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Tactile. Describes an object that can be perceived using the sense of touch Tactile WarningA standardized surface texture applied to or buik into walking surfaces or other elements to wam visually impaired people of hazards in the path of travel

Marked Crossing A Crosswalk or other identified path intended for pedestrian use in crossing a vehicular way. Multitamiły Diwedling Any building containing more than two dwelling units. Operable Part A part of a piece of equipment or appliance used to insert or withdraw objects, or to activate, deactivate, or adjust the equipment or apptiance (for example, coin slot pushbutton handle). Physically Handicapped an individual who has a physical impairment including impaired sensory. manual or speaking abilities, which results in a functional limitation in access to and use of a build. ing or facility. Power-assisted Door. A door used for human passage with a mechanism that helps to open the door, or relieve the opening resistance of a door, upon the activation of a switch or a continued force applied to the door itset. I the switch a door is reered, such doors immediately begin to close or close completely within 3 to 30 seconds (see automatic door). Public Use Describes interior a exterior rooms or spaces that are made available to the general public. Public use may be provided at a building or facility that is privately or publicly owned Ramp. A walking surface in an accessible space that has a running stope greater than 1:20. Running Slope. The slope that is parallel to the direction of travel (see cross slope). Service Entrance. An entrance intended primarily for delivery of services Signage. Verbal symbolic, lactite, and pictorial information

Temporary. Applies to facilities that are not of permanent construction but are extensively used or essential for public use for a given (short) period of time, for example, temporary classrooms or classroom buildings at schools and colleges, or facilities around a major construction site to make passage accessible. usable, and safe for everybody. Structures directly associated with the actual processes of major con: struction, such as porto potties, scaffolding bridging trailers, and the like, are not included. Temporary as applied to elements means installed for less than 6 months and not required for safety reasons. Vehicular Way. A route intended for vehicular traffic. such as a street driveway, or parking lot Walk An exterior pathway with a prepared surface intended for pedestrian use, including general pedestrian areas such as plazas and courts.

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4.1.2 Accessible Buildings: New Construction

spaces, passenger loading zones it provided, and public streets or sidewaks to an accessible building entrance

(iii) Where parking is provided for visitors, 2 percent of the spaces, or at least one, shall be accessible

(2) At least one xcessible route comptying with 4.3 shali connect accessible buildings, facilities, elements, and spaces that are on the same site

(3) All objects that protrude from surfaces or posts into circulation paths shall comply with 4.4.

(4) Ground surfaces along accessible routes and in accessible spaces shal comply with 4.5.

(5) (a) ff parking spaces are provided for employees or visitors, or both then accessible spaces, complying with 4.6, shall be provided in each such partăng area in conformance with the following table

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(e) Parking spaces at health care facilities complying with 4.6 shall be provided in accordance with the following:

(i) General health care facilities, employee and visitor parking: Comply with Table 4.1.1(5)(a):

(ii) Outpatient facilities: 10 percent of the total number of parking spaces provided

(iii) Spinal cord injury facilities, employee and visitor parking: 20 percent of total parking spaces provided

(6) If toilet facilities are provided on a site, then each such public or common use toilet facility shall comply with 4.22. If bathing facilities are provided on a site, then each such public or common use bathing facility shall comply with 423. EXCEPTION: These provisions are not mandatory for single user portable toilet or bathing units clustered at a single location; however, at least one toilet unit complying with 4.22 or one bathing unit complying with 4.23 should be installed at each location whenever standard units are provided

(7) All signs shall comply with 4.30.1, 430.2 and 4.30.3. Elements and spaces of accessible facilities which shall comply with 4.30.5 and shall be identifiod by the International Symbol of Accessibility are:

(a) Parking spaces designated as reserved for physically handicapped people,

(b) passenger loading zones;
(c) accessible entrances:
(d) accessible toilet and bathing facilities.

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4.1.2 Accessible Buildings: New Construction Accessible buildings and facilities shall meet the follow ing minimum requirements:

(1) At least one accessible route complying with 4.3 shall connect accessible building or facility entrances with all accessible spaces and elements within the building or facility.

EXCEPTION The total number of accessible parking spaces may be distributed among parking lots, if greater accessibility is achieved EXCEPTION. This does not apply to parking pro vided for official government vehicles owned or leased by the government and used exclusively for government purposes.

(b) If passenger bading zones are provided then al least one passenger bading zone shall comply with 4.65.

(c) Parking spaces for sick ut vans are accessible parking spaces and may be used to meet the requirements of this paragraph

(d) Parking spaces at accessible housing complying with 4.6 shall be provided in accordance with the following

(1) Where parking is provided for all residents, one accessible parking space shall be pro vided for each accessible dwelling units and

(ü) Where parking is provided for only a portion of the residents, an accessible parking space shall be provided on request of the occupant of an accessible dwelling uni,

(2) All objects that overhang circulation paths shall comply with 4.4.

(3) Ground and floor surfaces along accessible routes and in accessible rooms and spaces shall comply with 4.5.

(4) Stairs connecting levels that are not connected by an elevator shall comply with 4.9.

(5) One passenger elevator complying with 4.10 shall serve each level in all multi-story buildings and facilities. If more than one elevator is provided each elevalor shall comply with 4.10.


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