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England. General history-continued.
History of E. [S. P. C. K.) to 1851

274-221 Kennet et al. Complete history of E., with lives of all the kings and queens 278_4000 Knight, C. Popular history of E. [to 1849]

278–697 - School history

274_698 Lupton, W. M. English history (for examinations]

274_759 Mackintosh, Sir J. History of E. [to 1760)

274_780 Milner, T. 'History of E. [to 1852] 270_847

St. George, C. Civil and ecclesiastical h. [to 1829]

274_1047 Salmon, T. Chronological historian [to 1741

274_1051 Selby, c. Events to be remembered (to 1863]

274_1072 siudent's Hume [contin. to 1858] 279-593 Thompson, A. B. Victoria history (to 1863]

274_1139 Thomson and Macfarlane. Comprehensive hist. to close of Russian war

274_1183 Vaughan, R. Revolutions in English history

274_1186 Wade,' w. 'British history chronologically arranged [to 1847]

274_1191 Walters, H. History of E. on Christian principles [to 1832]

274_1212 White, J. History of E. [to 1878] 271–1224

Landmarks of history [to 1852] 27–1225
From before conquest to revolution of
Dickens, C. Child's history of E. 270-330
Granger, J. Biographical history of E.

274_471 Hume, D. History of E. [to 1688) 27a_590 to 2

Smollet, T. Continuation of Hume to death of Geo. II .

274_1096,7 Student's Hume, continued to 1858

272_593) Lingard, J.' History of E. 10 1688 272–746

Rapin's history of E. to 1688 278_988
From before conquest to various dates in

Plantagenet and Tudor periods.
- Andrews, J. P. Hist. of Great Britain con-
nected with chronology of Europe [to death
of Henry VIII)

274_4033 - Florence of Worcester's Chronicle, with continuations [to Edward I]

278-400 Henry, R. History of E. [to death of Henry VIII].

274-538 Maribew of Westminster's flowers of history [to 1307]

272_816 Pearson, c. H. Early and middle ages of E. [to 1199]

27a-938 Roger De Hoveden's annals' [732-1201)

274_1010 Roger of Wendover's flowers of history [to 1235)

274-1011 Reid, H. Lectures on English history 274–996

Turner, S. History of E. [to death of Elizabeth]

279-1172 Yonge, c. M. Cameos from Eng. hist., from Rollo to Ed. II

274_1254 - Before conquest, conquest early Anglo

Norman period.

Coote, H. C. Neglected fact in English bistory

274_291 Freeman, E. A. Norman conquest of E.

274_424 Geldari, T.' Popular history of E. [to death

of Wm. I] -- Giles, J. A.' History of the ancient Britons

274-448 Haigh, D. H. Conquest of Britain by the Saxons

272-501 Layamon's or Lajamon's brut 22-895 Lyttelton, G. History of Henry II 30–2013

England. Before conquest, etc.--continued.

Lappenberg, J. M. E. under the Anglo-
Saxon kings

279-710 Lewin, 1. Invasion of Britain by Cæsar

274_720 Palgrave, F. Normandy and E. [to Henry I]

274_914 Thierry, A. Conquête de l'Angleterre

34-3850 The Norman conquest

274_1130 Wace. Normau conquest

27-1189 See Anglo-Saxon ; Normandy. Plantagenet, York, and Lancaster periods.

Brougham, H. England and France under the house of Lancaster

274_125 Chronicle of the reigns of Richard 11, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, etc. Camden soc. pub. v. 64

274_195 Edgar, J. G. Wars of the roses 274_364 Matthew Paris. English history, 1235 to 1273

274_815 Roberts, E. Rival houses of York and Lan

274_1007 Vergil, P. Reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV, and Richard III. Camden soc. pub. 29 & 36

274_195 Tudor and Stuart periods. (1) General and miscellaneous.

Coke, R. Detection of court and state [1603–1688]

27a_271 Dahlmann, F. E. History of the English revolution [1485–1688)

27a-318 Froude, J. A. History of E., from the fall of Wolsey to death of Elizabeth 274_425,6 Gardiner, S. R. History of E. 1603-1616

278-440 - Vaughan, R. ` E. under house of Stuart

274_1185 (2) Civil war, commonwealth, protectorate, restoration. Bisset, A. History of the commonwealth

274_86 Carte, T. Collection of original letters, &c. 1641 to 1660

274_208 Cary, H. Memorials of the civil war

278_210 Clarendon, Earl of. History of the rebellion and civil wars

272_261 Fellowes, W. D. Historical sketches of Charles I, Cromwell, Charles II, etc.

274_390 - Godwin, w.' History of the commonwealth

274_459 Gülett, E. H. ' E. iwo hundred years ago

276-810 Guizot, M. Monk and his contemporaries

30–1913 Oliver Cromwell and the commonwealth

274_488 Richard Cromwell and the restoration

274_489 Ludlow, E. Memoirs

279_758 Peacock, E. Army lists of roundheads and cavaliers

274-933 Rushworth's historical cullections (1618– 1648]

270_1034 Sanford, J. L. Studies of the great rebellion

27a_1059 Symonds, R. Diary of the marches of the royal army in the civil war v. 74 of 274_195

See Long parliament. (3) James II, Revolution, William and Mary, Anne.

Burnet, G. History of his own time, 1660 to 1713 .

274_170,4001 Macaulay, T. B. History of E. (1685–17021

279_761 to 4 See Paget's New “Examen" 271-910 Mackintosh, J. History of the revolution (1685–1688] ·


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England. Tudor and Stuart periods-continued. England. Southey, R. Espriella's letter from E. Moore, G. History of the British revolu

27-728 tion 274_851 Thorburn, G. Journal in E.

276-21 See Stuart, house of.

Thorne, J. Rambles by rivers

276_367 Brunswick period.

Thornbury, W. Cross country 270-605 Andrews, J. War with America, France, Tuckerman, H. T. Month in E. 270-323 and Holland 26_4 Tyng, S. H. Recollections of E.

276-22 Annals of Great Britain from ascension of Ward's English items

270_388 George III to the peace of Amiens 274_30 Wey, F. Les Anglais chez éux 343906 Baines, E. Wars of the French revolution Wheaton, N. S. Journal in E.

271-25 274-1604 White, J. E. Letters on E.

276-191 Bissett, R. "History of the reign of George White, w. All round the wrekin 276_597 III

Eastern England

276-759 Bunbury, H. Passages in the great war with Miscellany. France, 1799–1810

274_142 Angleterre, l', comparée a la Franoe 34-4204 Gaspey, T. History of E., 1760-1837 274-441 Becket, G. A. à. Comic history

274_54 Mahon, Ld. History of E., 1713-1763

Bentley's excerpta historica

274-378 274–785,6 Choice notes from Notes and queries 274_250 Martineau, it

. History of the peace, with in- Collectanea topographia genealogica 273-278 troduction, 1800–1854

274_802 Collection of scarce tracts. Lord Sommers The thirty years peace [1816-46] 274_4006

274_4044 Introduction (1800-1816] 271_4005 Ellis H. Original letters. 3å series, Wm. I to Smollet, T. Continuation of Hume [to 1760] Henry VIII

274368 274_1096,7 Fuller, T.' Worthies of E.

30-192 Wrighi, T. ` E. under the house of Hanover Harleian miscellany, selection from 274_4011

274_1245 Heywood, T. Merlin and his prophecies 274_555 See Chronicles; Rebellion.

Historical reason why

272_11:14 Travels, topography, tours, &c.

History of progress in E.

6-864 Allen, Z. Sketches in Gt. Britain 276_126 Kemp, Mrs. Conversations on E. 274_674 Blanc, L. Letters on E. 276-787 Pauli, R. Pictures of old E.

274_930 Leitres sur l'Angleterre

34-4717 Porter, G. R. Progress of the nation 274_954 Britton and Brayley. Beauties of E. and Wales Vinje, A. O. Norseman's views 276_706

270_474 See names of sections, districts, counties, towns, Bulwer-Lytton, E. L. E. and the English 271–636 and particular objects of interest of the united Chambre, Maj. Recollections of E. 276-501

kingdom ; of colonies and dependencies; of Chasles, V. E. P. Notabilities in E. 276-308

sovereigns and statesmen. See, also, Great Chateaubriand, F. A. de. Recollections of E. Britain ; Heraldry; Kings; Queens; Sov


ereigns. Churton, E. Rail-road book of E.

276–512 England's conversion and reformation compared ; Clarke, B. British gazetteer


or, the young gentleman directed in the choice Cooper, J. F. Gleanings in E.


of his religion ; to which is premised a brief Coxe, A. C. Impressions of E. 271_402

inquiry into the general grounds of the catho. Eddy, D. C. Through E.


lic faith, etc. Lancaster, 1813 32-1475 Goede, A. G. Memorials of E.

276_207 England's danger and her safety. F. M. Edge Granville, A. B. Spas of E. 275_5

264_1005 Gurley, R. R. Mission to E.

276-722 England's danger; or, reform unmasked. L., 1819. Haven, G. Pilgrim's wallet


274_1253 Hawthorne, N. Sketches of . 276-656 England's reformation; a poem.

T. Ward 23–761 Head, G. Manufacturing districts of E. 276-6 England's workshops. Strauss et al.

6-413 Hoppin, J. M. Old England ; its scenery, art, and England's yoeman. M. L. Charlesworth 18-616 people

276-888 English, G. B. Narrative of the expedition to Howitt, W. Rural life of


Dongola and Sennaar, under the command of Visits to remarkable places


his excellence Ismael Pasha. B., 1823. 80 Jesse, E. Favorite haunts 276_208

281_58 Johnston, W. E. as it is

276-672 English, T. D. The Mormons. 'F's s. D. v. 26 L'Estrange, A. G. Yachting in the west of E.

24-221 276_844 See Foster, G.G. – Mackenzie, a.s. American in E. 271-13 English America. S. P. Day

266-516 Merle d'Aubigné, J. H. Early recollections

See America, British.

275_142 English and their origin. L. O. Pike. 274_948 Miller, H. First impressions of 270-240 English at home. A. Esquiros

271_607 Mirabeau's letters from E. 276-887 English boy in Japan. W. Dalton

18-802 Moran, B. Footpath and highway 276_293 English catalogue of books published from January, Newte, T. Observations on


1835, to January, 1866. Compiled by S. Low. Nucius, N. Reign of Henry vill. Camden L., 1864–7. 2 v. 80

21-307 soc. pub. v. 17 274–195 | English channel. J. Abbott

18-3 Olmsted, F. L. American farmer 4-65 See Channel islands. Palmer, F. P. Pen and pencil 276_1211 English classics. R. M. Johnston

22-1108 - Paulding, J. K. Sketch of old E. by a New English comic writers. Hazlett, W. Lectures on England man 276-3

22-1085 Pecchio's observations in E. 276-675 English constitution. W. Bagehoi

274_42 Raumer, F. v. England in 1835 27b-16 English country life. By Martingale, author of England in 1841

“Sporting scenes. L., 1843

33-52 Relation, by a Venetian. ` [1500.] 'Camden soc. English cyclopædia. New dictionary of universal pub. v. 37


knowledge, conducted by C. Knight. L. 49 Rye, E. P. E. as seen by foreigners 272_1045 Biography. 1836-8. 4 v.

30-2000 Schlesinger, M. Saunterings in E. 276-325 Natural history. 1854–6. 4 v.

9-1206 Shaw, J. Ramble in E.

276-630 Arts and sciences. 1859–61. 8 v. in 4 33–1261 Silliman, B. Travels in E. and Scotland 271-174 Synoptical index. 1862 .

3:-12615 Sorbiere, S. Voyage to E. 274-20 English epithets, book of. J. Jermyn :


in E.


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English eccentrics and eccentricities. J. Timbs English language-continued.


See Americanisms; Anglo-Saxon; Slang ;
English in America. T. C. Haliburton 264-627 Synonymes; and names of dialects.
English forests and forest trees, historical, legend- Etymology, spelling and pronunciation.
ary, and descriptive. L., 1853. 8o 276–747 Barnes, W. Roots and stems

English-French dictionary. Designed as a second Charnock, R. S. Words derived from proper
part to the Boston edition of Boyer's French

dictionary, with Tardy's pronunciation. B. D'Orsey, A. J. D. Spelling by dictation 22-76

22-47 Elphinston, J. English speech and spelling
English gentleman, his principles, his feelings, his

manners, his pursuits. L., 1849 33-739 Green, R. W. Scholar's companion 22-102
English governess. R. McCrindell

18-1970 Haldeman, S. S. Affixes to English words
English harmony of the four evangelists after the

manner of the Greek of W. Newcome. L., Hoare, E. N. English roots

1827. 80


English words from Latin roots 22-131
English hearts and English hands. Mrs. c. Weight-

Lenoir, V. P. Emblematical spelling-book

English heiress, passages in the life of :

18–2447 Lowe, E. C. English primer 33-1367
English heraldry. C. Boutell

274-98 Moore, Mrs. M. B. Dixie speller 26a-2004
English humorists of the 18th century. W. M. Nares, R. Rules for pronunciation 22-179

22–1235,6 Oswald, J. Etymological dictionary 22-189
English language and literature. Dictionaries.

Rowbotham, J. Derivative spelling- book 22–217
- (1) General. Asli, J. New and complete Smith, Archdeacon. Common words with cu-

rious derivations

Bailey, N. ' Universal etymological diction- Smith, w. W. Complete etymology of the

English language

Barclay, j. Complete and universal dic- Soule and Wheeler. Manual of English pro-

nunciation and spelling

Bungay edition

22-397 Swinton, W. Rambles among words 22-243
Clarke, H. New and comprehensive dic- Tafel, R. L. Orthography and pronunciation

Coles, E. English dictionary

22-62 Trench, R. c. English past and present 22-491
Johnson, S. Dictionary of the E. 1. 22–138

The study of words

Laibam, R. G. Dictionary of the E. 1. 22-392 Virginia primer

Ogilvie, J. Student's English dictionary Virginia speller and reader

22–186 Wedgwood, H. Dictionary of English etymol.
Palmetto dictionary


Perry, W. Synonymous, etymological, and Wheatley, H. B. Notes on some English heter-
pronouncing English dictionary. 22-372

ographers. Philol. soc. trans., 1865 22-488
Richardson, C. New dictionary of the E. 1. See Names; Orthography; Phonetics; Phonog.

22-383,4 raphy ; Pronunciation; Speech ; Writing.
Sheridan, T. Dictionary of the E. 1. 22–225 Grammar, and general and miscellane-
Smart, B. H. Walker's pronouncing dic- ous philology

22–273 Adams, E. Elements of the English language
Walker, J. Critical pronouncing dictionary

22-277 Alford, H. The queen's English 22-400
Webster, N. American d. of the English Angus, J. Handbook of the English tongue
22-380 to 382

Worcester, J. E. Dictionary of the E. 1. Arnold, T. K. E. grammar for classical schools

(2) Restricted in subject, or peculiar in Asher, D.' Study of the English language 22-15
purpose or arrangement.

Badois, C. Grammaire anglaise 34-5024
Booth, D. Analytical dictionary 22-396 Brown, G. Grammar of English grammars
Coleridge, H. Glossarial index to printed

E. literature of 13th century


Institutes of English grammar 22-51
Eastwood and Wright. "Bible word-book Cole, D. Principles of E. grammar 22-60
22-79 Comic English grammar

Hall, B. H. ' Collection of college words and Crabb, G. Englische grammatik. 34-2395

22-111 Crane, G. Principles of language exemplified
, J. o. ' Dictionary of Archaic and

in a practical English grammar

provincial words .

22-114 Dalglish, W. S. Key to grammatical analysis
Jervis, S. Dictionary of the language of


22-374 Darnell, T. Parsing simplified 22-316
Nares, R. Glossary illustrative of English

De Vere, M. S. Studies in English 22-418

22-180 Elphinston, J. Principles of the E. language
Roget, P. M. Thesaurus of English words

and phrases

22-214 Fowler, w.c. ' English language in its elements
-- Shelton, E. Dictionary of every-day difti. and forms


Gibbs, J. W. Philological studies 22-448
Stratmann, F. H. Dictionary of old E. Gould, E. S. Good English.

22-242 Green, M. English grammar

Trench, R. C. Select glossary 22-261 Green, S. S. Structure of the English language
Wheatley, H. B. Dictionary of reduplicated

words. Philol. soc. trans., 1865 22–488 Harrison, M. Rise, progress, and present struc-
Chronological notices of dictionaries ture of the E. language

22-488 Head, Sir E. W. "Shall" and "will" 22-128
Williams, j. The readable dictionary Jewell, F. S. Grammatical diagrams 22-136

22-279 Kenrick, W. Rhetorical grammar 22-143
Wrighi, T.' D.' of obsolete and provincial Latham, R. G. Handbook of the E. I. 22-148
22-292 Marslı, G. P. Lectures on E. 1.




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Reed, H.

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English language. March, F. A. Method of philo- English language. History, etc.-continued.
logical study of E. 1.

Brydges, Sir E. Restituta

21-143 Moon, G. W. The dean's English 22-476

Clark, N. G. Elements of E. language Morelí, J. D. Grammar of the E. 1. 22-165

22-964 Mulligan, J. Grammatical structure of the E. I. Cleveland, C. D. Compendium of E. litera22-175

22-971,2 Murray, i. English grammar 22-177

E. literature of the nineteenth century Parker, W. H. Grammar of the E. l. 22-192

22-973 Parminter, T. H. Materials for a grammar of

Collier, w. F.' History of E. literature the modern E. 1. 22-194

22-991 Pegge, S. Anecdotes of

22-485 Craik, 'G. i. compendious history of E. Richardson, C. Mustrations of English philol.


22-1001 ogy


Disraeli, I. Amenities of literature 22-1018 Study of language


Gray, W. Historical sketch of E. literature Round games and amusing exercises 22-352

22-1067 Smith, R. C. English grammar. [Southern

Larkins, w. g. 'Handbook of E. literature edition) 264_2037

22-1113 Smythe, c. w. Our own grammar 264–2031,1 Lucas, H. Littérature anglaise 34-3501 Thring, E. Principles of grammar 22-251

Mills, A. Literature and literary men of Gt. Tooke, J. H. Diversions of Purley 22-254

Britain and Ireland

22-1141 See Richardson, C.


Mitford, M. R. Recollections of a literary Vickers, J. New course of grammar 22-272


22-1144 Webster, N. Dissertations on the E. 1. 22–498 Morley, H. English writers 22-1148 Welsford, H. On the origin and ramifications of Nichols, J. Literary anecdotes and illustrathe E. 1.


22-1159,60 Wilson, J. P. Essay on grammar 22-287

Lectures on E. literature 22-1172 Vulgarisms and other errors of speech 22-270

Shaw, T. B. Outlines of E. literature See Composition; Grammar; Language; Phil.

22-1200,1 ology ; Rhetoric; Versification.

Spalding, w. History of Ė. literature History, philosophy, selections.

22-1218 (1) Early English.

Taine, H. Hist. de la littérature anglaise Chaucer, G. Poetical works 23-470,676

34-4573 Child, F. J. English and Scottish ballads

Meurs et leitres au XVIIIe siècle en 23-450 Angleterre

34-4673 Corson, 11. Chaucer's Legende of goode See American literature; Bibliography; Crit


icism; Humor; Literature; Literary and Early English text society


scientific men ; Novels ; Poetry; Reading; Ellis, G. Specimens of early English poets Rhetoric.

23-461 English lite, social and domestic, in the middle of English meirical homilies :


the nineteenth century, considered in reference English retraced


to our position as a community of professing Fenn, J. Paston letters


Christians. By the author of "Reverses." Gower, J. Confessio amantis 23-532

L., 1847

15-333 Hartshorne, C. H. Ancient metrical tales English lyrics. R. H. Bayne's

23-809 23-334 English merchants. H. R. F. Bourne . 1-304 Hazlitt, w. c. Early popular poetry 23-744 English metrical homilies. John Small, Ed. 22-1212 Layamons Brut.

22-895 English opium-eater. See DeQuincey, T. Malory, T. La mort d'Arthure 18–1793 English orphans. Mrs. M. J. Holmes 18-1463 Maundeville, J. Early travels in Palestine English retraced; or, remarks, critical and philo


logical, founded on a comparison of the Morley, H.' English writers 22–1148

breeches bible with the English of the present Morris, R. Specimens of early English day. L., 1862

22-81 22-1150 English, Scotch, and Irish historical libraries. w. Motherwell, w. Minstrelsy 23-161


21-536 Percy, T. Bishop Percy's folio MS. 23–174 English seamen and divers A. Esquiros 276-609 – Reliques of ancient English poetry English seamen under the Tudors. H. R. F. Bourne 23-176,513

296-314 Piers Ploughman 23-415 English surnames. ' R. Ferguson :

22-87 Ritson, J. "Robin Hood-poems and ballads English shrines, pilgrimages to. S. C. Hall 27"-387 23-324 English spy. C. M. Westmacott

33-80 Robson, T. 'Early English metrical romances English tales and sketches. Mrs. Crosland 18-765 v. 18 of 274_195 English tradesman. D. DeFoe

1-242 Skelton, J. ' Poetical works 23-448 English traits. R. W. Emerson

276_417 Thoms, W. J. Early English prose romances English travellers and Italian brigands. W. J. C.

Moens .

276_783 Warton, T. History of English poetry Englishwoman in America. s. M. Maury 260_80

22-892 English woman in Italy. G. Gretton 274-582 Wright, T. Literature, superstitions, and English woman's domestic magazine. v. 3,4. L., history of middle ages

1867,8. 89

Wycliffe, J. Holy bible
32-2041 English woman's journal. v. 3–13. L.; 1860-4.

80 See Anglo-Saxon ; Ballads; Camden society.

17-39 (2) General and contemporary:

Engravers. Bryan, M. Dictionary of 30-1706 Arnold, M. Manual of E. literature 22-916 Walpole, H. Catalogue of

5-22 Balfour, C. L. Sketches of E. literature Engraving. The history and art of ingraving: con


taining the rise and progress of ingraving; Breen, H. H. Modern E. literature 22-411

an idea of a collection of prints; collection Burnett, G. Specimens of English prose of marks and cyphers. L., 1747 5–416 writers

- Evelyn, J. History and art of chalcography Chambers, R. Cyclopædia of E. literature

5-421 22-897,8 Jackson, J. Treatise on wood e. :



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Engraving. Landseer, J. Lectures on art of e. Epidemics. Cleghorn, G. Epidemical diseases in


See Pictures ; Prints.

Conrad, D. W. Memoranda of the pestilence
Engravings of the arteries. C. Bell


in Portsmouth and Norfolk in 1855 30–912
Eniginas. Capel, C. E. Victorian e. 20-161 Diary of a Samaritan

Ennemoser, J. History of magic, trans. from the Hecker, J. F. C. E. of middle ages 10-228

German by W. Howitt, with an appendix of Hough, L. S. Science of man applied to e.
the most remarkable and best authenticated

stories of apparitions, dreams, somnambulism, Howe, A. H. Physical cause of 10–599
predictions, divination, witchcraft, table-turn- Knapp, M. L. Origin and laws of 10-539
ing, and spirit-rapping, selected by M. Howitt. Report of sanitary commission of New Orleans
L., 1854. 2 v.

on yellow fever of 1853

Ennis, J. The origin of the stars; and the causes of Webster, N. History of e. and pestilential dis-
their motions and their light. N. Y., 1867

12–81 - See Black death; Cholera ; Diseases; Fever;
Ennui. M. Edgeworth

v. 1 of 18-977

Meningitis ; Plague; Yellow fever.
Enoch, the book of. Trans. by R. Lawrence. 3d Epigrammata sacra. R. Crashaw

ed. Oxf., 1838. 8°

32–1941 Epigrams, ancient and modern ; preface by Rev. J.
Enoch Arden, and other poems. A. Tennyson 23–734 Booth. L., 1863 .

Enos. (Pseud.] See Stone, C. P.

Collection of

Enquirer, the. W. Godwin'

33–635 Lessing, G. E. Fables and epigrams 23-138
See Inquirer.

Martial, M. V. Epigrammata 34-361, 459
Ense. See Varnhagen von Ense.

Epilepsy. Althaus, J. Hysteria and ataxy 10-728
Enslin Theod. C. F. Bibliotheca medico-chirur- Kassmaul & Tenner. Epileptiform convulsions
gica et pharmaceutico-chemica, 1750 ad 1837.

n. ed. von Engelmann. Leip., 1838. 8° 21-42

Radcliffe, C. B. Epileptic and other convulsive
Entail, the. J. Galt

affections of the nervous system .

Enterprise, industry, and art of man. s. G. Goodrich

Epinay, Mme de. Mémoires et correspondance.
P., 1818. 3 v. 80

Entertaining naturalist.' Mrs. London 9-715 Episcopacy. Guirey, W. History

Enthusiasm, natural history of. I. Taylor 15-54 copal commission, memorial of

Entick, John. New and accurate history and sur- Episcopal church. See Church of England ; Pro.

vey of London, Westminster, Southwark, testant Episcopal church.
and places adjacent; with the charters, laws, Episcopius, Simon. Calder, F. Memoirs of 30–1315
customs, rights, liberties, and privileges of Episodes of French history. J. Pardoe 274–1840,1

this great metropolis. L., 1766. 4 v. 274_371 Episodes of insect life. Miss L. M. Budgen 9–667
- New naval history of Great Britain. L., 1757. Epistles of Phalaris. Bentley, R. Dissertation on

Entomology. 'Burmeister, H. Manual of e. 9-523 Epitaphs from burying ground in Cambridge. W.
Catalogue of library of Amer. ent. soc. 21-467

Catlow, M. E. Popular British e. 9-527 - Norfolk, H. E. Collection of curious epitaphs
Dallas, W. S. Elements of e.

Duncan, J. Introduction to . 1 of 9-595 Pettigrew, 1. j. Collection of :

Goeze, J. A. E. Beyträge zu des ritter Linne See Burial.
des natursystems

34–2452 Epitome of the history of philosophy ; being the
Jardine, W. (ed.) Naturalist's library 9-595

work adopted by the university of France;
Kirby & Spence. Introduction to e. 9-575

trans. by C. S. Henry. N. Y., 1842. 2 v.
Ruschenberger, W. S. W. Elements of e. 9-618

Say, T. American e.

9-626 Equations. Boole, G. Treatise on differential e.
Stephens, J. F. British e.
9–695 to 7

Westwood, J. O. Arcana entomologica 9-734 Equity.

Equity. Adams, J. J. Doctrine of :

See Insects.


V. 68 of 2–55
Entre parentheses. E. D. Forgues

34-3483 Calvert, s. Law respecting parties to suits in
Envers (l') et l'endroit. A. Maquet 34-4110

v. 17 of 2-55
Environs de Paris, les. Paysage histoire. Ouvr. Goldsmith, G. Doctrine and practice v. 40 of
rédigée par l'élite de la litt. contemp., sous la

direction de MM. C. Nodier et L. Lurine. P.

F. o.' Outlines of


34–4850 Hunter, S. J. View of proceedings in suit of
Eoline; or, Magnolia vale.' Mrs. C. L. Hentz


White & Tudor. Leading cases 2-319 and
Eoneguski; or, the Cherokee chief

v. 65, 71,2 of 2-55
Eothen ; or, traces of travel brought home from the See Chancery
east. A. W. Kinglake

281-20 Erasmus, D. Colloquia ; cum notis var. accurante
Ephesians, epistle to. Barnes, A. Notes on 32-700 Corn. Schrevelio. Amstelod., 1693. 8° 34-456
Calvin, J. Commentary on
32-1250 Jortin, J. Life of .

Hodge, c. Commentary on

32-1366 Murray's select biography v. 2 of 30-1915
Ephesus. E. Falkener

28b-919 Erckmann-Chatrian. (E. Erckmann et A. Chat-
Epictetus. Works, consisting of his discourses, the

rian. ]

L'ami Fritz. 2me ed. P., 1865
enchiridion, and fragments, trans. from the

Greek by T. W. Higginson. B., 1865 15–29 The conscript; a tale of the French war of
Epicurean. T. Moore

1813 ; trans. from the French

v. 10 of 23-345 Therese

Epicurean philosophy. See Lucretius Carus. Eric; or, little by little.' F. W. Farrar

Epidemic cholera ; its mission and mystery, haunts, Erichsen, J. E. The science and art of surgery.
and havocs, pathology and treatment; with

From 2d Lond. ed. Ph., 1860. 80 10-359
remarks on the question of contagion ; by a Railevay and other injuries of the nervous sys-
foriner surgeon in the service of the East

tem. Ph., 1867. go

India company. N. Y., 1866

10-624 Ericsson, John. 'Headley, P. C. Miner boy 30-1585
Epidemics. Anstie, F. E. Notes on 10-651 Erie. See Lake Erie.
- Carey, M. Malignant fever in Phila. 3-64 Erkmann, E. See Erckmann-Chatrian.


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