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Kerr, Robert, continued.

Kettell, Samuel, continued. the expedition of Hernando Cortes against

with critical and biographical notices B., 1829. Mexico; 5. History of the discovery and con

Hf 9-12417
quest of Mexico, written in the year 1568, by Kewen, E. J. C., and Frank Soule. Oration and poem
Capt. Bernal Diaz del Castillo. IV., Part 11.,
Bk. l., continued, Chap. 5, continued. Con-

before the society of California pioneers at their quest of Mexico, continued ; 6. History of

celebration of the anniversary of the admission the discovery and conquest of Peru, by

of the state of California into the union
Francisco Pizarro, written by Augustino Zar-
ate; 7. Continuation of the early history of

Bh 6-Pam. 17
Peru, by Zarate. V., Part II., Bk. II., con-

Khalifeh, Haji

. History of the maritime wars of the tinued, Chap. 7, continued. History of Peru by

Turks. Trans. by J. Mitchell. L., 1831. 4o Zarate, concluded ; 8. Continuation of the early history of Peru, from 1449 to the death of the

Cf 12–15575 Inca Tupac Amarn, extracted from Garcilasco

Kickleburys abroad. W. w. Thackeray Fe 9–15323 de la Vega ; 9. History of the discovery and

Kidd, John. On the adaptation of external nature to conquest of Chili; 10. Discovery of Florida, and account of several ineffectual attempts to con

the physical condition of man, principally with quer and settle that country by the Spaniards.

reference to the supply of his wants and the VI., Part 11., Bk. 11., continued, Chap. 11. Early

exercise of his intellectual faculties. Ph., 1835 English voyages of discovery to America; 12.

Ga 6-8764
Voyages of Jacques Cartier from St. Maloes to
Newfoundland and Canada, in 1534-5. Bk. III.

Kidder, Daniel, P. Sketches of residence and travels
Continuation of the discoveries and conquests

in Brazil, embracing historical and geographiof the Portuguese in the east, with some account of the early voyages of other European

cal notices of the empire and its several pronations to India. Chap. 1. Discoveries of the

vinces. Ph., 1845. 2 v. 8° Ch 644100 Portuguese, from 1505 to 1539 ; 2. Particular re

Kidder, Frederick. Military operations in eastern lation of the expedition of Solyman Pacha from

Maine and Nova Scotia during the revolution, Suez to India against the Portuguese at Diu, written by a Venetian officer; 3. Voyage of

chiefly compiled from the journals and letters Don Stefano de Gama from Goa to Suez, in 1540,

of Col. John Allen. Alb., 1867. 8° Cb 9-2738 written by Don Juan de Castro; 4. Portuguese

Kiffhauser-Berg. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 transactions in India, from 1541 to 1581. VII., Part 11., Bk. III., continued, Chap. 5. Voyages

Kill or cure. Far. C. Dance

Hb 10-10994 and travels in Egypt, Syria, Arabía, Persia, and Kimball, R. B. Henry Powers (banker) Fc 15–15094 India, by Ludovico Verthema, in 1503; 6. Voy

In the tropics, by a settler in Santo Domingo, with ages and travels of Cesar Frederick in India; 7. Early English voyages to Guinea, and other

an introductory notice. N. Y., 1863 parts of the west coast of Africa ; 8. Some mis

Ch 7-4123
cellaneous early voyages of the English; 9. – Prince of Kashna; à West Indian story
Early voyages of the English to the East Indies.

Fc 15–15098
VIII., Part II., Bk. III., continued, Chap. 10.
Early voyages of the English to India after the es-

Romance of student life abroad Fc 15–15096 tablishment of the English East India company.

St. Leger .

Fc 15-15095 IX., Part 11., Bk. III., continued, Chap. 11. Con


Fc 15–15097 tinuation of the early voyages of the East India company to India. X., Part II., Bk. IV., Chap:


Fc 15–15099 1. Early circumnavigations, or voyages round

Was he successful

Fc 15-15093 the world; Voyage of Ferdinand Magellan

Kind der Liebe. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10921
round the world, 1519-22; 2. Voyage of Sir
Francis Drake round the world ; 3. Voyage of King, C. W. Antique gems: their origin, uses, and
Sir Thomas Candish, in 1586-88; 4. Voyage of

value, as interpreters of ancient history, and as Oliver Van Noort round the world, 1598-1601; 5.

illustrative of ancient art; with hints to gem Voyage of George Spilbergen, 1614-17; 6. Voyage round the world, in 1615-17, by Wm. Cor

collectors. L., 1866. 8°

Eb 6-7510 nelius Schouten and Jacques le Maire, going - Natural history of precious stones and of the preround Cape Horn; 7. Voyage of the Nassau

cious metals. L., 1870

Eb 6–15779 fleet round the world, 1623–6, under the command of Jacques le Hermite; 8. Voyage round

King, Dan. Life and times of Thomas Wilson Dorr; the world, 1683-91, by Capt. John Cooke, accom

with outlines of the political history of Rhode panied by Capt. Cowley and Capt. Wm. Dam

Island. B., 1859 .

Da 11-4813 pier; 9. Voyage by Wm. Funnell, 1703-6; 10. Voyage by Capt. Woods Rogers, and Stephen

King, E. F. (Editor.) Ten thousand wonderful things, Courtney, 1708-11; 11. Voyage of John Clipper

comprising whatever is marvellous and rare in ton, 1719-22; 12. Voyage by Capt. George Shel

all ages. L., n. d.

He 4-11948 vocke, 1719-22. XI., Part 11., Bk. IV., continued,

King, J. Anthony.' Twenty-four years in the ArgenChap. 13. Voyage by Commodore Roggewein, 1721-23; 14. Voyage by George Anson, 1740-44.

tine republic, its civil and military history, an XII., Part Ii., Bk. 1., Chap. 1. An account of

account of its political condition before and Commodore Byron's voyage, 1764-", in the Dolphin; 2. Wallis's voyage in 1766-8, in the Dol

during the administration of Gov. Rosas. N.Y., phin; 3. Cartaret's voyage, in 1766-9, in the


Ch 6-4105
Swallow ; 4. Cook's voyage in 1768-70, in the King, lord Peter. 'Life of John Locke; with extracts
Endeavor. XIII. Cook's voyage continued :
Appendix, containing an abstract of the voyage

from his correspondence, journals, and comround the world, by Lewis de Bougainville, in

mon-place books. L., 1830. 2 v. 8° Dc 8–5301 the La Boudeuse and L'Etoile, in the year 1769. King, Philip P. Narrative of a survey of the interXIV., Part III.. Bk, Il. An account of a voyage towards the south pole, and round the world in

tropical and western coasts of Australia, perthe ships Resolution and Adventure, in 1772-5,

formed between the years 1818 and 1822. written by James Cook, commander of the

1827. 2 v. 8°

Dh 9–6536
Resolution. XV., Part III., Bk. 11., continued. King, Rufus. Substance of two speeches delivered
Bk. III. A voyage to the Pacific ocean, to deter-
mine the position and extent of the west side

in the senate of the United States on the subof North Åmerica, its distance from Asia, and

ject of the Missouri bill. N. Y., 1819 the practicability of a northern passage to Eu

Bh 6-Pam, 2
rope, under the direction of Captains Cook, King, T. Butler. Report on California. w., 1850
Clerke, and Gore, in the Resolution and Dis-
covery, 1776-80. XVI., Bk. III., continued.

Bh 6-Pam. 9
XVII., Bk. III., continued. Appendix No. 1. King, T. Starr. The white hills; their legends, land-
Byron's narrative; Appendix No. 2. Bulkeley's
narrative. XVIII. Historical sketch of the pro-

scape and poetry. B., 1860. 8o. Df 6-5982 gress of discovery, navigation, and commerce,

King, W. Ross. The sportsman and naturalist in from the earliest records to the beginning of the

Canada; or, notes on the natural history of the nineteenth century, by Wm. Stevenson; Catalogue os voyages and travels.

game, game-birds and fish of that country. L., 1866. 8°

Ga 8-7363 Ketchum, Wm. Authentic and comprehensive his- King, W. R. Obituary addresses on the death of, in

tory of Buffalo, with some account of its early the senate and house of representatives, Dec., inhabitants, both savage and civilized. Buf., 18.53. W., 1854. 8°

Db 8-5001 1864. 2 v. 80

Cc 2–2858 King and deserter. Drama. J. M. Maddox Kettell, Samuel. Specimens of American poetry,

Hb 9-10971




King and no king. Beaumont and Fletcher

Kingsborough, Lord, continued.

Hb 7-10882 royal library at Paris; Fac-simile of an origiKing Arthur. Bulwer-Lytton

Hf 5-12347 nal Mexican hieroglyphic painting from the King charming. Drama. J. R. Plancé Hb 10-10995 collection of Boturini; Fac-simile of an original King Edward IV. (First and Second parts.) T. Hey- Mexican painting preserved in the collection wood

Hb 3-10813
of Sir T. Bodley, Oxford

Af 1-13520 King Henry IV. First part. Shakespeare Hb 1-10756 – Vol. II. Copy of a Mexican MS. in the library of King Henry IV. Second part. Shakespeare

the Vatican ; Fac-simile of an original Mexican

Hb 5-10634 painting given by Archbishop Laud to the uniKing Henry iv. Shakespeare. s. s. Pub.

versity of Oxford, preserved in the Bodleian ;

Hb 3-10827 Fac-simile of an original Mexican painting preKing Henry V. Shakespeare

Hb 1-10719 served in the library of the institute at Bologna; King Henry VI. First part. Shakespeare Hb 5–10634 Fac-simile of an original Mexican painting in King Henry VI. Second part. Shakespeare

the library at Vienna; Fac-similes of Mexican Hb 5-1063.)

imperial paintings in the royal library, Berlin King Henry VI. Third part. Shakespeare Hb 5-10635

Af 1-13521 King Henry VI. First sketches of 20 and 3d parts.

- Vol. III. Fac-simile of an original Mexican paintShakespeare. S. S. Pub.

Hb 3-10815

ing preserved in the Borgian museum, at the King Henry VIII. Shakespeare Hb 1-10753 college of Propaganda in Rome ; Fac-simile of King John. Shakespeare

Hb 1-10752 an original Mexican painting preserved in the King Lear. Shakespeare

Hb 1-10751

royal library at Dresden; Fac-simile of an oriKing of the commons. Drama. J. White Hb 9-10953 ginal Mexican painting preserved at Pess in King of the golden rivers. J. Ruskin Ilc 4-11141 Hungary ; Fac-simile of an original Mexican King Rene's daughter. Drama. H. Herz Hb 10-11004 painting in the library of the Vatican King Richard II. Shakespeare Hb 5-10634

Af 1-13522 King Richard III. Shakespeare . Hb 1-10753 – Vol. IV. Monuments of New Spain by M. DuKing sham, and other atrocities. L. N. Greenleaf

paix, from drawings executed for the king of

Hf 11-12465 Spain; Specimens of Mexican sculpture in the King Victor and King Charles. Trag. R. Browning possession of M. Allard in Paris ; Specimens of

Hf2-12184 Mexican sculpture in the British museum ; Kinglake, Alexander W. Invasion of the Crimea ; its Plates from G. Careri's Giro del Mondo, with

origin, and an account of its progress, to the an engraving of a Mexican cycle; Specimens death of Lord Raglan. L., 1863–8. 4 v. 8°

of Peruvian quipus, with plates representing a

Cf 9-3644 carved Peruvian box, containing a collection of - Invasion of the Crimea; its origin, etc. N. Y., supposed Peruvian quipus

All 1-13523 1863–8. 2 v.

CF 9-3648 Vol. V. Extrait de M. de Humboldt sur les monuKinglake, J. A. Eothen; or, traces of travel brought mens de l'Amerique; Explicacion de la coleccion

home from the east. N. Y., 1845 Dg 6-6343 de Mendoza; Esplicacion del Codex TellerianoKingman, Bradford. History of North Bridgewater, Remensis; Codice Mexicano, che si conserva

Mass., from its settlement to the present time, nella biblioteca Vaticana; Viages de G. Dupaix

with family registers. B., 1866. go Cc 6–2950 sobre las antigüedades Mejicanas; Libro sexKing's highway. G. P. R. James Fb 10-14591

to de la retorica y filosofia, etc., de la gente Kings of England. Baker, R. Chronicles of

Mexicana, por B. de Sahagun Af 1-13524

Ca 1-2189 - Vol. VI. Contains the same papers as v. 5; - Cobbe, T.' History of the Norman kings

translated into English, with numerous addiDc 4-16476 tional notes.

Af 1-13525 - Halliwell, J. O. Letters of

Cf 6-3580 – Vol. VII. Historia universal de las cosas de Neuva – Thackeray, W. M. The four Georges De 1-5079 España. Por Bernardino de Sahagun Af1-13526 - William of Malmesbury. Chronicles to king Ste- – Vol. VIII. Supplementary notes to the antiquiphen

Cf 7-3595

ties of Mexico, in continuation of those in v.6; - Wright, T Caricature history of the Georges

Supplementary extracts from the Spanish an

Ci 6-3584 thors Torquemada, Acosta, and Garcia ; Adair's King's own. Fred. Marryat

Fc 12-15014 history of the North American Indians; Cartas King's rival. Drama. T. Taylor, and C. Reade

ineditas de Hernando Cortes ; Relaciones inediHb 9-10959 tas de Oviedo

Af 1-13527 King's (George IV.) treatment of the queen shortly – Vol. IX. Cronica Mexicana de Fernando de Alstated to the people of England. L., 1820. 8° varado Tezozomoc; Ilistoria chichimeca por

Dd 6-15911

Don Fernando de Alya Ixtlilxochitl; Relaciones Kingsborough, Lord. Antiquities of Mexico, compris- historicas de Ixtlilxochitl ; Ritos antiguos, sac

ing fac-similes of ancient Mexican paintings rificios e idolatrias de los Indios de la Nueva and hieroglyphics, preserved in the royal libra- España y de su conversion á la Fée y quinenes ries of Paris, Berlin, and Dresden; in the im

fueron los que primero la predicaron perial library at Vienna ; in the Vatican library;

Af 1-13528 in the Borgian museum at Rome; in the libra Kingsford, Jane. The soprano ; a musical story ry of the institute at Bologna ; and in the Bod

IIb 12–11040 leiar library at Oxford; together with the mon

- The tone masters, a musical series for young peouments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix; with ple. Mozart and Mendelssohn. B., 1870 their respective scales of measurement and ac

Hb 10-10989 companying descriptions; the whole illustrat- Kingsley, Calvin. 'Round the world; a series of leted by many valuable inedited manuscripts ; ters. Cin., 1870. 2 v.

Dg 1-4610 the drawings on stone by A. Aglio, with two Kingsley, Charles. Alton Locke Fc 14-15109 supplementary volumes. L., 1831–48. 9 v. fo · Andromeda, and other poems. B., 1858 Af 1-13520

If 0-12373 - Vol. I. Fac-simile of an original Mexican paint- – Glaucus; or, the wonders of the shore, B., 1855 ing, preserved in the Selden collection of MSS.

Dk 10–7054 in the Bodleian ; Fac-simile of an original Mex

Hereward; the last of the English Fc 14–15110 ican painting preserved in the Selden collec- The hermits. Ph., 1868

Dd 1-5389 tion in the Bodleian; Copy of the collection of Hypatia

FC 14-15111 Mendoza preserved in the Bodleian library ; New miscelanies. B., 1860

He 3-11921 Copy of the Codex Telleriano-Remensis, in the - Poems. B., 1856

III 7-12:78

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Kingsley, Charles, continued.

Kirkwood, D. Meteoric astronomy; a treatise on Roman and the Teuton, the; a series of lectures shooting stars, fire-balls, and aerolites. Ph., delivered before the university of Cambridge. 1867

Eb 8-7536 Cam., 1864. 8

Ca 5-2316 Kirwan. Pseudonym of Rev. N. Murray. Sir Walter Raleigh and his times, with other pa- Kismet; or, the doom of Turkey. C. MacFarlane pers. B., 1859 Dc 7-5263

Cf 11-3715 Two years ago

Fc 14–15112 Kiss in the dark. Far. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-10994 - Westward ho! Fc 14–15113 Kisses, the. S. Johannes

Ha 3-15969 Yeast

Fc 14–15108 Kitchell, Wm. Second annual report of the geologiYeast, and Alton Locke

Fc 14-15107 cal survey of the state of New Jersey, for the Kingsley, Henry. Austin Elliot. Fc 14–15101 year 1855. Trenton, 1856 .

Eb 41477 Austin Elliot and Leighton court Fc 14–15103 Kitchi-Gami. J. G. Kohl

Df 6-5987 Geoffry Hamlyn

Fc 14–15106 Kitto, John. Cyclopaedia of biblical literature. N. Hillyars and Burtons

Fc 14-15105
Y., 1852. 2 v. 8°

Ad 1-13198 Leighton court

Fc 14-15102 - Daily bible illustrations; being original readings Ravenshoe

Fc 14-15100 for a year on subjects from sacred history, biog. Stretton

Fc 14-15104 raphy, geography, antiquities, and theology. Tales of old travel. L., 1869. He 7-13647

N. Y., 1870. 4 v.

Ad 5–13412 Kingsley, James L. Life of Ezra Stiles. S. A. B. v. History of Palestine from the patriarchal age to 16

Da 8-4706
the present time. B., n. d.

Dg 6-6342 Kingsley, v. W. French intervention in America. Scripture lands; described in a series of historical, N. Y., 1863

Bh 5-Pam. 62 geographical, and topographical sketches. L., Kingsmill, Joseph. Chapters on prisons and prison


Dg 5–6281 ers. L., 1852. 8 Ba 9–201 Kleine deklamator. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10932 Missions and missionaries, historically reviewed Kleine Zigeunerin. Sch. Kotzebnie Hb 8-10933 from their commencement. L., 1853. 8° Klencke, R. F. H., and G. Schlesier. Lives of the

Ed 1-7808 brothers Humboldt, Alexander and William. Kingston, w. II. G. Cruise of the Frolic

Trans. and arranged from the German, by J.
Fc 14-15116
Bauer. N. Y., 1853

De 10-5770 Ernest Bracebridge

Fc 14–15115 Kling, C. F. See Lange, J. P., and Ad 3-13367 Western wanderings; or, a pleasure tour in the Klose, Charles L. Memoirs of prince Charles SiuCanadas. L., 1856. 2 v.

Df 11-6154 art, commonly called the young pretender, with Kington, T. L. History of Frederick II., emperor of notices of the rebellion in 1745. L., 1845. 2v, the Romans, from chronicles and documents


Dc 3–11859 published within the last ten years. Cam., Kloster

, das. W. Scott

Aa 8-13062 1862. 2 v. 8°

De 11-15832 Kluge frau un Walde. Kotzebue Hb 8-10926 Kinkaid, Eugenio. Patton, A. S. Hero missionary Knapp, F. Chemical technology; or, chemistry ap

Da 9–4794 plied to the arts and to manufactures. Trans. Kinney, Elizabeth C. Felicita ; à metrical romance. by Ronolds and Richardson; with notes by W. N. Y., 1855

Hf 11-12498

R. Johnson. Ph., 1848. 2 v. 8° Eb 2-7892 Kinzie, Mrs. J. H. Wau-bun; early day in the north- Knapp, G. A. The eye and its diseases. 1855 west. N. Y., 1856. 8° Df 8–6047

Bh 6-Pam. 36 Kip, W. I. Catacombs of Rome, as illustrating the Knapp, elder Jacob. Autobiography; with an introchurch of the first three centuries. N.Y., 1854 ductory essay by Jeffery. N.Y., 1868 Db 7-4985

Di 7–6756 Knapp, Samuel, L. Advice in the pursuits of literaThe Christmas holydays in Rome. N. Y., 1846

ture, etc. N. Y., 1832

He 14-12137 Di 7-6761 - Lectures on American literature, with remarks on – The early jesuit missions in N. America ; compiled some passages of American history. N. Y., and translated from the letters of the French

1829. 8°

Ha 10–10619 jesuits, with notes. N. Y., 1846.

(Two parts

— Life of Thomas Eddy. N.Y., 1834. 8° Da 74111 Df 7-16153 Knapsack, the. M. Edgeworth

Fb 9-16.572 Kirby, Wm.' On the power, wisdom, and goodness Knickerbocker, or New York monthly, from vol. 9,

of God, as manifested in the creation of animals 1837, to vol. 58, 1861. N. Y., 1837–61. 46 y. and in their history, habits, and instincts. L.,

Bi 6-1814 18.52. 2 v.

Dk 3-8384 Knight, Charles. Cyclopeadia of the industry of all Kirby, William, and W. Spence. Introduction to en- nations. 1851. L., 1851. 8° Ad 7-13446 tomology. L., 1856

Dk 7-7016 - Half hours with the best authors. L., n. d. 4 v. Kirghis steppes. Atkinson, T. W. Explorations in

He 12-12097 the

Dh 6-6489
London. L., 1851. - 3 v.

Ce 1-3206 Kirk, John F. History of Charles the Bold, duke of Popular history of England; an illustrated history

Burgundy. Ph., 1864. 3 v. 8° De 4-5680 of society and government from the earliest Kirke, E. See J. R. Gilmore.

period to our own times. L., 1856-62. Sv. Kirkland, Mrs. C. M. The evening book; or, fireside

Cf 243508 talk on morals and manners, with sketches of Standard library cyclopaedia of political, constituwestern life. N. Y., 1852 .

He 2-11899

tional, statistical, and forensic knowledge. L., - Holidays abroad; or, Europe from the west. N. 1848.

Ac 6-13213 Y., 1849. 2 v.

Di 3–6647 Knight, Helen C. Life of James Montgomery. B., - (Compiler.) Patriotic eloquence; selections from 1857

De 6-5240 100 years of national literature. N. Y., 1866 Knight of Arva. Com. D. Boucicauit Hb 9-10966

He 12-12096 Knight of the burning pestle. Beaumont and Fletcher Kirkland, c. p. Destiny of our country. N. Y.,

Hb 7-10883 1864

Bh š-Pam. 65 Knight of Gwynne. Charles Lever Fb 6-14100 - Letter on the treatment to be extended to the Knight of Malta. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10883 rebels individually.


Knightage. See Baronetage.

Bh 5-Pain. 67 Knighthood. Nicholas, N. I History of the orders Kirkland, Frazer. Cyclopaedia of commercial and of

Af 413556 business anecdotes. N. Y., 1865. 2 v. 8° Knightly soldier. II. C. Trumbull

Db 5-4957 He 8–12023 Knighton, Wm. Tropical sketches; or, reminiscenKirkland, Samuel. Lothrop, s. K. Life of. S. A. B. ces of an Indian journalist. L., 1855. ? v. go V. 25 Da 8-4711

Dh 8-6518

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4 v.

N. Y.,

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V. 15

v. 1


Knights. Com. Aristophanes
Ha . G. H. Boker

Hf 11-12466
Knights. Far. S. Foote
Hlb 1-10737 Koningsmarke. James K. Paulding

Fb 12-14488 Knights hospitallers in England. Cam. Soc. Pub., 65 Koordistan. Fowler, G. Travelling adventures Ce 9-16026

Dh 4-6453 Knights of the frozen sea; a narrative of arctic dis- Marsii, D. w. 'The Tennesseean in

Dh 4-6455 covery and adventure, by the author of Harry Southgate, H. Tour through

Dh 4-6459 Lawton's adventures. N. Y., 1867

Koran. Mohammed

Ca 10-2491 Df 3-5912 Korea. See Corea. Knights of Malta. Sutherland, A. Achievements of Kosack. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10936 Ch 11-16559 Kossuth, Louis. Memoirs of

Cg 9-3947 knout and the Russians. G. De Lagny Cf 9-3661 See Hungary and its revolutions. Know your own mind. Com. A. Murphy

Kostlichste. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10930 İb 1-10749 Kotzebue, A. F. F. von. Theatre. Leip. and Wien., Knowledge. Burghi, James. The dignity of human 1840. 40 v. in 20

Hb 8-10921 nature. Part II.

Hc 8-11239 - Vol. I. Biographische nachrichten ; Eremit auf – Essay on the definition and division of

Formentera; Menschenbasz und Reue; Die Bh 6-Pam. 20 Indianer in England .

Hb 8-10921 - Hutton, J. Principles of

Hc 9-11280 – Vol. II. Die sonnenjungfrau ; Das kind der liebe; - Park, R. Pantology

Ac 5-13109

Der weibliche Jakobiner-klubb Hb 8-10921 Knowledge for the time. J. Timbs He 7-16497 – Vol. III. Der Spiegelritter; Bruder Moritz, der Knowledge of Christ crucified. S. Charnock

sonderling; Die edle Lüge; Der Papagei Ef 3-8240

Hb 8-10922 Knowles, James, D. Memoir of Roger Williams, the – Vol. iv. Sultan Wampun; Graf Benjowski, oder founder of the state of Rhode Island. B., 1834 die Berschwörung auf Kamtschatka; Die

Db 7-4983

Spanier in Peru, oder Rollas Tod HD 8-10922 Knowles, J. S. Brian Boroilme.' F's S. D.

– Vol. V. Armuth und Edelsinn; Der mann von

Hb 9-10959 vierzig Jahren; Die negerskiaven ; Die ver– The bridai. F's S. D. v. 6

Hb 9-10954

Hb 8-10923 - The hunchback. F's S. D. v.2 Hb 9-10952 - Vol. VI. Die Witwe und das Reitpferd; Der - Lore. F's S. D.

v. 9
Hb 9-10956

Wildfang ; Der Graf von Burgund; Falsche - Love chase. F's S. D. v.3. Hb 9-10953


Hb 8 -10923 - Virginius. F's S. D. v. 4

Hb 9-10953 – Vol. VII. La Peyrouse ; Die Versöhnung; Die The wife. F's S. D.

Hb 9-10952 Verwandtschaften ; Die Unglücklichen
William Tell. F's S. D. 5
Hb 9-10954

HD 8-10924 Knox, John. Historical Journal of the campaigns in

– Vol. VIII. Der Opferiod; Das Dorf im GeNorth America for the years 1757-60 ; con- birge; Die silberne Hochzeit Hb 8-10924 taining the most remarkable occurrences of - Vol. IX. Die Corsen; Der alte Leibkutscher that period, particularly the two sieges of Que- Peter des Dritten; Ueble Laune; Johanna von bec, etc. L., 1769. 2 v. 40

Cb 1-2474

Hb 8–10925 Writings of. Ph., n. d.

Ee 6-8089 Vol. X. Das Schreibepult ; Der Gefangene; Der - McCrie, Thomas. Life of

Dc 10–5334 lıyperboräische Esel; Das neue Jahrhundert ; Knox, John P. Historical account of St. Thomas, Der Taubstumme, oder Der Abbé de l'Epée W. I., with its rise and progress in commerce, (von Bouilly)

Hb 8-10925 missions and churches, natural history, botany,

- Vol. XI. Loin der Wahrheit; Das epigramm; etc., and notices of St. Croix and St. Johns. Die kluge Frau im Walde, oder Der stumme N. Y., 1852.

Ch 7-4119

Hb 8-10926 Knox, Robert Races of men ; a philosophical en - Vol. XII. Die Zurückkunst des Vaters ; Octavia; quiry into the influence of race over the des

Die beiden Klingsberg

Hb 8-10926 tinies of nations. L.; 1826

Ch 9-4171 - Vol. XIII. Gustav Wasa ; Bayard Hb 8-10927 Knox, V. Essays moral and literary. L., 1785 - Vol. XIV. Der Besuch, oder Die sucht zu glän

Hd 12-11695

zen; Des Teufels Lustschlosz; Die barmherSpirit of despotism. L., 1822 80':

Ba 3-4274

zigen Brüder; Cleopatra ; Unser Fritz; Die Koch, Charles. "The Crimea and Odessa ; journal of schlaue witwe, oder die temperamente; Der

a tour, with an accout of the climate and Hahnenschlag ; Ariadne auf Naros
vegetation. L., 1855
Di 10-6690

Hb 8-10927 Koch, Christopher William. History of the revolu

– Vol. xv. Die deutschen Kleinstädter; Die frantions in Europe, from the subversion of the zolischen Kleinstädter; Der Wirrwarr, oder Roman empire in the west, to the congress of Der Muthwillige; Die Flussiten vor Naumburg Vienna. Continuation to the year 1815, by M.

im Jahre 1432

Hb 8–10928 Schoell. Middletown, 1836. 8° Cg 1-3738 – Vol. XVI. Hugo Grotius; Der Schauspieler Koeppen, A. L. The world in the middle ages. N. wider willen ; Urtheil des Paris ; Die Tochter Y., 1854. fo

Ca 1-2188

Pharaonis; Rübezahl; Incognito; Die Uhr Kohl, J. G. Austria, Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Bo- und die Mandeltorte; Sultan Bimbambum,

hemia, and the Danube; Galicia, Styria, Mo. oder Der triumph der Wahrheit Hb 8-10928 ravia, Bukovina and the military frontier. L., - Vol. XVII. Don Ranudo de Colibrados; Pagen1841. go

Cg 9-3953 streiche; Der todte Nesse; Die hubsche kleine - Kitchi-Gami. Wanderings around lake Superior. Putzmacherin ; Der Gimpel auf der messe; L., 1860. 80

Di 6-5987 Hygea; Die sparbuchse, oder der arme Kan- Scotland, Glasgow, the Clyde, Edinburghi, the didat

Hb 8-10929 Forth, Sterling, etc. Ph., 1844. Bh 6-Pam. 8

– Vol. XVIII. 'Mädchenfreundschaft, oder Der Kolli, Baron de. Memoirs relative to his secret mis- turkische Gefandte; Der trunkenbold; Eduard sion in 1810, for liberating Ferdinand VII.,

in Schottland, oder die Nacht eines Flüchtking of Spain, from captivity at Valencay; lings; Der Vater von Ungefähr; Der Abschied; written by himself. To which are added me- Heinrich Reusz von Plauen, oder Die Belagemoirs of the queen of Etruria, written by her- rung von Marienburg; Die Stricknadeln seif, L., 1823 De 8-5760

Ilb 8-10929 Kollonitz, countess Paula.

The court of Mexico. _ Vol. XIX. Die Schule der Frauen; Fanchon, das Trans. by J. E. Ollivant. L., 1867. 8°

Leiermädchen; Die gefährliche NachbarCh 5-11872

schatt; Das Kostlichste; Eulenspiegel Komödiantin aus Liebe. Kötzebue IIb 8-10933

Hb 8-10930 KOTZEBUE.



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v. 3

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Kotzebue, A. F. F. von, continued.

Kotzebue, A. F. F. von, continued. - Vol. XX. Brandschatzung; Das verlorne kind; Menschenhasz und Reue; Die eifersüchtige Die Organe des Gehirns; Blinde Liebe; Caro- Frau

Hb 8-10940 lus Magnus; Der Sammtrock Hb 8-10930 Vol: XL. .Pfalzgraf Heinrich; Verlegenheit und – Vol. XXI. Das liebe Dörschen; Der Kater und list; Die Frau vom Hause; Der pluszgott Nie

der Rosenstock; Kaiser Claudius; Das lust- men und Noch Temand ; Noch Temands Reisespiel am Fenster; Das Strandrecht; Das Post- Abenteuer; Das liebhaber-theater vor dem parhaus in Treuenbrietzen; Der Leineweder; lament; Die schöne Unnbekannte Hb 8-10940 Der Stumme; Die Erbschaft ; Der Graf von - Adelaide of Wulfingen. T. G. T. v. 4 Hb 8–10941 Gleichen; Des deserteur

Hb 8-10931 Count Benyowsky. T. G. T. v. 2 Hb 8-10941 - Vol. XXII. Der Russe in Deutschland; Die Un- Deaf and dumb. T. G. T. v. 3 Hb 5-10942

vermählte; Das Gespenst; Die Englischen False delicacy. T. G. T. v.3 Hb 8-10942 Waren

Hb 8-10931 Happy family. T. G. T. v. 5 Hb 8-10:44 Vol. XXIII. Die Seeschlacht und die Meerkatze; Indian exiles. T. G. T.

Hb 8-40942 Das Landhaus an der Heerstrasze ; Der Lovers' vows.

T. G. T. V. 3

Hb 8-10942 kleine deklamator; Der Hagestolz und die Lovers' vows; or, the natural son. Drama. Körbe: Die Abendstunde; Ubaldo; Das In- Trans. by B. Thompson. L., 1801 Hb 8–10920 termezzo Hb 8-10932 – Stranger. F's S. D. v. 3

Hb 9-10952 – Vol. XXIV. Der blinde Gärtner; Herr Gottlieb Kourraglou. A. L. A. D. Dudevant Aa 4-12720

Merks; Pandorens Büchse; Die Zerstreuten ; Krapf, J. Lewis. Travels, researches, and missionary Der häusliche Zwift; Des Esels Schatten; Der labors during an eighteen years' residence in Harem

Hb 8-10932

Eastern Africa; together with journeys to - Vol. XXV. Die kleine Zigeunerin ;

Der ver

Jagga, Usambara, Shoa, and a coasting voybannte Amor; Die Feuerprobe; Blind geladen age from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. B., 1860. Hb 8–10933

Dg 10–6206 Vol. XXVI. Der arme Minnesinger ; Die Komö- Kreuzfahrer. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10936 diantin aus Liebe; Das zugemauerte Fenster; Krummacher, Frederick W. David, the king of IsDie Glucklichen; Sorgen oline Noth und rael; a portrait drawn from bible history and Noth ohne Sorgen; Das arabische Pulver; the book of psalms. Trans. by M. G. Easton, Feodore

Hb 8-10993
N. Y., 1868

Ed 8-7929 — Vol. XXVII. Die alten Liebschaften; Das Thal – The suffering Saviour; or, meditations on the last

von Almeria ; Der Lügenfeind ; Die Quäker; days of Christ. Trans. by Samuel Jackson. Das unsichthare Mädchen ; Pachter Feldküm

B., 1857

Eg 4-8472 mel; Die neue Frauenschule Hb 8-10934 Kurr, Dr. J. G. Mineral kingdom. E., 1859.40 – Vol. XXVIII. Die Belagerung von Saragossa ;

Ae 2–1598 Mar Helfenstein ; Die Rosen des Herrn von Kurten, Philip. The art of manufacturing soaps, inMalesherbes; Die beiden kleinen Aubergna- cluding the most recent discoveries; einbracing ten ; Die Masken; Der arme poet; Das geth- the best methods for making hard, soft, and eilte Herz; Die respektable Gefellschaft

toilet soaps. Ph., 1854

Gb 5-9055 IIb 8–10937 Kurtz, John Henry. Manual of sacred history; a – Vol. XXIX. Der brief aus Cadir; Die deutsche

guide to the understanding of the divine plan of Ilaustrau ; Belas Flucht; Ungarns erster Wohl- salvation according to its historical developthäter. Die Ruinen von Athen; Der Fluch ment. Trans. from the sixth German edi:ion, eines Römers; Die Nachtmütze des propheten by C. F. Schaeffer. Ninth edition. Ph., 1865 Elias; Die seltene Krankheit HD 8-10935

Ed 12-7987 – Vol

. XXX. Zwei Nichten für Eine; Braut und Kydur, Naik. Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan. History Bräutigam in einer person ; Die Prinzessin von


Dh 4-6414 Cacambo; Pervonte; Die Alpenhütte; Hans Kyteler, Alice. Trial for sorcery. Cam. Soc. Pub. Max Eiesbrecht von der Humpenburg; Der v. 24 ,

Ce 6-3316 Kasicht

Hb 8-10935 Vol. XXXI. Adelheid von Wulfingen; Der Kosak Labagh, J. P. Theoklesia ; or, the organization and

und der Freiwillige; Bäbbel; Der schelmische perpetuity, conflicts, and triumphs of the one Freier; Die Ruckkehr der Freiwilligen ; Wer holy catholic and apostolic church. N.Y., 1868 weisz wozu das gut ist; Der Shawl Hb 8-90936

Ee 2–8034 – Vol. XXXII. Die Kreuzfahrer; Der Schutzgeist; Labaume, Eugene Circumstantial narrative of the Die Groszmama

Hb 8-10936 campaign in Russia, and description of the - Vol. XXXIII. Die Beichte; Der westindier ; affecting and interesting scenes. Hart., 1852. Der verschwiegene wider willen ; Die Seelen

Cf 9-3650 wanderung; Der Edukationsrath; Drei väter La Beata. T. A. Trollope

Fe 8–15102 auf einmal; Die uniform des feldmarschalls Labor. Blaikie, W. G. Heads and hands Ba 8-187 Wellington

Hb 8-10937 Fawcett, H. Economic position of the British - Vol. XXXIV. Der Nelbock; Rudolph von laborer

Ba 8–188 Habsburg und König Ottokar von Böhmen; – Grey, Wm. R. Investments for the working Des IIasses und der Liebe Rache Hb 8-10937


Ba 2-45 - Vol. XXXV. Der Freimaurer; Der Rus; Der

Relations between employer and employed Citherschläger und das Gaugericht; Die Bes

Ba 2-46 tohlenen; Der gerade Weg der beste; Die Howitt, W. Land, labor and gold Dh 9-6549 Brillen-Infel; Der Kiffhäuser-Berg Hb 8–10938 Kellogg, E. Rights of

Bc 1-496 – Vol. XXXVI. Alfred; Der hölzerne Säbel; Die Levi, Leone. Wages of the working classes Wüste; 11. A. w.g. oder Die Cinladungskarte;

Ba 8-16216 Marie; Der Vielwisser

Hb 8-10938 Ruskin, J. The crown of wild olive He 2-11083 Vol. XXXVII. Der Spiegel; La Peyrouse; Der Thornton, W. T. On labour

Ba 7-16536 Rothmantel ; Der Kapitän Belronde; Ver- See Slavery; Wages; Working classes. kleidungen ; Der fürstliche Wildfang

Laborde, M. Léon de. Journey through Arabia Pe

Hb 8-10939 – Vol. XXXVIII. Die selbstmörder; Die Nosen

traea, to Mount Sinai, and the excavated city of Petra, the Edom of the prophecies. L., 1836

. mädchen; Gisela ; Das Taschenbuch ; Die en


Dh 3-6436 tlarvte Fromme .

HIH 8-10939 Laboulaye, E. R. L. Paris in America. Trans by – Vol. XXXIX. Der deutsche Mann und die vor- Mary L. Booth. N. Y., 1863

DE 1-6034 nehmen Leute; Hermann und Thusnelde ; | Labours of love. Winifred Taylor Fe 13–15418

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