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much earnestness to write unto | selves, animal, not having the spi. 2 Tim. you concerning the common sal- rit of true religion. But do ye, ji

v iii. 1. vation, but found it necessary to brethren! build up yourselves in iii. 3. write unto you an exhortation to your most holy faith, praying with 20 strive heartily for the faith, which a holy mind; and keep yourselves was once delivered unto the saints. in the love of God, in expec- 21 4 For some men have crept in slily tation of the mercy of our Lord

amongst us, who were before writ- Jesus Christ unto eternal life: Dent. ten of as prepared for this con- And make a difference by rebuking 22, Ixviii.

demnation, ungodly men, turning some openly, and having compas .
the kindness of our God into im- sion on others; and save others 23
purity; and rejecting God, the with fear snatching them out of.
only supreme ruler, and our Lord the fire.
Jesus Christ.

Now unto him who is able to 94 17 But call ye to mind, brethren! the keep you from falling, and to Ascription and im- words formerly spoken by the apos- present you without blemish in the

& Gode provement tles of our Lord Jesus Christ ; how presence of his glory with exceedin goodness en forced: they told you that there should being joy, to the only Godour saviour, 25 1. Tim. scoffers in the latter time, walking be glory and majesty, dominion : jy, 1. after their own ungodly wills;) and power, both now and through

19 these are they who separate them out all ages. Amen,

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Colefox, Mr. Thomas, Bridport, 1 ton, Staffordshire, & copies, fine ADDICOT, Mr. Exeter Dorset

paper A Addison, Mr. do. 9 copies Commins, Mr. John, Tavistock, 3 Hinton, Mr. Thomas, Warminster, Alexander, Mr. bookseller, Wood

2 copies bridge, Suffolk, 2 copies

Constabie, Mr. Thomas, Horsham, Hodgetts, Mr. T. Bristol Allee, Thomas Weeks, esq. Newport, | Sussex

Hodgson, Rev. Henry, M. D. LL.D. Isle of Wight

? Cooke, Thomas, esq. Newport, Isle &c. late of Peter-house, CamAnderton, Mr. Samue adon

of Wight

bridge, Vicar of Corringham and Anonymous, 5 copies Cooke, William, esq. ditto

Tealby, Lincolnshire Ashby. Mr. William, America, 6 | Cooke, Mr. Cambridge

Holland, Rev.John, Bolton le Moot copies !

Cooper, Mrs. Anthony, Wood Lancashire Aspland, Rev. Robert, Hackney


Hort, Rev. T. 1. Red Lodge, Bristol Atkynson, Mr. Benjamin, Bath Cooper, Allen, Esq. Gower-street, Houghton, Mr. George, Exeter Aubrey, Rev. Mr. Gloucester.

fine paper

Howe, Rev. Thoinas, Bridport Ayres, Mr. Thomas, Frome

Cotes, Mr. William, Highbury Howel, Rev. Roger, Beckington, B * place

Somersetshire Barnardiston, Nathaniel, esq, Croucher, Mr. Thomas, Queen Howse, Henry, esq. Lyncombe, 3 • lotte-street, Bedford-square street, Cheapside, fine paper

copies Bartman, Mr. Joseph, London

- D

Howse, Mr. Abraham, Oakhill Barton, Mr. John, Newport, Isle of Dalmer, Mr. Bath

Hoy, Michael, esq. Walthamstow - Wight

Dalton, Rev. Thomas, Rector of Essex Basnett, Mr. Bath

Northwood, Isle of Wight. Huxam, Mr. Wilțiam, Exeter Bass, Mr. Charles, Bishopsgate. Daniel, John, esq. Yeovil street

Danvers, Mr. Charles, Orchard Iremonger, Miss, Portman-square, Batten, Edmund, esq. Yeovil street, Bristol

fine paper. Bedell, Mr. Edward, Blackman David, Rev. Job, Taunton, Somerset Street, Southwark

Davidson, Mr. George, London . Jameson, Mr. Leek, Staffordshire Bedford, Mr. William, Lincoln Davis, Rev. John, Collumpton Jecks, Mr. Thomas, Wisbeach Beete, Miss M. C. Reigate, Surty Davis, Mr. Philip, Walworth, Surry Jeffery, Rev. John, Washington, Belsham, Rev. Thomas, Hackney, Disney, Rev. John, D. D. 5 copies Sussex copies, fine paper

fine paper, 5 copies common ditto Jefferies, Edward, esq. Hillersden, Bennet, Mr. Thomas, Deptford Doda, Mr. E. Dockhead, Southwark near Collumpton Bent, Robert, esq.' Lincoln's-inn

Jeffries, John, esq. BrunswickFields E. D. G. E. Bristol.

square Bentley, John, esq. City-road, Lon Edwards, D. esq. Edmonton, Mid Jervis, Rev.John, Lympstone, Devon don


Jervis, Rev. Thomas, Gray's-inn Billingsley, John, esq. Bath Edwards, Rev. John, ditto

Jillard, Mr. W. P. Oakhill Bicknell, Mr. senior, Lower Toot Edwards, Rev. Theophilus, Exeter Joyce,' Rev. Jeremiah, Camden ing, Surry

Edwards, Mr. John, surgeon, Dor town Bicknell, Mr. junior, do. chester

к Blake, Rev. William, Crewkerne Ellis, Rev. Mr. Guildford, Surry Kemp, Mr. Jeremiah, Newport, Isle Blunden, Mr. Joseph, St. John's Elson, Mr. John, Pool

of Wight lane, London, deceased.

Estlin, Rev. John Prior, Bristol, 6 Kendall, Mr. William, Elmstead, Boyce, Mr. bookseller, Tiverton copies

Essex Bradford, Mr. N. surgeon, Frenchay Evans, Rev. David, Bath

Kennaway, W. B. esq. Exeter Brent, John, esq. Blackheath, Kent Evans, Rev. John, A. M. Isling Kenrick, Rev. Timothy, Exeter, de. Brent, Samuel, esq. Greenland Dock Evans, Rev. John, Oakhill

ceased, copies Brent, Mr. J. Portsmouth . si.. Evans, Rev. Mr. Stockton upon Kentish, Rev. John, Birmingham Bristowe, J. esq. Pool, Dorset


Kingsford, Rev. Sampson, CanterBroadhurst, Rev. Thomas, Bath Evershed, M

bury Brooke, Mr. William, bookseller, i sex

Kirkpatrick, John, esq. Fairlee, Isle Lincoln, 7 copies . + Brown, Timothy, esq. Peckham, Favell, Samuel, Esq. Camberwell,

L ! Surry 1.11.


Law, Mr. bookseller, London, 2 copies Brown, Mr. Henry, Lewes, Sussex Fawcett, Rev. Samuel, Bridport Leake, Robert Martin, eso. GuildBrown, Mr. William, Collumpton, Fewster, Mr. Thomas, Greenwich ford-street, London, 2 copies • Devon ..

Fisher, Mr. Thomas, Cambridge. Lem priere, Ms. William, Newport, Browne, Mr. John Davys, London Fisher, Mr. Dorchester

Isle of Wight
Browne, Mrs. ditto, fine paper". Foster, Thomas, esq. Bromley Hall, Lemport, Mr. Thomas, Pool
Browne, Mr. G. Manchester


Lindsey; Rev. Theophilus, A. M. Buckler, Mr. Benjamin, Warmin- ! Frend, William, esq. London I London · ster, 2 copies

Fry, Rev. Richard, Cirencester Lodge, Mr. Peter, Pool Buckler, Mr. N. P. ditto

Fuliagar, John, esq. Parkhurst Loyd, Lewis, esq. Lothbury Buckler, Mr. Thomas, ditto, 2 copies cottage, Isle of Wight . Lye, George, esq. Bath Bulgin, Mr. bookseller, Bristol

Ir. Edmund, Warminster Buller, William, esq. Wilton, Wilts George, Stephen, esq. Bristol

M Burnett, Mr. Charles, Fleet, Lin-Godman, Mrs. Chichester

Major, Joseph Roach, esq. Caris. Grafton, His Grace the Du

brook Butcher, Rev. Edmund, Sidmouth Piccadilly, 5 copies

Marden, Mr. Samuel, Pool Butler, Miss, Painswick, Gloucester-Gray, Rev. William, Lincoln Martineau, Peter, esq. Camberwell shire, 2 copies

Gundry, Mr. Samuel, Bridport Matthews, M. William, Bath Butler. Mr. Benjamin, ditto, 7 Gurney, John, esq. Serjeant's-inn, Melbourn, Mrs. Fleet


Merac, Moses La Porte, esq. LonH

don Halliday, Mr. Edmund, Warmin Middlecot, Mrs.Warminster. 2 copies Call, Mr. Robert, Lothbury, Lon. | ster

Middleton, Mr. Jesse, St. Martin'sdon Halton, Mr. Harry, Lothbury

lane, London Callis, Mr. William, Somerstown Harris, Mr. Robert, Newport, Isle ot | Moggridge, J. S. esq. the Boyce, Carpenter, Mr. Joseph, London


near Newent, Gloucestershire Carpenter, Rev. L. Exeter Hart, Mr. Richard, Exeter

Moon, Rev. William, Deptford Chandler, Richard, esq. Gloucester Hart, Mr. Samuel, London

Moore, Mr. Joseph, London Clarke, Mr. Joseph, Exeter | Higgs, Mr. Thomas, Wolverhamp. | More, Mr. Joseph, Pool, 2 copies


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of Wight

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"allagar, Richard, sa: London

colnstMr. Msg. W Bristol Opies

i copies

Buller, Mr. Nathaniel, ditto

thbury sale of Moger Newenwillian, Delon

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brorgan, Miss, $. Clifton, Glouces | Price, Mr. William, Gloucester Tincknell, Mr. Simon, Wedmore tershire Pritchard, Mr. R. J. London

Tomkins, Benjamin, esq. Camber Morgan, Thomas, esq. Bristol


well Morümer, Harvey Walklate, jan. Ransom, Mr. Robert, Ipswich Toulmin, Rev. Joshua, D. D. Bir esq. Fleet-street, London Rawlins, Mr. C. E. Bristol

mingham Mortimer, Caleb, esq. do. Rickards, Mr. Bath, 2 copies

Travers, Benjamin, esq. Hackney Mortimer, Thomas Jackson, Robberds, Mr. Mawer, Lincolnshire fine paper Robbins, Mr. Seaman, ditto

Vidler, Mr. William, bookseller, Jiortiiner, Mr. William, Newporty Roberts, Mr. John, Boston

Higli Holborn, London, 12 copies Isle of Wight Roberton, Mr. John, Glasgow

fine paper, and 50 common ditto N Roffe, Mrs. Ossulton-street, Somer's

W Naile, Rev. Moses, Wedmore, So town

Waldron, John, esq. Pool merset Rotton, Mr. Frome

Waldron, Mr. William Everett, Nicholson, Samuel, esq. Finsbury Rowe, Rev. John, Bristol

"Trowbridge square

Rodeluck, Mr. Joseph, Ashwick Walter, Mr. John, Redcross-square, North, Mr. Philip

Kutt, John Towell, esq. Hackney fine paper North, Mr. Lincoln


Wansey, Mr. William, deceased, Noyes, Mr. George, Newport, Isle of Salte, William, esq. Poultry, Lon. copies."


Wansey, Mr. G. Warminster, 3 Scarlett, Mr. Thomas, Peckham copies 0. Rev. Mr. 2 copies

Scott, Rev. Russell, Portsmouth Wansey, Mrs. A. 2 copies
Oliver, Mr. Gaius, Newport, Isle of Shepherd, Joseph, esq. Frome Wansey, Mr. H. Warminster, 3

Shute, Stephen, esq. Collampton copies
Simons, Mr. Edmonton

Wansey, Mr. Henry, Bath
Parker, Rev. Samuel, Lewes

Simpson, Rev. John, Bath, 2 copies Wansey. Mr. John, Camberwell Parr, Mr. William, Southgate, Mid- Smith, Edward, esq. Broad-street, Wansey, Mr. John, jun. ditto dlesex


Wansey, Mr. W. junior, London Parry, Mrs. Bath

Smith, William, esq. M. P. 2 copies Warren, Mr. P. 2 copies is a Parsons, Thomas, esq. Path Solly, Samuel, esq. Poultry

Warren, Mr. G. e copies Peacock, Mr. Walter, Bishopsgate Sparkes, Mr. Samuel, Crewkerne Watson, Mr. John, Aldgate, fierte street

Spencer, Mr. Benjamin, Bristol, paper Pearne, Thomas, esq. St. Peter's copies

Wheatcroft, Mr. E. Lincoln college, Cambridge

Stock, J. E. M. D. Park-street, White, Mr. Thomas, Banbul Pearson, Michael, esq. Spital-square Bristol

fordshire Pearson, Mr. Wolverhampton Stopps, Mr, John, London

Wieldowson, Mr. Lincoln, 2 copies Pedder, Mr. James, Newport

Stower, Mr. Caleb, Pater-noster Williams, Mr. Thomas, Bethnal. Perkins, Mr. Richard, Oakhill


green Phillot, Miss, Bath Stratton, Mrs. Bath.

Wilton, Mr. James, Warminster, % Pinckerton, Tottenham, Mid Sutton, Daniel, esq. Southampton copies dlesex

street, Bloomsbury

Wilton, Mr. William, Dean-streets Platts, Rev. John, Boston, Lincoln

• Soho shire Taylor, Mr. Lincoln

Wood, Mr. William, Newport, Jale Platts, Mr. Tuxford, ditto Temple, R, G. esq. Bath

of Wight Porter, esq. Deptford

Teulon, Thomas Anthony, esq. Wright, Rev. Richard, Wisbeach Powell, Joseph, esq. Exeter

Mile-end Powell, Mr. John, Great Ormond Thomas, Rev. S. Frenchay | Yarroll, Mr. Thomas, Sun-street, street

Thompson, Mr. Spence Young, Pool Bishopsgate
Price, Mr. William, Bedford-street, | Thunder, Mr. Edward, Brighton,

fine paper

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