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Mummy. Far. W. B. Bernard . Hb 10–11001 Museum of foreign literature and science, conducted Munchausen. See Baron Munchausen in principal by Robert Walsh, succeeded by the eclectic vocabulary and Supplement.

N. Y., 1822–40. 26 v. 8° (incomMunday, Anthony, John A. Kent, and John A. Cum- plete)

Bi 9–1947 ber. A comedy printed from the original manu- Mushet, David. Papers on iron and steel, practical script, the property of E. M. L. Mostyn, esq., and experimental. L., 1840. go Gb 8-9105 with other tracts by the same author. Intro- Music. Barnard, C. The tone masters Hb 10–16807 duction and notes by J. P. Collier. L., 1851. 8° · Beattie, J. Essay on poetry and musick Hb 3-10847

Hd 13–11742 Mundt, Mrs. C. m. See L. Mühlbach.

Chorley, H. F. Modern German music
Mundt, T. Count Mirabeau
Fd 5-14307

Hb 12–11038 Municipal reports of San Francisco for 1867–8, pub

- Dibdin, c. Songs

Hb 12–11037 lished by order of the board of supervisors. Eastman, L. Masonic melodies Hb 12–11043 San Fran., 1868. 8°

Cb 10-2971 Frost, P. Western juvenile harp Hb 12-13790 Munsell, Joel. Annals of Albany. alb., 1850-9. 10 Hood, G. History of music in New England Cc 4-2926

Hb 10-10987 Murad the unlucky. M. Edgeworth Fb 9-14547

Kingsford, Jane. The soprano Hb 12–11040 Murchison, R. I. Siluria ; the history of the oldest - Lodge, T. Defense of

Hb 3-11946 fossiliferous rocks and their foundations; with Marx, A. B. Theory and practice of musical

a brief sketch of the distribution of gold. composition

Hb 12–11042
Third edition (including the “Silurion sys- Mason, Wm. Essays on English church music
tem.") L., 1859. 8°
Eb 5–7493

Hf 3-12211
Murder. Cobbett, W. Sermon on Eg 8–8547 Moore, J. W. Complete encyclopaedia of
Murder will out. Mrs. A. Opie
Fa 13-14848

Ac 6-13207 Murdock, David. Dutch Dominie Fc 10–15028 Parke, W. T. Musical memoirs · Hb 12–11041 Murger, Henry. Le dernier rendez-vous; and La Polko, Elise. Musical sketches Hb 10-10893

resurrection de Lazare. P., 1864 Aa 4-12733 Rousseau, Jean J. Dictionaire de musique, etc. Scénes de la vie de Bohème. P., 1864 Aa 4-12730

Oeuvres. v. 4

Aa 6-12933 Murphey, James. Creation; or, the bible and geol- Music hall sermons. W. H. H. Murray Eg 9–8570 ogy consistent; together with the moral design Music of nature. W. Gardiner

Hb 12–11034 of the mosaic history. N. Y., 1851 Ef 9–8378 | Musical scketches. E. Polko

Hb 10-10893 Murphy, A. All in the wrong.


Musings of an invalid. N. Y., 1852 He 8-12045

IIb 1-10750 | Muspratt, J. S. Chemistry: theoretical, practical, - The apprentice. Drama

Hb 1-10737 and analytical, as applied and relating to the The citizen. Drama

Hb 1-10738 arts and manufactures. L., n. d. 2 v. 8° Know your own mind. Drama Hb 1-10749

Ed 2–7388 Three weeks after marriage. Com. Hb 1-10729 Mussard, Mme. Jeanne. Mieux vaut tard que jamais. The upholsterer. Far.

Hb 1-10737
P., 1861

Aa 5-12789 Murphy, Joseph J. Habit and intelligence in their Musset, Alfred de. Selections from the prose and connexion with the laws of force; a series of poetry. N. Y., 1870

He 12–15515 scientific essays. L., 1869. 2 v. 8° Dk 10–16471 Mussey, R. D. Health, its friends and foes. B., 1863 Murray, Alexander. Waldo, S. P. Biography of

Ga 5-8777 Db 4-11837 Muston, Alexis. The Israel of the Alps. A comMurray, Charles Å. Travels in North America in plete history of the Waldenses, of Piedmont, the years 1834–35–36. N. Y., 1839, 2 v.

and their colonies. Trans. by J. Montgomery. Df 9–6109 L., 1866. 2 v. 8°

Ee 9-8125 Same. In 1 v.

Df 9-6111 The Israel of the Alps; a history of the persecuMurray, Hugh. Encyclopaedia of geography. Ph., tions of the Waldenses. L., 1852 Ee 9-8138 1845. 3 v. 8°. Ci 3–4251 Mute singer. A. C. M. Ritchie

Fc 8-14984 - Narrative of discovery and adventure in the polar Muzzey, A. B. The tire-side; an aid to parents. B.

, seas and regions. N. Y., 1831 . Df 3-5918


Bb 5-360 Murray, James. French finance and financiers under My aunt. Com. S. J. Arnold Hb 10-11005 Louis XV. L., 1858. 8°

Bc 1-495 My aunt Margaret's mirror. Sir W. Scott Ff 10–14191 Murray, Lindley. Frank, Elizabeth. Life and wri- My bondage and my freedom. F. Douglass tings Dc 9–15532

Da 9-4786 Murray, N. Letters to the Rt. Rev. John Hughes, My consulship. c. E. Lester

Di 7-6743 Roman catholic bishop of New York. N. Y., My daughter Eleanor ; a novel Fd 11-16345 1855

Ee 2–8043 My diary in India. W. H. Russell Dh 5–6476 Letters to the Hon. R. B. Taney. (Romanism at My diary in Mexico. F. Salm-Salm Ch 5–16625 home.) N. Y., 1852

Ee 2–8044 My escape from Siberia. R. Piotrowski Dh 6-6496 Parish and other pencillings. N. Y., 1854 My farm of Edgewood. D. G. Mitchell Ec 11-15029

He 4-11953 My feathered friends. J. G. Wood Dk 9-15488 Preachers and preaching N. Y., 1860 Ef 8-8226 My fellow clerk. Far. J. Oxenford : Hb 10-11001 Prime, S. J. Memoirs of

Db 7–4986 My first season. Beatrice Reynolds FC +14932 Murray, W. H. H. Adventures in the wilderness; My good-for-nothing brother. W. Lane Fb 4_14576 or, camp-life in the Adirondacks. B., 1869 My home in Tasmania. L. A. Meredith Dh 9-6456

Df 10-6125 My husband's ghost. Com, J. M. Morton Hb 10–11002 Music hall sermons. B., 1870

Eg 9-8570 My husband's mirror. Com. W. W. Clapp, jr. Musaeus. Hero and Leander. See Homer

Hb 10–11001 Ha 4-10410 My last cruise. A: W. Habersham

Dg 1-13788 Works. See Pindar

· Ha 4-10420 My last tour and first work. Lady Vavasour Musard ball. Drama. J. Brougham Hb 10-10999

Di 11-6838 Muscles. Blundell, J. W.F. The muscles and their My neighbor's wife. Far. Alfred Bunn Hb 10-10996 story

Ga 3-8747 | My night-gown and slippers. G. Colman, jr. Muscovy. Drake, E. C. E. Y. Ides's travels

Hf 7-16488 Cb 1-2432 My novel. Bulwer-Lytton

Fa 8-14704 See Russia

My own story. Marian Leigh

Fb 3-14340 Muse du département. Balzac

Aa 2-12547 My son Diana. Far. A. Harris Hb 10-11002 Musée royal, le. H. Laurent

Af 5–13561 My southern friends. J. R. Gilmore Fb 14-15119 Muses galantes. Ballet. Rousseau Aa 6–12934 | My wife's husband. Far. F. Challis Hb 10-10998

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My wife's mirror. Com. E. G. P. Wilkins

Napier, Charles. War in Syria. L., 1842. 2 v. Hb 10-10997

Cf 11-3704 My young wife and


old umbrella. Far. B. Web- Napier, C. o. G. Tommy Try; and what he did in ster

Hb 10-11001
science. N. Y., 1869

Dk 3–14570 Mydas, Drama. J. Lilly

Hb 11-11017 Napier, James. Manual of the art of dyeing. GlasMyddleton Pomfret. W. H. Ainsworth Fd 3–14479

gow, n. d.

Gb 6-9078 Myers, P. H. First of the Knickerbockers; a tale of Manual of electro-metallurgy. Ph., 1867. 8° 1673 Fc 10–15020

Gb 9-13665 Myrtle, Minnie. Pseudonym of Miss A.C. Johnson. Napier, Mark. Montrose and the covenanters, their Mysteries. Elliott, C. W. Glimpses of the supernat- characters and conduct. L., 1838. 2 v. 8° ural Ci 9-4378

Dc 10–5337 See Rosicrucians.

Napier, W.F. P. History of the war in the Peninsula, Mysteries of astrology. C. W. Roback Ci 9-4374 and in the south of France, from 1807 to 1814. Mysteries of the great deep. P. H. Gosse Dk 10–7052 N. Y., n. d. 5 v. 8°.

Cg 47648 Mysteries of the ocean. A. A. Mangin Dk 10–7045 Naples. Colletta, P. History

Cg 8_3921 Mysterious bride. James Hogg

Fd 5-16628 - Reumont, A. de. Naples under Spanish dominMysterious parchment. J. Wakeman Fa 11-14794


Cg 8–3909 Mysterious stranger. Mrs. A. Opie Fd 13-14849 Sass, H. Journey to

Di 7-6749 Mystery. Dendy, W.C. Philosophy of Ci 9-4395 Napoleon I. Confidential correspondence of NapoMystery. Mrs. H. Wood

Fa 12–14810 leon Bonaparte with his brother Joseph; seMystery solved. E. M. Dill

Ce 8–3389 lected and translated, with explanatory notes, Mystic tie. A. G. Mackey

Ci 11-4398

from the “ Memoirs du Roi Joseph.” N. Y., Mythology. Anthon, C. Classical dictionary

1856. 2 v.

Cg 3-5658 Ac 2-13034 - Abbott, J. S. C. Confidential correspondence – Brinton, D. G.' Myths of the new world

Cg 3-5593 Ci 5-4315 History of

De 4-5683 - Baring-Gould, 's. Curious myths of the middle Antommarchi, F. Last two years of exile ages Ci 5-4316

De 4-5699 - Bryant, J. New system of antient mythology Blood, B.' An historical lecture Bh 5-Pam. 60

Ci 5-4305 Copies of letters from the army in Egypt - Cicero, M. T. Nature of the gods Ha 1-10438

Cg 2–5692 Cox, G. W. Mythology of the Aryan nations

Court and camp

De 3-5656 Ci 5–16440 De l’Ardeche, M. Laurent. History of Napoleon Eschenburg, J. J. Manual Ac 2–13035

De 45696 - Foster, E. New cyclopaedia of illustrations Hazlitt, Wm. Life of :

De 3-5648
Ad 4-16139

Hobhouse, J. C. Letters by an Englishman
Gladstone, w. E. Juventus mundi
Ca 4-7653

Cg 4-3800
Heathen mythology
Ci 5-4304 Headley, P. c.' Life of:

De 4-5651 - Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 4 Jomini, H. Life of

De 45685 Ac 8–13237 Jones, B. Ć. One hundred lectures Hb 12-11048

Labaume, Eugene. Campaign in Russia

Cf 9-3650 - Keightley, T. Mythology of ancient Greece and Life of Napoleon Bonaparte De 5-15547 Italy Ci 5-4303 Lowe, Sir H. _Captivity of

De 4-5643 Pigot, G. Scandinavian mythology Ci 5-4311 Mitchell, J. Fall of Napoleon De 4-5702 - Pococke, E., et al. Greek mythology Ca 7-2378

Montholon, C. T. Captivity at St. Helena - Ruskin, J. The queen of the air Hc 2-11072

De 45697 – Thomas, J. Dictionary of biography and my- O'Meara, B. E. Memoirs

De 3-5652 thology

Ac 7-16144
Napoleon in exile

De 3-16546 Thorpe, B. Northern mythology Ci 5-4312

Scott, Sir W. Life of

De 45689 Wilson, H. H. Vishnu Purana Ci 2-4245 Ségur, P. P. de. Napoleon et la grande armée Mythology of the British Druids. E. Davies

De 4-5700 Ce 2-3225 Expedition to Russia .

Cg 46830

Villiers, l'Abbe D. Histoire de De 3-5653 Nabob. S. Foote .

Hb 7-10901

Williams, H. M. Events from March 1, 1815, to Nachlmutze des propheten Elias. Kotzebue

the restoration of Louis XVIII. Cg 43804

Hb 8–10935 Napoleon III. History of Julius Caesar. N. Y., Naiad queen. J. S. Dalrymple Hb 9-10970

1865. 2 v. 80

Ca 7–2287 Naissance d'Amadis. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12943 Political and historical works of Louis Napoleon Names. Arthur, W. Etymological dictionary of Bonaparte; with an original memoir of his life family names

Ha 13-10721

brought down to 1852, and occasional notes. - Lower, M. A. Essay on family nomenclature

2 v. 8°

De 5–5665 Ha 13-10720

Contents.-Vol. I. Political life; Political rev. Moody, s. Meaning and derivation Ha 13-10719

eries--Ideas of a new constitution, 1832; Swit- Phillips, E. Interpretation of proper names

zerland, political and military; Ideas of NapoAc 1-12902

leonism ; Historical fragments--the revolutions

of 1688 and 1830. II. Analysis of the sugar Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were

question; Extinction of pauperism; A few issued by the secretary of the province of New words relative to Joseph Bonaparte; Opinions York, previous to 1784. Printed by order of on various political and administrative ques.

tions; Of governments and their supporters;
G. J. Tucker, Sec. of state. Alb., 1860. 8°

Reply to M. de Lamartine; The past and future
Ch 8-4044

of artillery; L'idée Napoléonienne; Revision Na motu. E.T. Perkins

Dg 1-11274

of the constitution ; Miscellaneous papers ; Nanine. C. J. Dupont

Hb 2-10793

Papers relating to the coup d'état.
Nanine. Coin. Voltaire
Aa 12-13246 · Abbott, J. S. C. History of

De 4-15900 Nanon. A. Dumas

Fd 11-16454 Tênot, Eugêne. Paris in Dec., 1851 Cg 5–13645 Naomi Torrente. G. F. de Vingut Fd 10–15321 Wikotf, H. Napoleon Louis Bonaparte, first Naphegyi, G. Among the Arabs; a narrative of ad- president of France

De 2-5631 venture in Algeria. Ph., 1868 Dg 8–14568 Napoleon and Blucher. Muhlbach Fd 5-14302 Napheys, G. H. The physical life of woman; ad- Napoleon and the queen of Prussia. Muhlbach vice to the maiden, wife, and mother.

Fd 5-14299 1870 Ci 6–7523 | Narcisse. A. L. A. D. Dudevant:

: Aa 4-12718

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Narcisse. Com. Rousseau .

Aa 6–12934 Natural history, continued.
Narrative of the murder of John Love by the three Periodicals and Reports.
Thayers. Buf., 1825 .
Bh 5-Pam. 62 American naturalist

Dk 12-7088 Narratives of voyages towards the northwest in search Boston journal of

Dk 11-7091 of a passage to Cathay and India, from 1496 to Billings, E. Canadian naturalist Dk 12-7079 1631. Hakluyt society. v. 5 : Ib 1-16738 Intellectual observer

Dk 12-7063 Nasby, Petroleum V. Pseudonym of D. R. Locke. Lansing, G. Third report

Dk 4-6920 Nash, Thomas. Pierce Penniless's supplication to · Proceedings of Boston society Dk 11-7097

the devil. From the first edition of 1592, com- America,
pared with later impressions, with introduction Harlan, R. Fauna Americana Dk 4-7675
and notes by J. P. Collier. L., 1842. 8° - Lord, J. K. Naturalist in Vancouver's island
Hb 3-10812

Dk 4-3626 Nashua, N. H. See New Hampshire, Nashua.

Asia. Nashville, N. H. See Fox, C. J.

Hooker, J. D. Notes of a naturalist Dk 2–6887 Nassau, duchy of. Head, F. B. Bubbles from the — Lynch, W. F. Dead sea and river Jordan brunnen of. Di 3-6661

Dg 5-6272 Natal. Grout, L. Life among the Zulu Kaffirs


Dg 10–15775 Tennent, J. E. Natural history of Dk 2-16233 Natchez. Ranking, John. Conquest of, in the 13th Europe. century, by the Mongols Ch 5-4084 Journal of a naturalist

Dk 3-6890 Natchez, les. R F. A. Chateaubriand Aa 1-12591 - Quatrefages, A. de. Rambles of a naturalist Nathalie. Julia Kavanagh . Fc 13-15085

Dk 2-6879 Nation, the. E. Mulford

Ba 47679 White, G.' Natural history of selborne
National almanac. Ph., 1863-4.' 2 v.
Ck 5–4467

Dk 3–6892 National board of trade. Proceedings of the first Vancouver's island. annual meeting of the national board of trade, Lord, J. K. Naturalist in

Dk 4-3626 held in Cincinnati, Dec., 1868. B., 1869. 8° Miscellaneous.

Eb 10_424 Agassiz, E. C. Sea-side studies Dk 10_7047 Proceedings of first meeting in Philadelphia, 1868. Bacon, F. Sylva sylvarum

Hd 1-11386 B., 1868. 80

Bb 12–479 Buckland, F. T. Curiosities of Dk 2–6876 National debt of England. ' Hamilton, R. Manage- Darwin, C. Voyage of the Beagle CH 6-4087 ment of

Cf 6-3145 Flagg, W. Studies in the field and forest Pebrer, Pablo. Debt of the whole British em

Dk 3-6901 pire Ce 4-3260 Friends in fur and feathers

Dk 4-10276 National debt of the United States.

Godman, J. D. Rambles

Dk 3-6889 Elder, Wm. Debt and resources . Ph 5-Pam. 60 Gosse, P. H. Naturalist's rambles Dk 11-7117 National flag. Hamilton, S. History of Cb 8–2720 Hartwig, G. The tropical world . Dk 4-6921 National hymns. R. G. White

Hf 11-12463 Houghton, W. Sea-side walks Dk 11-6120 National miscellany; a magazine of general litera- - Kirby, W. Power, wisdom, and goodness of God ture. L., 1853. 4 v. 8°

He 15-12145
in the creation of apimals .

Dk 3-8384 National portrait gallery of distinguished Americans. Phipson, T. L. Practical studies : Dk 11-7117 J. Herring, and J. B. Longacre. Db 4-4907 Ray, J. Correspondence

Ec 47664 National quarantine and sanitary convention. Pro- Reason why

Dk 3-13729 ceedings of, 1859 Gb 1-8836 Wood, J. G. Boys' own book

Dk 3-15490 National teachers' association. Journal and proceed- See Animals; Biology; Botany; Gems; Geology ;

ings at Cincinnati, 1858, and at Washington, Hunting; Life; Man; Microscope; Nature;

Bh 6-Pam. 38
National union republican convention. Proceedings Natural history of bees. L., 1744

Physiology ; Science; Sea; Water; Zoology,

Dk 7-7015 of, 1868. Chicago, 1868 Bh 8-Pam. 70 Natural history of enthusiasm. I. Taylor Natural history. General.

Ef 10–8413 Agassiz, L. Natural history of the United States Natural history of insects. N. Y., 1830 Dk 7-7019

Af 4–13552 Natural history of man. Lawrence, W. Lectures
Methods of study

Dk 3-6899
on the

Ga 4-8695 Aristotle. History of animals Ha 2–10477 Wood, J. G.

Dk 4-6908 Bacon, F. Sylva sylvarum. Hd 1-11386 Natural history of New York. - Buffon, G. L. L. de. Natural history

- Part I. Zoology; or, the New York fauna. By

Dk 1-6850 J. E. De Kay. Alb., 1842-4. 5 v. 4°
Cuvier, F. Animal kingdom
Dk 1-6863

Dk 13-13819 Dallas, W. S. Natural history Dk 2-6886 – Part II. Flora. By J. Torrey. Alb., 1842. 2 v. Darwin, C. Variations of plants and animals

Dk 13–13817 Dk 2-6881 - Part 111. Mineralogy. 'By L. c. Beck. Alb, Elliott, A. The forest, the jungle Dk 2-6878

1843. 4°

Dk 13-13812 - Godman, J. D. American natural history

Part IV. Geology. By W. W. Mather, E. EmDk 1-6871

mons, L. Vanuxem, and J. Hall. Alb., 1847–52. Goldsmith, o... Animated nature Dk 1-6859

2 v. 4°

Dk 13-13808 Gosse, P. H. Life in all its forms Ef 9-8377 Part V. Palaeontology. By J. Hall. Alb., Gould. A. A. Naturalists' library Dk 1-6849

1847-52. 2 v. 4°

Dk 13–13803 Jardine W. Naturalists' library Dk 6-6953 Part VI. Agriculture. By .. Emmons. Alb., Martin, F. Natural history

Dk 3-3873
1846-54. 5 v. 40

Dk 13-13814 Pliny, Secundus C. Natural history Dk 3–6893 Natural philosophy. American phiiosophical society Rural, A. Contributions to

Dk 2-6883

Ea 1-7211 Smellie, W. Philosophy of

Dk 4-6919 Arnott, N. Elements of physics Ea 4-7179 Stark, John. Elements of

Dk 4-15937 Barlow, Peter. New philosophical dictionary Wallace, A. R. Theory of natural selections

Ad 8-13454 Dk 2–15500 Bartlett, W. h. c. Elements of Ea 5–7231 Winchell, A. Sketches of creation Dk 2-6888 Boyle, R. Works epitomized

Ea 6–7269 Wood, J. G. Illustrated natural history

- Brown, A. Philosophy of physics Ea 4-7178

Dk 4-6909 Carpenter, W. B. Mechanical philosophy Dictionary.

Ea 4-7185 Baird, W. Dictionary of Ad 6-13429 - Cavallo, T. Elements of

Ea 5-7239






Natural philosophy, continued.

Nature and philosophy. Drama. Hb 10-11000 – Euler, L. Letters on physics and philosophy Nature's nobleman. #. 0. Pardey Hb 9-10958

Ea 3-7147 Nature's magic lantern. James Hogg. Fd 5-16628 - Ferguson, J. Lectures :

Ea 6–7266 Naunton, Sir Robert. The court of queen Elizabeth ; - Fischer, E. S. Elements of

Ea 5-7243 originally written under the title of “ Frag- Goodrich, S. G. Physical sciences Ea 4-7198 menta regalia.” With considerable biographi- Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 1 cal additions by James Caulfield. L., 1814. 4° Ac 8-13234

Dd 2-5450 - Hershel, J. F. W. Preliminary discourse in the Nautical almanacs. American ephemeris

study of natural philosophy Ea 6–7282 - Tennent, Thomas. N. A. for the Pacific coast - Hobbes, T. Elements of philosophy Ea 6–7282

Ck - Hutton, C. Dictionary. Ad 8-13452 Nautical astronomy. Young, J. R. See Orr's Cir. Of - Imison, J. Introduction to

Ea 4-7182
the Sci.

Ea 4-7170 - Lardner, D. Hand-book of Eb 9-7603 Naval affairs. Cotterill

, c. c.,' and E. D. Little. – Library of useful knowledge Ea 5-7241 Ships and sailors

Gb 11-9170 - Maclaurin, C. Account of Sir I. Newton's philo- Douglas, H. Naval gunnery Gb 10–9144 sophical discoveries

Ea 2-7128 Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia - Muller, J. Principles of physics Ea 9-7341

Ac 8-13236 - Newton, Sir I. Principia

Ea 5–7233 Jeffers, W. Naval gunnery Gb 11-9174 - Oersted, H. C. The soul in nature Hc 7–11219 Naval and mail steamers of the United States. C. B, - Olmsted, D. Introduction to

Ea 5–7238

Af 6-13572 - Pemberton, H. View of Sir Isaac Newton's phi- Naval biography. ' Edgar, J. G.' Sea kings and nalosophy

Ea 2-7128
val heroes

Dd 2-16608 - Peschel, C. F. Elements of physics Ea 6–7276 - Hamersly, L. R. Oficers of the United States - Playfair, J. Works

Ea 3-7156

Db 4-4924 – Rolte, W. J., and J. A. Gillet. Hand-book Headley, J. T. Farragut, and our naval com

Ea 6-15768

Db 8-5000
Rumford, B. Essays

Ea 3–7132 Waldo, S. P. Naval heroes of the revolution Schoedler, F. Book of nature Dk 3–6907

Db 4-11837 Silliman, B., jr. Principles of physics Ea 4–7175

Wilson, T. Naval heroes

Da 8-4693 – Winslow, C. F. Attraction and repulsion

Wyatt, T. Memoirs of commanders Db 4–4909

Ea 4-7176 Naval dry docks of the United States. C. B. Stuart - See Acoustics; Aerostation; Astronomy; Cold;

Af 6-13573 Cosmology Earth ; Electricity ; Force ; Gas Naval engagements. c. Dance Hb 10-10994 Heat ; Hydraulics ; Hydrostatics; Magnetism; Naval heroes. J. G. Edgar

Dd 2-16608 Mechanics ; Meteorology ; Navigation ; Steam. Naval life. W. F. Lynch

Dg 3–6198 Naturalists. Brightwell, C. L. Romantic incidents Naval monument. A. Bowen

Cb 8-2714 in the lives of

Dd 1-14691 Naval sketch book; or, the service afloat and ashore, Naturalist's library ; containing descriptions of man, with characteristic reminiscences, fragments

quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles, and insects. and opinions, etc. By an officer of rank. L., Edited by A. A. Gould. N. Y., n. d. 8°

1826. 2 v.

He 7-15925 Dk 1–6849 Navarre. Henningsen, C. F. Twelve months' camNaturalist's library. See Jardine, Sir W.


Di 9-6803 Nature. Allen, Z. Mechanics of Ea 5–7230 Nave del mercader. Calderon

Aa 2–12576 Anderson, Wm. Glimpses of Ea 8–16615 Navies of the world. H. Busk

Ca 9-2434 - Boniface, J. X. Dame nature and her three Navigation, internal. Connected view of the whole daughters

Dk 2-14203 internal navigation of the United States, nat– Backe, C. Beauties, harmonies, and sublimities ural and artificial, present and prospective. of nature

Ea 3-7160
Ph., 1826. 8

Bb 12–475 - Clark, H. J. Mind in

Dk 5-6946 Navigation. Maury, M. F. 'Treatise on Eb 9-7601 - De Lanoye, F. The sublime in Ea 8-7295

Sailing direction

Eb 9-7546 - De Vere, M. S. Stray leaves from the book of — Pigafetta, A. Treatise on. Pinkerton's voyages.

Dk 3-15110

Dr 1-5836 - Good, J. M. Book of nature

Ea 3–7165 – See Library of useful knowledge. - Goodrich, S. G. Wonders of, in earth and sky Naville, Ernest. The Heavenly Father ; lectures on

Ea 4-7198 modern atheism. Trans. by Henry Downton. - Hardwick's science gossip. 'Edited by M. C. L., 1865

Ef 6–8309 Cooke. See Cooke, M. C.. Ea 3-7154 Neal, Daniel. History of the puritans from the refor– Hartwig, G. Harmonies of

Dk 4-6918 mation to the death of queen Elizabeth. Ports- Humboldt, A. von. Aspects in different lands

mouth, N. H., 1816. 5 v. 8° Ce 4-3276 and climates

Ea 8–7293 Neale, Adam. Travels through some parts of Ger– Kidd, J. Adaptation of external nature to the

many, Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey. L., 1818. physical condition of man

Ga 6-8764

Di 1-6565 - Masius, H. Studies from

Dk 3-6905 Neale, F. A. 'Narrative of a residence at the capital Noyce, E. Outlines of creation Dk 3-6900 of the kingdom of Siam. L., 1852 Dh 5–6481 -Oersted, Hans C. Soul in

Hc 7–11219 Neale, J. M. Farm of Aptonga ; a story of the times Pierre, Saint. Beauties of the study of

of St. Cyprian. N. Y., 1870 Fa 2–15765

Dk 3-6906 | Neander, Augustus. The epistle of Paul to the PhiPolehampton, E. Gallery of nature and art

lippians, practically explained. Trans. from

Ea 3-7133 the German, by Mrs. H. C. Conant. N. Y., - Ruskin, J. The true and beautiful in

1853. 80

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church. Trans. by Joseph Torrey. B., 1848. Ea 4-7194 2 v. 80

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Dk 3-6907 - History of the planting and training of the Chris- Winslow, C. F. Force and nature Ea 4-7176 tian church by the apostles. L., 1851 - See Earth; Natural history; Science ; Seasons.

Ed 3–7834 Nature; addresses and lectures. R. W. Emerson – Same, with Antignostikus; or, spirit of Tertul

Ha 11-10666 lian. Trans. by J. E. Ryland. L., 1864. 2 v. Nature of evii. H. Jaines : Ef 6–8314

Ed 7–7904

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Neander, Augustus, continued.

Netherlands. Grattan, T.C. History

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Cg 6-3907 Near and the heavenly horizons. Mme. de Gasparin See Holland.

Fb 14–14467 Nettersheim, the magician. Morley, H. Life of Neat cattle. Clater, F., et al. Anatomy and physi

De 10-5786 ology of Ec 11-7802 Neue frauenschule. Kotzebue

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Df 8–6074 Neumann, Charles Fried. History of the pirates who - Owen, D. D. Geological survey of a portion of infested the China sea, from 1807 to 1810. Trans.

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Hc H. Necker, j. On the French revolution. L. 178711235 Neuroptera. Hagen, J. Synopsis of the described

, v.

the United

Dk 12–7075 Cg 3–3792 Neutrality of Great Britain during the American civil - Stabl-Holstein, Mme. de. Du caractère de

war. M. Bernard

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river region

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Its civilization and forms of government; Its

Ch 9–4170 religions, and social institutions; Its intercourse Negromania. J. Campbell

Ch 9-4159 with other nations; And its present condition Negromante. L. Ariosto

нь 12-11046

and prospects. N. Y., 1869 Dh 2-6415 Negromante, il. Ariosto Aa 5-12808 | New America. W. H. Dixon

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. Neighbors; a story of every day life. F. Bremer

n. t. p. f

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notes by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas. L., New dictionary of quotations from the Greek, Latin, 1845. 7 v. 8°

Cf 3-3487 and modern languages. By the author of“ Live Allen, Joseph. Life of

Dc 7-11794
and learn." Ph., 1860

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Fe 6-15300
20 v. 4°

Ab 10–12875
Nennius. History of the Britons. See Six old Eng. New England. Adams, H. Summary history
lish chronicles
Cf 7-3598

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Bh 6-Pam. 27 Dh 5–6484 Drake, S. G. Researches among the British Nepos, Cornelius. See Justin.

archives for the founders of

Ch 844142 Neptune. Gould, B. A., jr. History of the discovery Dwight, T. Travels, in 1821

DE 2-6077 of

. Bh 6-Pam. 19 Eliot, J. Biographical dictionary of Ab 6-12666 – Newcomb, s. 'Orbit of. s. c. to K. Vol. 15, Elliott, C. W. History

Cc 9-3035 Art. 2

Ae 1-13490 Farmer, John. Genealogical register of first setNeptune's defeat. J. Brougham Hb 10-10999


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- First settlers of New England; conquest of the Part I. 8. C. to K. Vol. 3, Art. 4 Ae 1-13477 Pequods, Naragansets, and Pokanokets. Ву Part II. S. C. to K. Vol. 5, Art. 5 Ae 1-13479

a lady of Massachusetts. B., n. d. Ce 9-3048 Part III. S. C. to K. Vol. 10, Art. 2 Ae 1-13485 - Hunter, Joseph. Founders of New Plymouth Nero. Abbott, Jacob. History of Da 3-7558

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Cc 7-2989 Nervous system. Spurzheini. General view of the Morton, N. Memorials

Cc -2985 Ga 3-8743 - Mather, Cotton. Magnalia Christi Americana Nest of ninnies. R. Arnim Hb 3-10810

Cc 6-2966 Nestorians. _Badger, G. P. Rituals Ed 1-7812 Mather, J. Remarkable providences Ci 9-4393 - Laurie, T. Dr. Grant and the mountain Nesto- - Mercein, W. A. Letters on the eastern states rians Ee 1048147

Cc9_3047 - Perkins, J. Nestorian Christians Dh 4-6440 — Palfrey, J. G. "History of

Ce 9-3031 - Thompson, J. P. Memoir of D. T. Stoddard, mis- Prince, T. Chronological history of Cc 9-3039 sionary Db 9-5029 Smith, John. History of

Df 1-5838


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