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§ 1-8.802–3 Format 802-3, Settlement Proposal (Short Form)—fixed-price type

contracts. (a) Page 1 of Format 802–3.

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81-8.802-4 Format 802–4, Settlement Proposal for Cost-Reimbursement Type



To be used by prime contractors submitting termination claims on cost.reimbursement type contracts under Part 1-8 of the Federal Procurement
Regulations (41 CFR 1-8). Also suitable for use in connection with terminated cost-reimbursement type subcontracts.





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The undersigned, individually and is sh authorized representative of the contractor, certifies that he has examined this settlement proposal and that, to the best of his knowledge and belief:

(1) AS TO CONTRACTOR'S OWN CHARGES-The proposed settlement (exclusive of charges set forth in Item 10) and supporting schedules and explanations have been prepared from the books of account and records of the contractor in ac. cordance with the terms of the contract; they include only those charges allocable to the terminated contract; they have been prepared with knowledge that they will, or may, be used directly or indirectly as the basis of settlement of a claim or claims against the United States or an agency thereof; and the charges as stated are fair and reasonable.

(2) AS TO SUBCONTRACTORS' CHARGES-(a) The contractor has examined, or caused to be examined, to an ex. tent he considered necessary in the circumstances, the claims of his immediate subcontractors (exclusive of claims filed against such immediate subcontractors by their subcontractors); (b) the settlements on account of immediate subcontractors' own charges are fair and reasonable, said charges are allocable to the terminated portion of this contract and said settlements were nego. tiated in good faith and are not more favorable to his immediate subcontractors than those which the contractor would make if reimbursement by the Government were not involved; (c) the contractor has received from all his immediate subcon. tractors appropriate certificates with respect to their claims, which certificates are substantially in the form of this certificate; and (d) the contractor has no information leading him to doube (i) the reasonableness of the settlements with more remote subcontractors, or (ii) that charges for them are allocable to this contract. Upon receipe by the contractor of amounts covering settlements with his immediate subcontractors, the contractor will pay or credit them promptly with the amounts so received, to the extent that he has not previously done so. The term subcontractor as used above includes suppliers.

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§ 1-8.803 Formats of inventory schedules. § 1-8.803–1 Format 803-1, Inventory Schedule A (Metals in Mill Product Form).

(a) Page 1 of Format 803–1.

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(b) Page 2 of Format 803–1.




fo) List metals in row or primary form os furnished by the mill and on which there has been no subsequent fabricating opera. tion. Do not include castings and forgings, which are to be listed on Format 803-3. Use a now form, with continuation shoots if necessary, for each type of metal, and write the name of the metal or alloy in the "Property Classification" block pro. vided in the upper right-hand corner of the form. Examples are: Alloy Steel Copper

Carbon Steel free Cutting Bross Silver
Stainless Steel Manganese Bronze Tin

E. COMMON ITEMS.-Any items of inventory reasonably usable, without loss to the contractor on his other work, because they an materials, parts, of components, common in naturo to both the terminatod contract and other work of the contractor, are not to be listed except for items the delivery of which has been required by the Government and except for Government-furnished proparty. (Soo Inventory Schedule Certificate.)

F. PROCEEDS OF AUTHORIZED SALE (Column g).- Insert the leto for "A" after the amount if the sale (or credit for acquisition) has been authorized or approved by the contracting officer or customer. Insert the lotter "C" it the amount represents your offer to acquin or soll. In either case, quantity should also be shown (on a second lino) if loss than the full quantity shown in column d.

(b) In addition, on the sheets for any such metal, list like forms of the metal or alloy together in sequence. For example, on the sheet or sheets used to list Carbon Steel, group together all the strip, then follow with the shoots, then the bor stock, etc.

8. DESCRIPTION (Column b). -Full commercial description and woight is required for all items. I

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C. CONDITION (Column c).-for purpose of indicating condition of material, the code indicated below should be used. quires the combination of a letter and a number in och instar (as E4 or N2). Use the letter "X," without a number for at rial considered to have no further value formulalondinelle Sonded, but of possible salvage value other the scope of considered scrap, insert an "S." CODE: N - NEW

1-Excellent E-Used-reconditioned

2-Good 0-Used-usable without repairs 3- Fair

cuired R-Used-mopoirs required

1-poor D. COST (Columns • ond f). -Any generally recognized basis for costing inventory may be used, provided it has been regularly used by the contractor and properly reflects his costs.


(a) Separare Schedules. If the space provided for any infor. mation called for is insufficient, attach separate supporting schedules.

(6) Continuation Shooks. --Use Format 803-2 whenever more than one page is required.

(c) Number of Copies. The number of sets of inventory schede vlos required will be indicated by the contracting officer or the customer from whom the notice of termination is recoivad.

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