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be taken in six months.

Mar. 3, 1893. That section seven hundred and sixty-six of the Revised 27 Stat. L., 751. Statutes be amended by adding thereto, at the end of said Habeas corpus section, the following words:


Provided, That no such appeal shall be had or allowed R. S., sec. 766. after six months from the date of the judgment or order See note 1. complained of."



Act Mar. 3, 1891. Who may enter certain 2304. Soldiers' and sailors' homestead.

unappropriated public lands. 2305. Deduction of military and naval 2293. Persons in military or naval serv.

service from time, etc. ice, when and before whom to 2308. Actual service in the Army or Navy make affidavit.

equivalent to residence, etc. 2296. Homestead lands not to be subject 2309. Who may enter by agent. to prior debts.

Act May 6, 1886. Homestead settlers, etc. 2298. Limitation of amount entered for Act Mar. 2, 1889. What public lands enb. homestead.

ject to private entry.
2300. What minors may have the priv. Act Dec. 29, 1894. Settlers may enter, etc.

ileges of this chapter.
Act Mar. 3, 1891. Payment before expira-

tion of five years, rights of appli-

Mar. 3, 1891.

SEC. 2289. Every person who is the head of a family, or

who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and is a 26 Stat. L., 1095. Who may make citizen of the United States, or who has filed his déclaration homestead on- of intention to become such, as required by the naturaliza

Substitute for tion laws, shall be entitled to enter one-quarter section, or a 200., secs. 2289, less quantity, of unappropriated public lands, to be located

1890, May 2,ch: in a body in conformity to the legal subdivisions of the 182, 8. 20, p. 729 ; May 20, 1862, n. 1. public lands;


v. 12, p. 392; Feb, 11, 1874, ch. 25, v. 18, p. 15.

Owner of over




Persons in mil.

to make affidavit.


But no person who is the proprietor of more than one 160 acres to ac- hundred and sixty acres of land in any State or Territory,

. 1890, Aug. 30, shall acquire any right under the homestead law. ch. 837, par. 3, p. Adjoining farm And every person owning and residing on land may, kSo, sec. 2306. under the provisions of this section, enter other land lying

contiguous to his land, which shall not, with the land so already owned and occupied, exceed in the aggregate one hundred and sixty acres.

SEC. 2293. In case of any person desirous of availing naval servico, when himself of the benefits of this chapter; but who, by reason and before whom of actual service in the military or naval service of the

Mar. 21, 1864, 8: United States, is unable to do the personal preliminary 4, v. 13, p. 35.

acts at the district land-office *; and whose family, or some member thereof, is residing on the land which he desires to enter, and upon which a bona fide improvement and settlement have been made, such person may make the affidavit required by law before the officer commanding in the branch of the service in which the party is engaged, which affidavit shall be as binding in law, and with like penalties, as if taken before the register or receiver; and upon such affidavit being filed with the register by the wife or other representative of the party, the same shall become effective from the date of such filing, provided the application and affidavit are accompanied by the fee and commissions as required by law.



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Note 1.-As to the court to which appeals should be taken in habeas corpus cases, 900 1891, Mar. 3, ch. 517, secs. 5, 6 (1 Supp. R. S., 903), and 144 U.S., 47.

amount entered

SEC. 2296. No lands acquired under the provisions of this Homestead chapter shall in any event become liable to the satisfaction subject to prior of any debt contracted prior to the issuing of the patent May 20, 1862, s.

. therefor.

4, v. 12, p. 393. SEC. 2298. No person shall be permitted to acquire title Limitation of to more than one quarter-section under the provisions of for homestead. this chapter.

May 20, 1862, s.

6, v. 12. p. 393. That froin and after the passage of this act no public_Mar. 2, 1889. lands of the United States, except those in the State of 25 Stat, ... 854. Missouri shall be subject to private entry.

public lands except in Mis. souri subject hereafter to pri. vate entry. R.

S., Necs. 23533762. June 22, 1874, ch. 422 and note, p. 40; Mar. 3, 1891, ch. 561, 8. 9, p. 913.

fected entry.

Mar. 3, 1891,


SEC. 2. That any person who has not heretofore perfected Homestead entitle to a tract of land of wbich he has made entry under the way be made

notwithstanding the homestead law, may make a homestead entry of not, former upperexceeding one-quarter section of public land subject to R. s., soc. 2298. such entry, such previous filing or entry to the contrary M8E1, 31891,

ch. 561s. 5, notwithstanding; but this right shall not apply to persons 942. who perfect title to lands under the pre-emption or homestead laws already initiated; Provided, That all pre-emption settlers upon the public Pre-emption

gettlers already lands whose claims have been initiated prior to the passage initiated may of this act may change such entries to homestead entries change to home

stead entry. and proceed to perfect their titles to their respective claims R. S., soc. 2301. under the homestead law notwithstanding they may have ch. 561, 8. 6, p. heretofore had the benefit of such law, but such settlers 943. who perfect title to such claims under the homestead law See note 1. shall not thereafter be entitled to enter other lands under the pre-emption or homestead laws of the United States.

That section three of the said Act of March second, Dec. 29, 1894. eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, be amended by adding 28 Stat. L., 599. thereto the following provision:

That if any such settler has heretofore forfeited his or her entry for any of said reasons, such person shall be perter, if former en: mitted to make entry of, not to exceed a quarter section on try unavoidably any public land subject to entry under the homestead law, folat., 1889, ch.

, . and to perfect title to the same under the same conditions 381, s. 3. (1 Supp.

R. S., 683). in every respect as if he had not made the former entry.

SEC. 5. That any homestead settler who has heretofore Homestead setentered less than one-quarter section of land may enter tlers on less, way other and additional land lying contiguous to the original quarter section entry, which shall not, with the land first entered and

proof. occupied, exceed in the aggregate one hundred and sixty R.S.

, secs. 2304– acres without proof of residence upon and cultivation of Mar. 3, 1891, s. the additional entry; and if final proof of settlement and 5, ch. 581, p. 942.

Public lands.


See note 2.

one be void.

Note 1.-The pre-emption law was repealed by act of March 3, 1891. (Chap. 561, soc. 4, p. 942.)

Note :.-The act of July 1, 1879, settlers were protected from absence of one year in consequence of the destruction of crops by grasshoppers. Previous acts permitting settfors to be abgónt from their lands in specified years, on account of injury by the grasshoppers, are as follows: June 18, 1874, ch. 308, December 28, ch. 10, 18 Stat. L., 81, 294; May 20, 1876, ch. 102, June 19, ch. 134; March 3, 1877, ch, 127, 19 Stat. L., 54, 59, 405; June 1, 1878, ch. 148, and June 14, ch. 190, 20 Stat. L., 88, 113.

tion, etc.

Patent not to


cultivation has been made for the original entry, when the additional entry is made, then the patent shall issue with

out further proof: -only owners Provided, That this section shall not apply to or for the and occupants.

benefit of any person who at the date of making application for entry hereunder does not own and occupy the lands

covered by his original entry: -not permitted And provided, That if the original entry should fail for if original entry

any reason, prior to patent or should appear to be illegal or fraudulent, the additional entry shall not be permitted,

or if having been initiated shall be canceled. Persons enti.

SEC. 6. That every person entitled, under the provisions tled to home. steads who have of the homestead laws, to enter a homestead, who has here. made proof, etc., tofore complied with or who shall hereafter comply with for less, may en. ter quarter sec- the conditions of said laws, and who shall have made his Mar. 3, 1891, ch.

final proof thereunder for a quantity of land less than one 561, s. 5, p. 942. hundred and sixty acres and received the receiver's final

receipt therefor, shall be entitled under said laws to enter as a personal right, and not assignable, by legal subdivi. sions of the public lands of the United States subject to homestead entry, so much additional land as added to the quantity previously so entered by him shall not exceed one hundred and sixty acres:

Provided, That in no case shall patent issue for the land issue residence. covered by such additional entry until the person making

such additional entry shall have actually and in conformity with the homestead laws resided upon and cultivated the lands so additionally entered and otherwise fully complied with such laws:

Provided, also, That this section shall not be construed fected.

as affecting any rights as to location of soldiers' certificates R.S., secs. 2304, heretofore issued under section two thousand three hundred

and six of the Revised Statutes.

SEC. 2300. No person who has served, or may hereafter may have the privileges of this serve, for a period not less than fourteen days in the Army chapte.. Ibid.

or Navy of the United States, either regular or volunteer, under the laws thereof, during the existence of an actual war, domestic or foreign, shall be deprived of the benefits of this chapter on account of not having attained the age

of twenty-one years. Mar. 3, 1891. SEC. 6. That section twenty-three hundred and one of 26 Stat.L.,2095.

the Revised Statutes be amended so as to read as follows: Homestead entry may be com

“SEC. 2301. Nothing in this chapter shall be so construed muted after four: as to prevent any person who shall hereafter avail himself idence. of the benefits of section twenty-two hundred and eighty

Substitute for nine from paying the minimum price for the quantity of R. . Ibid., 8. 8. land so entered at any time after the expiration of fourteen

calendar months from the date of such entry, and obtaining a patent therefor, upon making proof of settlement and of residence and cultivation for such period of fourteen

months.” Soldiers' and sailors' home.

SEC. 2304. Every private soldier and officer who has

served in the Army of the United States during the recent 1, v, 17, p. 1.19 8 333.2

, 8. rebellion, for ninety days, and who was honorably dis

charged, and has remained loyal to the Government, in

Soldiers' cer. tificates not af


W bat minors


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cluding the troops mustered into the service of the United States by virtue of the third section of an act approved February thirteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and every seaman, marine, and officer who has served in the Navy of the United States, or in the Marine Corps, during the rebellion, for ninety days, and who was honorably discharged, and has remained loyal to the Government, shall, on compliance with the provisions of this chapter, as hereinafter modified, be entitled to enter upon and receive patents for a quantity of public lands not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres, or one quarter-section, to be taken in compact form, according to legal subdivisions, including the alternate reserved sections of public lands along the line of any railroad or other public work, not otherwise reserved or appropriated, and other lands subject to entry under the homestead laws of the United States; but such homestead settler shall be allowed six months after locating his homestead, and filing his declaratory statement, within which to make his entry and commence his settlement and improvement. SEC. 2305. The time which the homestead settler has Dednction of

military and naserved in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps shall be deducted val service from from the time heretofore required to perfect title, or if dis-

. charged on account of wounds received or disability incurred in the line of duty, then the term of enlistment shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title, without reference to the length of time he may have served; but no patent shall issue to any homestead settler who has not resided upon, improved, and cultivated his homestead for a period of at least one year after he shall have commenced his improvements. SEC. 2308. Where a party at the date of his entry of a

Actual service

in the Army or tract of land under the homestead laws, or subsequently Navy equivalent thereto, was actually enlisted and employed in the Army to Ibid.,...

to residence, eto. or Navy of the United States, his services therein shall, in the administration of such homestead laws, be construed to be equivalent, to all intents and purposes, to a residence for the same length of time upon the tract so entered. And if his entry has been canceled by reason of his absence from such tract while in the military or naval service of the United States, and such tract has not been disposed of, his entry shall be restored; but if such tract has been disposed of, the party may enter another tract subject to entry under the homestead laws, and his right to a patent therefor may be determined by the proofs touching his residence and cultivation of the first tract and his absence therefrom in such service. SEC. 2309. Every soldier, sailor, marine, officer, or other who may enter

by . person coming within the provisions of section twenty-three "Ibid., g. 5, p. hundred and four, may, as well by an ageut as in person, enter upon such homestead by filing a declaratory state. ment, as in pre-emption cases; but such claimant in person shall within the time prescribed make his actual entry, commence settlements and improvements on the same, and thereafter fulfill all the requirements of law.



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need not enter.

See note 1.


Title 55.


Sec. 1624. Importing in publio vessels.

2791. Public vessels need not enter. Title 15,chap.10. SEC. 1624, Art. 12. No person connected with the Navy

Import ing in shall, under any pretense, import in a public vessel any public .

July 30, 1846, 4. article which is liable to the payment of duty. 10, v. 9, p. 44. See sec. 2760, Reve. nue-Cutter Serr. ice. Title 34, chap. 4. SEC, 2791. It shall not be necessary for the master of any

Public vessels vessel of war, or of any vessel employed by any prince, or Mar. 2, 1799, s. state, as a public packet for the conveyance of letters and 31, v. 1, p. 651. dispatches, and not permitted by the laws of such prince or

state to be employed in the transportation of merchandise,
in the way of trade, to make report and entry.

4653. Organization of the Light-House 4679. Restriction on compensation of offi.

cers, etc.
4654. President of the Board.

4680. Officers, etc., not to be interested in 4655. Chairman.

contracts. Act July 26, 1886. Light-house districts. Act July 26, 1886. Jurisdiction over cer. 4671. Light-house inspectors.

tain rivers. 4578. Color of buoys prescribed.

SEC. 4653. The President shall appoint two officers of the Organization Navy, of high rank, two officers of the Corps of Engineers of outlight of the Army, and two civilians of high scientific attain.

Board. Aug. 31, 1852,8. ments, whose services may be at the disposal of the Presi. 8, v. 10, p. 119.

dent, together with an officer of the Navy and an officer of engineers of the Army, as secretaries, who shall con

stitute the Light House Board. President of SEC. 4654. The Secretary of the Treasury shall be exIbid., 8. 9. officio president of the Light-House Board. Chairman. SEC. 4655. The Light-House Board shall elect, by ballot, Ibid.

one of their number as chairman of the board, who shall preside at their meetings, when the president is absent, and shall perform such acts as may be prescribed by the rules

of the board. July 26, 1886. That section forty-six hundred and seventy of the Revised

24 Stat. L., 148. Statutes is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Ligt-house dis. “ The Light-House Board shall arrange the ocean, gulf, tricts may be six.

lake, and river coasts of the United States into light-house Substitute for districts, not exceeding sixteen in number. R.S., sec. 4670.

Persons “That any law or regulation prohibiting the employment 45 permitted to serve in ligbt

in the light-houses of the United States of persons of more than forty-five years of age be and the same is hereby

repealed." Lighthouse SEC. 4671. An officer of the Army or Navy shall be Ibid., s. 12. assigned to each district as a light-house inspector, subject

to the orders of the Light-House Board; and shall receive for such service the same pay and emoluments that he would be entitled to by law for the performance of duty in the regular line of his profession, and no other, except the legal allowance per mile, when traveling under orders connected with his duties.

the board.





Note 1.-The free list showing the articles which are admitted free of duty may be found in the act of July 24, 1897, and is too long to be inserted in this compilation. (Seo Stat. L., vol. 30, p. 151.)

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