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Research and development contracting
Construction and architect-engineer contracts

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PHS 301.104-1 Publication and code

arrangement. (a) The PHSAR is published in the same forms as indicated in FAR 1.104 1(a).

(b) PHS issuances will be published on yellow pages in looseleaf form for insertion into the HHSAR.

Subpart PHS 301.1-Purpose,

Authority, Issuance PHS 301.101 Purpose.

(a) The Public Health Service Acquisition Regulation (PHSAR) is issued to establish uniform acquisition policies and procedures throughout PHS which are necessary to implement or supplement the Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR).

(b) PHS issuances do not reiterate material published in the HHSAR or the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

(c) The PHSAR implements and supplements the HHSAR. Implementing material expands upon or indicates the manner of compliance with the related HHSAR. Supplementing material is new material which has no counterpart in the HHSAR. The omission of sections or subsections in PHSAR means no further explanation or qualification

PHS 301.104-2 Arrangement of regula

tions. (a) General. The PHSAR conforms to the FAR and HHSAR with respect to divisional arrangements; i.e., subchapters, parts, subparts, sections, subsections, and paragraphs.

(c) References and citations.

(2) This regulation shall be referred to as the Public Health Service Acquisition Regulation (PHSAR), Appendix A to the Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation. Any reference shall be cited as “PHS” followed by the appropriate number.

(3) Citations of authority shall be incorporated where necessary. All FAR reference numbers shall be preceded by “FAR." References to the HHSAR shall state only the number without the prefix "HHSAR." PHS 301.1043 Copies.

Copies of the PHSAR in FEDERAL REGISTER form may be purchased by the public from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office (GPO), Washington, DC 20402. Looseleaf copies of the PHSAR may be obtained by departmental personnel having a need for the document by placing an order with a Directives Distribution Coordinator in accordance with General Administration Manual Chapter 1-00, Exhibit G, HHS Staff Manual System.

hol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, Health Resources and Services Administration, and National Institutes of Health, (49 FR 36237, Sept. 14, 1984, as amended at 51 FR 20486, June 5, 1986)

PHS 301.271 Timing of PHSAR revi.

sions. PHSAR revisions will be issued throughout the year as the need arises. PHS issuances shall be effective on the date cited in the FEDERAL REGISTER issuance or on the date of the transmittal notice which distributes it to PHSAR Staff Manual holders, unless otherwise directed.

PHS 301.105 OMB approval under the

Paperwork Reduction Act. The following OMB control numbers apply to the information collection and recordkeeping requirements contained in this regulation:

Subpart PHS 301.4-Deviations

From the FAR

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PHS 301.470 Procedure.

(a) Requests for deviations from the FAR, HHSAR or any PHSAR issuance for

implementation supplementation shall be submitted in writing by the PHS agency principal official responsible for acquisition to the Director, Division of Grants and Contracts, ORM/OM/PHS for approval and/or further processing as may be required. When it is recognized that a deviation will be required prior to the issuance of a solicitation, the request for deviation must be processed and approved prior to release of the solicitation. When completion of a contract action is contingent on appr of a deviation, the request for deviation must be processed and approval granted by the appropriate level, prior to contract execution. In an exigency situation, initial verbal contact should be made with the Chief, Contracts Management Branch, DGC/ORM/OM/PHS or his/her designee. Only deviations to the PHSAR may be granted by the Director, Division of Grants and Contracts.

(b) Each request for deviation shall provide sufficient information to permit PHS compliance with the HHSAR. Generally, such requests shall contain the following in addition to the information required by 301.470(b):

(1) The name of the contractor and contract number, or the name of the

PHS 301.270 Procurement

management advisory committee. (a) The Director, Division of Grants and Contracts has established the Procurement Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) to assist and facilitate the planning and development of acquisition policies and procedures, and the resolving of operational problems affecting all acquisition activities in the PHS.

(b) The PMAC consists of members and alternates from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Alco

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PHS 304.7101 Contracts requiring review and

approval. PHS 304.7102 Conduct of the review.

AUTHORITY: 5 U.S.C. 301, 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

SOURCE: 49 FR 36238, Sept. 14, 1984, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart PHS 304.1-Contract


PHS 302.170 Definitions of terms.

The following terms, when utilized in PHS supplementing or implementing issuances to the HHSAR, have the meanings set forth below.

PHS agencies identifies collectively that group of organizational entities within the PHS which have assigned major health functions as currently shown in the PHS Organization Handbook. The PHS agencies are as follows: Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental

Health Administration (ADAMHA) Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Health Resources and Services Admin

istration (HRSA) National Institutes of Health (NIH)

PHS agency heads identifies collectively those individuals who are given the responsibility and authority to manage and direct the efforts of the PHS agencies. These are the Administrators of ADAMHA and HRSA, Commissioner of FDA, and Directors of NIH and CDC.

PHS contracting activities identifies collectively those organizational elements of the PHS staff offices and the PHS agencies which have functional responsibility to contract for the acquisition of personal property and non personal services. (49 FR 36238, Sept. 14, 1984)

PHS 304.170 Ratification of unauthor

ized contract awards. (c)(2) Where ratification of an unauthorized contract action within a PHS agency is requested, the contracting officer shall forward the file through acquisition channels to an official at an organizational level above the contracting officer. He/she in turn shall analyze and evaluate the contracting officer's submission and make appropriate recommendations regarding ratification to the head of the contracting activity.

The Administrative Services Center (ASC), Office of Management (OM), will submit its requests for ratification to the Director, OM through the Division of Grants and Contracts (DGC), Office of Resource Management, OM/PHS.

(c)(4)(i) PHS agencies, and ASC, OM/ PHS, shall submit a report of ratification data as specified in 304.170. PHS agencies with several contracting offices will be required to collect the required information from these activities and submit a consolidated agency report.

(ii) These reports shall be submitted to DGC/ORM/OM/PHS within 20 days following the expiration of the reporting period. A consolidated PHS report will be prepared for submission to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Procurement, Assistance, and Logistics as specified in 304.170.

Subpart PHS 304.6-Contract


PHS 304.670 PHS Contract Informa

tion System (PHSCIS). The PHS Contract Information System consolidates all PHS contract data for the Department-wide Contract Information System (DCIS) from the PHS contracting activities.

PHS 304.670-1 Policy

The PHS principal officials responsible for acquisition (PORA) are responsible for ensuring that all required information is collected, submitted, and received into the PHSCIS in accordance with the central PHSCIS User Manual.

National Cancer Institute-$750,000
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

$500,000 National Institute of Environmental Health

Sciences $250,000 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious

Diseases-$250,000 National Institute of Child Health and

Human Development-$250,000 Centralized procuring activity for all other

National Institutes of Health Research Organizations (Research Contracts Branch

$250,000 These internal reviews shall be conducted by senior personnel with each contracting office. Typically, the chief of contracting office or his/her deputy should be involved in the review. Personnel involved in the contract action shall not perform the review. Each review shall be documented in writing, and any substantive issues identified shall be resolved prior to award.

(ii) Furthermore, to assure that an adequate review of smaller dollar acquisitions is made prior to award, a statistically significant sample of contract actions of dollar values, less than those amounts referenced in this section is required to be approved prior to award. This review and approval will be by the designated Reviewing Official listed in paragraph (c) (but see PHS 304.7102(a)). Records of such review actions will be maintained and will include documentation of the resolution of any significant issue raised by the review.

(iii) Contract awards and modifications of proposed architect-engineer contracts expected to exceed $50,000 shall be reviewed and approved prior to award by the reviewing official designated in PHS 304.7101(c).

(c) Reviewing officials. For PHS agency contract awards expected to exceed the dollar amounts stated in this paragraph, the reviewing official indicated will personally approve the award. Other than these specified requirements for the designated reviewing official, PHS agencies may assign other review and approval responsibilities at their discretion. The following officials shall be responsible for preaward contract review and approval of all proposed contracts and modifications which are expected to exceed the dollar limits expressed below:

[49 FR 36238, Sept. 14, 1984, as amended at 51 FR 20486, June 5, 1986)

PHS 304.670–2 PHS agency implemen

tation. It is the responsibility of the PORAS to develop and implement appropriate procedures within their activities to ensure that data submissions to the PHSCIS are timely, error free, and contain all the required information.

Subpart PHS 304.71-Review and

Approval of Proposed Contract Awards

PHS 304.7101 Contracts requiring re

view and approval. (b)(2)(i) In addition to the reviews required by 304.7101(a) and PHS 304.7101(c), internal reviews are to be conducted of acquisitions made by the following contracting offices in the National Institutes of Health for contract awards that fall below the dollar threshold for review and approval set forth in PHS 304.7101(c) but exceed the dollar threshold set forth herein:

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