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Since the establishment of the General Accounting Office by th Budget and Accounting Act, 1921, there have been published 41 volumes, including this volume, of decisions of the Comptroller Gen eral of the United States. The law authorizes and requires that such decisions be rendered in advance, upon request, to the heads o: departments and establishments and disbursing officers (sec. 8 of the act of July 31, 1894, 28 Stat. 208 and 42 Stat. 24, 31 U.S. Code 74) and to certifying officers (sec. 3 of the act of December 29, 1941, 5! Stat. 876, 31 U.S. Code 82d). Decisions also are rendered to claim ants who request review or reconsideration of claims which have been disallowed in whole or part, and to disbursing and certifying officers who request reconsideration of items for which credit has been disallowed. The decisions appearing in these volumes have been selected as constituting the more important, from the standpoint of general application and precedent, of those rendered during each fiscal year. It is with the view to preserve such decisions in an authentic and permanent form, convenient for reference, and to provide guidance for the administrative officers of the Government that these volumes are published.

The decisions contained in this series are made available to Goyernment agencies in advance of publication of the volume through the circulation of mimeographed copies of the decisions and of the “Digests of Published Decisions," as well as by the issuance of monthly pamphlets which are consolidated in an annual volume.

This year there is included in the Appendix to this volume, the General Accounting Office bid protest procedures that were published in the Federal Register for August 30, 1968, and have been incorporated in Title 4 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The monthly pamphlets for September, December, and March of each year include quarterly index digests. The June pamphlet includes a complete cumulative index digest with citation tables for all the decisions in the annual volume.

Seven consolidated indexes have been compiled, the first entitled "Index to the Published Decisions of the Accounting Officers of the United States, 1894-1929," and the second and subsequent quinquennial indexes entitled "Index Digest of the Published Decisions of the Comptroller General of the United States” covering the following periods: July 1, 1929–June 30, 1940; July 1, 1940–June 30, 1946; July 1, 1946-June 30, 1951; July 1, 1951-June 30, 1956; July 1, 1956


June 30, 1961; and July 1, 1961-June 30, 1966. These indexes are compiled to assist in research for precedents with respect to matters coming within the jurisdiction of the General Accounting Office

. Decisions appearing in the published volumes should be cited by volume and page number, as i Comp. Gen. 100. Decisions of the Comptroller General, which are not selected for publication, should be cited by the applicable file number and date, for example, B-12345, June 23, 1948.

cred to set in research for precedents with respect to me Youthin the jurisdiction of the General Accounting (62

DESIs appearing in the published volumes should be cir

e ard puge number, as i Comp. Gen. 100. Decisions als Cicpcioner General, which are not selected for publication siz ested by the applicable file number and date, for example, B3 De 1945

Expiration of service

Mar. 4, 1966
Mar. 18, 1955 July 31, 1965
Aug. 1, 1940 ' Apr. 30, 1934
Apr. 7, 1939 - June 19, 1940
June 29, 1921 June 30, 1936

June 30, 1921
Aug. 31, 1915
May 15, 1913
Aug. 4, 1897

Robert B. Bowler.
Ass C. Matthews..
Milton J. Durham.
William Lawrence.
Albert G. Porter.
Robert W. Taylor.
Elisha Whittlesey.
William Medali.
Elisha Whittlesey
James W. McCulloh
Walter Forward.
James N. Barter.
George Woll.
Joseph Anderson..

May 6, 1893 Sept. 30, 1894 May 10, 1889 May 14, 1893 Mar. 20, 1885 Apr. 22, 1889 July 16, 1880 Mar. 24, 1885 Mar. 5, 1878 June 10, 1880 Jan. 14, 1863 Feb. 25, 1878 Apr. 10, 1861 Jan. 7, 1863 Mar. 26, 1857 Apr. 30, 1861 May 31, 1849 Apr. 30, 1857 Apr. 1, 1842 May 31, 1849 Apr. 6, 1841 Sept. 13, 1841 Feb. 23, 1838

Apr. 19, 1841 June 18, 1836 Feb. 28, 1838 Mar. 3, 1817 June 30, 1836


1921-To Date



Date of commission

Elmer B. Staats.
Joseph Campbell.
Lindsay C. Warren..
Fred H. Brown..
J. Raymond McCarl.

New York.
North Carolina.
New Hampshire -



Walter W. Warwick.
George E. Downey.
Robert J. Tracewell.
Robert B. Bowler.


Sept. 1, 1918
May 16, 1913
July 20, 1897

1, 1894

First Comptrollers


1 Retired.
: Resigned.

Died in office.


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Feb 1815
Peo N. 1814


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