14440

1. Introduction. Art. 2. On the relative intensity Smith, W. h. Drinkard. F's s.p. v. 11 '

of the heat and light of the sun upon different IIb 9-10957

latitudes of the earth. By L. W. Meech._Art. 3. Smith, W. L. G. Life ind times of Lewis Cass. N.

Illustrations of surface geology. By Edward

Hitchcock. Part 1. On surface geology, espeY., 1856. 8°

Da 7-4735

cially that of Connecticut valley. Part II. On - Observations on China and the Chinese. N. Y.,

the erosions of the earth's surface, especially of

rivers, Part 1. Traces of ancient glaciers in 1863

Dh 2-6138

Massachusetts and Vermont, Art. 4. ObservaSmithson, James. "Johnson,

' w. R. Memoir on the tions on Mexican history and archaeology, with scientific character of

Bh 6-Pam. 19

a special notice of Zapotec remains as delineat.

ed in Mr. J. G. Sawkin's drawings of Mitla. By Smithsonian contributions to knowledge. W., 1847–61. Brantz Mayer. Art. 5. Researches on the am. 16 v. 40

Ae 1-13475

monia cabalt bases. By Wolcott Gibbs and

Frederick Aug. Genth. X. Art. 1. Introduction. Contents.-Vol. I. Ancient monuments of the

Art. 2. Nereis Boreali-Americana, or contribuMississippi valley, comprising the results of ex.

tions to a history of the marine algae of North tensive original surveys and explorations. By

America. Part Ill. Chlorospermeae. By W. H. E. G. Squier and E. II. Davis. II. Researches

Harvey. Art. 3. Magnetic observations in the relative to the planet Neptune. By S. C. Walker,

arctic reas, by Elisha Kent Kane, made during Art. 2. On the vocal sounds of Laura Bridgeman,

the second Grinnell expedition in rearch of Sir the blind deaf mute at Boston, compared with the

John Franklin, in 1853–5, at Van Rensselaer har elements of phonetic language. By Dr. F. Lieber.

bor, and other points on the west coast of Art. 3. Microscopical examination of soundings

Greenland. Reduced and discussed by C. A. made by the United States coast survey, off the

Schott. Art. 4. A yrammar and dictionary of the Atlantic coast of the United States. By J. W.

Yoruba language, with an introductory descripBailey. Art. 4. Contribntions to the physical ge

tion of the country and people of Yoruba. By ouraphy of the United States. By Charles Ellet.

T. J. Bowen. XI. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2. Art. 5. Mosasaurus and the three allied new gene

North American oölogy. By Thomas M. Brew. ra, Holcodus, Conosaurus, and Amphorostens.

Part 1. Raptores and Fissirostres, Art, 3. By R. W. Gibbes. Art. 6. The classification of in

An account of the total eclipse of the sun, Sept., sects from embryological data. By Louis Agassiz.

7, 1858, as observed near Olmos, Peru. By J. M. Art. 7. On the explosiveness of nitre, with a view

Gilliss. Art. 4. Discussion of the magnetic and to elucidate its agency in the tremendous explo

meteorological observations made at the Girard sion of July, 1845, in New York. By R. Hare. Art.

college observatory, Philadelphia, 1810-5. Part 8. Microscopical observations made in South

1. Investigation of the eleven year period in the Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. By J. W. Bailey.

amplitude of the solar-diurnal variation, and of Art. 9. Aboriginal monuments of the state of

the disturbances of the magnetic declination. New York, comprising the results of original sur

By A. Bache. Art. 5. Meteorological observations

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Smithsonian contributions, continued.

in the arctic seas. By Elisha Kent Kane, made during the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, in 185:3-5, at Van Renssela. er harbor, and other points on the west coast of Greenland. Reduced and discussed by C. A. Schott. Art. 6. The coleoptera of Kansas and Eastern New Mexico. By John L. Le Conte. Art. 7. Observations on terrestrial magnetism in Mexico, conducted under the direction of Baron von Müller; with notes and illustrations of the volcano Popocatepetl and its vicinity. By August Sonntag. Art. 8. On certain storms in Europe and America, in 1836.

By Elias Loomis. XII. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2. Astronomical observations in the arctic seas, made during the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, in 1853-5 at Van Rensselaer harbor and other points in the vicini. ty of the north-west coast of Greenland. Reduced and discussed by C. A. Schott. Art. 3. On fiuctuations of level in the North American lakes. By Charles Whittlesey. Art. 4. Meteorological obrervations made at Providence. Extending from Dec., 1831, to May, 1860. By Alexis Caswell. Art. 5. Meteorological observations made near Washington, Arkansas, from 1840 to '59 inclusive. By Nathan D. Smith. Art. 6. Researches upon the venom of the rattlesnake; with an investigation of the anatomy and physi. ology of the organs concerned. By S. Weir Mitchell. XIII. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2. Tidal observations in the arctic reas, by Elisha Kent Kane, made during the second Grinnell expedi. tion in search of Sir John Franklin, in 1853-5. Reduced and discussed by C. A. Schott. Art. 3. Meteorological observations in the arctic seas. By Sir Leopold McClintock, made on board the arctic searching yacht “ Fox" in Baffin Bay and Prince Regent Inlet, in 1857-9. Reduced and discussed by C. A. Schott. Art. 4. Ancient mining on the shores of lake Superior. By C. Whittlesey. Art. 5. Discussion of the magnetic and meteorological observations made at the Girard cullege observatory, Philadelphia, 1810-5. Part 1. Investigation of the solar-diurnal variation of the magnetic declination and its annual inequality. By A. D. Bache. Art. 6. Same. Part in. 'Investigation of the lunar effects on the magnetic declination. By A. D. Bache. Art. 7. Same. Parte IV., V., and vi. Horizontal force. Investigation of the ten or eleven year pe. riod and of the disturbances of the horizontal component of the magnetic force; Investigation of the solar diurnal variation and of the annual inequality of the horizontal force; and of the lunar effect of the same. Bache. Art. 8. Records and results of a magnetic survey of Pennsylvania and parts of adjacent states in 1810-11, with some additional records and results of 1831-35, 1813 and 1862, and a map. Bache. Art. 9. Researches upon the anatomy and physiology of respiration in the chelonia. By S. Weir Miichell. XIV. Art. 1. Introduction. Art. 2. Dis. cussion of the magnetic and meteorological obNervations made at the Girard college obs., in 1810-15. Parts vil., VIII., and ix. Vertical force. Investigation of the 11 (or 10) year period, and of the disturbances of the vertical component of the magnetic force, and appendix on the mag. netic etfect of the anrora borealis; with an investigation of the solar-diurnal variation, and of the annual inequality of the vertical force; and of the lunar effect of the vertical force, the inclination and total force. Bache. Art. 3, Parts X., XI. and xii. Dip and total force. nalysis of the disturbances of the dip anii total force, discussion of the solar-diurnal variation and annual inequality of the dip and total force; and discussion of the absolute dip, with the final values for declination, dip, and force between 1811 and 1815. A. D. Bache. Art. 1. On the construction of a silvered glass telescope, 15'4 inches in aperture, and its use in celestial photography. By Henry Draper. Art. 5. Palaeontology of the np. per Missouri. A report upon collections made

principally by the expeditions under command el of G. k. Warren in 1857-6. Inverthrates. By

F. B. Meek and F. V. Kayden. Part 1., Art. 6.
Cretaeous reptiles of the United States. By
Joseph Leidy. XV. Art. 1. Introduction.
Art. 2. An investigation of the orbit of Nep-
tune, with general tables of its motion. Ву
Simon Newcomb. Art. 3. On the fresh water
glacial drift of the north-western States. By C.
Whittlesey. Art. 4. Geological researches in
China, Mongolia, and Japau, during the years
1812 to 1365. By Raphael Pumpelly. Art. 5.
Physical observations in the arctic segs: By
Isaac I. Hayes. Made on the west coast of north
Greenland, the vicinity of Smith strait and the
west side of Kennedy channel, during 1860-61.
Reduced and discussed by C. A. Schott. XVI.
Art. 2. Gray substance of the medulla oblonga-

Smithsonian contributions, continued.

ta and trapezium. By John Dean. Art. 3. Me.
teorological observations made at Brunswick,
Maine, between 1807 and 1859. By P. Cleave-
land. Art. 4. Meteorological observations made
at Marietts, Ohio, between 1826 to 1859. By S.
P. Hildregth. Art. 5. On the Gliddon mummy
case in the museum of the Smithsonian institu-
tion. By Charles Pickering. Art. 6. Orbit and
phenomena of a meteoric fireball seen July 20th,
1860. By James H. Cofin. Art. 7. On the trans.
atlantic longitude. By Benj. A. Gould. Art. 8.
Indians at cape Flattery, Washington territory.

By Jamés G. Swan.
Smithsonian institute. Second, third, fourth, fifth

and sixth annual reports of the board of regents, to the senate and house of representatives

Bh 6-Pam, 24 – Annual reports, 1853–68. 16 v. 8o Bc 3-525 Smithsonian miscellaneous collections. W., 1862-7. 7 v.

Dk 12–7072 Contents.--Vol. I., Art. 1. Directions for meteorological observations and the registry of periodical phenomena. By Prof. Guyot. Art. 2. Pwychometrical table for determining the force of aqueous vapor, and the relative humidity of the atmosphere from indications of the wet and the dry bulb thermometer Fahrenheit. By James H. Coffin. Art. 3. Tables, meteorologi. cal and physical, prepared for the Smithsonian institution. By Arnold Guyot. II., Art. 1. On recent improvements in the chemical arts. By J. C. Booth and C. Morfit. Art. 2. Extracte from the proceedings of the board of regents of the Smithsonian institute in relation to the electro-mag. netic telegraph. Art. 3. Catalogue of portraits of North American Indians, with sketches of scenery, etc. Painted by J. M. Stanley. Art. 4. Catalogue of North American birds, chiefly in the muesum of the Smithsonian institution. By S. F. Baird. Art. 5. Catalogue of North American reptiles in the Smithsonian institution. Part I. Serpents. By S. F. Baird and C. Girard, Jan., 1853. Art. 6. Check list of the shells of North America. Prepared by Isaac Lea; P. P. Carpenter; W. Stimpson; W. G. Binney and Temple Prime. Art. 7. Directions for collecting, preserving, and transporting specimens of natural history. Art. 8. Circular tö officers of the Hudson's bay company. Art. 9. Instructions in reference to collecting neste and egy of North American birds; Circular in reference to the history of North American grasshoppers; Circular in reference to collecting North American shelle. Art. 10. Circular in reference to the degrees of relationship among different nations. By L. H. Morgun. III., Art. 1. Catalogue of the described diptera of North America. By R. Osten-Sacken. Art. 2. Catalogue of described lepidoptera of North America. By J. G. Morris. Art. 3. Classification of the coleoptera of North America. By John L. Leconte. Art. 4. Catalogue of publications of societies and of other periodical works in the library of the Smithsonian institution, 1858. IV., Ári. 1. Synopsis of the described Xeuroptera of North America, with a list of the South American species. By H. buyen. Art. 2. Sy.' nopsis of the described Lepidoptera of North America. Part 1. Diurnal aud crepuscular Lepidoptera. By J. G. Morris. V., Art. 1. Bibliography of North American conchology previous

the year 1880 By W. G. Binney. Part 1, American authors. Art. 2. Catalogue of the publications of the Smithsonian institution, June, 1862. Art. 3. List of foreign correspondents of the Smithsonian institution, 1862 VI. Art 1. Monographs of the diptera of North America. By II. Loew. Part 1. Edited with additions, by R. Ostenjacken. Art. 2. Same. Part 11., Art. 3. List of the coleoptera of North America. Bv John L. Leconte. “Part 1. March, 1863 - April, 1864). Art. 4. New species of North American coleoptera. By John L. Leconte. VII. Monograph of the bats of North America, By H. Allen. Art. 2. Land and fresh water shells of North America. Part 11. Pulmonata limnophila and thalassopbila. By W. G. Binney. Art. 3. Same. Part 11. Ampullariidae, valvatidae, viviparidae ; Fresh water Rirroidae; Cyclophoridae. Truncatellidae, Fresh water Neritidae, Helicinidae. Art. 1. Researches upon the Hydrobiinae and allied form., By Win. Stiinpson. Art. 5. Monograph of Ameri. can Corbiculadae (recent and fossil). By Temple,

Prime. Art. 6. Check list of the inverte. brate fossils of North America. Eocene and Oligocene. By T. A. Conrad. Art. 7. Check list of the invertebrate fos-ils of North America, Miocene. By F. B. Meek. Art. 8. Same; Cretaceous and jurassic. Art. 9. Catalogue of

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Smithsonian miscellaneous collections, continued. Social science. Brisbane, A. Association minerals with their formulas. By T. Eggleston.

Bh 6-Pam. 7 Art. 10. A dictionary of the Chinook jargon, or

– Burke, E.' Vindication of natural society trade language of Oregon. By George Gibbs.

Hd 5-11519 Art. 11. Instructions for research relative to the ethnology and philology of America. By

Considerations on social theories Bb 5-359 G. Gibbs. Art. 12. "List of works published

Dick, T. Improvement of society. Hd 4–11480 by the Smithsonian institution, Jan., 1866.

Ferguson, Adam. Civil society

Ba 3-54 Smoked glass. R. H. Newell

He 8-12030

Fitzhugh, G. Sociology for the south Bb 5-358 Smoking. Paston, James. Smoking Ga 4-8708

Fourier, C. Le nouveau monde industriel et Smollett, Tobias. Miscellaneous works; with a me


Aa 3-12700 moir of the author, by Thomas Roscoe. N. Y., Passions of the soul

Bb 5-345 1860. 6 v. Hd 2-11411

Ba 2-45 Contents.--Vol . I. Expedition of Humphrey

Greg, W. B. English sociology

Essays Clinker. II. Adventures of Roderick Random.

Ba 2-45 III. and IV. Adventures of Peregrine Pickle.

Harris, J. The patriarchy

Bb 5–354 V. Adventures of Ferdinand count Fathom.

- Home and social philosophy; from “ Household VI. Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves,

words." N. Y., 1852

Ea 7-361 - Works. British poets

Hf 1-12282

- Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Essays on social morals - The adventures of Ferdinand count Fathom. N.

Hd 13–11717 Y., 1857 Hd 13–11714 Muzzey, A. B. The fire-side

Bb 5-360 – The adventures of Peregrine l'ickle. N. Y., 1857

Noyes, J. H. American socialism Bb 5-347

Id 13–11713 Robertson, F. W. Lectures Hd 10–11659 – The adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves. N. Y.,

Sampson, Ezra. Dissertations on Bb 5-363 1857

Hd 13-11715

Sargant, W. L. Robert Owen and his social phi– The expedition of Humphrey Clinker. N. Y.,


De 2-17680 19:57 Hd 13-11712 Social innovators

Bb 5–350 Smucker, Samuel M. Arctic explorations and dis

Spencer, H. Social statics

Bb 5-351 coveries during the nineteenth century; being See Gilds; Government; History; Juvenile delinaccounts of the several expeditions to the north quency; Knowledge; Labor; Law ; Liberty ; seas, both English and American, conducted Man ; Moral science; Morals ; Political econoby Ross, Parry, Back, Franklin, M'Clure, and my; Political science; Poor laws; Progress; others, including the first Grinnell expedition Reform ; Slavery; Trades' unions; Wages; and the final effort of Dr. E. K. Kane in search

Wealth ; Work. of Sir John Franklin. N. Y., 1857 Df 3–5910 Social stage. G. M. Baker

Hb 10-16612 - Life and reign of Nicholas I., emperor of Russia, Social statics. H. Spencer.

Bb 5-352 with description of Russian society, etc. Ph., Societas regia antiquariorum septentrionalium. An1860

De 12-5882

tiquitates Americanae sive scriptores septenSmuggler. G. P. R. James

: Fb 11-14605

trionales rerum ante-Columbiarum in America. Smyth, C. Piazzi. On the antiquity of intellectual

Hafniae, 1837. 4°

Ci 2-4222 man, from a practical and astronomical point Société royale des antiquaires du Nord. Séance of view. E., 1868

Ca 10–16136

annuell. Du 27 Janvier 1843. 8° Ci 2–4240 - Our inheritance in the great Pyramid. L., 1864

Contents. -- Histoire antécolumbienne
Ca 10-2488

l'Amerique; Ensai sur les monnaies contiques – Three cities in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moskva, frappées par les émirs de la famille des Bouides ;

Par Jac-Chr Lindberg; On the deciphering of Novogorod). L., 1862. 2 v. Cf 9-3655

the second Achaemenian, or median species of Smyth, Mrs. Gillespie. Romance of diplomacy; his- arrowheaded writing, by N. L. Westergaard.

toric memoir of queen Caroline Matilda ot Society and solitude. R. W. Emerson Ha 11-10679 Denmark, with memoir and a selection of the ociety for the promotion of the useful arts. Trans


Gb 3-8935 correspondence of Sir Robert Keith. L., 1861. 2 v.

De 12-5877 Society islands. Ellis, Wm. Polynesian researches Smyth, Thomas. The unity of the human races

CI 12-3727 proved to be the doctrine of scripture, reason,

Perkins, E. T. 'Na motu

Dg 1-11794 and science. N. Y., 1850

Ch 9-4162 Society of arts. Report of the committee appointed Smyth, William. Lectures on the history of the by the council to inquire into the subject of

- French revolution. L., 1845. 2 v. Čg 5–3836 industrial instruction, with the evidence on - Lectures on modern history; from the irruption which the report is founded. L., 1853. 89 of the northern nations, to the close of the

Bb 6–386 American revolution. L., 1854. 2 v. Ca 9-2436 Society of friends. Mrs. J. R. Greer Fb 15-14426 Smyth, W. W. Coal and coal-mining. L., 1969

Socrate. Com. Voltaire

Aa 12-13247 Gb 11-16525 Socrates, Scholasticus. Ecclesiastical history, comSnarleyyow. F. Marryat

Fc 12-14011 prising a history of the church, in seven books, Snethen, W. G. The Black code of the district of from A. D. 305 to 445. L., 1853 Ed 3-7833

Columbia, in force Sept. 1st, 1848 Bh 6-Pam. 4 Socrates. Apuleius, L. The god of Socrates
Snow-bound. J. G. Whittier
Hf 11-12476

Ila 3-16350 Snow image. N. Hawthorne

Fe 1-15181 - Grote, g. 'Plaio and companions of Sokratos Snowden, J. R. Description of ancient and modern

Da 3-4632 coins, in the cabinet collections at the mint of Socrates and the Socratic scliool. ' E. Zeller the United States. Ph., 1860. 80 Ci 8-4363

Da 3-16492 – Description of the medals of Washington, of soldier boy. W.T. Adanis

Fd 3–14253 national and miscellaneous medals; and of Soldier's courtship. Com. •J. Poole . Hb 10–11003 other objects of interest in the museum of the Soldier's daughter. Com. A. Cherry Hb 9-10958 mint; with biographical notices of the direc- Soldier's fortune. Drama. T. Otway Hb 1-10745

tors of the mint from 1792 to 1851. Ph., 1861. Soldier's orphans. Ann S. Stephens Ff 8-14100 * 4o. Ci 8-1354 Soldier's return. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14818 Snowden, Richard. History of North and South Solis, Antonio de History of the conquest of Mexico, America from its discovery to the death of Trans, by Thomas Townsend. L., 1738.

2 v. Gen. Washington. Ph., 1819 Ch 5-2707

Ch 4-4053 Soane, G. Undine. F, S. D.

Hb 9–10964 Solitary of Juan Fernandez; or, the real Robinson Soaps. Kurten, P. Art of manufacturing Gb 5–9055 Crusoe. I. X. Boniface

Fa 6-14792 Sobrino, F. Grammaire nouvelle espagnolle et fran- Solitudes of nature and man.

W. R. Alger çoise. Brusselles, 1732 Ha 13-10725

Ile 2-13838


V. 26

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