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Federal Water Power Act, 1920Continued. Page. Field Artillery, Army,

Page. equity jurisdiction of district courts.. 1076 appropriation for School of Fire for, Fort sale, etc., on revocation of license, etc.. 1076

Leavenworth, Kans.

106 rights subrogated to vendee.. 1076 for instruction in, activities.

950 payment limited, if United States be

expenditures authorized for training center
the purchaser...

at Camp Knox, Ky...

454 control by States of water for irrigation,

at Camp Bragg, N. C..

454 etc., not affected.. 1077 officers and enlisted men composing.

770 amendment, etc., expressly reserved. 1077 Field Artillery for National Guard, existing rights of licenses not to be im

unexpended balances available to pay conpaired thereby..


tracts for, suspended on account of inconsistent laws repealed.


1027 San Francisco, Calif., water supply Field Artillery Schools, Army, grant not affected..


appropriation for instruction expenses. ... 950 authorization for Waterways Commission Field Cannon, etc., Army, repealed..

1077 appropriation for purchase, manufacture, title of Act stated..

etc., of....

609, 1349 correction in enrollment of bill, directed.. 1641 for ammunition dor.

609, 1349 permits for power development, etc., in

for ammunition for practice..

1349 national parks or monuments with- Field Clerks, Quartermaster Corps, Army, out specific authority of Congress

additional pay of $2,400 a year to, receiving

$2,500, or less..

602 authority to the Commission for, re

to those receiving less than $2,740, to

equal that amount..

602 Feeble Minded Children, D. C.,

effective until June 30, 1922.

604 appropriation for maintenance of... 96, 866, 1137 Field, Mary (widow), deficiency appropriation for maintenance.. 1158


1559 Feeds,

Fields, Henry, appropriation for diffusing commercial in

pension increased.

1475 formation of supply, market prices, etc., of.

265, 724, 1342 Fifield, Eva (daughter), Feist, Delilah J. (widow),


1517 pension..

1499 Fifield, Lillie May (daughter), Fellhauer, John Frederick,

pension increased.

1490 pension.

1557 Fifteenth Street NW., D. C., Felzen, John,

appropriation for paving, Buchanan to pension increased.

Crittenden Streets..

76 Female Employment, D. C.,

Fifteenth Street SE., D. C., appropriation for inspectors, etc....... 89, 1131 appropriation for paving, Pennsylvania Female Suffrage,

Avenue to G Street...

75 Amendment to the Constitution submitted

East Capitol to B Streets.

75 to the States, providing for...... 362 for paving, Eto G Streets..

845 certificate of ratification of, by the States. 1823 | Fifth Street SE., D. C., Fenton, Clifton L.,

appropriation for grading, Savannah pension increased.

Street to property line.......

845 Ferguson, William W.,

Fifty-Cent Pieces, Silver, pension increased.

1622 coinage authorized of, to commemorate Fermented Liquors, etc.,

Alabama centennial....

595 of designated alcoholic strength subject to

Maine centennial..

595 provisions of Constitutional prohibi

Missouri centennial..

1363 tion...


tercentenary of the landing of the PilFernandina, Fla.,


597 preliminary examination, etc., of, harbor Fiji, Colony of, to be made.

parcel post convention with...

1713 Ferry County, Wash.,

Fülmore National Forest, Utah, investigation, etc., of right of, to tax on

appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249, Indian allotted lands.... 432

707, 1327 Ferry, Julia M. (widow),

Films, Agricultural Department, pension..

1485 loans, sales, etc., of, authorized; restricFertilizers,

tions, etc.

259 nitrate of soda to be sold from Army reserve Filtration Plant, D. C. (see Water Service, supply to meet emergency in.. 573

D. C.). Fertilizers, etc.,

Finance Department, Army, provisions for securing adequate supply,

appropriation for employees in office of preventing injurious speculation,

Chief of, War Department..

1278 etc., of, during the war.

297 creation of; officers and enlisted men compunishment for violations of.....


766 Fertilizers, Potash, Nitrates, etc.,

Chief of Finance charged with the disburseappropriation for investigating source of

ment of funds of the Department... 766 supply of, within United States.... 255, disbursing officers may designate others

714, 1333
as agents...

766 Fiber Plants,

Fine Arts, Commission of, appropriation for improvement, etc.; hard appropriation for expenses. .. 177, 886, 1378 fiber production outside continental Fink, Charles M., 243, 702, 1322 pension.




Page. appropriation for minister to....... 740, 1206 deficiency appropriation for salary, minister to...

504 importing from, and exporting to, wheat

and wheat flour, prohibited; ex-

1759 canceled..

1773 Finley, Julia (widow), pension.

1570 Finney County Water Users' Association,

Kans., cancellation of contract with, and Garden City irrigation project..

1054 Finney, Mary J. (widow), pension.

1590 Finson, Mary E. (widow), pension.

1568 Fire Control Installations, Fortifications, appropriation for construction, etc..... 608, 1348 for range finders, etc.....

608, 1348 for operating, seacoast defenses.. 609, 1349 for operating, seacoast defenses, insular possessions..

610, 1350 for construction, etc., Philippine and Hawaiian Islands...

611, 1351 for construction, etc., Panama Canal. 612, 1351

for operating, etc., Panama Canal.... 612, 1351 balances of appropriations for electrical

and sound ranging equipment,
covered in..

613 appropriations, for, covered in.

613 Fire Department, D. C., appropriation for relief fund allowances, etc..

88,858, 1129 for chief engineer, deputies, etc... 88, 859, 1129 for repairs to houses, apparatus, etc. 88, 859, 1130

construction at repair shop..... 88, 859, 1130 for contingent expenses....

88, 859, 1130 for new apparatus, etc.... 88, 859, 1130 deficiency appropriation for fuel. for forage....

40, 1018 for contingent expenses..

40, 1018 for fire boat, repairs.

1157 additional pay of $240 a year not applicable to..

689 allowed members of, for fiscal year 1921.. 874 for fiscal year 1922.

1308 exclusive jurisdiction of Commissioners over..

396 appointments and promotions under civil. service laws; exceptions.....

396 original entries; service promotions, etc. 397 classification of personnel.

397 veterinary and medical services provided....

397 transfers to new grades; additional privates...

397 salaries established; increase to date from August 1, 1919.

397 membership in organizations advocating strikes, forbidden.

398 immediate discharge for violations.... 398 conspiracies by members to obstruct operation of, unlawful.

398 punishment for.

398 appropriation for paying increased salaries, 1920...

398 age limits for original appointments in,

to be fixed by Commissioners.. 398 members of, credited with World War

service in classification and pay

1129 excluded from general provisions for

retirement of civil service employees 614

Fire Prevention Day,

Page. proclamation designating October 9, 1920, be observed as.

1802 Fire Resisting Qualities of Building Materials,

appropriation for investigating......... 682, 1301 deficiency appropriation for investigating. 524 Firewood, D. C., regulations governing sales of.......

1223 Firkins, William, pension....

1514 First Assistant Postmaster General, appropriation for, chief clerk, superin

tendents of divisions, etc..... 675, 1294 for post office service division. 675, 1294 for appointments division..

675, 1294 for dead letters division..

675, 1294 for correspondence division.. 675, 1294 for postal service under...

575, 1151 for postmasters, assistants, clerks, etc. 575, 1151 for rent, light, and fuel..

578, 1151 twenty-year leases allowed hereafter.. 578 limit for rent, fuel, and light, thirdclass offices, repealed....

578 for miscellaneous, first and second class offices...

578, 1151 for city delivery, etc.

578, 1151 for travel and miscellaneous.

578, 1152 First Class Mail Matter, may be accepted unstamped, for delivery when fully prepaid....

583 First Deficiency Act, 1920 (see Deficiency

Appropriation Act, 1920, First). First Deficiency Act, 1921 (see Deficiency

Appropriation Act, 1921, First). First Division,

Division American Expeditionary

September 17, 1919, made a legal holiday

in District of Columbia for review of. 283 First National Bank of Sharon, Pa.,, redemption of lost certificate of indebted

1530 First Street NW., D. C., appropriation for grading, Whittier to Van Buren Streets...

1116 First Street SW., D. C.,

appropriation for paving O to R Streets.... 75 Fish, appropriation for investigating handling,

etc., and for developing new sources
of food...

253, 712 Fish and Fish Products, appropriation for diffusing commercial in

formation of market prices, distribu-
tion, etc., of...

265, 724, 1342 Fish, Christie (widow), pension...

1481 Fish, D. C., sales by weight required of....

1223 Fish Hatcheries, appropriation for construction, repair, etc., of, designated..

220 Fish, Jerry S. (son), pension increased.

1515 Fish Wharf and Market, D. C., appropriation for maintenance.

75, 844 Fisher, Fronie (mother), pension increased.

1598 Fisher, James W., pension increased.

1619 Fisher, Michael F., pension..

1604 Fisher, Rouena (widow), pension....




Fisher, Sylvester J.,
Page. Fitzsimmons, Lulu S. (widow),

Page. pension increased.. 1618 pension...

1616 Fisheries Bureau, Department of Commerce,

Fitzsimons General Hospital, appropriation for Commissioner, deputy,

additional accommodations, for beneficiclerks, etc......

217, 930, 1419

aries of War Risk Insurance Bureau for Alaska service, Pribilof Islands; at

from allotments to War Department. 1162 large......

217, 930, 1420 Five Civilized Tribes of Indians, Okla., for employees at large.

217, 931, 1420 appropriation for continuing work of Comfor distribution employees. 217, 931, 1420

petency Commission to......... 7,413, 1230 for station employees..,

217, 931, 1420 for administering affairs of..... 21, 426, 1242 for vessel service; Alaska. 219, 933, 1422 detailed report of expenditures to be for contingent expenses.

219, 933, 1422

21, 426, 1242 for propagation expenses..

219, 933, 1422 claims or leases to be acted on by sufor developing aquatic sources of

perintendent; appeals allowed..... 21, 426 leather..

220, 933 for payment of trust fund interest to for maintenance of vessels. 220, 933, 1423


21 commutation of rations..

allotment of amounts...

21 for food fishes inquiry.

220, 933, 1423 for per capita payment to Choctaws and for statistical inquiry..

220, 934, 1423

Chickasaws, from tribal funds. 22, 426, 1242 for protecting sponge fisheries... 220, 934, 1423 disposition of amounts due restricted for protecting seal fisheries, food to na


22, 426 tives, etc., Alaska, general service.. 220,

money exempt from prior debts, etc. 22, 427 934, 1423

claim of Henry W. Blair to be investifor buildings, Alaska fur seal islands.... 934


22 for Saratoga, Wyo., auxiliary station at

other payments to be made..

22 Sage Creek..


allowance for distribution expenses.. 22, 427 for designated fish hatcheries..

220 additional per capita allowance herefor distribution cars; reappropriation.. 220


427 deficiency appropriation for Alaska service,

for probate attorneys, etc., for allottees Pribilof Islands....... 55, 67, 1034, 1178

of, and Quapaws...

22, 427, 1242 for miscellaneous expenses,

62, for Cherokee Orphan Training School, 346, 524, 1040, 1043, 1188, 1192


23, 427, 1242 for envelopes, 1919.

339 for common schools; children admitted. 23, for maintenance of vessels; commutation

427, 1242 of rations, 1920.

correction in text...

529 for Baker Lake Station, Wash., improve

for expenses, etc., selling tribal property,

from proceeds...

23, 427, 1242 for Fairport, Iowa, biological station. 339, 1034 segregated coal and asphalt lands infor Wytheville, Va., fish hatchery... 339


23, 427, 1242 for food fisheries inquiry. 516 for collecting rents....

23, 427, 1242 for new distribution cars..


no money to be expended from tribal for Woods Hole, Mass., fish hatchery. 1034

funds without specific authority; exfor Alaska fisheries...


23, 427, 1242 Fisheries, Commissioner of,

for tribal attorneys..

23, 428, 1243 appropriation for, deputy, clerks, etc..... 217, for tribal schools, maintenance, build

930, 1419
ings, etc.

23, 428, 1243 Fishermans Island, Va.,

for repairs, Mekusukey Academy, from transferred to War Department from Treas

Seminole funds...

1243 ury Department.

358 for fulfilling treaties with Choctaws 23, 428, 1243 Fishlake National Forest, Utah,

for George D. Rodgers, from Chickasaw appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249,


24 707, 1327 for Stuart, Lewis, Gordon, and RutherFisk, Jennie A., alias Adella J. Fiske (widow),

ford, from Creek funds..

24 pension...


sale of Choctaw and Chickasaw coal Fisk, Mary (widow),

and asphalt deposits......

24 pension....


all claims against Creeks and SemiFisk, Sarah E. (widow),

noles to be filed within a year; setpension increased..

tlement, etc..

24 Fite, Austin R.,

for reimbursing William R. McIntosh, pension...

from Choctaw funds....

24 Fitton, Helen (daughter),

for reimbursing Jacob B. Moore, from pension increased..

Chickasaw funds.......

24 Fitzgerald, John,

for suits for removing restrictions of alpension..

lotted lands of...

208, 922, 1411 Fitzgerald, John F.,

deficiency appropriation for administering deficiency appropriation for contested elec

affairs of...
tion expenses.
1036 for oil and gas inspectors.....

1186 Fitz Hugh, Ilenry L.,

allowance for street improvements in town pension...


sites, extended to sewer construcFitzpatrick, Jerry,

tion; condition......

625 pension increased..

1549 drainage assessments under State laws Fitzpatrick, Margaret (widow),

against allotted lands may be paid pension increased..

from tribal funds......

1204 Fitzpatrick, Rosa (widow),

charged to allottee's pro rata share. 1204 pension... 1497 maximum rate omitted..


62, 1186 for,


Five Civilized Tribes of Indians, Okla.-Con. Page. Flood Control, etc.,

Page. drainage assessments; no legal right of

appropriation for prosecuting work of, Mis-
allottee impaired.

sissippi River.

188, 900, 1391 monuments to be erected to memory of

Sacramento River, Calif..

188, 1391 Chickasaw and Seminole Tribes.... 1364 dams, etc., allowed by State drainage disFlag Smut of Wheat, etc.,

tricts, in Lake Traverse, Red River appropriation for emergency expenses erad

of the North, etc., Minn., N. Dak.,
icating, etc...

244, 703, 1322
and S. Dak...

1059 Flaherty, Ella B. (daughter),

improvement by drainage district, of Red pension.


Lake and Red Lake River, Minn., Flanagan, James (alias James Fitzgerald),


1105 pension increased....

1566 Florence, Ariz., Flanagan, John,

appropriation for diversion dam, etc., Gila payment to..

River Indian Reservation, above...

417 Flanagan, Katherine M. (widow),

Florence Crittenton Hope and Help Mission, pension..


D. C., Flandreau, S. Dak.,

appropriation for care of women and chilappropriation for Indian school.... 25, 428, 1244

dren under.......

97,868, 1139 deficiency appropriation for Indian school. 1186

Florida, Flathead Agency, Mont.,

appropriation for relief, etc., of Seminole appropriation for support, etc., of Indians

Indians in.....

12, 418, 1234 at.. 15, 31, 420, 434, 1236, 1248

disputed titles, etc., to erroneously surFlathead Indian Reservation, Mont.,

veyed public lands in, to be adappropriation for constructing irrigation

justed, etc....

325 systems on; repayment....... 16, 421, 1237

Florida National Forest, area enlarged.. 1810 allowance for passenger vehicles..... 16, 421

may apply for survey of school sections in allotments of lands in, to all unalloted liv

unsurveyed townships...

1103 ing children enrolled with Flathead

lands reserved from settlement, etc.,


1104 lands included; timber provisions... 452

selection of school grant..

1104 homestead reserved, to be inalienable,

disposal of unselected lands.

1104 etc., during minority.... lieu school selection by Montana of lands

surveys in Everglades swamp lands not

1104 in; condition...

421 Flathead Indians, Mont.,

Florida National Forest, Fla., appropriation for paying claims against

appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249, funds from sales of lands of, in Bitter

708, 1321 Root Valley....


proclamation enlarging area of...... 1810 allotments to unallotted living children of,

Florida State Road Department, within Flathead Reservation... 452 may bridge Choctawhatchee River, CaryFlathead National Forest, Mont.,


358 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of.... 249, Flory, Margaret (widow), 707, 1327 pension.

1595 Flathead River,

Flour, deficiency appropriation for bridge across,

disposal of, in possession of Grain CorporaBelton, Mont., in Glacier National

tion, authorized to relieve suffering

European populations, etc..

548 Flavoring Extracts and Sirups,

proclamation announcing licensing of unfit for intoxicating beverages, etc., pot

wheat and, storage, manufacture, subject to constitutional prohibition


1758 provisions....


Flour, wheat, conditions; permits, etc., required.. 309

proclamation restricting importing and exFlax,

porting of...

1759 appropriation for testing New Zealand, for

canceling restrictions.

1773 binder twine..

243 for investigating cultivation, etc., of, for

Floyd, Joseph (son),

... 1577 seed purposes; study of diseases...

pension 244,

702, 1322 Flushing Bay and Creek, N. Y., Fleener, John T. (son),

preliminary examination, etc., of, to be

1010 pension

1504 increased....

Flying Cadets, Army Air Service, Fleet Naval Reserve,

grade established; number allowed.

109 computation of retainer pay if returning to

pay and allowances.

109 active duty within one month.. 603

may receive commission as second lieuminimum active service required for....

tenant, Officers' Reserve Corps on Flick, Mary A. (widow),

completing course.

109 pension...

discharge, etc..

109 Flint, Antoinette (widow),

Flying Schools, Army, pension increased..

appropriation for instruction expenses. . 108, 953

108 Flint, Mary E. (widow),

for operating; land, equipment, etc... pension..

1481 for maintenance of courses of instrucFlint River,

tion at established..

109 bridge authorized across, Albany, Ga..... 275 Flynn, John, Assistant Paymaster, Navy, time extended for bridging, Newton, Ga.. 279 date of appointment established.




Flynn, Patrick,

Page. Food Control Act Amendments-Continued. Page. pension. 1545 unlawful acts; punishment for...

298 Fobes, Elizabeth (widow),

agricultural products, etc., raised by pension increased...

farmers, etc., not affected.

298 Fog Signals,

collective bargaining by farmers' assoappropriation for.....

... 213, 926, 1416
ciations, etc., not forbidden.

298 Fogarty, Michael (son),

former punishments for specified offenses pension increased.


298 Folding Room, House of Representatives,

continued for prior acts.

298 appropriation for superintendent, folders,

provisions under, for licensing, etc., sugar, etc....

636, 1257

sirup, and molasses, continued until Folding Room, Senate,

December 31, 1920...

386 appropriation for foreman, assistant, fold- Food Control and District of Columbia Rents ers, etc....

633, 1253

Act, Foley, James,

provisions for food control.

297 pension increased.. 1618 rents, District of Columbia.

298 Fond du Lac Agency, Minn.,

Food Materials, appropriation for support, etc., of Indians

appropriation for cooperative study of at..


methods of dehydrating.... 254, 713, 1332 Fond du Lac Indian School, Minn.,

Food Products, Agricultural, appropriation for certain county road

appropriation for investigating market work, from funds of.....

conditions, supply, etc., of.. 265, 724, 1342 Fontaine, Bonus W. (son),

for diffusing information of marketing, pension..


etc., nonmanufactured . 265, 724, 1342
Food Administration,
deficiency appropriation for salaries and

studies to prevent deterioration in
storage, transit, etc.....


1187, 1191 for foreign service expenses..

Food Products, American,

1187 unexpended balances of appropriation for,

appropriation for investigating chemical, covered in...

etc., tests applied in foreign coun233

tries to, inspecting, etc...... 253, 712, 1331 Food Administrator,

Food Products, etc., powers of, except as to wheat products,

appropriation for biological investigations, transferred to Attorney General.... 1775

etc., of agricultural.. 253, 712, 1331 Food and Fuel Administrations, deficiency appropriation for expenses un

Foods, Drugs, etc.,
der national security and defense... 1192

appropriation for chemical biological in-
vestigation of.....

253, 712 Food Conservation,

for investigating adulterations, false proclamation canceling requirement for

branding, etc...

254, 712, 1331 licenses for dealing in cereals, etc.. 1795 cottonseed and products.


Foods, etc., D. C., meats or lard..


appropriation for detecting adulterations, rice and rice flour.

false branding, etc... 90, 860, 1131 1756

Foodstuffs, etc., sugar, etc.

1807 prohibiting importation and exportation

deficiency appropriation for investigations
of wheat and wheat flour; excep-

of production, manufacture, etc., of,
and by products..


1759 canceled.

disposal of flour in possession of Grain Cor

1773 requiring licenses for business of wheat

poration, authorized to relieve suffer

548 and wheat flour storage, manufac

ing European populations, etc.....

Foot and Mouth Disease, etc., Animal, ture, etc.....


appropriation for emergency use, arresting, Food Control Act Amendments,


269, 728, 1345 necessity during the war declared for ade

payment for animals destroyed; apquate supply of foods, fuel, ferti

praisal of values...... ... 269, 729, 1345 lizers, etc.


unexpended balances reappropriated. 269, to facilitate distribution of, including

729, 1345
wearing apparel, food containers, Foot, Rebecker G. (widow),

pension increased..

1566 fuel, farm equipments, etc.

297 Foote, Luella E. (daughter), prevention of scarcity, monopoly, etc... 297 pension...

1585 Government control..

297 Forage Crops, means created..

298 appropriation for investigating diseases of. 243, authority vested in the President. 298

702, 1322 unlawful acts concerning necessaries.

298 for improvement, etc., of....... 245, 704, 1324 destroying, to increase prices, etc..

298 for investigating insects affecting.. 256, willfully wasting or permitting deterior

715, 1334 ation...


Hessian fly and chinch bug.. 256, 715 hoarding, monopolizing, etc.

Hessian fly, grasshopper, chinch bug.. 1334 unjust charges for handling, etc.

298 Forage, Marine Corps, conspiracies limiting transportation, ,

appropriation for

155, 832 supply, etc....

298 deficiency appropriation for; reappropriarestricting supply, distribution, man

tion from 1920.

1170 ufacture, etc..

298 Forbes, Cornelia A. (widow), enhancing price, etc. 298 pension increased.



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