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Title 41–Public Contracts and Property Management

(This book contains Chapters 10-17)


SUBTITLE A-Federal Procurement Regulations System (Continued):

Part CHAPTER 10–Department of the Treasury.

10-12 CHAPTER 12–Department of Transportation..............

12-1 CHAPTER 13–Department of Commerce ..

13-1 CHAPTER 14–Department of the Interior ......

14-1 CHAPTER 14H-Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior



CHAPTER 14R-Office of Water Research and Technology,

Department of the Interior




CHAPTER 15-Environmental Protection Agency..

15-1 CHAPTER 16-Office of Personnel Management ......

16-1 CHAPTER 17-[Reserved]

CROSS REFERENCES: Armed Services Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter I, Subchapter A.

Army Procurement Procedure, 32 CFR, Chapter V, Subchapter G. Department of the Navy procurement, property, patents, and contracts, 32 CFR, Chapter VI, Subchapter D.

Department of the Air Force Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter VII, Subchapter W.

Subtitle A-Federal Procurement Regulations System—Continued

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