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them. I had just checked into the hotel; I immediately checked out and returned to Los Angeles.

Q. Did you tell Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Buckley was it?

A. Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Buckley, and Congressman Carey were aware of this.

Q. What did you tell them?

A. That the chairman, Mr. Powell, had ordered me to return to Los Angeles.

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Q. And did you tell them why you were returning to Los Angeles ?

A. I told them I had instructions from the chairman to do some additional investigating, that is all.

Q. Did you tell them anything further than that?
A. No, sir; I did not.
Q. And did you return to Los Angeles?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. What hotel did you check into?
A. I checked into the Sheraton Wilshire Hotel, sir.

Q. Did you perform the duties which the chairman instructed you to perform?

A. Yes, sir; I did.
Q. How long did that take you?
A. Until the 25th, from the 18th through the 25th of June.
Q. Then what did you do?
A. I returned to Washington, sir.
Q. By what airline?
Q. That was Los Angeles to what airport?
A. To Baltimore Friendship, sir.

Q. I hand you Voucher No. 00312, signed by, apparently signed by you and Mr. Powell, reflecting a 15-day trip from January 12 to 26, to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Angeles and return to Washington, D.C., and ask you if this is your subsistence voucher which covers that period.

A. Yes, sir, it is. It is my signature.

Mr. O'CONNOR. May that be an exhibit entered in the record as LaPlace Exhibit 1, please, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Hays. Without objection, it will be so placed.

(The above-referred to document was marked “LaPlace Exhibit 1" and received in evidence.)

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Now, as I indicated to you, the information which the audit group had was that you returned on January 21, rather than January 26. What information have you brought with you to establish that you were actually in Los Angeles for that extra 5-day period ?

A. I would like to submit, Mr. Chairman, a letter from the Sheraton Park Hotel and Motor Inn here in Washington, D.C., from the credit manager, which I requested, to confirm my registration at the Sheraton Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles during that period.

Mr. O'Connor. May the record show that the information submitted by the witness indicates the date of departure of Mr. LaPlace as January 26, on a U.S. Government rate of $10 per day, but it does not indicate that it was at the Sheraton-I beg your pardon, it does indicate that it was—the type of receipt at the Sheraton Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif.

May this be entered in the record, Mr. Chairman, as LaPlace exhibit No. 2?

Mr. Hays. It may.

72-404 0467— 18





December 16th 1966

Attached hereunder is a photocopy of the registration card
of Mr. Malcolm R. LaPlace, and this is identified with his
guest folio W-2195, Sheraton-Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles,

According therefore, to the records I currently have on file,
and acting as agent for the Sheraton Wilshire hotel, it is es-
tablished that Mr Malcolm LaPlace checked into the Sheraton Wil-
shire hotel on January 28th 1966, and checked out on January
25th 1966.

ant W. Kennith

Robert W. Bennett
Credit Manager Sheraton-Park Hotel
Washington D. C. 20008

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M. R. LA Place
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Money. Jowels and other Valul ables must be placed in the office. otherwise the Management will not be responsible for any loss.

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(The above-referred-to document was marked "LaPlace Exhibit 2' and received in evidence.)

Mr. Hays. And I think the record should show at this point, since this may be an appendix, that the letter from the manager, Mr. Robert Bennett, credit manager, indicates that Mr. LaPlace checked into the Sheraton Wilshire Hotel on January 18 and checked out on January 25, 1966.

Q. Do you have any other?

A. Yes, sir. I would also like to submit-after talking to you, sir, I communicated with United Air Lines and Trans World Airlines in an effort to confirm my departure from Los Angeles on the 25th; a copy of a telegram that I sent to—this is to TWA and I requested a copy be sent to me.

Here is a wire from a supervisor in the revenue accounting office, United Air Lines, confirming the ticket issued to me by United Air Lines. And also a letter from supervisor of passenger records of Trans World Airlines, sir.

Mr. O'CONNOR. May the record show that the witness has submitted three documents, one a telegram dated December 14, confirmation copy from the witness to the supervisor of passenger records, Trans World Airlines, requesting a copy of his ticket on flight 62 from Los Angeles, Calif., to Baltimore Friendship Airport on January 25, 1966.

The second document is a telegram, Western Union telegram, reading as follows. Addressed to the witness:

Los Angeles-Washington, D.C. portion ticket 016-253-745456, billed UAL

Which is United Air Lines-
by TWA ticket indicates TWA flight 62 of 1-25-66.

And signed:
Hudson, Revenue Accounting, United Air Lines.

The third document referred to by the witness is a letter dated December 15, 1966, from D. G. Roper, supervisor, passenger records, TWA, reading as follows:

According to our records, Flight Coupon No. 26 United Airlines Ticket 016253745456 was used on TWA Flight 62, January 25, 1966.

Mr. Hays. Let the record show that it is E. G. Cooper, not "Roper."

The WITNESS. I have one other document I would like to submit, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. O'CONNOR. At the time the audit was performed, the indications were Mr. LaPlace had returned to Washington, D.C., January 21, along with investigators Schwartz and Buckley. Subsequent investigation by the committee failed to establish the travel ticket for Mr. LaPlace on January 21 and this subsequent record, and after my interview with him, it was indicated strongly that he did return on January 26.

Do you have an additional-
The WITNESS. I have my passenger coupon for the flight, sir.
Mr. O'CONNOR. I think it would be well to enter that in the record


The WITNESS. Also indicating a cash outlay by me of $14.18, that United Air Lines took the original ticket issued January 11 and exchanged that for another ticket for my return, to reroute me to Los Angeles and back to Washington.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. _You mean after you were ordered back to Los Angeles from San Francisco you had to make an outlay of personal funds in that amount?

A. Yes. You will see it on the voucher, sir.

Mr. O'CONNOR. Without objection, Mr. Chairman, I'd like for these four documents to be stapled together so that they will not become detached and entered as LaPlace exhibit 3.

Elk GROVE, ILL., December 15, 1966. M. LA PLACE, Washington, D.C.:

Los Angeles-Washington, D.C., portion ticket 016–253–745456 billed UAL by TWA ticket indicates TWA flight 62 Y of January 25, 1966.


United Air Lines.

DECEMBER 14, 1966. DARRELL G. COOPER, Supervisor Passenger Records, Trans World Airlines, Kansas City, Mo.:

Request copy of ticket on flight 62 from Los Angeles, Calif., to Baltimore Friendship Airport on January 25, 1966.


Kansas City, Mo., December 15, 1966. Mr. MALCOLM LA PLACE, Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. LA PLACE: Please refer to your request for flight verification.

According to our records flight coupon No. 2 of United Air Lines ticket 016253 745456 was used on TWA flight 62 of January 25, 1966. If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know. Very truly yours,

D. G. COOPER, SupervisorPassenger Records.

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