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4. Other base maintenance and support equipment. General and special funds-Continued

The 1964 estimate provides for procurement at normal

support levels for operational units and bases, world wide. OTHER PROCUREMENT, AIR FORCE-Continued

Items planned for continued procurement in 1964 at gram, continue in 1964. Initial procurements of the new

about the 1963 level include: common test and calibraantitank bomb and rocket-fusing systems will start in

tion equipment; personal, safety and rescue equipment; 1964. Other items planned for continued procurement in photographic equipment; and maintenance and repair 1964 include: air-to-air rocket motors, atomic ordnance shop equipment Planned 1964 procurements of photocomponents (except for fissionable materials), 20-mm. processing and interpretation equipment provide for an cartridges, targets, biological/chemical warfare items, and

increased effort over the 1963 program to support reconmiscellaneous munitions components including supplies naissance missions. and materials.

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars) 2. Vehicular equipment.-The 1964 estimate provides for orderly replacement procurements for the vehicle fleet; for increased procurements of new fire trucks (initiated in

actual estimate estimate 1963) and special-purpose vehicle programs; for continued procurement of materials handling equipment to include Direct obligations: support of the mechanized air cargo handling system; for

22 Transportation of things

18,547 20,000 22,000 26 Supplies and materials..

217,934 275,094 276,230 increased procurements of supplies and materials to sup

31 Equipment.--

973,625 728,906 693,770 port the increased special-purpose vehicle and fire truck programs; and for modification of equipment in support Total direct obligations

1,210,106 1,024,000 992,000 of year-round operation of the vehicular fleet.

Reimbursable obligations: 3. Electronics and telecommunications equipment.---The

26 Supplies and materials..

688 4,795 13,496 1964 estimate provides for (1) increased support of the 31 Equipment.----

31,362 29,205 35,504 worldwide Defense Communications System; (2) continued support for the ballistic missile early warning

Total reimbursable obligations.... 32,050 34,000 49,000 system, the semiautomatic ground environment system, Total obligations.

1,242,156 1,058,000 1,041,000 the semiautomatic backup system, and the surveillance and passive detection radar programs for North American and overseas air defense; (3) continued procurement of data processing and display equipment for the command and control systems of the Strategic Air Command and

PROCUREMENT, DEFENSE AGENCIES the North American Air Defense Command; (4) procure For expenses of activities and agencies of the Department of Dement of communications cable for operational ballistic fense (other than the military departments and the Office of Civil missile sites; (5) augmentation of other weapon supporting equipment, supplies, materials and spare parts therefor not other

Defense) necessary for procurement, production, and modification of systems including electromagnetic intelligence gathering, wise provided for; purchase of [thirty-nine) sixty-seven passenger weather observation and forecast, and ground naviga- motor vehicles of which fifty-nine shall be for replacement only (intional aids; (6) cryptographic equipment including tele- cluding [two] three medium sedans at not to exceed $3,000 each) type and data encryption and voice security; and (7)

[for replacement only); expansion of public and private plants,

equipment and installation thereof in such plants, erection of strucspare parts and end-item modifications. The reduction

tures, and acquisition of land for the foregoing purposes, and such in the 1964 estimate from the 1963 level results primarily land and interest therein may be acquired and construction prosefrom the near completion of hardware procurement for cuted thereon prior to the approval of title by the Attorney General the Strategic Air Command control system and the

as required by section 355, Revised Statutes, as amended; ballistic missile early warning system.

[$36,000,000] $43,600,000, to remain available until expended

(76 Stat. 326, Department of Defense Appropriation Act, 1963.) Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

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New obligational authority:

36,000 43,600

36,000 Transferred (31 U.S.C. 581c(a)) from"Procurement of equipment and missiles, Army".


814 “Other procurement, Air Force".


88 Appropriation (adjusted).

36,902 43,600

36,902 Note.--Reconciliation of budget plan to obligations:

1963 estimate 1964 estimate Total budget plan.--

51, 202

54, 100 Deduct portion of budget plan to be obligated in subsequent years..

1, 720

1,950 Add obligations of prior year budget plans.

1, 720 Total obligations.-

49, 482 53, 870 This appropriation provides for procurement of capital

Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)-Continued equipment for the Defense Communication Agency and other Defensewide agencies. The 1964 program includes electronics and communications equipment, materials

actual estimate handling equipment, and general and special purpose

Reimbursable obligations: vehicular equipment. In 1962 and prior years, funds for

22 Transportation of things.

10 these purposes were provided in Procurement of equip

26 Supplies and materials.

800 ment and missiles, Army, Operation and maintenance, 31 Equipment...

13,490 Army, and Salaries and expenses, Secretary of Defense.

Total reimbursable obligations....

14,300 Object Classification (in thousands of dollars)

Total obligations.

1962 1963 1964
actual estimate estimate



1964 estimate

10 900 9,590



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Program by activities:

1. Aircraft and related equipment..
2. Missiles, drones, and related equipment.
3. Training equipment.
4. Aircraft modernization....
5. Ground electronics and detection equipment.
6. Development, test, and evaluation support equipment.

Total direct.

1. Aircraft and related equipment.--
2. Missiles, drones, and related equipment.
3. Training equipment...
5. Ground electronics and detection equipment..
6. Development, test, and evaluation support equipment.

Total reimbursable....

Unobligated balance brought forward for completion of prior year

budget plans (-)..---
Reprograming from prior year budget plans (-) ----
Unobligated balance transferred to “Procurement of aircraft and

missiles, Navy" (40 U.S.C. 255)..
Unobligated military assistance orders transferred to other service

Advances and reimbursements from other accounts (-) --
Recovery of prior year obligations (-)...
Unobligated balance carried forward for completion of prior year
budget plans.

New obligational authority

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1962 actual


ities engaged in the conduct of research, development,

test, and evaluation. The amounts for development, General and special funds-Continued

test, and evaluation of Air Force aircraft and missiles AIRCRAFT AND RELATED PROCUREMENT, Navy-Continued

which were carried in procurement appropriations in the

past are now included in this title and the appropriate Object Classification in thousands of dollars)

adjustments have been made to place the schedules on a comparable basis. The appropriation Research, develop

ment, test, and evaluation, Defense Agencies, combines estimate estimate

the financing for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Direct obligations:

and other Defense Agencies such as the Defense Atomic 11 Personnel compensation:

Support Agency and the Defense Communications Agency. Permanent positions...


Research and development related to civil defense responOther personnel compensation -


sibilities of the Department of Defense is carried in the Total personnel compensation...


separate title, Civil Defense, in this chapter. 12 Personnel benefits...


In recent years, a major portion of Defense funding for 26 Supplies and materials..


research and development has been devoted to the simul31 Equipment.

317,089 29,601

taneous development of many large strategic weapons Total direct obligations...

328,326 29,601

systems. By 1964, however, development, test, and Reimbursable obligations:

evaluation of most of these programs will have either been 31 Equipment..


essentially completed or will be in the final and less Total obligations....

expensive phases. 329,578 29,601

The new major systems development programs being

initiated are fewer in number allowing for a significant Personnel Summary

growth from 1962 to 1964 in general programs of research, in development efforts concerned with more conventional

weapons and military material, in programs concerned Total number of permanent positions..

189 Average number of all employees..


with techniques, components, and subsystems, as well as in Average GS grade.-


research and development at Defense Department laboraAverage GS salary


tories—all within about the same total overall amounts for Average salary of ungraded positions..


research and development. Resources devoted to space programs increased substantially from 1962 to 1963 and this high level of funding is continued into 1964.

This reallocation of research, development, test, and RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND evaluation funding to the support of a broader base of EVALUATION

critical efforts, most of which are individually less expen

sive than the major strategic systems, permits a diversifiThe appropriations in this title provide the principal cation and a significant expansion of effort even with a support for the research, development, test, and evalua more modest increase in overall funding than has been tion activities of the Department of Defense, including necessary in the last few years. research, exploratory development, development of new The budget plans and estimated obligations under the weapons and equipment, fabrication, and procurement of appropriations in this title for the Army, Navy, Air Force, items under development for test and evaluation, and the Defense Agencies, and the Emergency Fund are operation and maintenance of laboratories and test facil- | summarized below (in millions of dollars):

Budget plan



Summary of program by activities:
1. Military sciences.

817,375 936, 443 978,029 765,517 936,183 978, 424 2. Aircraft and related equipment..

656,621 744,430 690,317 614,542 688,583 753,421 3. Missiles and related equipment.

2,689,807 2,445,560 2,226,866 2,752,566 2,445,587 2,233,494 4. Military astronautics and related equipment.

817,455 1,243,704 1,284,270 784,803 1,247,153 1,277,233 5. Ships, small craft, and related equipment...

188,810 217,250 294,208 204,640 211,983 294,190 6. Ordnance, combat vehicles, and related equipment.

206,815 252,511 303,975 202,886 255,985 303,279 7. Other equipment...

516,842 796,081 911,176 525,989 806,218 905,942 8. Programwide management and support..

452,998 482,309 531.159 495,471 480,904 531,017 9. Emergency fund...

120,380 150,000

120,380 150,000 Total...

6,346,723 7,238,668 7,370,000 6,346,414 7,192,976 7,427,000 1. Military sciences.-This activity includes basic re- oceanography, high-altitude phenomena, advanced radar search in the life, physical, and social sciences to add to and sonar techniques and more reliable electronic compothe store of fundamental scientific knowledge; applied nents. The entire program of the Advanced Research scientific research of importance for military purposes; Projects Agency including Defender and the program operations research; and the development of new mate- of other Defense agencies are included in this activity. rials, components, and techniques. Among the many and In addition to the amounts in this activity, basic and widely varied problems to be investigated under this applied research performed by industrial contractors activity in 1964 are materials with physical properties within overhead arrangements on some procurement superior to those presently available, higher performance contracts is funded in the procurement accounts. The rocket fuels, thermoelectric materials, chemical and bio- principal support of such organizations as the Naval Relogical agents, neurosensory phenomena, radio astronomy, | search Laboratory, Rand Corporation, the Research

1964 estimate

1963 estimate

1964 estimate

Analysis Corporation and Human Resources Research 5. Ships, small craft, and related equipment. This Office is provided under this activity in addition to work activity, provides for research, development, test, and performed by universities, nonprofit organizations, and evaluation related to ships and small craft, except that industry.

funds are included in the regular shipbuilding appropria2. Aircraft and related equipment. This activity funds tion for the construction of ships of advanced design and research, development, test, and evaluation related to air- ships employed in the development, test, and evaluation frames, engines, and other installed equipment. The 1964 of new components and techniques. Funds in this activity program in this activity continues the development of a will provide in 1964 for the development of advanced new high-performance multi-purpose fighter aircraft and propulsion systems, hydrofoils, communications, sonar, of prototype vertical takeoff and landing transport air- radar, and catapults and arresting gear. Included is an craft. These aircraft are intended to meet the needs of increased effort related

increased effort related to antisubmarine warfare to all military services. In addition, the program includes counter missile carrying and other modern submarines. work on other aircraft to improve the mobility and recon- | Development will be initiated on an advanced destroyer naissance capabilities of the ground forces, such as test designed especially for antisubmarine warfare. A sigof heavy lift helicopter. Development of the B-70 mach 3 nificant part of the research and development effort of bomber prototypes will continue as well as the development the Naval Electronics Laboratory and David Taylor of reconnaissance strike components for possible applica- Model Basin is funded under this activity. tion to various aircraft. Research and test centers funded 6. Ordnance, combat vehicles, and related equipment.under this activity include the Naval Air Test Center. The Army's program includes improved artillery, combat

3. Missiles and related equipment. This activity pro- vehicles, mortars, antitank weapons, tank armament, and vides for research, development, test, and evaluation of small arms. The 1964 Army program continues developguided missiles of all types. A major research and ment and evaluation of vehicles and weapons with pardevelopment effort is being continued in 1964 in the field ticular emphasis on requirements on remote areas. The of defense against ballistic missiles, including test of the 1964 Navy program continues to emphasize antisubmarine Nike-Zeus system and the initial development of a more weapons and includes a new torpedo, mines, depth charges, advanced antiballistic missile system. In addition, an bombs, rockets, and other types of ammunition. Landing extensive research effort on other advanced missile de- and amphibious vehicles for the Marine Corps are also fense techniques is funded by the Advanced Research provided for in this activity. This activity provides the Projects Agency within the activity “Military sciences,' principal support of the Naval Ordnance Laboratory and above. In the strategic field, development will continue of research, development, test, and evaluation activities on an improved version of the Minuteman solid propellent at several Ármy arsenals. intercontinental ballistic missile, recently declared opera 7. Other equipment. This activity provides for research, tional. Substantial effort will also continue on ballistic development, test, and evaluation of equipment not sepamissile reentry systems to improve the ability of our inter-rately provided under other activities. Examples of the continental ballistic missiles to penetrate enemy defensive types of equipment in the three services: chemical and systems. Improvements in the Polaris system will also biological agent detection and protection, combat surbe continued with a high priority. Development of a new veillance, and mapping and geodesy for the Army; detecsolid propellent medium-range ballistic missile system will tion and warning equipment, and amphibious warfare be continued; both mobile land-based and sea-based

support equipment in the Navy; and photographic and versions are under consideration. Other significant mis

personal equipment, and aircraft control and warning, sile development projects on which work will be continued missile detection and other electronic systems in the Air in 1964 include the Typhon for fleet air defense, the Force. Much of the support of the research and developSubroc antisubmarine system, the Mauler tactical surface ment effort of the Lincoln Laboratories and the Signal to-air missile, and an improved division support missile Research and Development Laboratory is provided under for land combat. In addition to funding industrial this activity by the Air Force and Army, respectively. participation in the missile research and development 8. Programwide management and support.-For the program, this activity is the principal source of funds for Army and the Navy this activity provides for those costs the operation of three national missile ranges: the Atlantic, of operation, management, and maintenance of research, Pacific, and White Sands Missile Ranges; the Naval development, and test facilities of the Department of Ordnance Test Station and Applied Physics Laboratory Defense which are not distributed directly to the other of the Navy; and the research divisions under the Army budget activities, and for certain costs of central adminisMissile Command at Huntsville, Ala.

tration. This activity provides for the costs of operation, 4. Military, astronautics and related equipment.---This management and maintenance of all Air Force managed activity provides for the conduct of programs directed at research, development, test and evaluation installations the improvement of space technology for military pur- except the Atlantic Missile Range which is included under poses, and the investigation and development of specific activity 3. military applications of space vehicles. During 1964, work will continue on the navigation satellite, on military Secretary of Defense to defray the cost of prompt exploi

9. Emergency fund.—The emergency fund enables the communications satellite systems, and on improvements tation of new developments and to provide for other unin satellite tracking, identification and interception capa- foreseen contingencies in the research, development, test, bility. The development of Dyna-Soar, a manned orbital

and evaluation programs. vehicle with capabilities for controlled reentry, will continue. The Titan III, an improved multipurpose space General and special funds: booster system utilizing both solid and storable liquid propellants, will be developed as a part of the national RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, TEST, AND EVALUATION, ARMY launch vehicle program. Research and development on For expenses necessary for basic and applied scientific research, very large solid fuel rocket boosters will continue, as well as development, test, and evaluation, including maintenance, rehabili

tation, lease, and operation of facilities and equipment, as authorized supporting research and development in such areas as

by law, [$1,319,500,000] $1,469,900,000, to remain available until secondary power, guidance, navigation components, and expended. (10'U.S.C. 2353, 4503; Department of Defense Appropayload equipment for space and satellite systems. priation Act, 1963; authorizing legislation to be proposed.)



General and special funds-Continued


Program and Financing (in thousands of dollars)

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New obligational authority:

Transferred from "Emergency fund, Defense" (75 Stat. 374; 76

Stat. 327).
Transferred to (-)-
“Operating expenses, Public Buildings Service,” General Services

Administration (5 U.S.C. 630e (B); 76 Stat. 728) "Family housing, Defense" (76 Stat. 237)"Research, development, test, and evaluation, Air Force" (10

U.S.C. 126) -"Research, development, test, and evaluation, Defense agencies"

(10 U.S.C. 126)

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Note-Reconciliation of budget plan to obligations:

1962 actual 1963 estimate 1964 estimate
Total budget plan.

1, 445, 257 1, 336, 510 1,519, 900
Deduct portion of budget plan to be obligated in subsequent

89, 685 70, 995 76, 695
Add obligations of prior year budget plan.

29, 194 89, 685 70, 995
Total obligations...--

1,384, 766 1, 355, 200 1,514, 200
i Reimbursements from non-Federal sources are primarily collections for services provided to civilians and
private organizations (5 U.S.C. 172d-1 and 10 U.S.C. 2481).

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