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47. In the Interior Department: to the Commit. Interior De tee on Expenditures in the Interior Department; partment.

48. In the Department of Justice: to the Com- Department of mittee on Expenditures in the Department of Jus."


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Dec, 27, 1849.

Dec. 17, 1805.

Dec. 7, 1813.

49. In the Department of Agriculture: to the Department of Committee on Expenditures in the Department of Bee. 20, 1889. Agriculture;

50. On public buildings: to the Committee on Public Build Expenditures on Public Buildings;

Mar. 30, 1816. 51. All proposed action touching the rules and Rules. joint rules and order of business shall be referred to the Committee on Rules;

52. Touching the expenditure of the contingent Accounts. fund of the House, the auditing and settling of all Dec: 23, 1811: accounts which may be charged therein by order of the House: to the Committee on Accounts;

53. The ascertainment of the travel of members Mileage. of the House shall be made by the Committee on Sept. 18, 1831. Mileage and reported to the Sergeant-at-Arms;

54. Touching the Library of Congress, statuary, Library. and pictures: to the Joint Committee on the Li D brary;

55. All proposed legislation or orders touching Printing. printing shall be referred to the Joint Committee on Printing on the part of the House; 56. The enrollment of engrossed bills: to the Enrolled Bills.

Nov. 13, 1794. Joint Committee on Enrolled Bills.

57. The following-named committees shall have Committees leave to report at any time on the matters herein stated, viz: The Committee on Rules, on rules, joint; rules, and order of business; the Committee on Feb: 111: 1830. Elections, on the right of a member to his seat; the Committee on Ways and Means, on bills raising Feb. 11, 1880. revenue; the committees having jurisdiction of appropriations, the general appropriation bills; the Committee on Rivers and Harbors, bills for the Dec. 18 improvement of rivers and harbors; the Committee on Banking and Currency, bills relating to banking and currency; the Committee on Coinage, Aug. 31, 1893.

Mar. 16, 1844.

Feb. 1, 1827.

privileged to report at any time on certain sub. jects.

Feb. 14, 1890.

Mar. 2, 1865.

Apr. 9, 1879


tion pending con. onhanenutia annan sideration.

Weights, and Measures, bills relating to coinage; Dec. 18, 1885. the Committee on the Public Lands, bills for the

forfeiture of land grants to railroads and other corporations, bills preventing speculation in the public lands, and bills for the reservation of the public lands for the benefit of actual and bona fide set

tlers; the Committee on Enrolled Bills, enrolled Mar. 13, 1822. Mar. 16, 1860. bills; the Committee on Printing, on all matters

referred to them of printing for the use of the House Feb. 11. 1880or two Houses; the Committee on Accounts, on all

matters of expenditure of the contingent fund of

the House. Reports; how It shall always be in order to call up for considera

tion a report from the Committee on Rules, and

pending the consideration thereof the Speaker may Nodilatory mo. entertain one motion that the House adjourn; but

on after the result is announced, he shall not entertain Feb. 4, 1892.

any other dilatory motion until the said report shall

have been fully disposed of. Committees not 58. No committee, except the Committee on ting of House. Rules, shall sit during the sitting of the House Sept. 6, 1893. without special leave. Appropriation 59. It shall be the duty of the several committees

having jurisdiction of the general appropriation bills to report said appropriation bills (except the general deficiency bill) within eighty days after the committees are announced in a long session, and within forty days after the commencement of a short session; and if any committee fail to so report, the reasons for such failure shall be privileged for consideration when called for by any member of the House.


to sit during sit

Nov. 13, 1789.

bills, when to be reported.

Feb. 1, 1892.

DELEGATES. The Speaker shall appoint from among the DeleDelegates.

gates one additional member on each of the followAppointment ing committees, viz: Coinage, Weights, and Meas

14. ures; Agriculture; Military Affairs; Post-Office Feb. 11, 1880. and Post-Roads; Public Lands; Indian Affairs;

Private Land Claims; and Mines and Mining; and

of, on commit. tees.

Mar. 29, 1876.

Committeo of Whole on state of

vate bills.

two on the Committee on the Territories; and they shall possess in their respective committees the same powers and privileges as in the House, and Their powers. may make any motion except to reconsider.


CALENDARS. 1. There shall be three calendars of business re. ported from committees, viz:

Union. First. A Calendar of the Committee of the Whole Feb. 11, 1880. House on the state of the Union; to which shall be referred bills raising revenue, general appropriation bills, and bills of a public character, directly or indirectly appropriating money or property;

Second. A House Calendar, to which shall be re. House Calendar. ferred all bills of a public character not raising revenue nor directly or indirectly appropriating money or property; and

Third. A Calendar of the Committee of the Whole Calendar of priHouse, to which shall be referred all bills of a private character.

2. All reports of committees on private bills, Reports on pri; together with the views of the minority, shall be viewsof minority delivered to the Clerk for printing and reference Clerk for refer. to the proper calendar under the direction of the Feb. 14, 1890. Speaker in accordance with the foregoing clause, and the titles or subjects thereof shall be entered on the Journal and printed in the Record..

3. All bills reported adversely shall be laid on Adverse rethe table, unless the committee reporting the same "Feb. 27, 1890. at the time, or any Member within three days thereafter, shall request its reference to the Calendar, when it shall be referred as provided in clause one of this rule.

RULE XIV. OF DECORUM AND DEBATE. 1. When any Member desires to speak or deliver Me any matter to the House, he shall rise and respect-fore addressing fully address himself to “ Mr. Speaker, and, on Apr. 7, 1789. being recognized, may address the House from any

vate bills and

to be delivered to

enceto calendars.

Feb. 1, 1892.

Sept. 6, 1893.

Member to be recognized be


cides who enti

Limit of one

Dec. 18, 1847.

to close debate;

to order shall sit down.

A pr. 7, 1789.

Debate con place on the floor or from the Clerk's desk, and fined to pending

shall confine limself to the question under debate, Dec. 23, 1811.

avoiding personality. Speaker de. 2. When two or more Members rise at once, the tled to floor.Speaker shall name the Member who is first to Apr. 7, 1789.

*** speak; and no Member shall occupy more than debatere one hour in debate on any question in the House 1847. or in the committee, except as further provided in

this rule. Additional hour 3. The Member reporting the measure under when allowed. consideration from a committee may open and

close, where general debate has been had thereon; and if it shall extend beyond one day, he shall be entitled to one hour to close, notwithstanding he

may have used an hour in opening. Member called 4. If any Member, in speaking, or otherwise,

transgress the rules of the House, the Speaker Mar. 13, 1822. shall, or any Member may, call him to order; in

which case he shall immediately sit down, unless permitted on motion of another Member to ex

plain, and the House shall, if appealed to, decide Right to proceed decided on the case, without debate; if the decision is in

favor of the Member called to order, he shall be

at liberty to proceed, but not otherwise; and, if the anish: case require it, he shall be liable to censure or such

punishment as the House may deem proper. Words except ed to taken down. 5. If a Member is called to order for words spoken Sept. 14, 1837.

in debate, the Member calling him to order shall indicate the words excepted to, and they shall be taken down in writing at the Clerk's desk and read

aloud to the House; but he shall not be held to

era answer, nor be subject to the censure of the House business inter. therefor, if further debate or other business has in


8 6. No Member shall speak more than once to the on same ques. same question without leave of the House, uwless as to mover of he be the mover, proposer, or introducer of the proposition. Apr. 7, 1789. Jan. 14. 1840.

matter pending, in which case he shall be permitted to speak in reply, but not until every Member choosing to speak shall have spoken.

without debate.

Liable to cen


Not answera. ble if debate or


Member to speak but once

tion; exception

smoking, etc.,

debate and roll

Apr. 7, 1789.


Feb. 28, 1871.

Feb. 11, 1880.

bers rolle

After second roll call request

7. While the Speaker is putting a question or Cross addressing the House no Member shall walk out of forbidden during or across the Hall, nor, when a Member is speak-call.. ing, pass between him and the Chair; and during Sept. 14, 1837. the session of the House no Member shall wear his Sept. 1, 1893. hat, or remain by the Clerk's desk during the call of the roll or the counting of ballots, or smoke upon the floor of the House; neither shall any other person be allowed to smoke on the floor of the House at any time; and the Sergeant-at-Arms and Doorkeeper are charged with the strict enforcement of this clause.

RULE XV. ON CALLS OF THE ROLL AND HOUSE. 1. Upon every roll call the names of the Members ro shall be called alphabetically by surname, except to vote not enterwhen two or more have the same surname, in Apr. 7, 1789, which case the name of the State shall be added; and if there be two such Members from the same State, the whole name shall be called; and after the roll has been once called, the Clerk shall call in their alphabetical order the names of those not voting; and thereafter the Speaker shall not entertain a request to record a vote.

2. Upon every roll call, and before the beginning Tellers to be thereof, the Speaker shall name two Members, one mencement of from each side of the pending question, if practicable, who shall take their places at the Clerk's desk to tell the names of at least enough Members who are in the Hall of the House during the roll call who do not respond, when added to those responding, to make a quorum. If a quorum does answers, 'tellers not respond on the roll call, then the names of pages of those those so noted as present shall be reported to the Speaker, who shall cause the list to be called from which shall be the Clerk's desk and recorded in the Journal; and nal. in determining the presence of a quorum to do business those who voted, those who answered “present," and those so reported present, shall be

appointed at com.

roll call.

If no quorum

present and not answering,

entered in Jour.

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