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Hitchcock, E., continued.

Hobbes, Thomas, continued.
Outline of the geology of the globe, and of the et demonstrata ; Tractatus opticus; Objec.

United States in particular. B., 1853 Eb 5-7504 tiones ad Cartesii ineditationes ; Epistolae ; – Religion of geology and its connected sciences. B., Praefatio in Mersenni ballisticam ; De mirabili. 1851

Eb 5-7505

bus pecci; Historia ecclesiastica; Index. — Report on the geology, mineralogy, botany, and - Elements of philosophy, the first section concernzoology of Massachusetts; made and published

ing body. L., 1856. Sm. 4° Ea 6-7285 by order of the government of that state. Am- Hobhouse, J. C. Substance of some letters written herst, 1835. 8°

Eb 5-7490 by an Englishman resident at Paris during the Hitchcock, E., E. Hitchcock, jr., A. D. Hager, and C. M. last reign of the emperor Napoleon; with an Hitchcock. Report on the geology of Vermont;

appendix of official documents. Ph., 1816. go descriptive, theoretical, economical, and sceno

Cg 4-3800 graphical. Claremont, W. H., 1861. 2 y. 4°

Hochelaga depicta: n. Bosworth Ch 1-3973

Eb 1-7325 Hochelaga; or, England in the new world. E. WarHitchcock, E. A. Spenser's poem, entitled “ Colin


Df 7-6039 Clouts come home againe,” explained, with

Hodde, Lucien de la. The cradle of rebellions. A remarks upon the Amoretti sonnets; and, also,

history of the secret societies of France. N. upon a tew of the minor poems of the early Eng.

Y., 1864. 80

Cg 4-3805 lish poets, by the author of Remarks on the son

Hodge, P. R. The steam engine; its origin and nets of Shakespeare. N. Y., 1865 Hf 5-12350 gradual improvement. (Plates.) N. Y., 1841. Hitherto. Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney Fa 12-14854

Af 5-13563 Hive, and the honey-bee. L. L. Langstroth Dk 8–7090

Hodgson, Adam. Letters from North America, Hoailley. Suspicious husband. Com. Hb 1-10755 written during a tour in the United States Hoare, P. Spoiled child. Far. . Hb 10-10998

and Canada. L., 1824. 2 v. 8° Di 5-5971 Hob in the well. Com. Cibber

Hb 1-10729

Hodson, W. S. R. Twelve years of a soldier's life in Hobart, Benjamin. History of the town of Abington,

India; including a personal narrative of the Jass. B., 1866 .

Cc 7-2986
siege of Delbi. B., 1860

Du 5-6478 Hobart, John H. A word for the church, consisting Hofer. Drama. E. Fitzball

Hb 9-10962 of “the churchman” and “the churchman

Höfer, Edmund. The old countess Fe 4-15980 vindicated,” two cpiscopal charges. B., 1832

Hoffman, C. F. Administration of Jacob Leisler ; Bh 6-Pam. 7

chapter in American history. S. A. B. v. 13 Hobart, J. H. Onderdonk, B. T. Sermon at the

Da 844703 funeral of Bh 6-Pam. 6 Hoffy, A. North American pomologist

, containing Hobart, Nathaniel. Life of Swedenborg, with some

numerous finely colored drawings, accomaccount of his writings. B., 1840 De 12–5883 panied by letter press descriptions of fruits of Hobbes, Thomas. Works, now first collected and

American origin. Ed. by William D. Brinckle. edited, by Sir Wm. Molesworth. L., 1839. 11 v.

Ph., 1860. 40

Ec 9-7737 8

Hd 3–11451
Hofland, Mrs. B. Decision :

Fe 6-15483 Contents.- Vol. I. Elements of philosophy, Hogan, John. Thoughts about the city of St. Louis. concerning body. II. Philosophical rudiments


Bh 6-Pam. 6 concernins government and society. III. Le- Hogarth, George. 'Memoirs of the musical drama. viathan, or the matter, form, and power of a commonwealth, ecclesia-tical and civil. IV.

L., 1838. 2 v. 8°

Hb 12–11035 Three discourses ; 1. Human nature: 2. Ele- Hogarth, Wm. Works; containing 150 engravings ments of law, moral and politic; 3. Of liberty and necessity; Answer to Bishop Bramhall;

by Mr. Cooke, and Mr. Davenport. L., 1830. Heresy and the punishment thereof; Reputa

Af 6-13571 tion, loyalty, manners, and religion of Hobbes;

Cunningham, Allan. Life

Hc 1-11056 Answer to Sir Willia in Davenant's preface before Gondibert. V. Questions concerning lib.

Ireland, Samuel. Hogarth illustrated Hc 4-11129 erty, Decessity, and chance, stated and debated

Hogg, Cervantes. The rising sun. A serio-comic between Bishop Bramhall and T. Hobbes. VI.

satiric romance. L., 1809. 3 v. Ha 9-16076 Dialogue between a philosopher and a student of the common laws of England; Behemoth,

Hogg, James. The works of the Ettrick Shepherd. the history of the canses of the civil wars of

A new edition, revised at the instance of the England; Whole art of rhetoric; Art of sophis

author's family, by the Rev. Thomas Thomson. try. VII. Seven philosophical problems and

Tales and sketches. L., 1869. Royal 8° two propositions of geometry; Decameron

FI 5-16628 physiologicum, or, ten dialogues of natural philosophy; Proportion of a straight line to half

Contents.—The Brownic of Bodsbeck; The the arc of a quadrant; Six lessons to the Savil

wool-gatherer; A tale of Pentland; Ewan ian professors of mathematics; Absurd geometry

McGabhar; The bridal of Polmood; Storms; A of Dr. Wallis; Extract of a letter from Henry

shepherd's wedding; Country dreams and apStubbe; Three papers against Dr. Walliy: Con

paritions; A story of good queen Bess; Sound siderations on the answer of Dr. W. VIII. IX.

morality; Trials of temper: The Fords of CalHistory of the Grecian war, written by Thucy

lum; The Cameronian preacher's tale; The dides. X. Niads and Odysses of Homer. XI.

hunt of Eildon ; The adventures of Basil Lee; Index.

Adam Bell; Duncan Campbell; An old soldier'e - Opera pbilosopbica quae Latine scripsit omnia in

tale; Katie Cheyne: The long pack; A country

funeral; The shepherd's calendar, - tales and unum corpus nunc primum collecta studio et sketches illustrative of pastoral life, occupalabore Gulielmi Molesworth. L., 1839. 5 v. 8°

tions, and superstitions; Emigration; The two Hd 3–11446

highlanders ; The watchmaker; A story of the

forty-six; A tale of the martyrs; Adam Scott; Contents.-Vol. I. Thomae Hobbes Malms

The Baron St. Gio; The mysterious bride; Naburiensis vita, authore seipso; Vitae Hobbianae

ture's magic lantern; The private memuirs and aactarium. authore R. Blackbourne, M. A.;

confessions of a fanatic; Some remarkable pasTho. Hobbes Malmsburiensis vita, carmine ex

sages in the life of an Edinburgh baillie ; Julia pressa, authore seipso; Elementorum philoso

McKenzie; Mary Montgomery; The siege of phia sectio prima de corpore. II. Libri de hom

Roxburgh; The adventures of Col, Peter As. ine: Libri de cive. III. De homine; De civi.

ton; Gordon, the gipsy; Wat Pringle o' the tate; De civitate Christiana ; De regno tenebra.

Yair. runn: Appendix. IV. Examinato et emendatio mathematicae hodiernae; Dialogus physicus de

- Poems and life

Hf 14-16629 natura aeris; Problemata phyrica, propositione:

Contents.-Life of the anthor; The queen's XVI de magnitudine circuli, et duplicatio cubi;

wake; The mountain bard; Mador of the moor; De principiis et ratiocinatione geometrarum, et

The pilgrims of the sun; The poetic mirror; de mediis proportionalibus in genere; Quadra

Queen Hynde; The forest minstrel; Love tura circuli, cubatio sphaerae, duplicatio cubi.


Humorous songs; National songs; V. Rosetum geometricum, cum censura brevi

Poetical tales and ballads ; Poems descriptive doctrinae Wallisianae de motu; Lux mathe

and sentimental; Sacred melodies; Miscella. matica; Principia et problemata aliquot geome.

neous songs; Autobiography of the Ettrick trica antehac desperata nunc breviter explicata


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Hogg, James. Familiar anecdotes of Sir Walter Hollister, J. G. History of western Massachusetts

. Scott. N. Y., 1834 Dc 10-5500 Spring., 1855. 2 v.

Cc 7-2981 Hogg, T. J. Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. L., 1858. Hollister, 0. H. The mines of Colorado. Spring., 2 v.

Dc 5–5218

Eb 6-7513 Hohensteins._F. Spielhagen Ff 12–14165 Holloway, wm. Scenes of youth; or, rural recollecHolbein, J. Douce, F. Holbein's dance of death

tions, with other poems. L., 1803 Hf 6–12312

Hc 1-11055 Hollowell, É. Report on reptiles. See Report of exHolcombe, J. P. Literature in letters; or, manners, plorations. v. 10

Ae 4-13540 art, criticism, biography, history, and morals; Holm, T.C. Extract from the history of New Swer.d illustrated in the correspondence of eminent Land. Col. N. Y. Hist. Soc. v. 2 Cc 4-2909 persons. N. Y., 1866

Ha 14–11033 Holman, James. Travels in China, New Zealand, Holcombe, J. P., and Gholson, W. Y. Compen- New South Wales, Van Dieman's Land, Cape dium of mercantile law. N. Y., 1855. 8°°

Horn, etc. L., 1810. 8°

Dg 1-6329 Ba 11-249 Holmby house. G. J. W. Melville Fc 7-15854 Holcombe, W. H. ' In both worlds

Fe 4–15287 Holmes, Abiel. Annals of America, from the discov. Our children in heaven

Ef 5-8286 ery by Columbus, 1492 to 1826. Cam., 1829. Holcroft, T. Deserted daughter. Com. Hb 1-10752

2 v. 80

Cb 2-2523 Road to ruin. Com.

Hb 1-10754 Holmes, Mrs. M. H. Scenes in our parish Fe 3-15212 Hole, James. Essay on the history and management Holmes, Mrs. M. J. Cameron pride Fd 4-14269 of literary, scientific, and mechanics' institu- Cousin Maude and Rosamond Fd 4-14264 L., 1853. 8

- Darkness and daylight

Fd 4-14272 Holgate, J. B. "American genealogy. N. Y., 1851.

Dora Deane and Maggie Miller Fd 4-14266 4 Ch 8-4148

Fd 4-14265 - Atlas of American history, on a novel plan. B.


- English orphans
Ethelyn's mistake

Fd 4-14267
Cab. A 4-15600 Homestead on the hillside

Fd 4-14263 – Noachidae; or, Noah and his descendants

Hugh Worthington

Fd 4-14268 Fe 5-15281 Lena Rivers

Fd 4-14262 Holidays abroad. C. M. Kirkland Di 3-6647 Marian Grey

Fd 4-14270 Holland. Benger, Miss E. O. Sketches of society Meadow brook

Fd 4-14271 Dc 6–10876 · Rose Mather

Fd 4-14261 Elliott, C. B. Letters from

Di 3-6677
Tempest and sunshine

Fd 4-14273 - Esquiros, A. Dutch at home

Cg 6–3911 Holmes, N. The authorship of Shakespeare. N. Y., - Hand-book

Ck 7-4586

Hb 6-10867 – Ireland, S. Picturesque tour : Di 2–6579 Holmes, 0. W. Autocrat of the breakfast table. B., Illustrations of a tour through Ic 411129


He 3-11912 Meares, J. W. Beggars of

Cg 7-15075 - Currents and counter currents in medical science, - Silliman, B. Journal of travels Di 5–6697 with other addresses and essays. B., 1861 - Years of liberation . Cg 6–6235

Ga 2-8687 Holland, H. Medical notes and reflections. Third - Elsie Venner; a romance of destiny. 2 v. edition. L., 1855. 8° Ga 2-8672

Fe 3-15207 Holland, Henry Richard, lord. Foreign reminiscen- - Poems. B., 1849

Hf 9-12413 Ed. by his son, H. E. Holland. N. Y., - Professor at the breakfast table; with the story of 1851

Dc 2–5101
Iris. B., 1866

He ;-11911 Holland, J. G. Gold foil hammered from popular

Songs in many keys. B., 1864 Hf 13-12534 proverbs. N. Y., 1864

Hc 10-11258 Soundings from the Atlantit. B., 1864 – Bay-path; or, tale of New England colonial life

He 1-11782 Fe 3-15211 Holstein, H. L. v. Ducoudray. Memoirs of Gilbert Bitter-sweet, a poem. N. Y., 1868 hf 11-12481

M. Lafayette. Geneva, 1835 De 2–5635 Kathrina; her life and mine, in a poem. N. Y., - Memoirs of Simon Bolivar, and of his principal 1867

Hf 11-12480 - Lessons in life; a series of familiar essays. N.Y.,

generals; secret history of the revolution, and

the events which preceded it, from 1807 to the 1861 .

Ha 11-10660 - Letters to the Joneses. N. Y., 1863 Hc 10-12257

present time, with an introduction, containing

an account of the present situation of said reMiss Gilbert's career. An American story

public. B., 1829. 8°

Db 10-10675 Fe%3–15209 Holt, Emily Sarah. Memoirs of royal ladies. L.

, Plain talks on familiar subjects. A series of pop- 1861. 2 v

Dd 6–5499 ular lectures. N. Y., 1866 . He 6-11976

Contents.-Vol. I. Ela de Rosmar, counters of - Titcomb's letters to young people, single and mar- Salisbury; Alicia de Lacy, countess of Lancasried. N. Y., 1868

Hc 10–11259

ter, dame L'Estrange and De Frenes; Joan Holland, lady S. S. Memoir of Rev. Sidney Smith.

Plantagen-t, countess of Kent and princess of

Wales; Constance de Navarra, queen of Castilla,
N. Y., 1855. 2 v.

5c 6–5251

duchess of Lancaster; Jane Beaufort, queen of Same. L., 1869

Dc (6–5259

Scotland; Jeanne de Valois, queen of France, Holland, W. M. Life and political opinions of Mar

duchess of Orleans and Berry; Juana de Navarra, tin Van Buren. Hart., 1835 Db 4-4925

queen of Spain, archduchess of Austria ; Mar.

guerite von Hapsburg, of Austria and Burgundy, Holland purchase. Turner, 0. Pioneer history

queen of France, princess of the Asturias, and Cc 5-2887

duchess of Savoy. II. Marguerite von Hapsburg, Hollands. V.F. Townsend

Fe 13-15409

concluded; Charlotte Marguerite de Montmo.

rency, princess of Condě: Marie Casimire Holley, 0. L. New York state register, containing an Clementine Sobieski, titular queen of England; almanac, civil divisions, and census of the state,

Appendix ; Index. for the years 1843–44-45. Alb., 1843–45. 3 v. Holton, Isaac F. New Grenada; twenty months in Ck 10–4607, 4599, and 4608 the Andes. N. Y., 1857. 8°

Df 12-6173 Holliday, Andrew. (Editor.) The savage club pa- Holy and profane states. T. Fuller. Hd 13–11726 pers. L., 1869

He 6–11973 Holy Ghost, temporal misson of the. H. E. Manning Hollingshead, John. Ragged London in 1861. L.,

Ef 10- 8415 1861. 8° Ce 3-3239 Holy Grail, etc. A. Tennyson

Hf 9–12400 Hollis N. H. See Fox, C. J.'

Holy land. See Palestine.
Hollister, G. H. History of Connecticut from the Holy matrimony. J. A. Bolles Hc 10–11269

earliest settlement of the colony to the adoption Holy places. 8. L Dupuis
of the present constitution. New Haven, 1855. Holy Spirit. Walker, J. B. Doctrine of the
2 v. 80
Cc 10-3067

Ef 8-15982



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Dg 5-6269





Holzerne sabel. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 | Homes for the people. G. Wheeler Ga 10-8891 Homage of the arts

. J. C. F. von Schiller. Ed. by Homes of the British poets. Wm. Howitt Dd 4-5529 T. C. Brooks

Hf 11-13602 Homes of the new world. F. Bremer . DI 7-6014 Homans. J. Smith. Cyclopaedia of commerce and Homes without hands. J. G. Wood Dk 4-6914 commercial navigation. N. Y., 18.58

Homespun. T. Lockland

He 5-11991 Ad 8-13465 Homestead of nations. E. L. Clark Ca 10-2482 Home, Henry, of Kames. See Kames.

Homestead on the hillside. M. J. Holmes Home, John. Works; to which is prefixed an ac

Fd 4-14263 count of his life and writings by Henry Macken- Homicide. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 zie. E., 1822. 3 v. 8°

Hd 3-11473 Homiletics. Alexander, J.W. Thoughts on preachContents.-Vol. I. Life; Dramatic works;


Et 8-8110 Agis; Douglas. II. Siege of Aquileia; The fatal - Sueda, w. g. i. Homiletics and pastoral thediscovery; Alonzo; Alfred ; History of the rebellion in 176. III. Rebellion, continued ; Ap


Ef 8-8260 pendix.

Vinet, A. ' Theory of preaching Et 8-8091 Home; or, life in Sweden. F. Bremer Fa 7-14778 Hommaire de Hell, Ř. See Ilell, X. it. de. Home; a religious book for the family. W. K. Homme à bonnes fortunes. Com. Regnard Tweedie Ef 5-8282

Aa 6-12942 Home as found. J. F. Cooper Ff 1-13964 Homme de neige. ' A. 1. A. D. Didevant Au 4-12708 Home for all. O. S. Fowler Ga 11-8913 Homme serieux. C. de Bernard

Aa 5-12779 Home for the homeless. H. Field Et 5-8288 | Homoeopathic medical society of New York. TransHome heroes, saints, and martyrs. T. S. Arthur


Gb 1-8821 Fd 2-14218 Homoeopathy. American journal of materia medica Home influence. Grace Aguilar. Fd 2-14224

Gb 1-8837 Home lite. E. M. Sewell Ff 11-14133 Honduras. Squier, E. G. Notes on

Ch 5-4067 Home lights and shadows. T. S. Arthur Fd 2-14901 Wells, W. V. Explorations .

Ch 5-4068 Home monthly. v. 3. 1860

Bi 12-2169 Honest man's fortune. Beaumont and Fletcher Home pets. Beeton, S. O. Dk 5-6933

Hb 7-10883 Home scenes and heart studies. Grace Aquilar Honey-moon.' com. J. Tobin FI 2-14225

IIb 1-10756, and 9-10952 Homer. "Batrachomyomachia, hymns, and epigrams; Hong Kong. 'Smith, G. Visit to

Dh 2-15556 Hesiod's works and days; Musaeus' hero and Honor bright. S. Chestnutwood Fd 12-15504 Leander. Juvenal's fitih satire. Trans. by G. Honor May. B., 1866 .

Fd 1413869 Chapman. Introduction and notes by R Honoria and mammon. J. Shirley Hb 7-10891 Hooper. L., 1858 Ha 4-10410 Honorine, Balzac

Aa 2-12545 — Homeri Ilias ; Graece et Latine; Ex recensione et Honour triumphant. J. Ford

HD 3-10819 cum notis. Samuelis Clark. Nova editio. L., Honrado Hermano. Trag. com. Vega Aa 2–12575 1832. 2 v. 8°

Ha 4-13395 Hood, C. Practical treatise on warming buildings - Homeric ballads and comedies of Lucian. Trans. by hot water, on ventilation, etc. L., 1855. go by W. Maginn, and annotated by Shelten Mac

Gb kenzie. N. Y., 1856

Ha 4-10412 Hood, E. P. Lamps, pitchers and trumphets. Lec- Iliad. Trans. into English blank verse by W. C. tures on the vocation of the preacher. N. Y., Bryant. B., 1870. 2 v. 80 Ha 3-10389


Ee 12-8230 -- Same. Trans. by T. A. Buckley. L., 1854 Hood, George. History of music in New England;

Ha 4-10123 with biographical sketches of reformers and Same. Trans. by Thomas Hobbes HD 3-11459 psalmists. B., 1846

Hb 10-10987 - Same. Rendered into English blank verse by Hood, Thomas. Choice works. N. Y., 1857. 4 v. Edward, earl of Derby. N. Y., 1865. 2 v.

Hd 7-11590 На 4-10401

Contents.-Vol. I. Preface; Preface to Hood's - Same. Trans. into English verse by W. G. Cold

own, 1839; The Pugsley papers; Dream of En

gene Aram; Black, white and brown; I rememcleugh. Ph., 1870

Ha 3-10384

ber; The portrait; Literary reminiscences: - Same."Trans by G. Chapman, with introduction My apology; The lost heir; An undertaker; and notes by R. Hooper. L., 1865. 2 v.

Miss Killman egg and her precious leg: Fair
Ines ;

; Ballad; Ruth; Autumn ; Song; Ode to
Ha 4-10406

melancholy. II. The schoolmistrers abroad; Same. Trans. into English hexameters by E. W. No!; Tower of Lahneck; To my daughter on Simcox. L., 1865. 8°

Ha 3-10385

her birthday: The defaulter, "an owre truo - Same. Trans. into blank verse, with alterations,

tale ""; Sonnet: The earth-quakers; The Grims

by ghost; Epigram on the art-unions; A black notes, etc., by Wm. Cowper. L., 1809. 2 v. in 1.

job: Mrs. Gardiner, a horticultural romance; 8.

Ha 3-10387

A sketch on the road; A tale of terror; Hydro- Same. Trans. by Alexander Pope. Chiswick,

pathy, or the cold water cure; Mr. Chubb, a

piscatory romance; A very so-so character; 1822

Ha 4-10118

Epigram on the superiority of machinery; A Same. Trans. into English verse in the Spenserian custom-house breeze; Notes by Shakespeare;

New harmony; The bappiest man in England; stanza, by P. S. Worsley. E., 1865. 2 v.

Horse and foot; A hard case. III. Poems,
Ha 4-10399

Hood's own. IV. Up the Rhine. - Odyssey. "Trans. by G. Chapman. Notes by R. - Memorials; collected, arranged and edited by his Hooper. L., 1857. 2 v.

Ha 4-10108 daughter; with a preface and notes by his son. Same. Trans. by T. Hobbes. Hd 3-11459

B., 1860. 2 v.

Dc 1-5084 Same. Trans. by A. Pope. Chiswick, 1822 Tales, romances, and extravaganzas Fe 4–15295

Ha 4-10115 Up the Rhine. N. Y., 1857 . Di 3–15555 - Same. Trans into English blank verse, with Hook, Theodore. The French stage and the French

notes and alterations, by Wm. Cowper. L., 1809. people, as illustrated in the memoirs of M.
2 v. in 1. 8°
Ha 3-10388 Fleury. L., 1841. 2 v.

IIb 2-10782 Same. With the hymns, epigrams, and battle of Hook, Walter Farquhar. A church dictionary. Ph., the frogs and mice. Trans., with notes, by T. 1854. 8°

Ad 1-13200 A. Buckley. L., 1867

Ha 2-10992 - An ecclesiastical biography, containing the lives Same. L., 1860

Ha 4-10113

of ancient fathers and modern divines, with Gladstone, W. E. Juventus mundi

Ca 4-7653

notices of heretics and schismatics. L., 1845. "Homer Wilbur." See J. R. Lowell.

8 vol. 12°

Ed 8-7919 Homes, Wm. Inaugural address at the opening of Hooke, N. Roman history; from the building of the mercantile library hall, St. Louis, Mo., 1854 Rome to the commonwealth. L., n. d. 3 v. so Bh 6-Pam. 33

Ca 7-15544

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Hooker, J. D. Himalayan journals; or, notes of a Hopkins, Manly. Hawaii; the past, present, and

naturalist in Bengal, the Sikkim and Napal future of the island kingdom. N. Y., 1869 Himalayas, the Khasia mountains, etc.

Dh 8-6522 1851. 2 v. 8°

Dh 3–6130 Hopkins, Mark.

The law of love and love as law; Hooker, Richard. Works; with an account of his or, moral science theoretical and practical. N. life and death by Isaac Walton; arranged by Y., 1869

Et 5-8279 Jolin Keble. N. Y., 1851. 2 v. 8. Ef 1-8200 Hopkins, Samuel

. Puritans; or, the church, court, Contents.-Vol. I. Life of Hooker; Ofthe laws

and parliament of England, during the reigns of ecclesiastical polity, 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th books;

of Edward VI. and queen Elizabeth. B., 1860. Hooker's dedication to Archbishop Whitgift;

3 v. 89

Ce 2-3226 of the laws of ecclesiastical polity, 5th book. II. Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity, 6th, 7th,

Hopkinson, Joseph. The working of the steam en8th hooks; Travers's supplication to the council;

gine explained by the use of the indicator. Hooker's answer to Travers's supplication;

L., 18(03. So

Ga 9-8770 Jackson's dedication; Index.

Hopper, Edward. The Dutch pilgrim fathers and Walton, I. Life

Dd 2–5117 Hooker, Worthington. Physician and patient; or,

other poems, humorous and not humorous. N. Y., 1865 .

HI 11-12437 a practical view of the mutual duties, relations - One wife too many; or, Rip van Bigham and interests of the medical profession. N. Y.,

Fe 5-15281 1819 Hooker, Wm. J. Botanical miscellany. L. 18:30.

Ga 3-8746 Hoppin, J. vi. Notes of a theological student. N.
Y., 1854

Dg 3-6190 3 v. 8°

Ec 1-7609 – The journal of botany; a second series of the

- Old England; its scenery, art, and people N. Y., 186

Di 5-6694 botannical miscellany, containing figures and Hoppin, W.J. Circumstances alter cases. F's M. D. descriptions of such plants as recommend

v. 37

НЬ 10–11005 themselves by their novelty, rarity, or history, Lady of the bed chamber. F's M. D. v. 21 or by the uses to which they are applied in

Hb 10-10999 the arts and in medicine. L., 1834. 4 v. Horace. Trag. Corneille İlb 8-10948, and 2-10:68


Hb Hooker, w. Report on medical education in rela- Horae Chalmerianae. S. II. Cox Ec 4-7660 Horace Wild. Mrs. M. J. Mallory Fc 11-15014

Ef 11-47.7 tion to demonstrative midwifery Bh 6-Pam. 34 Horae Paulinac. Wm. Paley

Ef 2-8121 Hooper, John. Early writings. Ed. by Rev. S. Horae phrenologicae. J. Epps

Ga 6-9757 Carr. Cam., 1843. 8°. Parker society. v. 11

Horae subsecivae. J. Brown

He 6–11971 Eg 13–16265 Horatius, Flaccus Quintus. Works of Horace. Trans. Contents.-Declaration of Christ and his

by C. Smart L., 1858

Ha 1-10+53 office; Answer to the bishops of Winchester; Declaration of th · ten commandments; Delib.

Odes and epodes. 'A metrical translation into eration upon the prophet Jonas; Funeral ser

English, with introduction, commenturies, and

notes, by Lord Lytton. N.Y., 1870 Ha 4-10597 Later writings; together with his letters and Odes, satires, and epistles. Trans. by Philip

other pieces. Ed. by C. Nevinson. Parker Francis, with notes by H. J. Pye._Chiswick, society. v. 37. Cam., 1852. 8° Eg 13–16266 1822

Ha 4-10416 Contents. --Advertisement; Biographical no

- Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Paralèle d'Ilorace de Boitice; A lesson of the incarnation of Christ; A

leau et de Pope

Aa 12–13286 brief and clear confession of the Christian faith; Confession of John IIooper's faith; Annotations

Hordynski, Joseph History of the late Polish rero

. on Romans XIII; Copy of visitation book;

Cg 9-3900 Hooper's injunctions: Homily to be read in the Horeb and Jerusalem. G. Sandie

Dy 4-6243 time of pestilence; Expositions upon P-alıns

Horlock. The master of the hounds. L., 1866 XXIII., LXII., LXXIII., LXXVII; Brief treatise respecting Judge Hales; Epistola ad syn

Fe 6-15493 odum Londinensem ; Appellatio ad parliamen- Hornblower, Mrs.' "The Julia":

Fe 5-15208 tum; De vera doctrina et usu coenae Domini; De falsa religione dignoscenda ct fugienda;

Horn, Melville. Letters on missions, addressed to the Apology against a slanderous report ; Letters.

protestant ministers of the British churches. - Writings. Ph., n. d.

Ed 2-7035
Andover, 1815
Ee 6-8085

Horne, T. H. Introduction to the critical study and
Contents.-Brief acconnt of Dr. John Hooper;
A declaration of Chri-t and his office: An over-

knowledge of the holy scriptures. Ph., 1836. sight and deliberation upon the holy prophet

2 v. 89

Ad 4-13392 Jonah: A Godly confession and protestation of – Introduction to the study of bibliography : to the Christian faith: Comfortable expositions upon the twenty-third, sixty-second, seventy

which is prefixed a meinoir on the public librathird, and seventy-seventh psalms; Extracts

ries of the antients. L., 1814. 2 v. 8° from a brief and clear confession of the Chris

Ha 7-10570 tian faith; Letters.

Horner, Leonard. "Memoirs and correspondence of Hooper, W. Rational recreations; the principles of Francis Horner. B., 1853. 2 v. 8° Dc 4-5167 numbers and natural philosophy are clearly Horology. W. B. Carpenter.

Ea 4-7185 elucidated by a series of interesting experi- Horse, the. History, treatment, and diseases; with

ments. L., 1783. 4 v. 8° Gb 11-9178 treatise on draught. Hart., 1851. 8° Dk 7-8747 Hooper, W. H. Speech on the Utah bill, house of Horses and horsemanship. Boucher, F. A method representatives, 1870

Bh 5-Pam. 73
of horsemanship

Ga &-8790 Hoopes, Josiahı. The book of evergreens; a practical Dwier, F. On seats and saddles Ga 8-8791

treatise on coniferae, or cone bearing plants. Du Iluys, C. The Percheren horse Dk 7-6997 N. Y., 1868.

Ec 2-7639 Head, F. B. The horse and his rider Dk 7-6996 Hope, A. R.' Book about boys. ' B., 1869

Herbert, H. W. Hints to horse keepers Dk 7-7000 He 6-11968 Horse and horsemanship

Ga 8-8783 Hope, T. Anastasius; or, the memoirs of a Greek – Jennings, R. The horse and his diseases Fe 5-15288

Dk 7-16603 Hopes and fears. C. M. Yonge

Fa 3-14620

McClure, R. Discases in the American stable Hopes and helps for the young. G. S. Weaver

Dk 7-6994
Hc 10-11251
Gentlemen's stable guide

Dk 7-13658 Hopkins. Lionel and Clarissa

Hb 1-10736 Mason, R. New pocket furrier Dk 7-6938 Hopkins, J. H. American citizen; bis rights and Mayhew, E. Illustrated horse doctor Dk 7–6993

duties according to the spirit of the constitu- Simpson, J. C. Horse portraiture Dk 7-6998 tion of the United States. N. Y., 1857

Smith, C. II. Horses. Nat. Lib. Dk 6-6964 Ba 6-146 Spooner, W.C. Veterinary art Dk 7-6999 HORSES.



tory of

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Horses, continued.

Hotten, John Camden. Abyssinia and its people; or - Stewart, John. The stable book . Dk 7-6997

life in the land of Prester John. L., 1868 - Tattersall, G. English race horses Ga 8-8786

Ca 12-2599 - Wallace, J. H. American stud-book Ga 8-8785 Houdin, Robert. Mackenzie, R. S. The great wiz- Walsh, J. H. The horse in the stable and the field


De 6-5724 Dk 7-7001 - Memoirs written by himself. Edited by K. S. Riding and driving

Gb 12-13641
Mackenzie. Ph., 1859

De 6-11818 - Whyte, J. C. History of the British turf Hough, F. B. Constitution of the state of New York

Ga 8-8787 adopted in 1846 ; with a comparative arrange– Woodruff, H. The trotting horse of America

ment of the constitutional provisions of other Ga 8-8789

states, classified by their subjects. Alb., 1867. Youait, w. The horse

Dk 7-7002

Ba 12-264 Horse-shoe Robinson. J. P. Kennedy Fc 14–16351 - History of Jefferson county, New York. Alb., Horseshoe Robinson. C. W. Tayleure Hb 9–10965 1854. 80

Cc 3-2865 Horsford, E. N. Report on the hot springs of Des – History of St. Lawrence and Franklin counties, Chutes valley. See Report of explorations

New York. Alb., 1853. 8°

Cc 3-2870 Ae 4-13536 Houghton, W. Seaside walks of a naturalist with his Horsley, John. A catechism of chemical philoso- children. L., 1870

Dk 11-6120 phy; a familiar exposition of the principles of Houlleurs de polignies. E. Berthet Aa 4-12745 chemistry and physics, in their application to Hour and the man. II. Martineau the arts and comforts of life. L., 1856

Fc 15-15419, and 15421 Eb 3–7374 Hours among the gospels. N. C. Burt Eg 4-8469 Hortense, queen of Holland. Abbott, J. S. C. His Hours at home. A popular magazine of useful and

De 3-15638 religious literature. May, 1855 to Oct., 1869. Horticulture. American journal Ec 6-7692

8 v.

Ge 7-9538 - Copeland, R. M. Country life Ec 5-7506 Hours of devotion. Trans. from the German by Mor- Downing, A. J. The horticulturist Ec 0–7091

ris Mattson.' Ph., 18:35

Eg 5-8485 - Lindley, John. Theory of

Ec 6-7704 Hours with the my: tics. R. A. Vaughan Ei 3-7839 - McIntosh. The practical gardener Ec 6-7689 House and home papers. H. B. Stowe Hc 10–11264 - See Gardening.

House by the churchyard. J. S. Le Fanu Horton, R. G. Life and public services of James

Fb 3–14352 Buchanan, including the most of his papers. House dog. Far. ' T. Higgie Hb 10-10997 N. Y., 1856.

Da 10-1818 House in Balfour street. C. Dimitry Fd 11-15233 Horton, Mrs. M. B. The wife's messengers Fe 5-15293 House of commons. See Baronetage. Hortons, the. D. B. Casseday

Ff 4-14005 House of Elmore. F. W. Robinson Fc 4-14898
Hosack, Davis. Inangural address. See Col. N. Y. House of lords. Grant, James. Random recollec-
Hist. Soc.
v. 3.

Cc 4-2910

Dd 2–5428 - Memoir of De Witt Clinton. N. Y., 1829 House of the seven gables. N. Hawthorne Db 8-1992

Fe 1-15182 - Memoir of H. Williamson. col. N. Y. llist. Soc. House painting. Masury, J. W. ' Plain and decora

Cc 4-2910

Gb 5-9062 Hosking, Wm. Treatise on architecture and build Household hints. S. A. Frost

Gb 6-16326 ing. E., 1835. 4°

Bh 1-1939 Household of Sir Thomas More. Miss A. Manning Hoskins, S. Elliott. Charles II. in the channel islands;

Fc 8-14977 a contribution to lis biography and to the his Household songs, and other poems. Mrs. H. E. G. tory of his age. L., 1851. 2 v. go Dc 45187


Hf 10-12441 Hoskyns, C. W. Talpa ; 'or, the chronicles of a clay Household stories.' J. 1. c. and W. C. Grimm farm. An agricultural fragment, with intro

Ha 10–13666, and 12–15842 duction and notes, by L. F."Allen. To which Household words. c. Dickens

Dd 9-13841 are added two prize essays on tile drainage. Houssage, Arsene. Men and women of the eighteenth Buf., 1854 Ec 11-7799 century. N. Y., 1852. 2 v.

Dd 1-5391 Hosmer, Burr Griswold. Poems. Cam., 1868

Contents.--Vol. I. Introduction; Dufresny;
Hf 10-12414

Fontenelle: Marivaux: Alexis Piron ; Abbé PreHosmer, G. W. Address delivered before the Erie vost; Gentil-Bernard ; Jean Pierre, or Claris county common school education society. Buf.,

de Florian ; Stanislas de Boullers; Antoine

Rivarol; Chevalier de la Clos: Jean Noé Gré1810

Cc 3-2883 - First unitarian church of Buffalo, its history and

try: Denys Diderot ; François Boucher; Simon

Mathurin Lantara ; Louis XV.; Mademoiselle progress. Quarter centennial discourses. Buf.,

de Camargo; Mademoiselle Guimard, a goddess 1861. 80

Cc 2-2903

of the opera: Sophie Arnould; Marie Antoin

II. Prosper Jolyot de Crébillon, the Hosmer, James K.' The color guard Fe 3-15205

tragic; Claude Prosper Crébillon), the gay; AnThe thinking bayonet

Fe 3-15204

toine Houdard de la Motte; George Louis Hosmer, Margaret. "The Morrisons Fe 5-15291

Leclerc de Buffon ; Cardinal de Bernie; Jean

Vadé; C. J. Dorat; Abbé Trublet, one of the Hosmer, W. H. C. Yonnondio; or, warriors of the

forty; Thomas Dhele: Antoine Watteau and Genesee; a tale of the 17th century. N. Y., Nicolae Lancret; Jean-Baptiste and Curle Van. 18H

Hř 11-12197

loo; Jean-Baptiste Greuze; Madame de Pom

padour; Three pages from the lite of Florent – The months. B., 1847

If 11-12 191

Dancourt; Madame de la Popeliniere; Made- Poetical works. N. Y., 1854. 2 v. Hf 10-12415

moiselle Clairon; A promenade in the palaisHospital sketches. L. M. Alcott

Fd 2–15990

royal. Hospitals. Gleig, G. R. Chelsea (Eng.) hospital, and Houston, S. Life. N. Y., 1855 . Db 9-5036 its traditions

Ce 3-11876 Hovedon. See Roger de Hovedon. Hot springs. Horsford, E. N. Report on the hot Hovey, Alvah. Memoir of the life and times of Rev. springs of Des Chutes valley Ae 4–13)36

Isaac Backus. B., 1859

Da 11-4829 Hotchkin, B. B. Upward from sin through grace to How America won freedom; or, the story of 1775, glory. Ph., 1869

Ef 7-8346 told to the youth of England and America in Hotchkin, J. H. History of the purchase and settle

1863. By the author of Household promnent of Western New York; and of the rise, verbs." L., 1863

FI 14-13873 progress, and present state of the presbyterian How a bride was won. F. Gerstacker Fb 15-14415

church in that section. N. Y., 1818 Cc 2-7919 How could he belp it. A. S. Roe Fc 3-14882 Hôtel du petit St. Jolin. A. G. Story. L., 1870 How crops feed. S. W. Johnson

Eb 3-13616 Fd 12–6560 | How crops grow. S. W. Johnson Ec 11-7794

v. 3


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