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V. 29

Love's last shift. Com. C. Cibber Hb 1-10733 Lucan, M. A. Pharsalia. Trans. by Nicholas Rowe. Love's metamorphoses. Drama. J. Lilly Hb 11-11017 Chiswick, 1822

Ha 4-10417 Love's pilgrimage. Beaumont and Fletcher

Same. Trans. into prose by H. T. Riley. L., Hb 7-10883 1853

Ha 2-10476 Love's sacrifice. Drama. G. W. Lovell Hb 9-10952 Lucas, W. J. Man with the iron mask. F's S. D. Love's sacrifice. Drama. J. Ford Hb 7-10884

Hb 9-10966 Lovibond, Edward. Works. British poets

Lucasta. R. Lovelace

Hf 6–123329 Hf 1-12290 Lucille. R. Bulwer-Lytton

Hf 5–12218 Low, C. R. Tales of old ocean. 'Ph., 1869 Lucius Junius Brutus. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1-10742 Dg 11-13834 Luck and pluck. H. Alger, jr.

Fd 6-15464 Low marriage. Muloch

Fd 7-14511 Luck of Barry Lyndon. w. M. Thackeray Lowe, E. J. A treatise on atmospheric phenomena.

Fe 10-15329 L., 1846

Ea 9-7358 Luck of roaring camp. F. B. Harte : Ha 10-106:39 Lowe, Sir H. History of the captivity of Napoleon at Lucky bit. H. Paul

Hb 10-11003 St. Helena. Edited by Wm. Forsyth. L., 1853. Lucretia. Bulwer-Lytton

Fa 8-14703 3 v. 8°

De 4-5643 Lucretia; or, the heroine of the nineteenth century. Lowe, Thomas

. Central India during the rebellion A correspondence, sensational and sentimental. of 1857 and 1858. A narrative of operations of By the author of The owlet of Owlstone the British forces from the suppression of mu- place," etc. L., 1868

Fd 12-4064 tiny in Aurungabad to the capture of Gwalior, Lucretia Borgia. Drama. J. M. Weston under major general Sir igu Rose. L., 1860.

Hb 9-10967 8°

"Cr 11-3698 Lucretius Carus, T. Nature of things; a philosophiLowell, J. R. Among my books. B., 1870

cal poem in six books. Trans. by J. S. Wat

Ha 11-10683 son, with the poetical verson of J. M. Good. – Biglow papers. Edited, with an introduction, L., 1867

Ha 2-10485 notes, glossary, and copious index, by Homer Ludlow, F. H. The heart of the continent; a record

Wilber. Third edition. B., 1853 He 6–11959 of travel across the plains and in Oregon, with The cathedral. B., 1870

Hf 11-12504 an examination of the Morman principle. N. Fireside travels. B., 1864

Di 7-6752
Y, 1870, 8o

DE 6-7681 - Poems. B., 1857. 2 v. Hf 10–12449 Little brother, etc.

Fb 3-14337 Under the willow, and other poems. B., 1869 Ludlow, John M. Popular epics of the middle ages,

Hf 11-12468 of the Norse-German and Carlovingian cycles. Lowell, R. Story of the new priest of Conception L., 1865. 2 v.

Ha 11-15834 bay

Fb 4-14566 Ludovico di Varthema. Travels in Syria, Arabia, Lowell, R. T.'s. Fresh hearts that failed three thou

Persia, India, etc. Hakluyt society. v. 31 sand years ago; with other things. B., 1860

Ib 1-16764 HIf 9–12420 Ludus Coventriae.' J. . Halliwell

Hb 3-10804 Lowell, Mass. See Massachusetts, Lowell.

Lugenfiend. L. Kotzebue .

Hb 8-10934 Lowell city library. Annual report, 1865-8

Luke. Oosterzee, J. J. von. Commentary Ad 3–13364

Bh 6-Pam. 40 Luke, the laborer. Drama. J. B. Buckstone
Lowell lectures. c. B. Goodrich
Ba 3-49

Hb 10-10993 Löwenthall, J. The chess congress of 1852; a collec- Lungs. Lewis

, Dio. Weak lungs, and how to make tion of the games played, and a selection of the

them strong

Ga 3-10913 problems sent in for competition, with account Lunt, George. Origin of the late war; traced from of proceedings and memoir of the B. C. A. the beginning of the constitution to the reBy G. W. Medley. L., 1864 . Gb 12-9194

volt of the southern states. N. Y., 1866 Lower, “. A. Essay on family nomenclature; Flis

Dd 5-3159 torical, etymological, and humorous. L., 1844 - Three eras of New England history, and other

Ha 13-10720
addresses. B., 1857

Cc 7-2989 Löwig, Carl. · Principles of organic and physiological Luria. Trag. R. Browning

HE 2-12185 chemistry. Trans. by D. Breed. Ph., 1863. Lustspiel am Fenster. Kotzebue Hb 8-10931 8°

Eb 2–7395 Luther, Martin. Table talk. Trans. by Wm. HazLowlands of Scotland.' Anderson, G. and P. Guide litt; new edition, to which is added the life of to the .

Ck 7-4592 Martin Luther, by Alexander Chalmers. L., Lowndes, William Thomas. The bibliographer's man- 1857

Ee 12–8231 ual of English literature, containing an account

Adams, c. Martin Luther his own biographer of rare, curious, and useful books, published in

Ee 10–8154 or relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Edli- Lee, Mrs. H. F. Life and times De 7-5025 ted by H. G. Bohn. L., 1864. 4 v. Ab 2–16373 Michelet, J. Life of

De 10-5779 Loyal subject. Beaumont and Fletcher IIb 7-10882 Sears, B. Select treatises in the original German Loyalty on the frontier. A. W. Bishop Cd 1-3145

lle 5-11999 Luard, Julia. Clare Savile; or, sixty years ago Worsley, İr. Life of

De 1-571 Fb 3-16711 Lutherans. Strobel, P. A. The Salzburgers and Lubbock, John. Origin of civilization and the prim- their descendants (in Georgia) Db 9-5030

itive condition of man, mental and social con- Luttrell of Arron, Charles Lever Fb 6-1401

dition of savages. N. Y., 1870. 8° Ch 9-16543 Luyster, I. M. See Lenormant, Mme. Pre-historic times, as illustrated by ancient re- Lyall, W. R.; J. H. B. Mountain ; G. C. Renouard ;

mains and the manners and customs of modern Cleland; E. Pococke; M. Russell. History of savages. L., 1869. 8°

Ch 9–16529 Greece, Macedonia, and Syria; from the age Lübke, Wilhelm. Ecclesiastical art in Germany dur- of Xenophon to the incorporation of those

ing the middle ages. Trans. by L. A. Wheat- states with the Roman empire. L., 1852 ley. E., 1870 Hc 4-11151

Ca 7-2377 History of art. Trans. by F. E Bennett. L., Lyar. Drama. s. Foote

: Hb 7–10900 1869. 2 v. 4°

He 4-11149 Lybian desert. See Libyan. Lübke, Wm., and c. Fr. A. von Liitrow. Monuments Lycia. Fellows, C. Travels

Dh 10-6567 of art, showing its development and progress Lydia. Eadie, J. History of

Ca 10-61.38 from the earliest artistic attempts to the pres- Lyell, Charles. The geological evidences of the anent period. N. Y., n. d. 8°. Text

tiquity of man, with remarks on theories of

HC 3-11103 the origin of species by variation. Ph., 1863. - Plates. 2. v. 4.:

Ae 2-13506

Ch 9-4153

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V, 17


Lyell, Charles, continued.

Macaulay, T. B., continued.
Manual of elementary geology. N. Y., 1855. 8° Ranke; Leigh Hunt; Lord Holland. V. Warren

Eb 47559

Hastinys; Frederick the Great ; Madame D'Ar

blay; Life and writings of Addison ; Barère. – Travels in North America in the years 1941-2 VI. The earl of Chatham; Francis Atterbury;

with geological observations on the United John Bunyan; Oliver Goldsmith; Samuel John-
States. N. Y., 1845. 2 v.

DE 9-6112

son; William Pitt; Appendix. The West In

dies; The London university; Social and inLying valet. Drama. D. Garrick Hb 7-10902

dustrial capacities of negros; The present adLyman, Payson W. History of Easthampton, its set- ministration; Index. tlement, growth, etc. Northampton, 1866 History of England from the accession of James

Cc 7-2978
II. Ph., 1861. 5 v. 8°

Cf4-3535 Lyman, T., jr. Diplomacy of the United States; be- Macaulay, W. H. Kathay; a cruise in the China ing an account of the foreign relations of the

N. Y., 1852

Dg 3–6201 country from the first treaty with France, in Macauley, James. Natural, statistical, and civil his1778, to the treaty of Ghent, in 1814, with tory of the state of New York. N. Y., 1829. Great Britain. B., 1826. 8°

Ba 4-89
3 v. 80

Cc 3-2878 Lynam, Robert. History of the Roman emperors, Macbeth, Shakespeare

Hb 5-10635 from Augustus to the death of Marcus Anto- Macbeth'travestie. W. K. Northall

Hb 10-10994 ninus. Edited by J. T. White. L., 1850.2 v. MacCall, George A. Letters from the frontiers, writ89

Ca 5-2299 ten during a period of thirty years' service in Lynch, T. J. Rose of Ettrick vale. Drama. Tss. the army of the United States. Ph., 1868. 8° D. Hb 9-10960

Cb 5-3160 Lynch, w. F. Narrative of the United States expe- MacCam, Wm. Two thousand miles' ride through

dition to the river Jordan and the Dead sea. the Argentine provinces, being an account of Ph., 1852

Dg 5–6272 the natural products of the country, and habits - Naval life; or, observations afloat and on shore. of the people; with an historical retrospect of

The midshipman. N. Y., 1851 . Dg 3–6198 the Rio de la Plata, Monte Video, and Corri. Lyra coelestis. A. C. Thompson

Hf 6-12333
entes. L., 1853. 2 v. 8°

Ch 6–4102 Lyrics. Beranger, P. J. de. Two hundred lyrical MacCarroll

, James. Ridgeway; an historical romance poems

Hf 13-12530

of the Fenian invasion of Canada Fc 10–15017 - Cary, A. Lyrics

Hf 13–12470 MacCarthy, J. The Waterdale neighbors – Locker, F. London lyrics Hf 7-16321

Fc 10-15025 - Ward, Sam. Lyrical recreations Hf 13-12527 MacClintock, F. L. Meteorological observations in Lvs dans la valle, Balzac

Aa 2-12548

the Arctic seas. S. C. to K. Vol. 13, Art. 3 Lysistrata. Com. Aristophanes Ha 2-10491

Ae 1-13488 Lysons, Samuel. Our British ancestors, who and

- Narrative of the discovery of the fate of Sir John what were they? serving to elucidate the tra- Franklin and his companions. B., 1859

Df 3-5907 of recent excavations, remnants of religious MacClintock, J. (Editor:) Methodist quarterly review. worship, etc. Ox., 1865. 8

CI 7-3617

N. Y., 1853–4. v. 35–6. 8° Gf 13–10020 Lyttelton, G. Lord. Works. British poets MacClintock, J., and James Strong: Cyclopaedia of

Hf 1-12288 biblical theology and ecclesiastical literature. – The history of the life of Henry II., and of the N. Y., 1868-9-70. 3 v. 8°

Ab 2-16236 age in which he lived; with a history of the MacClung, J. W. Minnesota as it is. St. Paul, 1870 revolutions of England from Edward the con

Cb 11-13669 fessor. Dublin, 1768. 4 v. 8° Dc 8-5299 MacClure, A. K. 'Three thousand miles through the

Rocky mountains. Ph., 1869 Dr 9-6092 Mabel Clifton. A novel, by Frank Brierwood MacClure, X. W Translators revived ; a biographi

Fd 14-13875 cal memoir of the authors of the English verMabel's mistake. A. S. Stephens Ff 8-14095 sion of the holy bible. N. Y., 1853 MacAlpin, W. J., et al. Reports and estimates for a

Dd 2–5429 ship canal and basin from Albany to New Bal MacClure, Robert. Diseases in the American stable, timore. Alb., 1853

Bh 6–Pam. 10 field, and farm yard. Ph., 1866. 8° Dk 7–6994 Macaria. A. J. Evans .

Fb 8-14377 -Gentleman's stable guide. Ph., 1870 Dk-13658 Macaulay, T. B. Critical and miscellaneous essays. Maccoll, Norman. The Greek sceptics from Pyrrho Ph., 1843. 4 v..

Hd 10-11634
to Sextus. L., 1869

Ed 12-16463 – Critical, historical

, and miscellaneous essays, with MacConnell, J. L. Talbot and Vernon Fc 10-15027 a memoir and index. N. Y., 1860. 6 v. MacCormick, R. C., jr. Visit to the camp before Se

Hd 10-11647
vastopol. N. Y., 1855

Di 10-6818

MacCosh, James. Laws of discursive thought; being Contente. - Vol. I. Fragments of a Roman tale; On the royal society of literature; Scenes from

a text-book of formal logic. N. Y., 1870 * Athenian Revels "'; Criticisims on the princi

Hc 10–16143 pal Italian writers, No. 1, Dante, No. 2, Petrarch; MacCosh, and George Dickie. Typical forms and Some account of the great law suit between the parishes of St. Dennis and St. George in the

special ends in creation. N. Y., 1857. 8° Water; Conversation between Mr. Abraham

Ef 9-8374 Cowley and Mr. John Milton, touching the MacCoy, Isaac. Annual register of Indian affairs

, great civil war; On the Athenian orators; Prophetic account of a grand national epic poem to

within the Indian territory, 1836 Bh 6-Pam. 4 be entitled the Wellingtoniad, and to be pub- MacCrie, Thomas. History of the progress and suplished A. D., 2894; On Mitford's history of

pression of the reformation in Italy in the 16th Greece: Milton: Machiavelli; John Dryden; History ; Hallam's constitutional history. II. Mill

century; including a sketch of the history of on government; Westminster reviewer's de.

the reformation in the Grisons. Ph., 1842 fense of Mill: Utilitarian theory of government;

Ee 9-8135 Southey's colloquies on society; Mr. Robert

History of the progress and suppression of the Montyomery's poems; Sadler's law of popula. tion ; Sonthey's edition of the pilgrim's

reformation in Spain, in the 16th century. Ph., : :


Ee 9-4136 ties of the Jews; Moore's life of Lord Byron;

- Life of John Knox, containing illustrations of the Croker's edition of Boswell's life of Johnson ; Lord Nugent's memorials of Hampden. III.

history of the reformation in Scotland. Ph., Burleigh and his times; Mirabeau ; War of the

1815. 89

Dc 10–5334 Faecession in Spain ; Horace Walpole: William Piut, earl of Chatham; Sir James Mackintosh ;

MacCullagh, W. Torrens. Memoirs of the right honLord Bacon. IV. Sir William Temple; Glad

orable Richard Lalor Sheil. L., 1855. 2 v. stone on church and state; Lord Clive; Von

Dc 7-5205

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2 v.

MacCulloch, J. H. Analytical investigations concern- MacFarlane, Charles, continued.

ing the credibility of scriptures, and of the reli- Kismet; or, the doom of Turkey. L., 1853
gious system inculcated in them; with a his-

Cf 11-3713 torical exhibition of human conduct, during MacFarlane, Robert. History of propellers and the several dispensations under which mankind steam navigation. N. Y., 1851 . Ga 9-8843 have been placed by their Creator. Bal., 1852. MacFarran, Winning a husband. F's M. D. v. 2 v. 8°

Eg 2-8424

Hb 10-10998 Macculloch John. A description of the western MacFingal. A modern epic. John Trumbull islands of Scotland, including the Isle of Man;

Hf 10-12435 comprising an account of their geological MacGavock, Randall W. Tennesseean abroad; or, structure, with remarks on agriculture, scene- letters from Europe, Africa, and Asia. Redry, and antiquities. L., 1819.2 v. 89

field, 1854

Dg 3-6189 Ce 10–3409 MacGee, Thomas D'Arcy. History of the Irish setPlates. v. 3. 40

Cf 1-3466 tlers in North America. B., 1852 Ce 7-3367 MacCulloch, J. R. Descriptive and statistical ac- Mac-Geoghegan, abbé J. History of Ireland, ancount of the British empire; exhibiting its ex

cient and modern. N. Y., 1851. go Ce 7-3349 tent, physical capacities, population, industry, MacGilchrist, John. Richard Cobden, the apostle of and civil and religious institutions. Fourth free trade, his political career and public seredition, with an appendix of tables. L., 1854. vices, L., 1865

Gc 2-16402 80

Cr 4–3528 Macgillivray, William. The conchologist's text book, Dictionary, practical, theoretical and historical,

embracing the arrangements of Lamarck and of commerce and commercial navigation. L., Linnaeus, with a glossary of technical terms. 1835. 2 v. 8

Ad 8–13463
L., 1853

Dk 11-1121 – Principles of political economy; with a sketch of Descriptions of the rapacious birds of Great the rise and progress of the science. L., 1830.

Britain. E., 1836

Dk 9-7033 80

Ba 8-179 - History of British birds, indigenous and migra- Treatise on the circumstances which determine

tory. L., 1837. 5 v. 8°

Dk 9-7027 the rate of wages and the condition of the la- - History of British quadrupeds. Nat. Lib. boring classes. L., 1851. Ba 8-191

Dk 6-6959 MacCulloh, R. S. Reports from the secretary of Macgregor, A. L. John Ward's

governess the treasury, of scientific investigations on

Fc 11-15072 sugar and hydrometers made under the super

Professor's wife

Fc 11-15071 intendence of A. D. Bache. W., 1848. 89 Macgregor, John, M. P. Commercial statistics. A

Gb 3-8930 digest of the productive resources, commercial Macdiarmid, John. Lives of British statesmen. L.

, legislation, customs, tariffs, navigation, port, 1820. 2 v. 8°

Dd 4-5473 and quarantine laws and charges, shipping, Contents.-Vol. I. Sir Thomas More; Wm.

imports and exports, and the monies, weights, Cecil. II. Thomas Wentworth; Edward Hyde.

and measures of all nations. Including all Macdonald, G. Alec Forbes, of Howglen Fc 12–15067 British commercial treaties with foreign states. Annals of a quiet neighborhood Fc 12-15066

L., 1847. 5 v. 8°

Bb 11-462 David Elginbrod

Fc 12–15065 - Progress of America, from the discovery of Co- England's antiphon. Ph., 1869 Hf9-12401 lumbus to the year 1846. L., 1847. 2 v. $ MacDonald, J. S. Vital philosophy; a survey of

Cb 2-2520 substance and an exposition of natural reli- Macgregor, John, M. A. Rob Roy on the Baltic L., gion. Ple, 1870

Et 9-16801

Di 4-13737 MacDonald, W. Spiritualism identified with ancient – Rob Roy on the Jordan, Nile, Red sea and Gensorcery, new testament demonology, and mod

nesareth; a canoe cruise in Palestine and ern witchcraft. N. Y., 1866 Ed 13-7998

Egypt and the waters of Damascus. N. Y., MacDonnel, D. E. Dictionary of quotations taken


Dg 6-2258 from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and

- A thousand miles in the Rob Roy canoe, on the Italian languages. L., 1803 Ac 5-13096 rivers and lakes of Europe. L., 1867 MacDougall, George F. Eventful voyage of II. M.

Di 4-13739 discovery ship“ Resolute" to the arctic regions The voyage alone in the yawl" Rob Roy" from in search of Sir John Franklin and the missing

London to Paris and back. L., 1868 Di 4-13738 crews of H. M. discovery ships “ Erebus” and MacHarg, C. K. Life of prince Talley rand; with · Terror." 1852–53–54. L., 1857. 89

extracts from his speeches and writings. N. DI 3-5898 Y., 1857

De 2-5636 Macduff, J. R. Footsteps of St. Paul N. Y., 1857 Machiavelli, Niccolo. Works. Trans with notes,

Ed 9-7943 anecdotes and life of the author, by Ellis Farne. - Noontide at Sychar; or, the story of Jacob's well. worth. L., 1762. 2 v. 4° Ha 12-10693 N. Y., 1869

Ef 5-8298 - The prophet of fire; or, life and times of Elijah.

Contents.-Vol. I. The history of Florence,

in eight hooks: The prince, to which is subN. Y., 1864

Ed 9-7940

joined, chapter by chapter, the anti-Machiavel, Macduffie, Mr. Reply on the proposition to amend or examen du prince, by the king of Prussia : the constitution of the United States respect

Life of (artruccio Castracani, of Lucca; A nar.

rative of the methods taken by Caesar Borgia ing the election of president and vice-president. to dispatch Vitellozzo Vitelli. Oliverotto da Delivered in the house of representatives,

Fermo, Paolo Ursini, and the duke of Gravina ; March 31, 1826 .

A skeich of the affairs and constitution of Bh 6-Pam. 3

France; A sketch of the affairs and constitution Macé, Jean. Servants of the stomach. N. Y., 1868 of Germany. II. Political discourses upon the

Ga 5-8592

first decad of Livy, in three books; The art of Macedonia. Farr, E. Ancient history Ca 4-2281

war, in seven books; The marriage of Belphe

gor: Posthumous works, consisting of a dis. Leland, T. History of Philip of Macedon

course on the reformation of the government of Ca 8-2382

Florence, and thirty-nine letters on matters of MacElligott, James N. American debates ; & plain

a exposition of the principles and practice of pub- - The Florentine histories. Trans. by C. E. Lester, lic debates. N. Y., 1868

Ba 8-15:54

from the Italian edition of G. B. Niccolini. N. MacFarlane, Charles. French revolution. L., 1844. Y., 1845. 2 v. in 1

Cg & 338 Cg 5–15912 - History of Florence and the affairs of Italy from History of British India from the earliest English the earliest times to the death of Lorenzo the intercourse. L., 1858 Cf 11-3699 Magnificent. L., 1847

Cg 8-3934

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4 v.




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V. 15

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Machiavelli, Niccolo, continued.

Mackenzie, H. Life and writings of John Home - The prince Cg 8-3934

HD 3-11473 - Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life

De 11-3803 Miscellaneous works. N. Y. 1836 He 3–11918 Machinery. Appleton's dictionary Ad 7-13442

Contents.-Memoir of Mackenzie, by Sir W. - Cole, G. Contractors' book

Af 6-13577

Scott: Man of feeling; Papers from the loung.

er: Man of the world ; Julia de Roubigné; Pa. — Fairbairn. Wm. Principles of mechanism and

pers from the Mirror. machinery of transmission . Gb 8–13659 Mackenzie, Robert. The United States of America. - Gallon, M. Machines et inventions Gb 8-9052

A history. L., 1870

Cb 5-16719 The lathe and its uses Gb 9-118:33 Mackenzie, R. Shelton.

Life of Charles Dickens, Nicholson, J. British machinist Gb 8-9091

with personal recollections and anecdotes. - Overman, F. Machines for the machinist

Letters of “ Boz” never before published.

Gb 8-9097
Scott, D. Machinists' assistant

Ph., 1870

Dc 7-5361 Ac 1-13991

– Robert Houdin, the great wizard. 'Ph., 1865 Watson, E. P. Modern practice Gb 9-13667

De 6–5724
Weisbach, J. Mechanics of .
Gb 8-9088 Tressilian and his friends

Fc 11-14964 - See Engineering; Mechanics.

Mackenzie, Wm. L. Lindsay, 0. Life and times Machyn, Henry. Diary, written from 1550 to 1563.

Ch 1-3969 Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 42

Ce 6–3333 - Lives and opinions of B. F. Butler and Jesse Macllvaine, C. P. Evidences of Christianity; a

Hoyt. B., 1845 .

Bh 6-Pam. 37 course of lectures delivered in Clinton hall, - Sketches of Canada and the United States. L., New York city, in 1831–2. N. Y., 1832. 8°


Ch 3-3993 MacIlvaine, j. h. Discourse upon the power of

Eg 2–8426 Mackey, A. G. Mystic tie; or, facts and opinions, il

Justrative of the character and tendency of voluntary attention, delivered before the Roch

freemasonry. N. Y., 1865

Ci 11-4398 ester atřenaeum and mechanics association, Mackie, J. M. Life of Sam. Gorton. S. A. B. 1849 Bh 6-Pam. 20

Da 8-4705 - Elocution; the sources and elements of its power. Cosas de España; or, going to Madrid via BarceN. Y.. 1870

Hc 11-13995
lona. N. Y., 1855

Di 9-6804
Macilwain, George. Memoirs of John Abernethy. - Life of Tai-ping-wang, chief of the Chinese insur-
N. Y., 1853
Dc 9–5326

Cf 12–3724 Mac Intosh, Charles. The practical gardener, and Mackie, s. J. First traces of life on the earth; or,

rection. N. Y., 18.57 . modern horticulturist; including the new meth

the fossils of the bottom rocks. L., 1860 od of heating forcing-houses with hot water

Eb 5-7601 only. L., 1837. 2 v. 8°. Ec 6–7689 Mackinnon, D. Origin and services of the ColdMac Intosh, Maria J. Charms and counter charms

stream guards. L., 1833. 2 v. 8° Ce 4-3261 Fc 13-15050 MacKinnon, L. Atlantic and trans-atlantic;

sketches - Evenings at Donaldson manor Fc 13-15091

afloat and ashore

Df9-6103 - The lofty and the lowly

Fc 13-15089 Mackintosh, James. Discovery of America by Chris- Two lives; or, to seem and to be Fc 13-15092 Mackay, Alex. The western world; or, travels in

topher Columbus, and the origin of the North the United States in 1816-7; including a chap

American Indians. Toronto, 1836 Cb 2-15527

General view of the progress of ethical philosoter on California. Ph., 1849. 2 v. Df 7-6011

phy during the 17th and 18th centuries. Ph., Mackay, Charles. Legendary and romantic ballads

1834. 8°

Hc 10–11248 of Scotland. L., 1861

Hf 13-125:36 History of the revolution in England in 1688, - Life and liberty in America; or, sketches of a tour in the United States and Canada, in 1857–8.

comprising a view of the reign of James II.,

from his accession to the enterprise of the N. Y., 1859

Df 6-5980

prince of Orange; completed to the settlement - Memoirs of extraordinary popular delusions and

of the crown, by the editor ; to which is prethe madness of crowds. L., 1869 Ci 9–13732

fixed a notice of the life of the author. Ph., - Same. Ph., 1850. 2 v..

Ci 9-4385
1835. 8°

Ce 43257 MacKeever, H. B. Silver threads

Fc 7-14938
Memoirs of Robert Hall

Ef 3-8579 - Westbrook parsonage

Fc 10–14893

Miscellaneous works. Ph., 1850. 3 v. in 1 MacKenny, T. L. Memoirs, official and personal,

He 15-12039 with sketches of travels among the northern

Contents. — Philosophical genins of Lord and southern Indians, embracing a war excur

Bacon and Mr. Locke; Discourse on the law of sion, and descriptions of scenes along the

nature and nations; Life of Sir Thomas More ; western borders. ' N. Y., 1816. 2 v. in 1. 8°

A refutation of the claims of king Charles I. to

the authorship of Eikon Basilike; Progress of Ch 10-4175

ethical philosophy, chiefly during the 17th and - Sketches of a tour to the lakes; with a vocabulary 18th centuries: Account of the partition of Po

land; Adininistration and fall of Struensee: of the Algic or Chippeway language. Bal.,

Donna Maria da Gloria, as a claimant to the 1827. 8°

Df 6-5988

crown of Portugal; Character of Charles, first MacKenzie, Alex. Letter to Rev. Samuel Aikin, of marquis Cornwallis ; Character of George CauCleveland, in answer to his sermon entitled

ning; Preface to a reprint of the Edinburgh re

view of 1755 ; Writings of Machiavel; Godwin's “Theatrical exhibitions". Bh 5-Pam. 59

lives of Edward and John Philips; Review of Mackenzie, Alexander. Voyages from Montreal Roger's poems; Madame de Staël's " De L'Al

lemagne; Review of the causes of the revoluthrough the continent of North America to

tion 1688; Affairs of Holland, 1667-86; Discourse the frozen and Pacitic oceans, in 1789-93; with

read at the opening of the literary society of a preliminary account of the rise, progress and Bombay; Vindicae Gallicae; Reasons against

the French war of 1793; State of France in present state of the fur trade of that country.

1815: Right of parliamentary suffrage: Defence Ph., 1802. 89. Same. L., 1801. 8°

of John Peltier; Charge delivered to the grand DE 4-5943

jury of Bombay, 20th July, 1811 ; Speeches. Mackenzie, A. s.' The American in England. N. - Scott, W., and Thomas Moore. Cabinet history Y., 18:35. 2 v.

Di 5-6695

of Scotland and Ireland. Ph., 1830 Life of Stephen Decatur. ' B., 1816. 8. Db 8-5018

Ce 3-3248 Sime. S. A. B. v. 21

Da 8-16121 Macintosh, R. J. Memoirs of the life of Sir James Mackenzie, Mrs. Colin. Life in the mission, the

Macintosh. B., 1853. 2 v. 8° De 10–5335

Hb 11-15932 camp and the Zenáná; or, six years in India. Macklin, C. Cook, W. Memoirs X, Y., 1853. 2 v.

Dh 5-6482 Macknight, Thomas. History of the life and times Mackenzie, G. Account of Hirta and Rona. Pink- of Edmund Burke. L., 1858. 3 v. 8° erton's voyages. 3. Df 1-5828

Dc 4–5159






4 y.

Macknight, Thomas, continued.

Madagascar, continued.
Life of Henry St. John, viscount Bolingbroke. Pfeiffer, Ida. Visit to

Dh 8-6526
L., 1863. 8°
Dd 4-15846 Rochon, A. M. Voyage.

Dg 1-5811 MacLachlan, C. I dine with

mother. F's M. D. Sibree, James. Madagascar and its people
Hb 10-10997

Dg 10–7530 Maclaurin, Colin. An account of sir Isaac New- Madame de Beaupré. Mrs. C. Jenkin Fb 12–14486

ton's philosophical discoveries, in four books. Madame de Fleury. M. Edgeworth Fb 9-16573
L., 1748. 4°
Ea 2-7128 Madame Firmiani. Balzac.

Aa 2-12.542 - A treatise on Fluxions. E., 1742. ` 2 v. 4° Madame Fontenoy. By the author of Mademoiselle

Eb 10–7574

Fd 13-14534 MacLeod, Donald. The bloodstone · Fc 11-14982 Madame Therese. "Erckinann-Chiatrian Fb 9-14541 Discourse on elocution, before western literary Madchenfreundschaft. Kotzebue Hb 8–10929 institute. Cin., 1835 .

Bh 6-Pam. 8 Madden, F. W. History of Jewish coinage, and of — History of Wiskonsan; including a geological money in the old and new testament; with 254

and topographical description of the territory, woodcuts, and a plate of alphabets, by F. W. with a correct catalogue of all its plants. But, Fairholt. L., 1864. 8°

Ci 84355 1846

Cb 11-2764 Madden, R. R. Infirmities of genius illustrated. L., Life of Mary, queen of Scotts. n. Y., 1857

1833. 2 v.

He 14-12121 Dc 11-5267 Literary life and correspondence of the countess Life of Sir Walter Scott. N. Y., 1852 Dc 10–5362 of Blessington. N. Y., 1855. 2 v. Dc 6–5247 MacLeod, Norman. Days in North India. Ph., 1870 - Phantasmata; or, illusions and fanaticisms of

Dh 5-16113

protean forms productive of great evils. L., Maclure, Wm. Opinions on various subjects, dedi- 1857. 2 v. 8°

Ci 9-4370 cated to the industrious producers. New Har- Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine. mony, Ind., 1831. go.

He 10-12081
Ph., 1830. 2 v. 80

Dh 10-6508 MacMahon, Barnard. The American gardener's cal- Twelve months' residence in the West Indies, dur

endar ; adapted to the climate and seasons of ing the transition from slavery to apprentice

the United States. Ph., 1857. 8° Ec 6–7698 ship, with incidental notices of the state of Macmichael, Wm. Journey from Moscow to Con- society, prospects, etc., of Jamaica and other stantinople in 1817–18. L., 1819. 4• Cb 1-2462 islands. Ph., 1835. 2 v.

Ch 7-4128 Macmichael, W. F. The Oxford and Cambridge - The united Irishmen, their lives and times, with boat races. Cam., 1870

Ga 10–8810

several additional memoirs. Dublin, 1858. Macmillan, Hugh. Foot notes from the page of na

Dd 10_3369 ture'; or, first forms of vegetation. Cam., 1861 Maddox, J. M. The king and the deserter. F's s.

Ec 3–7626
D. v. 39

Hb 9-10971 MacMullin, John. ' Lecture on the past, present, and Madeira. Colton, W. Ship and shore Di 3-6660 future, of the New York society library, 1856 — Dix, J. A. Winter in

Di 7-6760 Bh 5-Pam. 75 Kerr, R. Discovery of, 1326

Df2_5846 Macnish, Robert.' The anatomy of drunkenness. Sketches and adventures

Di 7-6812
N. Y., 1835.
Ga 4-8709 Madelaine. V. Cunningham

Hb 9-10968 The philosophy of sleep. N. Y., 1834 Ga 2-8688 Madeline. J. Kavanagh

Fc 13-15019 Macpherson, David. Annals of commerce, manufac- Madeline. Mrs. A. Opie

Fa 13-14848 tures, fisheries, and navigation, with brief Mademoiselle Merquem. Dudevant Fd 11-14208 notices of the arts and sciences connected with Mademoiselle Mori

Fd 13-14535 them, containing the commercial transactions Mademoiselle Panache. M. Edgeworth Fb 9–16572 of the British empire and other countries, from Madge; or, night and morning. H. B. Goodwin the earliest accounts to the meeting of the

Fb 14-14475 union parliament in Jan., 1801. L., 1805. 4v. Madison, J. Letters and other writings. Published 4o.

Bb 10-429

by order of congress, 1769–1836. Ph., 1865. MacPherson, Edward. Political history of the United 4 y. 8°

Ba 1-1 States during the great rebellion. W., 1865. 8°

Contents.-Vol. 1. Letters from 1769 to 1793.
Cd 5-3188

II. Letters from 1794 to 1815.
Wm. D. Manual of British historians to A.

1816 to 1828. IV. Letters from 1829 to 1836; ApMacray,

pendix. D. 1600 ; a chronological account of the early - Message transmitting communications from the chroniclers and monkish writers. L., 1845. go plenipotentiaries of the United States charged

Ce 4-3259 with negotiating peace with Great Britain, Macready. Irishman in London. Hb 10–10998 shewing the conditions on which alone that MacRee, G. J. Life and correspondence of James government is willing to put an end to the Iredell. N. Y., 1857. 2 v. 8° Da 7-4728

W., 1814. 8°

Ba 6-125 Macro, C. Charters from the library of. Cam. Soc. - Message respecting a demand made by the SpanPub. V. 8

Ce 6-3302 ish government for a surrender of part of the MacSherry, James. History of Maryland from its state of Louisiana. W., 1816, 8° Cb 6-2628

first settlement in 1634 to the year 1848. Bal., - Papers purchased by order of congress, being his 1848. 80

Ch 10–2782 correspondence and reports of debates during MacSherry, Richard. El Puchero; or, a mixed dish the congress of the confederation, and his re

from Mexico, embracing Scott's campaign. ports of debates in the federal convention. N.,
Ph., 1850

Y., 1841. 3 v. 8o

Ba 5-102 Mactaggart, John. Three years in Canada, in 1826–

Adams, J. Q. Life of

Da 11-4839 7-8. L., 1829. 2 v. Df 11-6158 — Rivers, W. C. Life and times

Da 7-4734 Mac Vickar, John. 'Outlines of political cconomy; Madoc. R. Southey

Hf 5-12357 being a republication of the article upon that Madoc. Belknap, j. Account of Db 3-4894 subject contained in the Edinburgh supplement Madonna, Mary. M. O. W. Oliphant. Fa 13-14841 to the encyclopaedia Britannica. N. Y., 1825. Madonna. Jameson, Mrs. A. M. Legends of the 8o. Ba 7-152

Hc 3-11098 MacWborter, G. C. A popular hand-book of the new Madras. ' Norton, J: B. Letter to R. Lowe on the testament. N. Y., 1864 Ad 3-13384 presidency of

Dh 5-6475 Mad dogs. Far. J. Moore . Hlb 10–11000 Hand-book of .

Ck 7-4590 Mad lover. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10882 Madras versus America. J. T. Wheeler Ec 8-7724 Madagascar. Ellis, Wm. Three visits, 1853–6 Magdalene, of France. Strickland, A. Life Dh 8-6508

Dc 11-5368

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III. Letters from



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