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Andre, John. Sargent, W. Life and career Dc 1-5027 Angola. Battel, A. Adventures in 1589. Pinker-Smith, J. H. Causes which led to the death of

ton's voyages. 16

Dg 1-5841 Dc 1-5077 Angoulême, Marguerite d'. Freer, M. W. Life of Andrea. Com. Terence. Ha 1-10445

De 6–5722 Andrea of Hungary. Drama. w. s. Landor Angus, Joseph. Bible hand-book; an introduction

Hb 7-10894 to the study of the sacred scripture. N. Y., Andreas Hofer. L. Muhlbach

Fd 5–14298

Ad 5-13416 Andree de Taverney. A. Dumas Fd 11-15188 Animal creation. T. R. Jones

Dk 2–6884 Andrew, John A. Browne, A. G. Life of

Animal kingdom. F. Cuvier

Dk 1-6863 Da 11-4842 Animal life. Lewes, G. H. Studies in Dk 2-6885 Andrews, Gen. c. c. History of the campaign of Animal magnetism. Far. Mrs. Inchbald Mobile, including the cooperative operations

Hb 10-10998 of Gen. Wilson's cavalry in Alabama. N. Y., Animal traits and characteristics. Dk 3–15491 1867. 80

Cd 5–3199 Animals. Broderip, W. J. Leaves from the note Andrews, E. A. Copious and critical Latin-English book of a naturalist

Dk 2-6887 lexicon, founded on the larger Latin-German - Aristotle. History of

Ha 2-10477 lexicon of Wm. Freund. N. Y., 1850. 89

Clark, H. J. Mind in nature

Dk 5-6946 Ac 3-12907 Menault, E. Intelligence of

Dk 5-6944 Andrews, Israel D. Report on the trade and com- Reason why. Nat. hist.

Dk 3-13729 merce of the British North American Colonies, Watson, J. S. Reasoning powers in _Dk 5–6941 and upon the trade of the great lakes and Anna Clayton. F. M. Dimmick Fd 11-15237 rivers. W., 1853 Bb 12–478 | Anna von Geierstein. W. Scott

Aa 8-13055 Andrews, M. A series of views in Turkey and the Annals of a quiet neighborhood. G. Macdonald Crimea,from the embarkation at Gallipoli to the

Fc 12-15066 fall of Sebastopol. L., 1856. f At 5-13566 Annals of industry and genius. C. L. Brightwell Andrews, Samuel J. The life of our Lord upon the

Dc 5–5222 earth : considered in its historical chronologi- Annals of philosophy; or, magazine of chemistry, cal and geographical relations. N. Y., 1863

mineralogy, mechanics, natural history, agri

Eg 4-8462 culture and the arts. Ed. by T. Thomson. v. Andromache. Trag. Euripides : Ha 1-10437 2-28. L., 1814-28. 80

Ea 13–7427 and

Hb 3–10849 Anne, queen of England. Boyer, A. History of Andromaque. Trag. J. Racine Hb 2-10776 and 10792

Ca 1-2180 Andromeda, and other poems. C. Kingsley

Stanhope, P. H. Reign of

Ce 4-7678 Hf 5-12373 Strickland, A. Life of

Dd 7-5585 Andy Blake. Com. D. Boucicault : Hb 10-10997 Anne, queen of Henry VIII. Strickland, A. Life of Ane d'or. Oc. A. Piron Hb 2-10787

Dd 7-5578 Anecdotes. Addison, Mr.

He 9-12075 Anne, queen of Richard II. Strickland, A. Life of - Berkely, G. F. Anecdotes of the upper ten

Dd 7-5576 thousand

He 9–12050 Anne, queen of Richard 111. Strickland, A. Lite of Buck, C. Anecdotes, religious, moral and enter

Dd 7-5577 taining

He 9-12052 Anne Blake. 'Drama. 'W. Marston Hb 9-10968 – Campan, Madame. Secret anecdotes of the French Anne Hereford. Mrs. H. Wood . Fa 12–14821 court

He 10–12088 Anne of Geierstein. Walter Scott Ff 10-14193 Keddie, W. Cyclopaedia of He 9-15552 Anne Severin. Mad. A. Craven . Ff 4-14034 - Kirkland, F. Cyclopaedia of commercial and Annesley, James. Researches into the causes, nature, business anecdotes

He 8-12023 and treatment of the more prevalent diseases - Spence, Joseph. Anecdotes of books and men of India and warm climates generally. L., 1855.

He 9-12055

Ga 3-8729 - Spooner, s. Anecdotes of painters, engravers, Annihilation. ' Blair, J. The docirine of destruction sculptors, architecture, and curiosities of art

(of the wicked) established Eg 11–8640

Hc 1-11033 Annual of the grand national curling club of the UnitAnecdotes of animals. Mrs. R. Lee Dk 9-7041 ed States, for 1868. Buf., 1868 Gb 12-9203 Anecdotes of dogs. E. Jesse Dk 5-6932 Same. 1869. Buf., 1869

Gb 12-15381 Aniedler. J. F. Cooper

Aa 8-13040 Annual of scientific discovery, or year-book of facts Angel and the demon. T. S. Arthur Fd 2-15416 in science and art. Ed. by David Wells and Angel in the house. C. Patmore Hf 11-12500 others. B., 1850–70. 19 v. Ea 7-7246 Angel of the attic. Com. T. Morton Hb 10–11005 Annual Register and Virginian repository for the Angelo. Drama. G. A'Becket

Hb 9-10963 year 1800. Petersburg, 1800 Ck 10-4598 Angelo, M. and Carli, D. de. Voyage to Congo. Annual register, or a view of the history, politicks,

1666–7. Pinkerton's voyages. 16 Dg 1–5841 and literature of the years 1758–1833. L. 79 v. Angelo, Michael. See Buonarroti.

Bd 10–770 Angel's song. C. B. Thayer

Fe 12–15395 Anquetil, L. P. Memoirs of the court of France, durAngliae notitia. E. Chamberlayne Cf 8-3631 ing the reign of Louis XIV., and the regency Angling. See fish and fishing.

of the duke of Orleans. Tr. from the French. Anglo-American literature He 14-12118 E., 1791. 2 v. 8°

Cg 4-3801 Anglo-Saxon chronicle

Ed 3–7841 Summary of universal history, exhibiting the rise, Anglo-Saxon language. Bosworth, J. Compendious decline, and revolutions of the different nations dictionary

Ac 3–12910 of the world. L., 1800. 9 v. 8° Ca 2-2216 Hand-book of A. s. root words Ha 13-10715 Ansayrii, the. F. Walpole

Dh 3-6427 Hand-book of derivations

Ha 13-10711 Anson, R. Voyage round the world, 1740-44 - March, F. A. Comparative grammar Ha 14–15637

Di 1-6556 Shute, s. M. Manual for beginners Ha 3-10700 Anspach, F. R. The sepulchres of our departed. Anglo Saxons. Geoffrey of Monmouth. British

Ph., 1854

Ef 5–8281 history

'cr 7-3598 Ansted, D. T. Geology and physical geography. Miller, T History of

CE 5-3566
Orr's Circ, of the Sci..

Ea 4-7169 - Roger of Wendover. Flowers of history

The gold seeker's manual; a guide to the gold re

CE 17-3596 gions of California, 1819 Bh 6-Pam. 27 – Taylor, Emily: Tales from the history of the - The great store book of nature. Ph., 1863 Saxons CŤ 8-15559

Eb 5-11797 – Turner, S. History of

Cf 5-3567 - Physical geography Ph. 1867 Ea 8–7294


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Anstie, F. E. Stimulants and narcotics, their mutual Anthon C. Manual of Roman antiquities. N.Y., 1851. relations; with special researches on the ac

Ca 9-2443 tion of alcohol, aether, and chloroform, on System of ancient and mediaeval geography, for

the vital organs. Ph., 1865. 89 Ga 4-8711 the use of schools and colleges. N. Y., 1850. Answer to H. Miller and theoretic geologists. T. A. 8°

Ci 3-4267 Davies.

Eb 5-8389 See Smith, wm. Answer against the apology of private mass. T. Anthony and Cleopatra. Bur. C. Selby Hb 10–11001 Cooper

Eg 13–16257 Anthony Munday. Kent and Cumber Hb 3-10847 Answer to J. Martiall's treatise on the cross. J. Anthropology. Heck, J. G. Iconographic encycloCalfhill Eg 13–16256 paedia. v. 2.

Ac 813235 Answer to Sir T. More's dialogue. w. Tyndale Antignosticus. A. Neander

Ed 7-7904 Ég 12–16290 Antigone. Trag. Sophocles Antarctic regions. Cook, James. Voyage toward the

Ha 2-10487, and Hb 3-10852 south pole

Df 2–5858 Antigua and the Antiguans ; a full account of the Hartwig, G. The polar world Df 3-5896 colony and its inhabitants from the time of the - Morell, B. Four voyages, 1822–31 Dg 2–6230 Caribs to the present day. L., 1844. 2 v. 89 Whitecar, W. B. Four years aboard the whale

Ch 7-4117 ship

Df 3–5916 Antioch college. Catalogue, 1866–7. 'Bh 5-Pam. 49 – Wilkes, c. Narrative of the United States ex- Antiquarian and picturesque tour round the southern ploring expedition. v. 2

Df 1-5821 coast of England, with 84 plates, from drawAnte Nicene Christian library. Translations of the ings by Turner, Westall, Prout, Dewint, et al. conlug lives of the fathers down to A. D. 325; Ed. by L., 1849. 4°

Di 1-6564 A. Roberts, and James Donaldson.

Antiquarian and topographical cabinet; containing a · Vol. I. The apostolic fathers. Tr. by Dr. Donald- series of elegant views of the most interesting

son, Dr. Roberts, and F. Crombie. E., 1868. objects of curiosity in Great Britain. L., 1807.

Ef 4-13862
10 v. 80

Ci 2–4229 – Vol. II. Writings of Justin Martyr and Athena- Antiquary. Walter Scott

Ff 10–14187 goras. Tr. by M. Dods, George Reith, and B. Antique gems. C. W. King

Eb 6–7510 P. Pratten. E., 1867. 80

Ef 4–8264 Antiquities. Archaeologia Americana Ci 2-11810 - Vol. III. Writings of Tatian and Theophilus; Antonio, Del Rio. Ancient city in Guatemala and the Clementine recognitions. Tr. by B.

Ci 2-4226 P. Pratten, M. Dods, and T. Smith. E., 1868. Baldwin, J. D.' Pre-historic man. Ca +4168 8°

Ef 4-8259 Border antiquities of England and Scotland — Vol. iv. ' Writings of_Clement of Alexandria.

Ci 2-4223 Tr. by W. Wilson. E., 1868. 8° Ef 4-8332 Bradford, A. W. American antiquities Ci 2-4228 – Vol. V. Writings of Irenaeus. v. 1. Tr. by A. Brand J. Popular antiquities of Great Britain Roberts, and W. H. Rambout. E., 1868. go

Ci 2-4243 Ef 4-8255 – Brun, C. L. Antiquitez, particulierement celles du Vol. VI. The refutation of all heresies, by Hip- fameux palais de Persepolis Cb 1-2448 polytus. Tr. by J. H. Macmahon ; with frag- Figuier, L. Primitive man

Ch 9-15790 ments of his commentaries on various books Hamilton, W. J. Researches

Dg 4-6251 of scripture. Tr. by S. D. F. Salmond. E., Landseer, J. Sabaean researches . Ci 2-4225 1868. 80

Ef 4-8261 Larwood and Hotten. History of signboards — Vol. VII. The five books of Quintus Sept. Flor.

Ci 2-13720 Tertullianus against Marcion. Tr. by P. Lyell

, c. ' Antiquities of man

Ch 9-4153 Holmes. E., 1868. 8°

Ef 4-8265 Rivero, M. E. Peruvian antiquities Ci 2-4239 – Vol. VIII. Writings of Cyprian, bishop of Car- Societé royale des antiquaires du Nord Ci 2-4240 thage. Tr. by R. E. Wallis. E., 1868. 8°

Wells, N. A. Antiquities of Spain Ci 2-4227 Ef 48257 Wilson, D. Pre-historic man

Ch 9-4149 – Vol. ix. Writings of Irenaeus. v. 2. Writings Societas regia antiquariorum septentrionalium of Hippolytus, bishop of Portus. v. 2. Frag

Ci 2-4222 ments

of writings of the third century. Tr. by Antiquity of intellectual man. c. P. Smythe S. D. F. Salmond. E., 1869. 8° Ef 4–8262

Ca 10–16136 – Vol X. Writings of Origen. v. 1. Tr. by F. Antisell, T. Geological report

. See Reports of exCrombie. E., 1869. 8° Ef 4-8256 plorations, etc.


Ae 4-13537 - Vol. XI. Writings of Tertullianus. v. 1. Tr. by Anti-Slavery. See Slavery. 8. Thelwall, and Dr. Holmes. E., 1869. 89 Antoinette, Marie. Abboit, J. S. C. History of Ef 4-8258

De 6-7569 – Vol. XII. Writings of Clement of Alexandria. Campan, Mme. Memoirs of the court of v.2. Tr. by W. Wilson, E., 1869.8°

De 6-5732 Ef 4-8333 - Normand, H. de. True stories from history – Vol. XIII. Writings of Cyprian, bishop of Car

Cg 5-3842 thage. v. 2.

With writings of Novatian; Antonia. A. L. A. D. Didevant Fa 11--15641 Minucius Felix, etc. Tr. by K. E. Wallis. E., Antonina Wilkie Collins .

Ff 5-14052 1869. 8°

Ef 4–13859 Antoninus, M. Aurelius. Thoughts of. Trans. by – Vol. XIV. Writings of Methodius: Alexander Gcorge Long. B., 1864

Hc 7-11215 of Lycopolis; Peter of Alexandria; and sev- Antonio, Del Rio Don. Description of an ancient eral fragments. Tr. by W. Clark; J. B. H. city discovered near Palenque, in the kingdom Hawkins; B. L. Bratten, and S. D. Salmond. of Guatemala, in Spanish America; also a critE., 1869, 89

Ef 4-13861 ical research into the history of the Americans, Anthon,'c. A classical dictionary; containing an by Paul Felix Cabrera. L., 1822. 4. Ci 2-4226

account of the principal names mentioned in Antonio and Mellida. Drama. J. Marston
ancient authors, and intended to elucidate all

Hb 11-11021 the important points connected with the geog

Hb 11-11021 raphy, history, biography, mythology and fine Antony and Cleopatra. Shakespeare IIb 5-10635 arts of the Greeks and Romans, with an account Antre de Trophonius. Oc.

Hb 2-10787 of coins, weights and measures. N. Y., 1860. Apache country. Browne, J. R. Adventures in 8° Ac 2-13034

Df 10-6124 - Manual of Grecian antiquities. With numerous Apocalypse explained. E. Swedenborg Ee 11-8161 illustrations. N. Y., 1852

Ca 9-2442 | Apocalypse revealed. E. Swedenborg Ee 11-8176

Part II.




v. 1

Apocryphal New Testament; being all the gospels Ararat. Headley, J. T. Sacred mountains and epistles extant, attributed, in the first four

Dg 5–6025 centuries to Jesus Christ, his apostles and their – Parrot, F.' Journey to Mt. Ararat

Dg 6-6328 companions, and not included in the New Arcadia. Pastoral. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10891 Testament. B., n. d

Eg 3–8446 Arcana coelestia. E. Swedenborg Ee 11-8166 Apollonius Rhodius. ' Argonautics. Trans. by W. Archaeologia Americana. Transactions and collec

Preston. Chiswick, 1822 Ha 4-10414 tions of the American antiquarian society. Apostate. Trag. Shiel Hb 9-10955 Worcester, 1820. 8°

Ci 2-11810 Apostles. Weld, H. H. Lives of the . Ed 9-7935

Contents.- List of officers. Origin of the Apostolic fathers. A. N. C. L.

Ef 4-13862

Society. Discovery of the Mississippi river, Apostolical succession. A. W. Haddan Ef 10–5476

by Lewis Hennepin; La Salle's discovery by

way of the Gulf of Mexico; Antiquities of Ohio Apothegms. See Laconics.

and other western States, by C. Atwater; ComApparitions. Briere de Boismont, A. History of

munications from Dr, Sam. Mitchell, on the

Ga 4-7796 aborigines of America. – Aubrey, J. Miscellanies

He 6–11960 Appeal for freedon. C. S. Spencer Bh 5-Pam. 59

Archaeologia Graeca. J. Potter Ca 9-2370 and 2440 Appearance is against her. Mrs. A. Opie

Archaeology. Jahn, J. Biblical archaeology

Ee 7-8094 Fd 13-14849 Appius and Virginia. Trag: J. Webster

- Haven, s. F. Archaeology of the United States

. Hb 9-12461

S. C. to K. Vol. 8, Art. 2. Ae 1-13482 Appleton's companion hand-book of travel: contain- - Manual of archaeology as exemplified in the ing a full description of the principal cities,

burials of the Celtic, the Roman-British and

Ce 8-16138 towns and places of interest through the United

Anglo-Saxon periods. States and Canadas. Ed. by T. A. Richards.

– Nuttalí

, P. A. Classical and archaeological dicN. Y., 1864.

Ac 3-12908 Ck 8-4562

tionary – Annual cyclopaedia, 1861–69 : Ab 3–12622

Wilson, Þ. Archaeology of Scotland Ce 11-3412 - Cyclopaedia of biography; embracing a series Archaia; or, studies of the Hebrew scriptures. J. of original memoirs of the most distinguished Archangel. Allison, T. Voyage from, 1697. Pink

Ee 7-8101 persons of all times. Ed. by F. L. IIawks.

erton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 N. Y., 1856. 8. Ab 6–12665

Ilb 9-10964 - Dictionary of machines, mechanics, engine work Archer, T. Asmodeus. Drama

Archery. Ascham, R. Toxophilus Hd 7-11576 and engineering. N. Y., 1852. 2 v. 8°

Ad 7-13442

- Hansard, G. A. Book of archery. Gb 12-9199 - Mechanics' magazine and engineers' journal. Ed.

· Walsh, J. H. Archery, fencing, and the broadsword .

Gb 12-13637 by T. J. Stetson. N. Y., 1853. v. 3

Archibald Cameron ; or, heart trials. `N. Y.
Gb 2-8860

Fd 13-13942 - New American cyclopaedia. 'Ripley and Dana Ab 4–12604 Archie Lovell. A. B. Edwards

Fb 9-14552 Apprentice. Far. Murphy

Architects. Milizia, F. Lives of celebrated archiHb 1-10737 tects

Ga 10-8870 Apprentices' library, Albany. Southwick, S. Ad

– Vasari, G.' Lives of the most eminent architects dress

Bh 6–Pam. 2 Aquarium. Becton's home pets : Dk 5-6933

Hc 1-11050

Architectural and engineering dictionary; exhibiting – Butler, H. D. The family aquarium Dk 3-6891 - Wood, J. G. Fresh and salt water aquarium

in a perspicuous point of view, the theory and Dk 10–7060

practice of the various branches of architecArabella Stuart. G. P. R. James : Fb 10-14598

ture and engineering in carpentry, joinery, Arabia. Badia y Leblich, D. Travels Dg 11-6372

masonry and bricklaying, and their dependence

on each other: the whole forming a complete — Burton, R. Ė. Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah

Dh 3–6439

guide to the science of architecture and the art - Castlereagh, Viscount. Journey through

of building. L., 1835. 3 v. 4° Ab 8-12816

Architectural review and builder's journal. S. Sloan

Dg 5–6262 - Cooley, J. E. Rambles through

Ga 10–8865 Dg 11-6381

Architecture. Allen, L. F. 'Rural architecture - Crichton, A. History of Ca 12-2603

Ga 10-8898 - Forster, C. Historical geography Ca 12-2595

Arnot, D. H. Gothic architecture Bh 1-1938 - Ibn Batūta. Travels

Dg 1-15564 - Laborde, Mons. Leon de. Arabia Petraea

- Bardwell, W. Healthy homes and how to make them

Ga 10-8869 Dh 3-6436 - Niebühr, č. Traveis. Pinkerton's voyages. 10

Barnard, H. School architecture :

Ga 10-8890
Df 1-5835
Benjamin, A. Practice of A.

Bh 1-1946 Olin, s. Travels in Arabia Petraea Dh 3-6438

Boid, E. History and analysis Ga 10-8899 - Robinson, E. Biblical researches . Dg 4-6239

Bridgens, R. Antiquities of Sefton church - Sheikh Zeen-ud-Deen. Historical work

Cab. C 2-15 and Cab. C 2–15610 Bullock, J. History and rudiments Ga 10-8901

Ca 12-15539 Stephens, J. L. Incidents of travel

Rudiments of the art of building Ga 10-8902

Dg 6–6339 - Wellsted, J. R. Travels

Dg 3–6434

Cleaveland, H. W. et al. Village and farm cot

tages Arabian night's entertainments. Trans. by E. Fors

Ga 10–8888

Cotman, J. s. 'Antiquities of Normandy ter. N. Y., 1860. 8°

Ha 10–10633 Arabische Pulver. Drama. Kotzebue Hb 8–10933

Af 5-13567 Arabs in Spain. J. A. Condé

- Cresey. E. and G. L. Taylor. Architecture of Ca 12-2600 the middle ages

Af 5-13564 Arago, F. Biographies of distinguished scientific

- Cummings, M. F. Modern American architecmen. Trans. by W. H. Smyth, Baden Powell

Bu 1-1941 and Robert Grant. B., 1859. 2 v. Dd 1–5394 Downing, A. J. Cottage residences Ga 11-15226 Contents.-Vol. I. First Series, Autobiogra

Country houses

Ga 11-8915 phy of Francis Arago; John Sylvain Bailly;

- Dwyer, C. P. Church parsonage and school archWin. Herschel; Laplace; Joseph Fourier. i1. Second Series, Lazare-Nicolas-Marguerite Car


Ga 10-8866 not; Stephen Louis Malus; Augustine John

Cottage builder

Ga 10-8872 Fresnel ; Thomas Young; James Watt.

Fergusson, James. Ancient Assyrian and Per- Meteorological essays. With an introduction by sian architecture

Dh 4-6450 A. von Humboldt. L., 1855 89 Ea 9-7343

Illustrated hand-book

Ga 10-8877

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ages. 1

Architecture. Field, M. City A. Ga 10-8867 Arctic regions, Goodrich, F. B. Man upon the sea - Freeman, E. A.' Origin of window tracery in

Dh 1-16142 England

Ga 10-8882 Hall, C. F. Arctic researches, 1860-2 Df 3-5897 Grammar of house planning Ga 10-8897 Hamel, J. Voyages to the White sea Df 3–3565 Hatfield, R. G. American house carpenter

Hartwig, G. The polar world Df 3-5896

Ga 10-8875 Hayes, I. I. Boat journey, 1854 Df 3-5911 Heck, J. G. Iconographic encyclopaedia. v. 4 Kane, E, K. First Grinnell expedition, 1852 Ac 8–13237

Df 3-5899 Hosking, W. Treatise on

Bh 1-1939 Meteorological observations Ea 9-7336 Jacques, D. H. The house

Ga 10–8893

Second Grinnell expedition Dr 3-11795 Jarves, J. J. Art-hints

Hc 2-11090 – Kerguelen-Tremarec, Y. J. de. Voyages in 1767-8
Art idea
Hc 3-11118 Pinkerton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826
Art thoughts
Hc 3-11111 Knights of the frozen sea

Df 3-5912 Johonnot, J. Country school houses Ga 10–8873 MacDougall, G. F. Voyage of the Resolute Lacroix, P. Architecture of the middle ages

Df 3-5898 Hc 4-15492 Mackenzie, A. Voyages through the continent Lefebre, Mons.' Wonders of : Ga 10-13994 of North America, 1789–93 Dg 2-6226 Lefever, Minard. Beauties of modern A. Bh 1–1940 Maupertuis, P. L. Moreau de. Journey to the poModern builder's guide

Bh 1-1945
lar circle, 1736

Df 1-5826 - Moseley, H. Mechanical principles Ga 12–8949 Meares, John. Voyages

Di 1-6559 Okely, W. S. Christian architecture in Italy

Murray, H., et al. Adventures in the polar seas Ga 10-8868

Df 3–5918 Overman, F. Mechanics for the architect Outhier, R. Journey of a voyage, 1736–7. PinkGb 8-9097 erton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 - Parker, J. H. Domestic architecture in England - Parry, W. E. Second voyage

Df 3-5901
Ga 10-8889
Journal of a third voyage .

Df 3–5904
Glossary of terms

Ga 10-8885 - Phipps, c. Voyage to the north pole, 1773. – Prong, R. Nouvelle architecture hydraulique Pinkerton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 Gb 2-8847 - Richardson, John. Boat voyage in search of Sir — Rickman, T. Styles of architecture in England John Franklin

Df 3-5906
Ga 10-8874
Last of the Arctic voyages

Df 3-5894
Ruskin, John. Lectures on
Hc 3-11124 Ross, J. Second voyage

Dg 1-5843 Pre-Raphaelitism

Hc 2-11084 Simmonds, P. L. Franklin and the Arctic re-
Seven lamps

Hc 2–11085

Df 3-5909 Stones of Venice' Ga 10-8880 and Hc 2–11074 Simpson, T. Discoveries by the officers of the - Shaw, E. Modern architecture Bh 1-1943

Hudson's bay company

Df 3-5902 Sloan, S. Architectural review Ga 10–8865 Smucker, S. M. Arctic explorations Df 3-5910

City and suburban architecture Af 3-13544 Voyages of the Dutch, 1594-6. Pinkerton's voy-
Model architect
Af 3-13550

Dr 1-5826 Smith, George. Construction of cottages

Willoughby, H. Northern Russia, 1553. PinkerGa 10–8876 ton's voyages. 1

Df 1-5826 Smith, o. P. Domestic architect : Ga 10–8864 - Wrangell, F. von. Expedition to the Arctic re· Spooner, S. Dictionary of A Ab 7-12664 gions

Df 3–5915 Street, G. E. Brick and marble in the middle See Northwest passage ; Spitsbergen, and S. C. to

Ga 10-8881

K. v. 15, et al. Stuart, R. Cyclopaedia of

Ad 6–13431 Arcturus. Selections from. C. Mathews He 2–11900 Dictionary of

Ad 6–13435 Arden of Feversham._Trag. G. Lillo Hb 11-11020 Todd, S. E. "How to build neat and cheap cottages Ardent Troughton. F. Marryat . Aa 8-13050

Ga 10-8900 Arey, Mrs. 8. E. G. Household songs and other - Tuthill, Mrs. L. C. History of Ga 10-8879

poems. N. Y., 1855 Vaux, C. Villas and cottages Wheeler , G. Homes for the people Ga 10-8891 Arey, H: W. Girard college and its founders; con

taining the biography of Mr. Girard, and his Rural homes

Ga 10-8892
will. Ph. 1854

Da 10_4806 Wightwick, G. Hints to young architects Argentine confederation. Page, T. J. Explorations

Ga 10–8884
of the La Plata

Ch 5-4050 – Winkle, H. and B. Cathedral churches of Eng- Argentine provinces. MacCann, w. Two thousand land and Wales

Ae 2–13496
miles ride

Ch 6 4102 - Woodward, G. E. Architecture and rural art Argentine republic. King, A. Twenty-four

years Ga 10-8895 in the

Ch 6-4106 Country homes

Ga 10-8894 Argal, S. Belknap, J. "Account of Db 3-4895 · Wyatt, M. D. Specimens of ornamental art

Argonautics. Apollonius Rhodius Ha 4-10414

Af 5-13570
Architectura numismatica. T. L. Donaldson

Argyll, Duke of. See George Douglas Campbell
Ariane. Trag. Corneille

Hb 8-10951 Ci 8–16234 Arians. Athanasius, St. Treatises against the AriArctic regions. Allison, T. Voyage from Archan

Eg 1-13697 gel, 1697

Df 1-5826 Ariosto, Lodovico. Opere minori in verso e in prosa. - Back, G. Land expedition

Df 1-5905

Ordinate e annotate per cura di Filippo-Luigi Beechey, F. W. Narrative of a voyage to the Polidori. Firenze, 1857. 2 v.. Aa 5-12807

Pacific and Behring's Strait Df 2-5867
Voyage towards the north pole in 1818

Contents.-Vol. I. Ai lettori della liblioteca
Df 3–5903

nazionale; Indicazione categorica delle piu

note edizioni delle opere minori; I cinque - Cochrane, J. D. Pedestrian journey through Si- canti fatti publicare da Virginio Ariosto; Fraberian Tartary

Di 10-6683

menti in ottave; Satire ; Elegie e capitoli; – Ehrenmalm, A. Travels, 1741. Pinkerton's yoy. Egloga, poemetto storico; Rime varie, Can

zoni, Sonetti, Madrigali; Poesie Latine, alcune Df 1-5826

versioni delle medesime; Poesie attribuite a – Franklin, J. Journey to the polar sea in 1819–22 Lodovico Ariosto, I cinque canti o Frammenti

Df 3-5908

del Rinaldo ardito, Elegie, ('anzoni, Sonetti.

II. Commedie in prosa, La ('assaria, I Sup– Frobisher, M.' Three voyages in search of a positi; Comedie in versi, La Cassaria, 1 Sup

northwest passage to China. Pinkerton's voy- positi, La Lena, Il negromante, La Scolastica. ages, 12

Df 1-5837

l'Erbolato; Lettere.


ages, 1

[blocks in formation]

Ariosto, Lodovico. Commedie e satire. Annotate da Arme minnesinger. Sch. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10933

Giovanni Tortoli. Firenze, 1856 Hb 12–11046 Arme poet. Drama. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10934

Contents.-Avvertenza; Della vita e delle Armengaud the elder, and Armengaud the younger,

opere di Lodovico Ariosto, Commedie in versi,

and Amomoux. The practical draughtsman's

La Cassaria, I Suppositi, La Lena, Il Negro-

mante, La Scolastica; Commedie in prosa, La

book of industrial design, and machinists and

Cassaria, I suppositi; Satire; I-A M. Anni-

engineers' drawing companion. Trans. and

bale Maleguccio. II. A M. Alessandro Ariosto

rewritten by Wm. Johnson. N. Y., 1854. 4°

ed a M. Lodovico da Bagno. III. A M. Galasso

Gb 2-14015

Ariosto, Fratello. IV. A M. Annibale Male-
guccio. V. A M. Sismondo Maleguccio. VI.

Armenia. Elisaeus. History of Vartan Cf 12–15574

Å M. Bonaventura Pistofilo, segretario del

Hamilton, W. J. Researches

Dg 4-6251

Duca. VII. A M. Pietro Bembo.

Layard, A. H.


Dh 46393

– The Orlando Furioso. Trans. with notes by Wm.

Morier, J. Journey through

Stewart Rose. L., 1864. 2 v. . Hf 8-12394

Cb 1--2457 and Dh 4-6443

- Orlando Furioso. Venezia. 1739. 2 v.

- Southgate, H. Tour through Dh 4-6459

Aa 5-12805

- See Literature oriental.

Orlando Furioso, l. p., 1846. 2 v. Aa 5-12809 Armin, Robert. A nest of ninnies, simply of them-

- Roland furieux, poëme héroïque, traduction nou-

selves without compound. Stultorum plena

velle par M. d'Ussieux. P., 1775. 4v. 8°

sunt omnia. A reprint by the Shak. Soc.,

Aa 1-12601

1842. L., 1608. 8°

Hb 3–10810

– Ariosto, L. Shelley, Mrs., et al. Life of Arms and armour. Boutell, c. În antiquity and the

De 11-5803

Gb 10-9156

Aristaenetus. ' Love epistles. Trans. by R. Brinsley — Lacroix, P. A. and A. of the middle ages
Sheridan, and Mr. Halhed. Ed. by W. K.


Manuel of arms

Kelly. L., 1854

Ha 3-15969

Gb 10–9155

Aristophanes. Comedies; a new and literal transla- Armstrong, Geo. D. History of the ravages of the

tion, from the revised text of Dindorf. With yellow fever in Norfolk, Va., 1855. Ph., 1856

notes and extracts from the best metrical ver-

Cb 10-2804

sions, by W. J. Hickie. L., 1869. 2 v. Ha 2–10490

The theology of Christian experience, designed as

Contents.-Vol. I. The Acharnians; Knights;

an exposition of the “common faith" of the

Clouds; Wasps; Peace; and Birds. Vol. II.

church of God. N. Y., 1858 Ef 11-13937

Lysistrata; The Thesmophoriazusae; Frogs; Armstrong, John. Life of Anthony Wayne. S. A.

Ecclesiazusae; and Plutus.

B. 4

Da 8-4715

Aristotle. History of animals, in 10 books. Trans.

by R. Cresswell. L., 1862

Ha 2-10477 Notices of the war of 1812. v. 1. N. Y., 1836

- Metaphysics. Trans. with notes, analysis, ques-

Cb 7-2695

, ,

Ha 2-10482

Hf 1-12289

– Nicomachean ethics. Trans. with notes, analyti- Armuth and Edelsinn. 'Drama. Kotzebue

cal introduction and questions for the use of

Hb 8-10923

students, by R. W. Browne. L., 1867 Army and navy chronicle. w., July 6, 1837, to Dec.

Ha 2-10480

28, 1837

Bh 1-13578

- Organon ; or, logical treatise, with the introduc- Army and navy stories. w. t. Adams Fd 3-14253

tion of Parphyry. Trans. by O. F. Owen. L., Army general aid society. Annual report, 1862. Buf.

1853. 2 v..

Ha 2–10479

Bh 5-Pam. 56

– Politics and economics.' with an essay and life Army life on the border. R. B. Marcy DE 6-5975

by Dr. Gillies. Trans. by E. Walford. L., Army of the United States. Gardner, C. K. Dic-


Ha 2–10478

tionary of officers

Ab 6–12660

- Treatise on rhetoric; with Hobbe's analysis, ex- Army register, 1848

Bh 6-Pam. 27

amination questions, and appendix containing Army register for Jan., 1870

Ck 9-16235

Greek definitions. Trans. by T. Buckley. L., Arnim, B. von. Goethe's correspondence with a


Ha 2-10481

child. B., 1859

He 10–12087

– Memoirs of Aristotie. Nat. Lib.

Dk 6–6968 Arnold, B. Sparks, J. Life and treason._S. A. B.

Arithmetic. Cirodde, P. L. Leçons d'arithmetique 3

Da 8-4714

Eb 10–7578 Arnold, Frederick. The path on earth to the gate of
- Colenso, J. w. Arithmetic for schools

heaven; essays of counsel and encouragement

Ed 10–16100 for the Christian of the present day. N. Y.,

- Smiley, T. T. "New federal Calculator

n. d.

Ef 5-8299

Eb 10–16104 Arnold, H, P. The great exhibition ; with continen-

– Smith, B. A. and algebra

Eb 10-16099

tal sketches, practical and humorous. N. Y.,

- Smith, R. C. Practical and mental Eb 10–16103


Di 4-6625

- Towne, P. A. Arithmetic Eb 10–7579 Arnold, M. Essays in criticism. ' B.,


Intermediate arithmetic

Eb 10–7581

Hc 11-11326

Mental arithmetic

Eb 10–5812 New poems. B., 1867

Hf 9-12370

Primary arithmetic

Eb 10–7580 St. Paul and protestantism, with an introduction

- Watson, J. Examples in

Eb 10–16097 on puritanism and the church of England. L.,

- Wrigley, A. Arithmetic

Eb 10-16098


Ed 9–14673

Young, J. R. Orr's Circ. of the Sci. Ea 4-7174 Arnold, S. G. History of the state of Rhode Island

Arizona, Browne, J. R. Tour through the Apache and Providence plantations. N.Y., 1859. 2 v.


DE 10-6124

Cc 9-3078

- Mowry, s. History and resources Cb 11-2757 Arnold, S. J. My aunt. Com. Hb 10-11005

- Pumpelly, R. Residence in . Dh 2–6404 Arnold, Thomas. The Christian life, its course, its

Ark of Élm island. E. Kellogg Fc 11-15461 hindrances, and its helps. Ph., 1856 Ef 6–8305

Arkansas. Nuttall, T. Travels, 1819 Dr 8-5781 - The Christian life; its hopes, its fears, and its close.

Report of adjutant general, 1861–6 Gb 10-9147 Ph., 1856

Ef 5-8274

Arkansas river. Pike Z. M. Expedition to the source – - Introductory lectures on modern history. Ed. by


DE 6-5977 H. Reed. N. Y., 1845

Ca 9-2435

Armadale. Wilkie Collins

Ff 5-14047 Arnold, Thomas, and others. History of the Roman

Armageddon. S. D. Baldwin

Eg 10-3606 empire, from the time of Vespasian to the ex-

Armand. A. C. Mowatt

Hb 9-10965 tinction of the Western empire. L., 1853

Armas de la hermosura. Com. Calderon Aa 2-12576

Ca 6-2355

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