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Mr. NEDZI. Did you get complaints from any other cities in the United States?

The WITNESS. Oh, yes; a lot of them. Very many. We were averaging 300 or 400 complaints a week at one point there from different cities. But we put out a release on this. We had a breakdown by the number of complaints per city, where most of it came from. Most came from New York, Chicago, Detroit. I think Miami ranked about sixth or seventh in number of complaints we received.

Mr. NEDZI. Do you have any way of accounting for all the other trips that were charged to the committee?

The WITNESS. No, sir. Mr. NEDZI. Except the 10 that you mentioned on committee business.

The WITNESS. No, sir; I don't.
Mr. NEDZI. That is all.

Q. This situs picketing; was that at Cape Kennedy, the inquiry?

A. No. No; it was in relation to the situs picketing bill and we had gotten considerable complaints from Miami. There was a strike going on there and we had a press conference

Q. It wasn't in connection with the troubles up at Cape Kennedy?
A. No.
Q. This was a Miami problem?
A. Yes, sir. If the committee wants the report, I have that here.

Q. Most of this travel to and from New York was done on week ends. There was no investigation over the weekends, was there?

A. Sure, we did a lot of work and people testified that we did work at the office on the weekends, the ones that I went up there.

Q. “We'? Who is “we”?
A. Myself.
Q. Would that be at the Congressman's office?

A. No, it would be Haryou. We worked at the Haryou offices.

Q. I am not familiar with that.
A. Haryou is the poverty program.

Mr. Hays. That is an abbreviation. I don't know what it stands for.

The WITNESS. It is Harlem Youth, Unlimited. The reason some of it was done on the weekends was simply that I am familiar with Harlem and the chairman wanted me to go up there a lot. I simply couldn't go up during the week; it was impossible to do my work here. In fact, whenever I drafted any kind of a statement for him to make, speech or press release or something like that, I would do that at home at night. Mr. Hays. Anyone else? This is off the record. (Discussion off the record.) Mr. Hays. First on the record, let the chairman state on the record that in his opinion you have been a cooperative witness here, you have answered the questions apparently to the best of your ability.

his opinion you have been a cooperative witnes here

Now off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)
The WITNESS. For the record, I have no complaints.
Mr. HAYS. Thank you very much, Mr. Stone.

Without objection, the committee will stand adjourned until 8 o'clock tonight.

Mr. O'CONNOR. Let me ask, are all the exhibits that we had marked, have they been entered in the record ?

The CLERK. No, sir. Mr. Hays. Without objection, the various exhibits that were marked with Mr. Stone's name and number will be entered at the

proper plaith Mr. Stet objection
St Mr. OCon in the record name and

Mr. O'CONNOR. Let me identify them: Voucher No. 5098 will be Stone No. 4. Voucher No. 7304 will be Stone No. 5.

The WITNESS. I understand my secretary is to be called. I think if you will ask her about these trips, she will verify it.

Mr. O'CONNOR. Voucher No. 8535 will be Stone No. 6.

Three American Airline tickets in the name of O. Clark for travel on August 6, 1966, will be Stone No. 7. Three American Airline tickets in the name of C. Lewis for travel on August 6 will be marked “Stone No. 8.

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Mr. DEVINE. Do you plan to remain in town?

The WITNESS. I will be here or at my home. I am available at any time. I will be glad to come back whenever you say.

Mr. HAYS. Thank you very much. I doubt if we will need you again, but if we want to clear up some apparent discrepancy we will call you.

The WITNESS. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Hays. Without objection, we will recess now until 8 tonight to hear Mr. Clark at his request.

(Whereupon, at 5:57 p.m., the committee recessed, to reconvene at 8 p.m. of the same day.)

EVENING SESSION (Present were Chairman Hays, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Nedzi.) Mr. Hays. Mr. Clark, will you rise and raise your right hand?

ODELL CLARK having been duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

Mr. Hays. I am sure you realize this is an unusual hour to have a hearing, Mr. Clark. I want you to know that the committee has inconvenienced itself in order to help you meet a deadline which we understand you have and we will try to expedite this as much as we can.

Your appearance before this committee, Mr. Clark, will be in executive session unless you request that it be in public session.

If your appearance is in executive session, the public and the press will not be admitted to the hearing room and pursuant to paragraph 26, House of Representatives Rule 11, your testimony may not be released or used in a public session without the consent of the committee. Nor will you be permitted to purchase a copy of the transcript unless authorized by the committee.

If your appearance is in public session the public and news reporters will be admitted but television and news photographers will be excluded.

Now I ask you whether you choose to appear before this committee in executive or public session.

The WITNESS. Executive session, sir.
Mr. Hays. All right.
You understood you could appear with counsel if you wanted to?

Mr. Hays. Did you receive a copy of paragraph 26, rule 11, Rules of the House of Representatives?

The WITNESS. I did.
Mr. Hays. Did you receive a copy of my opening statement?
The WITNESS. No, I did not.
Mr. Hays. Will you hand him a copy?

Q. Were you present when the opening statement was made?
A. I was here.

I would like if I may at this point to say this: That I did not receive a subpena, and reading the Washington Štar this evening I find where I was subpenaed. I was not subpenaed. I would be grateful to you gentlemen if you would correct that. I came here on the basis of a letter that I received, but it was not a subpena.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Clark, I am sure you are aware, if you have been around Congress, we cannot control errors in the press. We release names of the persons for whom subpenas had been issued. One was issued for you. Why it was not served on you I do not know. Perhaps the marshal did not find you or something. However, we appreciate, and what I am saying will appear in the record, that you came here without a subpena. It is appreciated.

The WITNESS. I would be grateful to you because I was very happy to come and very happy to cooperate with the committee, but I did not receive a subpena.

Mr. Hays. The record so shows. The WITNESS. Thank you. Mr. Hays. One further thing, Mr. Clark, Your constitutional rights are recognized by the committee, and properly made claim of privilege against self-incrimination on the fifth amendment may be recognized.

In answer to any question if upon any question you feel an answer might tend to incriminate you, you may say so and the committee will consider the claim and pass upon it.

The WITNESS. I shall refer to the good gentlemen who will protect me and see that I am not asked the wrong questions or answer the wrong questions. I will rely on you. Mr. Hays. Mr. Tayler?

By Mr. Tayler:
Q. Have you stated your full name for the record?
A. 0-d-e-1-1 C-l-a-r-k.
Q. Where do you live?
Ă. 120 West 138th Street in the great city of New York.

Q. Are you presently an employee of the House Committee on Education and Labor?

A. I am, sir.
Q. What position do you hold on the committee staff?
A. Chief investigator of the committee.
Q. How long have you held that position?

À. About 57 to 6 years, since February, I believe, of 1961. It is not that position. I was assistant chief investigator for about 2 years, I believe, and then I was elevated to the chief investigator. This was after the chief left.

Q. Were you an investigator on the committee staff before Mr. Powell became chairman?

A. No, I was not.

Q. Were you engaged as an investigator for the committee by Mr. Powell ?

A. By Mr. Powell and the committee. I was before the committee and I was employed by the committee.

Q. What duties do you perform as chief investigator?

A. Well, I perform practically all of the duties of an investigator because at one time we had more investigators and today we do not have. Investigation and things of this sort, traveling, interceding

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