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La Sierra College (Calif.), 17.
La Verne College (Calif.), 17.
Lawrence College (Wis.), 213.
Lawrence College, Sarah (N. Y.), 132.
Lawrence Institute of Technology (Mich.), 14.
Layton School of Art (Wis.), 213.
Lebanon Valley College (Pa.), 166.
Lee College (Tenn.), 184; (Tex.), 191.
Lees-McRae College (N. C.), 140.
Lehigh University (Pa.), 166.
Leland College (La.), 74.
Le Moyne College (N. Y.), 127; (Tenn.), 184.
Lenoir-Rhyne College (N. C.), 140.
Lesley College (Mass.), 86.
Le Tourneau Technical Institute of Texas, 191.
Lewis and Clark College (Oreg.), 158.
Lewis College of Science and Technology (III.), 48.
Limestone College (8. C.), 179.
Lincoln College (I.), 49.
Lincoln Memorial University (Tenn.), 185.
Lincoln University (Mo.), 107; (Pa.), 167.
Lindenwood College for Women (Mo.), 107.
Lindsey Wilson College (Ky.), 71.
Linfield College (Oreg.), 158.
Lipscomb College, David (Tenn.), 183.
Little Rock Junior College (Ark.), 11.
(Livingston) State Teachers College (Ala.), 7.
Livingstone College (N. C.), 140.
(Lock Haven) State Teachers College (Ps.), 171.
Lon Morris College (Tex.), 191.
Long Beach City College (Calif.), 17.
Long Beach State College (Calif.), 17.
Long Island University (N. Y.), 127.
Longwood College (Va.), 202.
Loras College (Iowa), 62.
Loretto Heights College (Colo.), 27.
Los Angeles City College (Calif.), 17.
Los Angeles College of Optometry (Calif.), 17.
Los Angeles Junior College of Business (Calif.), 17.
Los Angeles Pacific College (Calif.), 17.
Los Angeles Pierce Junior College (Calif.), 18.
Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences,

(Calif.), 18.
Los Angeles Trade-Technical Junior College (Calif.), 18.
Los Angeles Valley Junior College (Calif.), 18.
Louisburg College (N. C.), 140.
Louisiana College, 74.
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, 74.
Louisiana State University and Agricultural and

Mechanical College, 74.
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Ky.) 71.
Louisville, University of (Ky.), 73.
(Lowell) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89.
Lowell Technological Institute (Mass.), 86.
Lower Columbia Junior College (Wash.), 207.
Loyola College (Md.), 79.
Loyola University (Ill.), 49; (La.), 75.
Loyols University of Los Angeles (Calif.), 18.
Luther College (Iowa), 62.
Luther Junior College (Nebr.), 112.
Luther Theological Seminary (Minn.), 99.
Lutheran Theological Seminary (Pa.), 167.
Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary (8. C.), 179.
Lycoming College (Ps.), 167.
Lynchburg College (Va.), 202.
(Lyndon Center) State Teachers College (Vt.), 200.

Lyons Township Junior College (IV.), 49.

Macalester College (Minn.), 99.
Macdonald College, Flora (N. C.), 139.
MacMurray College (III.), 49.
MacPhail College of Music (Minn.), 99.
Madison College (Tenn.), 185; (V8.), 202.
Madonna College (Mich.), 94.
Magnus College, Albertus (Conn.), 28.
Maine State Teachers College (Aroostook), 76; (Farm-

ington), 77; (Gorham), 77; (Washington), 77.
Maine, University of, 77.
Malone College (Ohio), 149.
Manchester College (Ind.), 56.
Manhattan Bible College (Kans.), 67.
Manhattan College (N. Y.), 127.
Manhattan School of Music (N. Y.), 127.
Manhattan ville College of the Sacred Heart (N. Y.),

Manitowoc County Teachers College (Wis.), 213.
(Mankato) State Teachers College (Minn.), 100.
Mannes College of Music (N. Y.), 128.
Manse College, Mary (Ohio), 149.
(Mansfeld) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Marian College (Ind.), 56; (Wis.), 213.
Marietta College (Ohio), 149.
Marin, College of (Calif.), 14.
Marion College (Ind.), 57.
Maritime College (N. Y.). See State University of

New York, 134.
Marquette University (Wis.), 213.
Mars Hill College (N. C.), 140.
Marshall College (W. Va.), 210.
Marshall Law School, John (III.), 48.
Marshalltown Junior College (Iowa), 62.
Martin College (Tenn.), 185.
Mary Allen College (Tex.), 191.
Mary Baldwin College (Va.), 203.
Mary Hardin-Baylor College (Tex.), 191.
Mary Holmes Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Mary Manse College (Ohio), 149.
Mary Washington College of the University of Vir.

ginia. See University of Virginia, 205.
Marycrest College (Iowa), 62.
Marygrove College (Mich.), 94.
Maryknoll Seminary (III.), 49; (N. Y.), 128.
Maryland Institute, 79.
Maryland State Teachers College (Bowie), 79; (Frost-

burr) 79; (Salisbury), 79; (Towson), 79.
Maryland, University of, 81.
Marylhurst College (Oreg.), 158.
Marymount College (Kans.), 67; (N. Y.). 128.
Maryville College (Tenn.), 185.
Marywood College (Pa.), 167.
Mason City Junior College (Iowa), 62.
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, 86.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 86.
Massachusetts School of Art, 86.
Massachusetts State Teachers College (Fitchburg), 89,

(Lowell), 89; (North Adams), 89; (Salem), 89; (West.
feld), 89; (Worcester), 89.
Massachusetts, University of, 90.
(Mayville) State Teachers College (N. Dak.), 14.
McCook Junior College (Nebr.), 112.
McMurry College (Tex.), 192.

McNeese State College (La.), 75.
McPherson College (Kans.), 67.
Medical College of Georgia, 39.
Medical College of South Carolina, 179.
Medical College of Virginia, 203.
Medical Evangelists, College of (Calll.), 14,
Meharry Medical College (Tenn.), 185.
Menlo College (Calif.), 18.
Mercer University (Ga.), 40.
Mercy College (Mich.), 94.
Mercyhurst College (Pa.), 167.
Meredith College (N. C.), 140.
Meridian Municipal Junior College (Miss.), 102.
Merrill-Palmer School (Mich.), 94.
Merrimack College (Mass.), 86.
Mess County Junior College (Colo.), 27.
Messiah College (Pa.), 167.
Mlami University (Ohio), 149.
Miami, University of (Fla.), 37.
Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 94.
Michigan State University of Agriculture and Applied

Science, 95.
Michigan, University of, 96.
Middle Georgia College, 40.
Middle Tennessee State College, 185.
Middlebury College (Vt.), 199.
Midland College (Nebr.), 112.
Midway Junior College (Ky.), 71.
Midwestern University (Tex.), 192.
(Millersville) State Teachers College (Pa.), 171.
Milligan College (Tenn.), 185.
Millikin University (III.), 49.
Mills College (Colll.), 18.
Mills College of Education (N. Y.), 128.
Millsaps College (Miss.), 103.
Milton College (Wis.), 213.
Milwaukee School of Engineering (Wis.), 213.
Milwaukee-Downer College (W is.), 214.
Minneapolis College of Music (Minn.), 99.
Minnesota Bible College, 99.
Minnesota State Teachers College (Bemidji), 100;

(Mankato), 100; (Moorhead), 101; (St. Cloud), 101;

(Winona), 101.
Minnesota, University of, 101.
(Minot) State Teachers College (N. Dak.), 145.
Misericordia, College (Pa.), 162.
Mississippi College, 103.
Mississippi Southern College, 103.
Mississippi State College, 103.
Mississippi State College for Women, 103.
Mississippi, University of, 104.
Mississippi Vocational College, 103.
Missouri, University of, 109.
Missouri Valley College, 107.
Mitchell College (Conn.), 29; (N. C.), 141.
Moberly Junior College (Mo.), 107.
Modesto Junior College (Calif.), 18.
Mohawk Valley Technical Institute (N. Y.), 128.
Monmouth College (III.), 49.
Monmouth Junior College (N. J.), 116.
Montana School of Mines, 110.
Montana State College, 110.
Montana State University, 110.
Monterey Peninsula College (Calll.), 18.
Montgomery Junior College (Md.), 79.
Monticello College (III.), 50.

Moody Bible Institute, The (III.), 50.
Moore Institute of Art, Science, and Industry (Pa.),

(Moorhead) State Teachers College (Minn.), 101.
Moravian College (Pa.), 167.
Morehead State College (Ky.), 72.
Morehouse College (Ga.), 40.
Morgan State College (Md.), 80.
Morris Brown College (Ga.), 40.
Morris College, Lon (Tex.), 191.
Morris Harvey College (W. Va.), 210.
Mount Angel Seminary (Oreg.), 158.
Mount Angel Women's College (Oreg.), 158.
Mount Holyoke College (Mass.), 87.
Mount Marty College (8. Dak.), 181.
Mount Mary College (Wis.), 214.
Mount Mercy College (Pa.), 168.
Mount Mercy Junior College (Iowa), 62.
Mount St. Agnes College (Md.), 80.
Mount St. Clare Junior College (Iowa), 62.
Mount St. Joseph-on-the-Ohio, College of (Ohio), 147.
Mount Saint Mary College (N. H.), 114.
Mount St. Mary's College (Calil.), 19; (Md.), 80.
Mount St. Scholastica College (Kans.), 67.
Mount St. Vincent, College of (N. Y.), 122.
Mount San Antonio College (Calif.), 19.
Mount Union College (Ohio), 149.
Mount Vernon Junior College (D, C.), 34.
Muhlenberg College (Pa.), 168.
Multnomah College (Oreg.), 159.
Multnomah School of the Bible (Oreg.), 159.
Mundelein College (II.), 50.
Murray State Agricultural College (Okla.), 155.
Murray State College (Ky.), 72.
Muscatine Junior College (Iowa), 62.
Muskegon Community College (Mich.), 95.
Muskingum College (Ohio), 150.


Nashotah House (Wis.), 214.
Nasson College (Maine), 77.
National Agricultural College (Pa.), 168.
National College of Education (IUI.), 50.
Navarro Junior College (Tex.), 192,
Nazareth College (Ky.), 72; (Mich.), 95; (N. Y.), 128.
Nebraska State Teachers College (Kearney), 112;

(Peru), 112, (Wayne), 113.
Nebraska, University of, 113.
Nebraska Wesleyan University, 113.
Nevada, University of, 113.
New Bedford Institute of Textiles and Technology

(Mass.), 87.
New Church, Academy of the (Pa.), 161.
New England College of Pharmacy (Mass.), 87.
New England Conservatory of Music (Mass.), 87.
New Hampshire, University of, 115.
New Haven State Teachers College (Conn.), 29.
New Haven YMCA Junior College (Conn.), 29.
New Jersey State Teachers College (Glass boro), 116;

(Jersey City), 116; (Newark), 116; (Paterson), 116;

(Trenton), 116; (Upper Montclair), 116.
New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanics

Arts, 119.
New Mexico Highlands University, 119.
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 119.
New Mexico Military Institute, 119.

Northwestern Lutheran Theological Seminary

(Minn.), 100. Northwestern Michigan College, 95. Northwestern State College (Okla.), 155. Northwestern State College of Louisiana, 75. Northwestern University (I11.), 51. Notre Dame, College of (Calif.), 14. Notre Dame College of Staten Island (N. Y.), 129. Notre Dame of Maryland, College of, 78. Notre Dame, University of (Ind.), 58. Norwich University (Vt.), 199. Nyack Missionary College (N. Y.), 129.

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New Mexico, University of, 119.
New Mexico Western College, 119.
New Paltz, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 134.
New Rochelle, College of (N. Y.), 122.
New School for Social Research (N. Y.), 128.
New York City Community College of Applied Arts

and Sciences (N. Y.), 128. New York College of Podiatry, 128. New York Law School, 129. New York Medical College, 129. New York State Teachers College. See State Uni

versity of New York: (Albany), 133; (Brockport), 134; (Buffalo), 133; (Cortland), 134; (Fredonia), 134; (Geneseo), 134; (New Paltz), 134; (Oneonta), 134;

(Oswego), 134; (Plattsburgh). 135; (Potsdam), 135. New York University, 129. Newark College of Engineering (N. J.), 116. (Newark) New Jersey State Teachers College, 116. Newberry College (8. C.), 179. Newton College of the Sacred Heart (Mass.), 87. Newton Theological School, Andover (Mass.), 82. Niagara University (N. Y.), 129. Nichols Junior College (Mass.), 87. Norfolk Junior College (Nebr.), 113. Norman College (Ga.), 40. (North Adams) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89. North Caroling College at Durham, 141, North Carolina State Teachers College (Elizabeth

City), 142; (Fayetteville), 139; (Winston-Salem),

144. North Carolina, University of, 142. North Central College (III.), 50. North Dakota Agricultural College, 144. North Dakota School of Forestry, 144. North Dakota State School of Science, 144. North Dakota State Teachers College (Dickinson),

146; (Mayville), 145; (Minot), 145; (Valley City), 145. North Dakota, University of, 145. North Georgia College, 40. North Greenville Junior College (8. C.), 179. North Idaho Junior College, 43. North Park College and Theological Seminary (II.),

North Texas State College, 192.
Northeast Louisiana State College, 75.
Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, 107.
Northeastern Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical

College, 155.
Northeastern State College (Okla.), 155.
Northeastern University (Mass.), 87.
Northern Baptist Theological Seminary (III.), 50.
Northern Conservatory of Music (Maine), 77.
Northern Illinois University, 50.
Northern Michigan College, 95.
Northern Montana College, 110.
Northern Oklahoma Junior College, 155.
Northern State Teachers College (S. Dak.), 181.
Northland College (Wis.), 214.
Northrop Aeronautical Institute (Calif.), 19.
Northwest Bible College, Inc., (Wash.), 207.
Northwest Mississippi Junior College, 103.
Northwest Missouri State College, 107.
Northwest Nazarene College (Idaho), 43.
Northwestern College (Minn.), 99; (Wis.), 214.
Northwestern Junior College (Iowa), 62.

Oak Ridge Military Institute (N. C.), 141.
Oakland City College (Ind.), 57.
Oakland Junior College (Calif.), 19.
Oakwood College (Ala.), 7.
Oberlin College (Ohio), 150.
Occidental College (Calif.), 19.
Odessa College (Tex.), 192.
Oglethorpe University (Ga.), 40.
Ohio College of Chiropody, 150.
Ohio Mechanics Institute, 150.
Ohio Northern University, 150.
Ohio State University, The, 150.
Ohio University, 151.
Ohio Wesleyan University, 151.
Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, 15.
Oklahoma Baptist University, 156.
Oklahoma City University, 156.
Oklahoma College for Women, 156.
Oklahoma Military Academy, 156.
Oklahoma, University of, 157.
Olivet College (Mich.), 95.
Olivet Nazarene College (III.), 51.
Olympic College (Wash.), 207.
Oneonta, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 134.
Orange Coast College (Calif.), 19.
Orange County Community College (N. Y.), 129.
Oregon College of Education, 159.
Oregon State College, 159.
Oregon Technical Institute, 159.
Oregon, University of, 160.
(Oshkosh) Wisconsin State College, 216.
Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, College of

(Calif.), 14. Oswego, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State Uni

versity of New York, 134.
Otero Junior College (Colo.), 27.
Ottawa University (Kans.), 67.
Otterbein College (Ohio), 151.
Ouachita Baptist College (Ark.), 11.
Our Lady of Cincinnati College (Ohio), 151.
Our Lady of the Elms, College of (Mass.), 84.
Our Lady of the Lake College (Tex.), 192.
Owosso Bible College (Mich 95.
Ozarks, College of the (Ark.), 11.


Pacific Bible College (Oreg.), 159.
Pacific Bible College of Azusa (Calif.), 19.
Pacific, College of the (Calif.), 15.
Pacific Lutheran College (Wash.), 207.
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (Calil.), 19.

Pacific School of Religion (Calil.), 19.
Pacific Union College (Calif.), 20.
Pacific University (Oreg.), 159.
Pace College (N. Y.), 129.
Packer Collegiate Institute, Junior College of the

(N. Y.), 120.
Paducah Junior College (Ky.), 72.
Paine College (Ga.), 40.
Palo Verde Junior College (Calif.), 20.
Panhandle Agricultural and Mechanical College

(Okla.), 156. Panzer College of Physical Education and Hygiene

(N. J.), 117. Paris Junior College (Tex.), 192. Park College (Mo.), 107. Parsons College (Iowa), 63. Parsons School of Design (N. Y.), 130. Pasadena City College (Cali), 20. Pasadena College (Calif.), 20, (Paterson) New Jersey State Teachers College, 116. Paul Quinn College (Tex.), 192. Paul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences (N. Y.), 130. Payne College, Howard (Tex.), 190. Peabody College for Teachers, George (Tenn.), 183. Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore (Md.), 80. Peace College (N. C.), 141. Peay State College, Austin (Tenn.), 182. Pembroke State College (N. C.), 141. Penn College, William (Iowa), 64. Pennsylvania Military College, 168. Pennsylvania State College of Optometry, 168. Pennsylvania State Teachers College (Bloomsburg),

170; (California), 170; (Clarion), 170; (East Strouds. burg), 170; (Edinboro), 171; (Indiana), 171; (Kutztown), 171; (Lock Haven), 171; (Mansfeld), 171; (Millersville), 171; (Shippensburg), 171; (Blippery

Rock), 171; (West Chester), 171. Pennsylvania State University, 168. Pennsylvania, University of, 172. Pensaco la Junior College (Fla.), 36. Pepperdine College, George (Calif.), 16. Perkinston Junior College (Miss.), 103. (Peru) Nebraska State Teachers College, 112. Pfeiffer College (N. C.), 141. Philadelphia Bible Institute (Pa.), 168. Philadelphia College of Osteopathy (Pa.), 168. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science (Pa.),

169. Philadelphia Museum School of Art (Pa.), 169. Philadelphia Musical Academy (Pa.), 169. Philadelphia Textile Institute (Pa.), 169. Phillips College, Frank (Tex.), 190. Phillips University (Okla.), 156. Phoenix College (Ariz.), 9. Physicians and Surgeons, College of (Calif.), 15. Pledmont College (Ga.), 41. Pierce Junior College, Los Angeles (Calll.), 18. Pikeville College (Ky.), 72. Pine Manor Junior College (Mass.), 88. Pineland Junior College and Edwards Military Insti

tute (N. C.), 141. (Pittsburg) Kansas State Teachers College, 66. Pittsburgh, University of (Ps.), 172. Pittsburgh-Xenta Theological Seminary (Pa.), 169. (Platteville) Wisconsin State College, 216.

Plattsburgh, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 135. Plymouth Teachers College (N. H.), 114. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (N. Y.), 130. Pomona College (Calll.), 20. Port Huron Junior College (Mich.), 95. Porterville College (Calli.), 20. Portland State College (Oreg.), 159. Portland, University of (Oreg.), 160. Potsdam, Teachers College at (N. Y.). See State

University of New York, 136. Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College

(Tex.), 192.
Pratt Junior College (Kans.), 67.
Pratt Institute (N. Y.), 130.
Presbyterian College (8. C.), 179.
Presbyterian Junior College for Men (N. C.), 141.
Princeton Theological Seminary (N. J.), 117.
Princeton University (N. J.), 117.
Principia College (Ill.), 51.
Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Vir-

ginta, 203.
Providence College (R. I.), 176.
Providence-Barrington Bible College (R. I.), 176.
Pueblo Junior College (Colo.), 27.
Puerto Rico, University of, 175.
Puget Sound, College of (Wash.), 206.
Purdue University (Ind.), 57.

Queens College (N. C.), 141.
Queens CoHege of the City of New York (N. Y.), 130.
Quincy College (II.), 51.
Quinn College, Paul (Tex.), 192.
Quinniplac College (Conn.), 29.

Radcliffe College (Mass.), 88.
Radford College (Va.). See Virginia Polytechnic In-

stitute, 205.
Randolph-Macon College (V8.), 203.
Randolph-Macon Woman's College (Va.), 203.
Ranger Junior College (Tex.), 193.
RCA Institutes, Inc. (N. Y.), 130.
Redlands, University of (Calil.), 24.
Reed College (Oreg.), 160.
Reedley College (Calif.), 20.
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Pa.),

Regis College (Colo.), 27; (Mass.), 88.
Reinhardt College (Ga.), 41.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (N. Y.), 130.
Rhode Island College of Education, 176.
Rhode Island School of Design, 176.
Rhode Island, University of, 176.
Riæ Institute (Tex.), 193.
Richmond, University of (Va.), 204.
Ricks College (Idaho), 43.
Rider College (N, J.), 117,
Rio Grande College (Ohio), 151.
Ripon College (Wis.), 214.
(River Falls) Wisconsin State College, 216.
Riverside College (Calil.), 21.
Rivier College (N. H.), 114.
Roanoke College (Vs.), 203.

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Roberts Wesleyan College (N. Y.), 130.
Rochester Institute of Technology (N. Y.), 131.
Rochester Junior College (Minn.), 100.
Rochester, University of (N. Y.), 136.
Rockford College and Rockford Men's College (III.),

51. Rockford Men's College, Rockford College and (Ill.),

Rockhurst College (Mo.), 107.
Rocky Mountain College (Mont.), 110.
Roger Williams Junior College (R. I.), 176.
Rollins College (Fla.), 36.
Roosevelt University (III.), 51.
Rosary College (III.), 52.
Rosary Hill College (N. Y.), 131.
Rose Polytechnic Institute (Ind.), 57.
Rosemont College (Pa.), 169.
Russell Sage College (N. Y.). 131.
Rust College (Miss.), 104.
Rutgers University (N. J.), 117.

S Sacramento Junior College (Calif.), 21. Sacramento State College (Calil.), 21. Sacred Heart, College of the (P. R.), 175. Sacred Heart Dominican College (Tex.), 193. Sacred Heart College (Kans.), 67. Sacred Heart Junior College (Ala.), 7. Sacred Heart Junior College and Academy (N. C.),

142. St. Ambrose College (Iowa), 63. St. Anselm's College (N. H.), 114. St. Augustine's College (N. C.), 142. St. Basil's College (Conn.), 29. St. Benedict, College of (Minn.), 97. 8t. Benedict's College (Kans.), 67. St. Bernard College (Ala.), 7. St. Bernardine of Siena College (N. Y.), 131. St. Bonaventure University (N. Y.), 131. St. Catharine Junior College (Ky.), 72. St. Catherine, College of (Minn.), 97. (St. Cloud) State Teachers College (Minn.), 101. St. Edward's University (Tex.), 193. St. Elizabeth, College of (N.J.), 116. St. Francis, College of (III.), 46. St. Francis College (Ind.), 57; (N. Y.), 131; (Pa.), 169. St. Francis Seminary (Wis.), 214. St. Gregory's College (Okla.), 157. St. John Fisher College, Inc. (N. Y.), 131. St. John College of Cleveland (Ohio), 151. St. John's College (Md.), 80. St. John's Lutheran College (Kans.), 68. St. John's Seminary (Mass.), 88. St. John's University (Minn.), 100; (N. Y.), 132. St. Joseph College (Conn.), 30; (Md.), 80. St. Joseph on the Rio Grande, College of (N. Mex.),

St. Joseph's College (Ind.), 57; (Maine), 77; (Ps.), 170.
St. Joseph's College for Women (N. Y.), 132.
St. Lawrence Seminary (W1s.), 214.
St. Lawrence University (N. Y.), 132.
St. Louis College of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences

(Mo.), 107.
St. Louis University (Mo.), 108.
St. Martin's College (Wash.), 207.
St. Mary College (Kans.), 68.

St. Mary, College of (Nebr.), 111.
St. Mary of the Springs, College of (Ohio), 147.
St. Mary-of-the-Wasatch, College of (Utah), 198.
St. Mary-of-the-Woods College (Ind.), 57.
St. Mary's College (Ind.), 58; (Minn.), 100.
St. Mary's College of California, 21.
St. Mary's Dominican College (La.), 75.
St. Mary's Junior College (N. C.), 142.
St. Mary's Seminary Junior College (Md.), 80.
St. Mary's Seminary and University (Nd.), %0.
St. Michael's Ccllege (N. Mex.), 119; (Vt.), 199.
St. Norbert College (Wis.), 215.
St. Olaf College (Minn.), 100.
St. Paul Bible Institute (Minn.), 100.
St. Paul's College (Mo.), 108.
St. Paul's Polytechnic Institute (Va.), 204.
St. Peter's College (N. J.), 117.
St. Petersburg Junior College (F]8.), 36.
St. Procopius College (1).), 62.
St. Rose, College of (N. Y.), 122.
St. Scholastica, College of (Minn.), 88.
St. Teresa, College of (Minn.), 98; (Mo.), 106.
St. Thomas, College of (Minn.), 48.
St. Thomas, University of (Tex.), 197.
St. Vincent College (Pa.), 170.
St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (N. Y.),


St. Xavier College (11.), 52.
Salem College (N. C.), 142; (W. Va.), 210.
(Salem) State Teachers College (Mass.), 89.
(Salisbury) Maryland State Teachers College, 79.
Salve Regins College (R. I.), 176.
San Angelo College (Tex.), 193.
San Antonio College (Tex.), 193.
San Bernardino Valley College (Calll.), 21.
San Diego College for Women (Calll.), 21.
San Diego State College (Calll.), 21.
San Francisco College for Women (Cs)I.), 21.
San Francisco State College (Calll.), 21.
San Francisco Theological Seminary (Calil.), 22.
San Francisco, University of (Call.), 24.
San Jose Junior College (Call.), 22.
San Jose State College (Calif.), 22.
San Mateo, College of (Calif.), 15.
Santa Ana College (Calif.), 22.
Santa Clara, University of (Calil.), 24.
Santa Monica City College (Calll.), 22.
Santa Rosa Junior College (Calil.), 22.
Savannah State College (G8.), 41.
Sarah Lawrence College (N. Y.), 132.
Syre Junior College (Okls.), 157.
scarritt College for Christian Workers (Tenn.), 185.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (II.), 62.
Schreiner Institute (Tex.), 193.
Scott College, Agnes (Ga.), 37.
Scottsbluff College (Nebr.), 113.
Scranton, University of (Pa.), 173.
Scripps College (Calil.), 22.
Seabury.Western Theological Seminary (III.), 52.
Eeattle Pacific College (Wash.), 207.
Seattle University (Wash.), 208.
Sequoias, College of the (Calll.), 15.
Seton Hall University (N. J.), 118.
Beton Hull College (Pa.), 170.
Shaw University (N. C.), 142.
Shelton College (N. J.), 118.

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