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U.S. Army QMG Drawing 5-1-269; Revision 14 September 1960, Note: Recommend use of Military Specification (MIL F-2692D dated 14 March 1969, as amended) in conjunction with referenced drawing as a guideline for procurement purposes.

Technical Description of Interior Flag:

be the feet, six (6) Inche (4) feet, fourage

The color of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration flag will be of blue bernberg taffeta-weave rayon, four (4) feet, four (4) inches on the hoist by five (5) feet, six (6) inches fly. In the center of the color will be the Official Seal of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration thirty inches in diameter. The devices and stars of the Seal will be embroidered by the Bonnaz Process. The color will be trimmed on three edges with a knotted fringe of rayon two and one half (2) inches wide. Cord and tassels will be of yellow rayon strands. See drawing referenced above for complete details.

Technical Description of Exterior Flag:

NASA flags for external use may be procured in two sizes: 5' x 9'-6" (without fringe) or 10' x 19' (without fringe). Detailed design, colors and size specifications are as set forth in the drawing referenced above.

[blocks in formation]

8 1221.108 Establishment of the NASA Ad- ty of graphics design in all layout, re

ministrator's, Deputy Administrator's, production art, stationery, forms, puband Associate Deputy Administrators' lications, signs, films, vehicles, aircraft Flags.

and spacecraft markings, and other (a) Concurrently with the establish items. It creates a unified image which ment of the NASA Flag in January is representative and symbolic of 1960, the NASA Administrator also es NASA's progressive attitudes and protablished NASA Flags to represent the grams. NASA Administrator, Deputy Admin

(b) The Director, Public Services Di. istrator and Associate Deputy Admin- vision, is responsible for the developistrators. Each of these flags conforms ment and implementation of the to the basic design of the NASA Flag

NASA Unified Visual Communications except that:

System. With the development of the (1) The size of the flag is 3 feet x 4

NASA Unified Visual Communications feet; (2) The Administrator's Flag has

System, the Public Services Division, four stars;

NASA Headquarters, created the (3) The Deputy Administrator's Flag

NASA Graphics Standards Manual has three stars; and

which is the official guide for the use (4) The Associate Deputy Adminis and application of the NASA Logotype trators' Flags have two stars.

and the NASA Unified Visual Commu(b) Flags representing these senior nications System. officials shall be used as set forth in (c) The Director, Public Services Di§ 1221.115.

vision, NASA Headquarters, has desig.

nated a NASA Graphics Coordinator 8 1221.109 Establishment of the NASA As

to implement and monitor agencywide tronaut Badges.

design improvements in consonance The NASA Astronaut Badge, com

with the NASA Graphics Standards monly referred to as the “crew patch,"

Manual and the NASA Unified Visual is a separate and unique badge de

Communications System. The NASA signed in connection with or in com

Graphics Coordinator will develop and memoration of a manned space flight

issue changes and additions to the mission for the particular astronauts involved. Each approved badge shall

manual as required and as new design be identified by its title, such as

standards and specifications are devel“Apollo 17 Badge.” Collectively, these

oped and approved. Copies of the badges will comprise the NASA Astro

NASA Graphics Standards Manual naut Badges. The NASA Astronaut

may be obtained directly from the Badges shall be used as set forth in

NASA Graphics Coordinator, NASA 8 1221.113 pursuant to approval as set Headquarters. forth in § 1221.116.

(d) The Director of each Field In

stallation has designated an official to 8 1221.110 Establishment of the NASA serve as Graphics Coordinator for his/ Unified Visual Communications

her installation. The Assistant AdminSystem.

istrator for Headquarters Operations (a) The NASA Administrator direct has designated an official to serve as ed the establishment of a NASA Uni

Headquarters Graphics Coordinator. fied Visual Communications System. Any changes in these assignments This system was developed under the shall be reported to the NASA Graph. Federal Design Improvement Program

ics Coordinator, NASA Headquarters. initiated by the President in May 1972.

(e) Graphics Coordinators are reThis system is the agencywide pro

sponsible for ensuring compliance gram by which NASA projects a con

with the NASA Graphics Standards temporary, business-like, progressive,

Manual and the NASA Unified Visual and forward-looking image through

Communications System for their rethe use of effective design for improved communications. The system

spective installations. provides a professional and cohesive (52 FR 45811, Dec. 2, 1987, as amended at 54 NASA identity by imparting continui. FR 32963, Aug. 11, 1989)

8 1221.111 Use of the NASA Seal.

8 1221.112 Use of the NASA Logotype. (a) The Executive Officer shall be The NASA Logotype is authorized responsible for custody of the NASA for use on the following: impression Seal and custody of NASA (a) NASA articles. (1) NASA letterreplica (plaques) seals. The NASA Seal head stationery. is restricted to the following:

(2) Films produced by or for NASA. (1) NASA award certificates and

(3) Wearing apparel and personal medals.

property items used by NASA employ. (2) NASA awards for career service. ees in performance of their duties. (3) Security credentials and employ. (4) Required uniforms of contractor ee identification cards.

employees when performing public af(4) NASA Administrator's docu

fairs, guard or fire protection duties ments; the seal may be used on docu

and similar duties within NASA instal. ments such as interagency or intergov

lations or at other assigned NASA

duty stations, and on any required ernmental agreements and special re

contractor-owned vehicles used excluports to the President and Congress,

sively in the performance of these and on other documents, at the discre

duties, when authorized by NASA contion of the NASA Administrator.

tracting officers. (5) Plaques; the design of the NASA

(5) Spacecraft, aircraft, automobiles, Seal may be incorporated in plaques

trucks, and similar vehicles owned by, for display in agency auditoriums,

leased to, or contractor-furnished to presentation rooms, lobbies, offices of

NASA, or produced for NASA by consenior officials, and on the fronts of

tractors, but excluding NASA-owned buildings occupied by NASA. A sepa

vehicles used and operated by contracrate NASA Seal in the form of a 15

tors for conduct of contractor busiinch, round, bronze colored plaque on ness. a walnut colored wood base is also (6) Equipment and facilities owned available, but prohibited for use in the by, leased to, or contractor-furnished above representational manners. It is to NASA, such as machinery, major restricted to use only as a presentation tools, ground-handling equipment, item by the Administrator and the office and shop furnishings (if approDeputy Administrator.

priate), and similar items of a perma(6) The NASA Flag, and the NASA nent nature, including those produced Administrator's and Deputy Adminis- for NASA by contractors. trator's and Associate Deputy Admin (7) NASA pamphlets, brochures, istrators' Flags, which incorporate the manuals, handbooks, house organs, design of the Seal.

bulletins, general reports, posters, (7) NASA prestige publications signs, charts, and items of similar which represent the achievements or

nature for general use, other than missions of NASA as a whole.

those covered in § 1221.111(a) (7) and (8) Publications (or documents) in

(8). volving participation by another gov

(8) Briefcases or dispatch cases ernment agency for which the other

issued by NASA. government agency has authorized the

(9) Certificates (NASA Form 699A use of its seal.

and 699B) covering authority to NASA

and contractor security personnel to (b) Use of the NASA Seal for any

carry firearms. purpose other than as prescribed

(10) NASA occupied buildings when herein is prohibited, except that the

the use of the NASA Logotype is more Executive Officer may authorize, on a

appropriate than use of the NASA case-by-case basis, the use of the

Seal. NASA Seal for purposes other than

(b) Personal articlesNASA employthose prescribed when the Executive

ees. (1) Business calling cards of NASA Officer deems such use to be appropri

employees may carry the imprint of ate.

the NASA Logotype. (52 FR 45811, Dec. 2, 1987, as amended at 55 (2) Limited usage on automobiles. If FR 1404, Jan. 16, 1990)

determined appropriate by the cognizant installation official, it is accepta- Public Services Division, deems such ble to place a NASA Logotype sticker use to be appropriate. on personal automobiles where such identification will facilitate entry or 8 1221.113 Use of the NASA Program and control of such vehicles at NASA in Astronaut Badges. stallations or parking areas.

(a) Official NASA Program and As(3) Personal items used in connec

tronaut Badges will be restricted to tion with NASA employees' recreation

the uses set forth herein and to such association activities.

other uses as the Director, Public (4) Items for sale through NASA em

Services Division, may specifically apployees' nonappropriated fund activi

prove. ties subject to paragraph (c) of this (b) Specific approval is given for the section.

following uses: (5) NASA employees shall not use

(1) Use of exact reproductions of a the NASA Logotype in any manner

badge in the form of a patch made of that would imply that NASA endorses

cloth or other material, or a decal, or a a commercial product, service or activi

gummed sticker on articles of wearing ty or that material of a non-official

apparel and personal property items; nature represents NASA's official posi

and tion.

(2) Use of exact renderings of a (c) Miscellaneous articles. (1) The

badge on a coin, medal, plaque, or manufacture and commercial sale of

other commemorative souvenirs. the NASA Logotype as a separate and

(c) The manufacture and sale or free distinct device in the form of an

distribution of badges for the uses apemblem, patch, insignia, badge, decal,

proved. or that may be approved vinylcal, cloth, metal, or other materi

under paragraphs (a) and (b) of this al which would preclude NASA's con

section are authorized trol over its use or application is pro

(d) Portrayal of an exact reproduchibited.

tion of a badge in conjunction with (2) Use of the NASA Uniform Patch

the advertising of any product or sery. es, which incorporate the NASA Logo

ice will be approved on a case-by-case type, is authorized only as prescribed

basis by the Director, Public Services in the NASA Graphics Standards

Division. Manual, for NASA personnel and

(e) The manufacture, sale, or use of NASA contractor personnel identifica

any colorable imitation of the design tion.

of an official NASA Program or Astro(3) No approval for use of the NASA

naut Badge will not be approved. Logotype will be authorized when its use can be construed as an endorse (52 FR 45811, Dec. 2, 1987, as amended at 54 ment by NASA of a product or service, FR 32963, Aug. 11, 1989; 54 FR 53799, Dec. (4) Items bearing the NASA Logo

29, 1989) type such as souvenirs, novelties, toys,

8 1221.114 Use of the NASA Space Transmodels, clothing, and similar items (in

portation System Program Badge and cluding items for sale through the NASA employees' nonappropriated

Add-on Bar. fund activities) may be manufactured (a) The NASA Space Transportation and sold only after the NASA Logo System Program Badge (Space Shuttype application has been submitted tle) shall be used in the manner preto, and approved by, the Director, scribed for NASA Program and AstroPublic Services Division, or designee, naut Badges, $ 1221.113. It shall be NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC used exclusively to identify the overall 20546.

program and represent, identify, and (d) Use of the NASA Logotype for commemorate each Space Shuttle any other purpose other than as pre- operational mission. scribed herein is prohibited, except (b) The approved Add-on Bar(s) that the Director, Public Services Divi- shall be used exclusively to provide sion, may authorize on a case-by-case subordinate mission-related identity basis the use of the NASA Logotype for NASA projects and payloads infor other purposes when the Director, cluding NASA joint projects. Use of Add-on Bars for non-NASA projects the audience, with the NASA Flag at and payloads, including domestic and/ the speaker's left. or international joint projects, is en (b) The NASA Administrator's, couraged.

Deputy Administrator's, and Associate (c) Add-on Bar proposals for both Deputy Administrators' Flags shall be NASA and non-NASA projects and displayed with the United States Flag payloads shall be submitted to the As- in the respective offices of these offisociate Administrator for Space Flight cials but may be temporarily removed for review and approval and for com- for use at the discretion of the offipliance with NASA design specifica- cials concerned. tions.

(d) Use of any device other than as 8 1221.116 Approval of new or change proprescribed herein is prohibited on posals. NASA uniforms, publications, bro (a) Any proposal to change or chures, posters, charts, signs, and modify the emblematic devices set items of a similar nature, to identify forth herein or to introduce a new emthe Space Transportation System Pro blematic device other than as pregram and related missions.

scribed herein requires the written ap(e) Use of unique payload Program proval of the NASA Administrator Badges for non-NASA missions is per with prior approval and recommendamitted only when the payload has tion of the Director, Public Services been bought solely by another country Division. other than the United States and (b) In addition to the written apwhen that country has total responsi proval of the NASA Administrator, bility for that payload, for example, in

any proposal for a new design or for a the case where Germany had bought a

modification to the design of the dedicated Spacelab mission and had

NASA Insignia or NASA Logotype total responsibility for the payload. must also be submitted to the ComUnique payload Program Badge pro- mission of Fine Arts for its advice as posals shall be submiited to the Direc to the merit of design. If approved in tor, International Relations Division,

writing by the NASA Administrator Director, Public Services Division, and

and upon advice received from the the Associate Administrator for Space

Commission of Fine Arts, the NASA Flight, NASA Headquarters, for infor Insignia and the use of such NASA Inmation and comment.

signia or NASA Logotype must be pre

scribed in this subpart and published 8 1221.115 Use of the NASA Flags.

in the FEDERAL REGISTER. (a) The NASA Flag is authorized for use only as follows:

8 1221.117 Violations. (1) On or in front of NASA installa (a) NASA Seal. Any person who uses tion buildings.

the NASA Seal in a manner other (2) At NASA ceremonies.

than as authorized in this subpart (3) At conferences (including display shall be subject to the provisions of in NASA conference rooms).

Title 18 U.S.C. 1017. (4) At governmental or public ap (b) NASA Insignia, NASA Logotype, pearances of NASA executives.

and NASA Program and Astronaut (5) In private offices of senior offi Badges. Any person who uses the cials.

NASA Insignia, NASA Logotype, (6) As otherwise authorized by the

NASA Program Badges, or NASA AsNASA Administrator or designee.

tronaut Badges in a manner other (7) The NASA Flag must be dis than as authorized in this subpart played with the United States Flag.

shall be subject to the provisions of When the United States Flag and the

Title 18 U.S.C. 701. NASA Flag are displayed on a speaker's platform in an auditorium, the

8 1221.118 Compliance and enforcement. United States Flag must occupy the In order to ensure adherence to the position of honor and be placed at the authorized uses of the NASA Seal, the speaker's right as the speaker faces NASA Insignia, the NASA Logotype,

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