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War. (Lord Wolseley) Fortn. 51: 1(Ja). Same art. | What men live by; a story. (Lady Lechmere) Temp. Ecl. M. 112: 145(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 180:

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- The "Doctor Grey" of. (N. Porter) N. Eng. 50: 1(Ja).

Bar, 85: 53(Ja).
Wheat market. Sat. R. 67: 13(Ja5).

Whedon, D. D., A correspondence with. (J.J. Tigert)
Meth. R. 49: 253(Mr).

Which wins? (F. Bland) [Murray] Liv. Age, 180: 13

Whig party, Misfortunes of the. (D. O. Kellogg) Amer. 17: 263(F9).

tion, 48: 157 (F21).

White lady, The. (I. Turgenieff) Scot. R. 13: 69(Ja). - False history in. (J. M'Cosh) Our Day, 3: 146 Why? (F. G. Bartlett) Overland, n. s. 13: 244(Mr). (F.) Will, Edwards on the. (L. White) Meth. R. 49: 9(Ja). False philosophy in. (J. M'Cosh) Our Day, 3: 13 William II., Emperor of Germany, Birthday of. Na(Ja). Mental struggles of. (E. E. Hale, M. Harland, J. Cook, J. W. Howe, W. E. Gladstone) No. Am. 148: 97 (Ja). Omitted chapter of. 103 (F).

Student days of. All the Year, 64: 11(Ja). Williams, John Dekewer. (G. H. Pike) Cong. R. 3: 41(Ja).

(W. C. Stiles) N. Eng. 50: Wills, Curious. All the Year, 64: 177(F23). Winchester school, England. (W. M. Adams) Month, 65: 328 (Mr).

Self-contradictions of. (J. Cook) Our Day, 3:1

Windsor palace. (W. J. Loftie) Art J. 41: 47(F).
(F. J. Crowest) Gent. M. n. s. 42:

(Ja). Warner, Charles Dudley. (F. K. Underwood) Good Wine and music. Words, 30: 190(Mr). 29(Ja). Warner, Olin, sculptor. (H. Eckford) Cent. 37: 392 Wines, Webber on. (Ja).

Sat. R. 67: 9.
Winter, Breaking of.

(P. Stapleton) Outing, 13: 350

Was it a ghost? a tale. Argosy, 47: 151(F).
Washington as president, 1789-1790. (Mrs. M. J. Winter courtship, A. (S. O. Jewett) Atlan. 63: 145(F).
Lamb) M. Am. Hist. 21: 89(F).
Winter sunrise, A. (C. C. Abbott) Amer. 17: 247(F2).

- The De Vries portrait of. (J. H. Suydam) M. Am. Wisby, Ancient city of. (W. W. Thomas, jr.) Harper, Hist. 21: 113(F).

-Talleyrand on. Critic, 14: 22(Ja12).

- Unpublished letters of, in fac-simile. (J. Cochrane) M. Am. Hist. 21: 119(F).

Water in nature and grace. (D. B. Lady) Ref. Q. 36:

Water supply for small towns. (John S. Billings)
Chaut. 9: 352(Mr).

-London. (R. Roose) Fortn. 51: 325(Mr).

78: 298 (Ja). Wise and foolish virgins; Mystery-play. (J. S. A. Herford) National, 12: 627(Ja). Wit and humor, old and new.

148: 33(Ja).

(J. R. Gilmore) No. Am.

With Gauge and Swallow. (A. W. Tourgee) Lippinc.
43: 236(F).

Within sight of the snow; a story of the Alps. (M.
Carter) Sunday M. 17: 817 (D).

Waters, Underground, in rock transformations. (G. Wolf-hunting in Russia. (T. Bolton) Outing, 13: 419 A. Daubrée) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 508 (F).


Waterspouts in the Hughli. (S. R. Elson) Nature, 39: Wolfe [Catharine] collection of paintings. (W. Row333 (Ja31). lands) Art J. 41: 12(Ja).

Weather, American, Greely on. (S. H. Peabody) Dial Woman; St. Paul and the woman movement. Westm. (Ch.) 9: 263(F).

Weaving, Revival of hand, in Westmoreland. (A. Flem-
ing) Cent. 37: 521(F).

Wellington, Duke of, Personal recollections of. (Dow-
ager Lady De Ros) Murray, 5: 37(Ja), 193(F).
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 307 (F2), 625 (Mrg).
- Stanhope's Notes of conversation with. (A. Birrell)
19th Cent. 25: 224(F).

Statue to, Boehm's, in London. Art J. 41: 93(Mr).
West, The; is it secularized? (J. T. Duryea) And. R.
II: 17(Ja).
Where does it commence? Atlan. 63: 283(F).
West chamber, The; a story. Granite Mo. 12: 46(Ja).
Western stories. Overland, n. s. 13: 297 (Mr).
Westminster Abbey. (W. J. Loftie) Portfo. 20: 1(Ja),

21(F), 41(Mr).

- and its monuments; Plans for the future. (W.
Morris and J. Knowles) 19th Cent. 25: 409 (Mr).
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 22(Ja5).
Westminster palace. (W. J. Loftie) Art J. 41: 24(Ja).
West Point of the Confederacy, The. (J. S. Wise)
Cent. 37 461(Ja).

Wetterbergh, Carl Anton. Ath. '89, 1: 215(F16).

131: 135(F).

in primitive culture. (O. T. Mason) Am. Antiq. 11: 3(Ja). Women, Education of. (Hon. Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen) National, 13: 33(Mr).

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Working-girls, Clubs for. (Hon. Maude Stanley) 19th | Year 2889, In the.
Cent. 25: 73(Ja).- (G. H. Dodge) Chaut. 9: 223 (F).
Working-man, The church and the. (C. M. Morse)

Forum, 6: 653(F).

Working princes. [Cornh.] Ecl. M. 112: 79(Ja). Woven of love and glory. (A. E. Barr) Sunday M. 18: 1(Ja), 73(F), 145(Mr).

Wray, Richard Spalding. Nature, 39: 396(F21).


(J. Verne) Forum, 6: 662

Yellow-fever: is it contagious? (J. B. Hamilton) No.
Am. 148: 47(Ja).

Yezidees, The, or devil-worshippers. (L. E. Browski)
Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 474(F).

York cathedral. (M. G. van Renssalaer) Cent. 37: 718

Young, Maj. Samuel. Granite Mo. 12: 36(Ja).

Writing, Easy, Whole art of. (T. J. Allen) Writer, 3: Young people, Writing for. (W. Dixey) Writer, 3:5 7(Ja).

Yacht club on Lake Champlain. (F. G. Mather) Out

ing, 13: 340(Ja).


Youville, Madame d'. (K. M. Barry) Cath. World, 48: 633(F).

Yacht cruise memories. (R. F. Coffin) Outing, 13: 430 Zanzibar, Germans in. Sat. R. 67: 59(Ja19), 90(Ja26), (F).


Yale university, Athletics in. (R. M. Hurd) Outing, Zola, Emile, Novels of. (E. Crawford) Contemp. 55: 13: 404(F). 94 (Ja).

Bibliographical Publications.

For all American books as they appear, take The Publishers' WEEKLY; for an hour's glance each month at the important books and magazine papers, take THE LITERARY NEWS: for magazine articles in general, consult the INDEX TO PERIODICALS; for books in print or issued of late years, see the AMERICAN and ANNUAL CATALOGUES; for all information as to American and foreign copyright, see Copyright: its Law and its Literature."

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Established in 1872, with which was incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular (established in 1852), by purchase from Mr. George W. Childs. Recognized as the representative of the publishing and bookselling interests in the United States. Contains full weekly record of American publications, with monthly indexes, etc. Subscription, $3.00 per annum, postpaid; single nos., 10 cts., postpaid. THE LITERARY NEWS. An Eclectic Review of Current Literature. Published monthly, and containing the freshest news concerning books and authors; lists of new publications; reviews and critical comments; characteristic extracts; sketches and anecdotes of authors; courses of reading; bibliographical references; prominent topics of the magazines; portraits of authors, and illustrations from the newest books. etc., etc., Subscription, $1.00 per annum, postpaid; single nos., 10 cts.

THE LIBRARY JOURNAL. Monthly. Official Organ of the American Library Association. Edited by CHARLES A. CUTTER, Librarian Boston Athenæum, and R. R. BowKER. Subscription, $5 per annum, postpaid (including the Literary News, monthly); single nos., 50 cts.

THE CO-OPERATIVE INDEX TO PERIODICALS. Quarterly. Edited by W. I. FLETCHER, with the co-operation of members of the American Library Association. Subscription, $2 per annum, postpaid (with Library Journal subscription, $1); single nos., 50 cts.

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1876-1884. Books recorded (including reprints and importations) July 1, 1876-June 30, 1884. Compiled, under the editorial direction of R. R. BOWKER, by Miss A. I. APPLETON. 4to, half morocco, $15.

THE ANNUAL AMERICAN CATALOGUE. Being the full titles, with descriptive notes, of all books recorded in THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY, during the calendar year, with author, title, and subject-index, publishers' annual lists and directory of publishers. 1887 volume, 8vo, net, sheets, $3.00; half morocco, $3.50. [Volume for 1886 is out of print.]

THE PUBLISHERS' TRADE-LIST ANNUAL. Large 8vo. with "Duplex Index," net, $2.00. Contains:

1. THE LATest CatalogUES OF AMERIcan PublishERS, arranged alphabetically by firm names.

2. THE EDUcational CatALOGUE.-(For description see below.)

3. A complete short-title list of all books recorded in THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY from July to June, arranged so that every book on record can be found, whether it it is looked for under author, title, or subject.

THE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE includes a price-list of all the textbooks in use in the United States, arranged alphabetically by author's or editor's name, and a detailed subject-index, referring from each specific subject to authors of books on that subject. Price, separately, 25 cts.; leatherette, 50 cts.

THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE [Annual] containing a complete list of all the Books published in Great Britain and Ireland in the calendar year, with index to subjects. A continuation of the London and British Catalogues. [London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co. 1887 volume, 8vo, paper, net, $1.50.

COPYRIGHT: ITS LAW AND ITS LITERATURE. A Summary of the Principles and Law of Copyright with Especial Reference to Books, by R. R. BOWKER; and a bibliography of literary property, being a catalogue of sixty pages of books and articles on the copyright question, compiled by Thorvald Solberg. 8vo, half leather, net, $3.00.

THE LIBRARY LIST. Being a list of Public Libraries in the United States and Canada of over 1000 volumes, with classification by size and name of Librarian. 8vo, half leather, net, $3.50.

LIBRARIES AND SCHOOLS. Papers selected by Samuel S. GREEN. 16mo, cloth, 50 cts.

RY. By Rev. A. E. DUNNING. 16mo, cloth, 60 cents.

the Purchase of Books. Compiled by F. LEYFOLDT
and LYNDS E. JONES. 32mo, paper, 10 cents.


P. O. Box 943.

Franklin Square (330 Pearl Street), New York.


Annual Catalogues.


The Annual American Catalogue for 1888 is just ready. It contains:

(1) Directory of American Publishers issuing books in 1888. (2) Full-title Record, with descriptive notes, in author-alphabet, of all books recorded in the PUBLISHERS' Weekly 1888.

(3) Author-, title-, and subject-index to same, in one alphabet. (4) Publishers' annual lists for 1888.

The edition is limited, and to secure copies orders should be sent at once. The price is $3.00 sheets, $3.50 half leather. The Annual Catalogue for 1886 is now out of print. But few copies of the Annual Catalogue for 1887 are on hand.

The English Catalogue for 1888 is also expected shortly, price $1.50, paper; the Annual American and English Catalogues, 1888, can be had in one volume, half leather, $5.00. Early orders for both Catalogues are solicited.


P. O. Box 943.



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