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SERMONS (continued):

| TIMPSON (1.)-Scripture Truths illustrated by Exam. FLETCHER (J.)-A Farewell Sermon preached in the ples. By the Rev. Thomas Timpson. 32mo. pp. 380, Church of St. Mark, Hamilton Terrace, St. John's cloth, 2. ........................

............... 3431 Wood, on the Sunday next before Easter, 1850. By the TOWER BUILDERS (The), and the Two Merchants : Two Rey. John Fletcher, M.A. 8vo. pp. 32, sd. 19. 61.13404 Allegories. 18mo. wrapper, 9:1. .................. (3432 LANE (C.)-Englard's Ministry to the World: preached | TRENCH (R. C.)- The Story of Justin Martyr, and other

in Reference to the Great Exhibition, May 4, 1851. By Poems. By Richard Chenevix Trench. 3d edit. 12mo. the Rev. Charlton Lane, M.A. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 20, sewell, i pp. 296, cloth, 6s.........

.............. 3133 411. ............................................!3 105

(Vide Adv. 459.) LYTTLETON (W. H.)-Some Reasons of Want of suc- TROLLOPE (W.)--The New Testament in Greek; with

cess in the Christian Ministry: an Ordination Sermon English Notes. By the Rev. William Trollope, M.A. preached in Worcester Cathedral. By the Hon. and 2d edition, 8vo. cloth, reduced to 9s............... (8434

Rev. W. H. Lyttleton. 8vo. pp. 38, sewed, Is. .. 13106 (Vide Adv. 423.)
MOORE (D.)-What have they seen in thine House; or. TRUTH (The) of God against the Papacy: being a Course

Reflections on the Opening of the Great Exhibition: a of Lectures on Popery delivered in Edinburgh, 1851, at

Sermon. By Daniel Moore. Svo. sewed, Is..... 13107 the request of the Scottish Reformation Society. 12mo. RAMSAY (B. B.) -" Hitherto hath the Lord Helped us." pp. 500, cloth, 4s. ....

....(3135 Preached at the Consecration of the Chapel of Trinity TUCKER (S.)- The Rainbow in the North: a Short AcCollege, Glenalmond, May 1, 1851. By Edward B. count of the First Establishment of Christianity in Ru

Ramsay, M A. 8vo. (Edinburgh), pp. 32, sd. ls. 13408 pert's Land by the Church Missionary Society. By S. SINCLAIR (Rev. Archd.)-Church Difficulties of 1851 : Tucker. 12mo. pp. 220, cloth, 3s. 6d.............. (3436

a Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry (Vide Adv. 453.) of Middlesex. By the Ven. John Sinclair, M.A. 8vo. | TURNER (T. H.)-Some Account of Domestic Architecpp. 48, sewed, Is. 6d...

....... (3409 ture in England, from the Conquest to the end of the SHAKSPÉRE'S WORKS. Vol. 5, 18mo. pp. 334, cloth, 13th Century. With numerous Illustrations. By T. Is. 6d. ..

Hudson Turner. 8vo. pp. 336, cloth, 21s.......... 3437 *****(Knight's Cabinet Edition

(Vide Adv. 434.) SHAW (J. P.) Speech, delivered at Wakefield, 25th April, VINCENTIL LIRINENSIS, Latin and English. New 1852, on the General Registry Bill. Svo. pp. 52, sewed, | edit. 18mo. pp. 212, cloth, 2s. 6d..

. [3138 .......... (3111 VIOLENZIA: a Tragedy. Square, pp. 150, cl. 3s. 60.[3139 SMITH'S Practical Bookkeeping, Commercial. Reference, (Vide Adv. 439.)

and Counting House and school Assistant, &c. 12mo. WAITE (J. J.) and GAUNTLETT (H. J.)- Hallelujah.

(Liverpool), pp. 168, bds. 4s....................... (3412 1 Part 2, royal Svo, cloth.5s........................13440 SMYTH (C. B.)--Christian Metaphysics; or, Plato, Male WEEK in LONDON, in German 12mo. sd. ls. 9d.. (3441 branche, and Gioberti, the Old and New Ontologists, WELD (C. R.)-The Search for Sir John Franklin : a leccompared with the Modern Schools of Psychology. By 1 ture delivered at the Russell Institution, Jan. 15, 1851. the Rev. Charles Bohner Smyth. 8vo. pp. 261, 7s. [3413 By Charles Richard Weld. 8vo. pp. 83, cloth, 4s. 6d.(3412 SQUIRE (E. G.)-The Serpent Symbol, and the Worship | WHIPPLE (E. P.)-Essays and Reviews. By Edwin P. of the Reciprocal Principles of Nature in America. By Whipple. 2 vols. 12ino. pp. 850, cloth, 12s......... (3143 E. G. Squire. 8vo. (New York), pp. 234, with woodcuts. | WHITE (C.)-First Instruction in Greek : being a Course cloth, 12s. 60. .................................... {3414

of Lessons. By Charles White. 3d edit. 12mo. pp. 60, STEWART (R.)-The Modern History of Europe, from the cloth, 2. ....

Commencement of the 16th Century to the Year 1850. WIGHTWICK (G)-Henry the Second: a Tragedy, in By Robert Stewart. 12mo. pp. 336, cloth, 5s....... (3115 Five Acts. By George Wightwick. Svo. pp. 110, sewed, STODDART (D. T.)- Angling Reminiscences. cl. 1.

2s. 60.......................: reduced to 2s. 60. ................................ 13416 WILKINSON (W.)-Outlines of Physiology, Anatomy, and STORR (F.)-Scripture Characters, forming Second Series Surgery. By William Wilkinson. 18mo. (Edinburgh).

of “The Family Preacher" : Short Practical Serinons for pp. 416, cloth, 58. ................................ (3146 Home. By the Rev. Francis Storr. 12mo. pp. 260. cloth. I WILLIAMS (J. W.)--A Glossary of Terms used for Arti. 3s. 60. ..... ........................ 13417

cles of British Dress and Armour. By the Rev. John W. SWEDENBORG (E.)-Concerning Heaven and its Won Williams (Ab Ithel). 8vo. pp. 69, 35, 6d. .......... (317

ders, and concerning Hell; being a Relation of Things WILLIAMS (T.S.) and BOMHOFF (D.)-Dutch and Engheard and seen. Translated from the Latin of Emanuel lish Dialogues and Elementary Phrases. By T. S. WilSwedenborg. 8vo. pp. 392, cloth, 58.; without Preface,

liams and Dr. D. Bomhofl. 12mo. pp. 200, cloth, 3s. (3148

............. 3418 WILLIS (N. P.)-Hurry-Graphs; or, Sketches of Scenery, TABBERNER (J. L.)-Water Supply for London, under Celebrities, and Society ; taken from Life. By N. Public Control, on a System of Rating applicable to all

Parker Willis. 12mo. pp. 250, boards, Is. 6d..... [3148* Towns; insuring this first necessary of Life pure, and

(Bohn's Cheap Series.) eventually free of Charge to the Consumer. In a Letter | WILLMOTT (R, A.)-A Journal of Summer Time in the to the Right Hon. Lord Seymour, M.P. Svo. pp. 108, 1

Country. By the Rev. Robt. Aris Willmott. 2d edit. sewed, 23....................

12mo. pp. 260, cloth, 5s........................... (3149

......... 3419 TALVI'S History of the Colonization of America. Enited (Vide Adv. 459.) by William Hazlitt. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 100, cloth, I

WILSON (T.) and ANDREWS (Bp.)-Sacra Privata : Pri. 21s.............................................. 3420

vate Medications and Prayers of the Right Rev. Thomas TANNAHILL (R.)-Poetical Works, with Life. By P.A. Wilson, D.D. Bishop of Sodor and Man; with the DevoRainsay. Royal 18mo. cloth, 28. od......

tions of Bishop Andrews. Adapted for general use. TAYLER (C. B.)- Earnestness. The Sequel to Thankful

24uno. pp. 196, cloth, 28. ; morocco, 48. 60. ........ (3450 ness. By Charles B. Tayler. 2d edit, 12mo. pp. 380. WILSON (W.)- A Little Earnest Book upon a Great Old cloth, 78. ........................................13122

Subject: with the Story of the Poet Lover. By Wil(Vide Adv. 404.)

liain Wilson. Illustrated by Alfred Crowquill. 12mo. TAYLOR (J.)- The Contributions of Q.Q. By Jane Taylor.

pp. 210, cloth, 58. ...........

...... 3451 lith edition, 12mo. pp. 510, cloth, 6s.......

I WILSON (W. D.)-The Church Identified by a Reference

.... 3123 TELESCOPE (Tl:e) and Microscope, 18mo. pp. 192, tancy

to the History of its Origin, Perpetuatiori, and Extencover, 6d. : cloth boards, gilt edges. 10d..... ...1342

sion into the United States. By the Rev. W. D. Wilson. (Religious Tract Society's Monthly Volume. Vol. 67.)

12.10. (New York), pp. 439, cloth, Ss............... (3452 (Vide Adv. 467.)

WORDSWORTH (C.) - On the Inspiration of Holy ScripTENNYSON (A.)--Poems. By Alfred Tennyson. 7th ture; or, on the Canon of the Old and New Testament, edit, 12mo. pp. 388, cloth, 9s.....

... (3425 and on the Apocrypha : Twelve Lectures delivered beTHEORY OF EFFECT; embracing the Contrast of Light fore the University of Cambridge. By Christopher and Shade, of Colour and Harmony. By an Artist,

Wordsworth, D.D. 8vo. pp. 446, cloth, 10s. 6d..... (3453 With 15 illustrations by Hinckley. 12mo.(Philadelphia), | WORLD'S (The) FAIR; or, Children's Prize Gift of the

pp. 114, cloth, 28. 6d. ............................ (3426 Great Exhibition of 1851, Square, pp. 110, cl. 2s. 603454 THIEME (F. W.)- A New and Complete Grammatical Ger. (Vide Adv. 397.)

mran and English Dictionary, in which are introduced the WREATH (The) of Peace: a Souvenir of 1851 ; being a Genitives and Plurals and other Irregularities of Sub Musical Album. Folio, bds. 15s................... (3455 stantives, the Comparative Degrees of Adjectives, and WRIGHT (T.)-Narratives of Sorcery and Magic, from the Irregularities of Verbs, arranged in the Alphabet the most Authentic Sources. By Thomas Wright, M.A. as well as under their Roots; also the Pronunciation, 2d edition, 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 700, cloth, 21s. .... (3456 Composition, Construction, and Government of Words (Vide Adv. 406.) throughout the Language. By F. W. Thieme. 3d Ste WUNDER (E.)-Sophoclis Edipus Rex; with Annota. reotyped edit. 12mo. pp. 814, bd. 78. .............. (3127 tions, &c. By Edward Wunder. With the Notes trans(Vide Adv. 463.)

lated into English, and a Collation of Dindorf's Text. THINGS TO COMÉ: being Lectures on the 3d Chap. of Forming Part 1 of Sophocles. 8vo. pp. 172, sd, 3s. (3157

2d Epistle of St. Peter, delivered during Lent, 1851, at (Vide Adv. 405.)
St. Luke's, Chelsea. By Six Clergymen of the Church
of England. 12mo. pp. 146, cloth, 23. 6d.......

Law Keports. loth, 28. 60........... 13428 THOMPSON (J.)-Guide to the Pronunciation of scrip- CHANCERY (Beavan). Vol. 12, Part 3, 11s......... (3458 ture Proper Names. 18mo. reduced to 6d. sewed; cloth, | COUNTY COURT CASES (Coxe and Macrae). Vol. 1, ....................................... (3129 Part 6, sewed, 5s. 6d. ..

..... (359 THORNLEY (M.)—Skeleton Theres intended to assist CRIMINAL APPEAL CASES (Temple & Mews). vol. 1,

in Teaching and Acquiring the Art of Composition.' By Part 4, 89. 6d. sewed........ Margaret Thornley. 12mo. (Edinburgh), pp. 300, cloth, I CRIMINAL CASES (Cox). Vol. 5, Part 1, 78. .. ... [3461 35.

.............. (3430 | LAW JOURNAL REPORTS (Chambers). Vol. 20, Part 6, (Vide Adv. 454.)


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..... {3460

(Cox). Vol. 5. Parti

Now ready, at all the Libraries, in 3 vols.

“ This novel shines among the new novels of the year pre-eminent and peerless."-Examiner.

By the author of “The Petrel." 3 vols. | By Captain Milman, late 33d Regiment. 3 vols.
COLBURN & Co., PublisheRS, 13, GREAT MARLBOROUGH Street,


BINNS and GOODWIN beg to announce,

As Now Ready, most beautifully bound, with engraved Frontispiece (The poor Romanist's last hours)

and illustrated title-page, small 8vo. price 3s. 6d. FALSEHOOD AND TRUTH.


Dedicated to the Rev. Hugh M'NEILE, D. D. Bath : Binns and Goodwin. London: Whittaker and Co.; Simpkin & Co. Dublin : J. Robertson & Co. Edinburgh : Oliver and Boyd.


Just published, in One handsome Volume, 8vo. profusely illustrated with Engravings by Jewitt,

price One Guinea,

Some Account of Domestic Architecture in England,



OXFORD : John Henry PARKER; AND 377, Strand, LONDON.


new VOLUME OF SERMONS BY MR. HEYGATE. THE RELIGIONS of the WORLD, illusNARE of the SOUL; or, Sermons upon some I trated by coloured Maps, and Historical and U Points of Christian Prudence. By W. E, Hey- | Statistical Letterpress. 4to. 2s. GATE, M.A. Small 8vo. 5s. 6d.

Edinburgh : Sutherland and Knox. London: Rivingtons, St. Paul's Church Yard, and | Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

(437) Waterloo Place; Of whom may be bad, by the same Author, THE THEORY of CHRISTIAN WORThe WEDDING GIFT: a Devotional | T SHIP. By the Rev. T. CHAMBERLAIN, M.A. Manual for the Married, or those intending to Marry.

Student of Christ Church; and Perpetual Curate of 3s.

(435) | S. Thomas the Martyr, Oxford. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. ; by

- post, 5s. 6d. University Press, Oxford.

CONSECRATION and DESECRATION. A CATALOGUE of all GRADUATES in U A Shadow of the Times. 1850 and 1851. A DIVINITY, LAW, MEDICINE, ARTS, Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d. and MUSIC, who have regularly proceeded or been

THE GOSPEL of S. LUKE, illustrated created in the University of Oxford, between October 10, 1659, and December 31, 1850. To :

1 (chietly in the Doctrinal and Moral Sense) from which is added, a List of Chancellors, High-Stewards,

Ancient and Modern Authors. By the Rev. JAMES Vice-Chancellors, Proctors, Heads of Colleges and

Ford, M.A. Prebendary of Exeter; and Vicar of Halls, and Burgesses of the University ; together

S. Mary Church, Devon. 158. with a Statement of Matriculations and Regencies.

THE GOSPEL of S. MATTHEW. 10s. 6d. 1 8vo. 125. 6d. boards.

THE GOSPEL of S. MARK. 10s. 6d. A PARAPHRASE and COMMENT upon THE GOSPEL of S. JOHN.- Preparing. I 1 the EPISTLES and GOSPLES appointed to be used in the Church of England on all Sundays and

JUVENILE ENGLISHMAN'S HISTORICAL LIBRARY. Holidays throughout the Year. By GEORGE STAN HISTORY of GREECE for YOUNG Hope, D.D., sometime Dean of Canterbury. New 1 PERSONS. Edited by the Rev. J. M. NEALE, Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. boards.

M.A. Demy 18mo. 2s. Sold by I. H. Parker, Oxford ; and 377, Strand :/ J. Masters, Aldersgate Street, and New Bond and E. Gardner, 7, Paternoster Row, London. (436) | Street.


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Advertisements of New Books, &c.—continued. THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE for MHE ENGLISH FLOWER GARDEN;

1 Jane contains, among others, the following T or, Magazine of Hardy and Half-hardy Plants. articles : Hartley Coleridge ; James II. and the De. Each Number to contain 5 Figures from Nature, vonshire Justices; the Legend of St Peter's Chair drawn and coloured in the best style of art; with (with an Engraving); Municipal Franchises of the | 16 pages of descriptive Letterpress and miscellaneous Middle Ages; the Story of Nell Gwyn, by Peter | matter. To be continued Monthly. Crown 4to. Cunningham, Chapter VI. ; Pilgrimage to the Holy | price 9d.-No.1 on June 15 (for July 1.) Land ; Curiosities of the Old French Canons ; Dic

Communications to be addressed to the Editor, tionaries of Classic Arcbæology ; Christian Icono. I care of Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. London; graphy: the Heavenly Host (with numerous En- or Messrs. J. M. Burton and Co. Ipswich. (442) gravings). With Notes of the Month, Review of New Publications, Proceedings of Archæological So.

BOHN'S SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY FOR JUNE. cieties, Historical Chronicle, and OBITUARY, in

I RICHARDSON'S GEOLOGY, including cluding Memoirs of Lord Langdale, Mr. Serjeant

I MINERALOGY and PALÆONTOLOGY. Ladlow, Joseph Moore, Esq., Dr. Pye Smith, W. H. Maxwell, &c. &c.

Revised and enlarged by Dr. Thomas Wrrgåt. 28. 64.

Post 8vo. with upwards of 400 Illustrations on Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament Street. (439) Wood, 5s.


Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden. THE ARCHÆOLOGICAL JOURNAL. | Part XXIX., forming the commencement of the BOUN'S STANDARD LIBRARY FOR JUNE. Eighth Volume, 7s. 6d. Published under the Direc- | NEANDER'S CHURCH HISTORY. tion of the Central Committee of the Archæological

Vol. 3, 3s. 6d.

(444) Institute.

Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden. ** The First Five Volumes may be had of Parker, London and Oxford; and Volumes VI. and VII. of

NEW MONTHLY PERIODICAL. the Publishers, or of any Booksellers.

ME POPULAR HISTORIAN and Bradbury and Evans, 11, Bouverie Street. (440) 1 FIRESIDE FRIEND. No. I. 8vo. 32 pages,

price 2d. THE COMIC HISTORY OF ROME, for London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Manches. I the Use and Amusement of Schools and Families. ter : Abel Heywood. And all Booksellers. (445) A New Monthly Periodical, by the Author of " THE Comic HISTORY OF ENGLAND." No. 2, with a

Bohn's CLASSICAL LIBRARY FOR JUNE. coloured Engraving and numerous Woodcuts by


&c. Literally translated. 5s. cloth. (446) Bradbury and Evans, 11, Bouverie Street. (441) | Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden.





Physical Atlas;
With Descriptive Letterpress by Dr. Karl VOGEL,

Director of Schools, Berlin.
Recommended by the Minister of Public Instruction to be used in the Schools of Prussia and GERMANY.

Embellished with above 300 Engravings of Animals, Plants, &c.
Imperial 8vo. coloured Maps, price 5s. 6d. bound in cloin, lettered.

Outline Maps to the xllustrated Atlas:
By Dr. Karl Vogel, Director of Schools, Be

Price 3s.


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Comparative Physical Grography ;



Professor of Physical Geograply and History at Neuchatel.

Assisted by Professors AGASSIZ, PIERCE, and GRAY.
Geological and Meteorological Divisions, with illustrative Maps and Plates, coloured.
Demy 12mo, bound cloth, price 5s.

(447) London : Published by Thomas Varty, Educational Depository, 31, Strand.



PLANS, PRICED LISTS, &c., ARE PUBLISHED BY THE CONTRACTORS TO THE ROYAL COMMISSION: 1. The Exhibition Official Catalogue, Correcte: Edition, Fcp. 4to., price 1s. 3d. 2. Portable Covers for ditto, price 1s. 3. The Exhibition Official Catalogue, Fcp. 4to., in Three Parts, price 6d. each. 4. Ditto ditto ditto interleaved with Writing Paper for Notes,

in Three Parts, price Is. 6d. each. 5. Ditto ditto ditto in French, price 28. 6d. 6. Ditto ditto


in German, price 28. 6d. 7. The Synopsis of the Contents of the Great Exhibition. By ROBERT Hunt,

Keeper of Mining Records. Intended as a Companion to the Official Catalogues. Second and Rerised

Edition, with a Classified Table of Contents. Price 6d. 8. Synopsis, ou Revue sommaire, des Produits de l'Industrie de l'Expo

sition Universelle de 1851. Par ROBERT Hurt, Archiviste des Mines. Price 1s. 9. Coloured Lithographic Plan of the Exhibition Building. Price 6d. 10. A Popular Guide to the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of

all Nations, 1851. Containing a Plan of the Building, an Historical Sketch of its Progress and Construc. tion, and an Arranged System by which the Contents can be best examined; with Suggestions for the

Guidance of large parties visiting the Exhibition. Price 2d.; or the Plan separately, id. 11. Letterpress Plan, separate, ld. 12. The British Section of the Exhibition Official Catalogue, printed separately,

with a General Priced List of Articles. Price 18.

The charge to Exhibitors for insertion of the Prices of their productions in this List will be at the rate of one shilling per line in column. Orders should be forwarded to the Contractors as soon as possible.

Any Exhibitor wishing to have separate copies of the List of his own productions, can be supplied at a

reasonable cost, by an early notice to that effect being forwarded to the Contractors. 13. The Saxon Section of the Exhibition Official Catalogue, printed separately,

with a Priced List. Price 3d. 14. The Austrian Section of the Exhibition Official Catalogue, printed sepa.

rately, with a Priced List. Price 4d. 15. The Wurtemberg Section of the Exhibition Official Catalogue, printed

separately, with a Priced List. Price 3d. 16. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, with the correct Numbers affixed. (Now ready.) Super royal 8vo., Part I., sewed, 108.

Contents of Part I. 1. The Historical Introduction, illustrating the Rise of | 3. Scientific Revision and Preparation of the Catalogue ; by

the Exhibition, its Progress and Completion ; by Robert Ellis, Esq. F.L.S., &c. Henry Cole, Esq.

| 4. Classification of Subjects into which the Thirty Classes 2. Construction of the Exhibition Building, with the are divided : by Dr. Lyon Playfair, F.R.S., &c.

Mechanical Applications employed ; by M. Digby / Articles exhibited by Her Majesty, H.R.H. Prince
Wyatt, Esq., C.E., F.R.I., B.A.

Albert, and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales,
Sect. I.-RAW MATERIALS.-Classes I.-IV.

| Class
I. Mining, Quarrying, Metallıgiral Operations, and | 111. Substances used for Food,

Mineral Products. II. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes and Products IV. Vegetable and Animal Substances, chiefly used in generally.

Manufactures, as Implements or for Oruament. 17. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Part I.,

Interleaved with Writing Paper for Notes. 18. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Tllustrated Catalogue, Part II., (on June 1).

Contents or Part II.

Sect. II.-MACHINERY.-Classes V.-X. Class

Class V. Machines for direct use, includin

IX. Agricultural and Horticultural Machines and ImRailway and Naval Mechanism.

plements. VI. Manufacturing Machines and Tools, VII. Civil Engineering, Architectural, and Building X. Philosophical Instruments, and Processes dependContrivances.

ing upon their use; Musical, Horological, and VIII. Naval Architecture and Military Engineering ;

Surgical Instruments.
Ordnance, Armour, and Accoutrements.


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Exhibition Official Catalogues-continued.] 19. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Part II.,

Interleaved with Writing Paper for Notes. 20. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and fllustrated Catalogue, Part III. (on June 7).

Contexts or Part III.

XI. Cotton,

XXI11. Working in precibus Metals, and in their imitaXII. Wollen and Worsted.

tion Jewellery, and all articles of Virtu; and XIII. Silk and Velvet.

Luxury not included in all other Classes. XIV. Manufacturers from Flax and Hemp.

XXIV. Glass. XV. Mixed Fabrics, including Shawls, but exclusive XXV. Ceramic Manufactures, China, Porcelain, Earthenof Worsted Goods (Class XII.)

ware. XVI. Leather, including Saddlery and Harness, Skins, XXVI. Decoration Furniture and Upholstery, including Fur, Feathers, and Hair

Paper-hangings, Papier Maché, and Japanned XVII. Paper and Stationery, Printing and Bookbinding

Goods. XVIII. Woven, Spun, Felted, and Laid Fabrics, when XXVII. Manufactures in Mineral Substances, used for shown as specimens of Printing or Dyeing.

building or decoration, as in Marble, Slate, XIX. Tapestry, including Carpets and Floor-cloths,

Porphyries, Cements, Artificial Stones, &c. and Embroidery, Fancy and Industrial Works. XXVIII. Manufactures from Animal and Vegetable SubXX. Articles of Clothing for immediate personal or

stances, not being Woven or Felted, or included domestic use.

in other Sections. XXI. Cutlery and Edge Tools.

XXIX. Miscellaneous Manufactures and Sn:all Wares. XXII. Iron and General Hardware.

Sect. IV.-FINE ARTS.-Class XXX.
Sculpture, Models, and Plastic Art.

East Indies, India, Archipe. Canada.


| Bermudas. lago, &c. Nova Scotia. St. Kitts.

South Australia. Jersey and Guernsey. Newfoundland.


Western Australia.
New Brunswick.

New Zealand.
Ionian Islands.
St. Helena.
British Guiana.

New South Wales.
Mauritius, Seychelles, &c. Bahamas,

Van Diemen's Land.
Cape of Good Hope and St. Domingo.


Labuan, Borneo, &c.
Falkland Islands,

Gold Coast and Ashantee. West Coast of Africa.

Montserrat. 21. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Part III.

Interleaved with Writing Paper for Notes. 22. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue, Part IV. (on June 15).

Contents of Part IV.

America, United States of. I burg, Silesia, Posen, Brunswick, Anhalt, and Mexico.

and Pomerania.

States of Thuringiia. Netherlands.
b. Grand Duchy of Baden :) 2. Bavaria.

New Granada.
Southern parts of the 3. Saxony.

West Provinces of t. Wurtemburg.


Prussia and Electoral 5. Frankfort-on-the-Maine. Peru. Denmark.


| 6. Hesse-Darmstadt, Grand Portugul and Madeira. c. Provinces of Prussia and Duchy of.

France and Algiers.

7. Luxeinburg.

Id. Northern parts of Elec- 8. Nassau.

Germany. - States of the toral Hesse, and of the Greece.

Society Islands.
Prussian West ProHamburgh.

Spain. 1. Prussia, Baden, and vinces; Principality of Hanover.

Sweden and Norway.
United States


Northern Germany. le. Grand Duchy of Saxony, Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Tunis. a. Provinces of Branden- Prussian Saxony, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.



23. The Exhibition Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue will also

be published for the use of Students and Exhibitors, in separate Sections of the Thirty Classes of the

United Kingdom, and each Colony and Foreign State, at various prices, according to the extent of each. 24. General Index of Names and Subjects. 25. Supplemental Volume, containing the Official and Scientific Report

of the Juries upon the whole Exhibition, prepared by Authority of Her Majesty's Commissioners.

**Advertisements for the various Editions of all the Catalogues will continue to be received during the

whole time the Exhibition remains open.

SPICER BROTHERS, Wholesale Stationers.


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