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Franklin, Benjamin, continued.

Freeholder, the. J. Addison

Hd 4-11489 hitherto published; with notes and a life of the Free labor.' Sewell, Wm. G. Ordeal of Bb 7-412 author, by Jared Sparks. B., 1839. 10 v. 8° Free Russia. W. H. Din

Di 10-12309
Contents.-Vol. I. Autobiography ; Life con-
Ha 7–10552 Free trade. Walter, E. What is free trade?

Ba 8-190
tinued, by Sparks. II. Essays on religious and Free will. See will.
moral subjects; Essays on politics, commerce,
and political economy. III. Essays and tracts Freedley, Edwin T. Philadelphia and its manufac-
historical and political, before the American

tures; a hand-book exhibiting the developrevolution; Constitution and government of Pennsylvania. IV. Essays and tracts con

ment, variety, and statistics of the manufactinued. V. Political papers during and after

turing industry of Philadelphia in 1857. Ph., the American revolution; Letters and papers

1859. 89

Cc 11-3106 on eleetricity. VI. Letters and papers on

Freedom and war.

H. W. Beecher philosophical subjects. VII. Correspondence :

Eg 8_8544 Part 1. Private letters to the time of the author's Freelance, Radical. (Pseudonym.) Philosophers of first mission to England, 1725-57. Part 11. Let


Fa 15–14373 ters, private and official, from the time of the

Freeman, E. A. An essay on the origin and develauthor's first mission to England to the begining of the American revolution, 1757-75. VIII.

opment of window tracery in England. Ox., Corr-spondence: Part II., continued, 1757-75 ;

1851. 80

Ga 10-S8R2 Part 11. Letters private and official, from the Freemasonry. Adams, J. Q. Letters on Ci 11-4397 beginning of the revolution to the end of the author's mission to France, 1775-85; Appendix;

Creigh, A. Masonry and anti-masonry Ci 11-4400 Fragment of Polybius on the Athenian yovern

Davis, Z. A. Freemason's monitor Ci 11-4401 ment; Memoir of Sir John Dalrymple. IX.

Fellows, John. Origin and history Ci 11-4396 Correspondence: Part III., continued; Journal of the negotiation of the treaty of peace. X.

Mackey, A. G. Mystic tie

Ci 11-1398 Correspondence: Part 11., continued ; Part iv.

Moore, C. Ancient charges

Ci 11-4403 Private letters, from the termination of the an

Pierson, A. T. C. Traditions

Ci 11-4102 thor's mission to France to the end of his life, 1785–90; Supplement: Indexes; Chronological

- Tyng, S. H. Lecture on Washington as a freemason

Bh 6-Pam. 13 - Autobiography; edited by Jolin Bigelow. Ph., Freer, M. W. The last decade of a glorious reign. 1868

Da 11-4845 Part 3 of the history of the reign of Henry Autobiography, with a narrative of his public life IV., king of Navarre. L., 1863. 2 v. and services, N. Y., 1849. 8° Da 6–4744

Cg 4–3814 - A collection of familiar letters and miscellaneous Life of Marguerite d'Angouleme, queen of Napapers. B., 1833

He 10-12083 varre, duchess d'Alençon and de Berry. L., Life, in “ Young American's library” Da 10-4828 1854, 2 v.

De 6-5722 Memoirs, continued by his grandson and others. Freimaurer. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10938 Ph., 1834. 2 v. 80

Db 6–10562 Fremont, J. C. Exploring expedition to the Rocky Morals of chess (in Easy lessons for chess begin- mountains in 1842, and to Oregon and north ners)

Gb 12-9186

California in 1843-4. W., 1845. 8° Df 5–5947 - Parton, J. Life and times Gb 5-4958 Same. Buf., 1849

DE 7-6018 - Printers' festival (in Buffalo); 141st anniversary of - Same. W., 1845. 80

Df 8-6049 the birth of B. Franklin

Ce 3-2883 - Geographical memoir upon upper California. Franklin, Sir John. Narrative of a Journey to the 1818

Bh 6-Pam. 36 polar sea in 1819-22. Ph., 1824. 89

French, B. F.' Historical collections of Louisiana,

Dr 3-5908 embracing many rare and valuable documents Hall, C. F Arctic researches Df 3-5897 relating to the natural, civil, and political hisKane, E. K. "Grinnell expedition . Df 3-5899

tery of that state. Parts 1, 2 and 5. N. Y., Second Grinnell expedition Df 3-11795 1816–53. Ph., 1850. 3 v. 80 Cb 11-2750 McClintock, F. L. Discovery of the fate of French, II. F. Farm drainage. N. Y., 1859 Dr 3–5907

Ec 10-7781 - McDougall, G. F. Voyage of the Resolute French, J. H. Gazetteer of the state of New York,

Df 3-5898 embracing a comprehensive view of the geog. Richardson, Jolin. Boat voyage Df 3–5906 raphy, geology, and general history of the Last of the Arctic voyages

Df 3-5894 state, and complete history and description of Simmonds, P. L. Franklin and the Arctic regions every county, city, town, village and locality. Df 3-5909 Syracuse, 1860. 80

Ck 1-4420 See Arctic regions.

French chronicle of London. Cam. Soc. Pub. v. 28 Franklin institute of the state of Pennsylvania; con

Ce 6-3319
stitution and by-laws. Bh 6-Pam. 35 French country family. Mme. E. c. de Witt
First annual report
Bh 6-Pam. 16

Fa 11-6726 Franklin lyceum, Providence, R. I. Catalogue of French in Algiers.' Lady Diff Gordon Dg 6-6343 library, 1857

Bh 5-Pam, 61 French intervention in America. V. W. Kingsley - Charter, constitutions and by-laws, 1856

Bh 5-Pam. 62 Bh 5-Pam. 75 French language. Dictionaries. Franks. See Franconia.

- Fleming and Tibbins. French and English, and Franks' campaign. H. Alger, jr Fd 6-15466

English and French dictionary AC 3-13020 Französischen Kleinstädter. Kotzebue Hb 8-10928 – New Italian, English, and French dictionary Fraser, C. Ilistory of the war in Bosnia during the

Ac 5-13091 L., 1830. 89

Cf 11-3715 Wilson, J. French and English dictionary Fraser, James. Hand-book for travellers in Ireland.

Ac 3-12502 Dublin, 1854

Ck 8-4564 History and selections. Frau vom Hause. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10940 Astié, J. F. Louis XIV., and the writers of his Fraud and its victims. J. S. Coyne Hb 9-10971


Cg 4-3821 Frederick II., king of Prussia. Carlyle, T. History – Guizot, F. P. G. Corneille and his times of De 7-5736

De 2-5022 – Drake, E.C. Anecdotes of

Cb 1-2432 Wraxall, C. F. L. Second empire Ha 7-14250 Raumer, F. von. Life and times De 9-5773 Grammars. Thiebault, D. Original anecdotes De 7-10908 Magill, E. H. French grammar

Ha 13-7603 Frederick II., emperor of the Romans. Kington, T. Sobrino, F. Grammaire nouvelle. Ha 13-10725 L. History of

De 11-15832 French protestant refugees. Weiss, C. History of Frederick the Great and his couri. Muhlbach

Cg 5–3840 F4 5–14297, and 6-14310 | French spy. J. T. Haines

IIb 9-10961

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years 1837-9.

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French stage and the French people. T. Hook

Hb 2-10782 French wines and politics. H. Martineau Fc 15–15423 French's standard drama. Edited by Sargeant, Hows,

Wemyss, et al. 1-359. N. Y., 1868. 45 v. in 23

Hb 9-10952 – Vol. I. Ion. Trag. T. N. Talfourd; Fazio, or

the Italian wife. Trag. H. H. Milman; The lady of Lyons, or love and pride. Bulwer-Lytton; Richelieu, or the conspiracy. Bulwer-Lytton; The wife. J. S. Knowles; The honey-moon. John Tobin; The school for scandal. Čom. R. B. Sheridan; Money. Com. Bulwer-Lytton

Hb 9-10952 – Vol. II. The stranger. A. F. F. von. Kotzebue;

Grandfather Whitehead. Mark Lemon; Rich-
ard III. Shakespeare; Love's sacrifice. G.
Lovell; The gamester. Trag. Edward Moore;
A cure for the heartache. Com. T. Morton;
The hunchback. Knowles; Don Caesar de Ba-

Hb 9-10952 – Vol. III. The poor gentleman. Com. G. Colman,

jr.; Hamlet. Shakespeare; Charles II. Com. J. H. Payne; Venice preserved. Trag. T. Otway; Pizarro. Sheridan; The love-chase. Com. Knowles ; Othello. Shakespeare; Lend me tive shillings. J. M. Morton

Hb 9-10953 – Vol. IV. Virginius. Trag. Knowles ; King of

the commons. J. White; London assurance. Com. D. L. Boucicault; The rent-day. D. Jerrold; Two gentlemen of Verona. "Com. Shakespeare; The jealous wife. Com. G. Colman; The rivals. Com. Sheridan ; Perfection. Far. T. H. Bayly

Hb 9-10953 – Vol. V. A new way to pay old debts. Com. P.

Massinger; Look before you leap. Com. G.W. Lovell; King John. Trag. Shakespeare; The nervous man and the man of nerve. Far. W.B. Bernard; Damon and Pythias. J. Banim; The clandestine marriage. Com. G. Colman; William Tell. Knowles; The day after the wed

ding. Far. Mrs. C. Kemble Hb 9-10954 – Vol. VÍ. Speed the plough. Com. T. Morton;

Romeo and Juliet. Trag. Shakespeare; Feudal times. Hist.-play. James White; Charles XII. J. R. Planché; The bridal. Trag. Knowles ; The follies of a night. Com. Planché; The iron chest. Colman, jr.; Faint heart never won fair lady. Com. Planché

Hb 9-10954 - Vol. VII. The road to ruin. Com. T. Holcroft ;

Macbeth. Shakespeare; Temper. Com. R.
Bell; Evadne, or the statue. R. Shell; Ber-
tram. Trag. C. Maturin; The duenna. Op.
Sheridan; Much ado about nothing. Com.

Shakespeare; The critic. Sheridan Hb 9–10955 – Vol. VIII. The apostate. Trag. R. L. Shiel ;

Twelfth night. Com. Shakespeare; Brutus, or the fall of Tarquin. Trag. J. H. Payne; Simpson and Co. Com. J. Poole; The merchant of Venice. Com. Shakespeare; Old heads and young hearts. Com. Boucicault: Mountaineers. Colinan, jr.; Three weeks after marriage; Murplay

Hb 9-10955 - Vol. IX. °Love. Knowles; As you like it. Com.

Shakespeare; The elder brother. Com. From Beaumont and Fletcher ; Werner. Trag. Byron; Gisippus. G. Griffin ; Town and country. Com. T. Morton; King Lear. Trag. Shakespeare; Blue devils. Comedietta. Colman, jr.

Hb 9-10956 - Vol. x. Henry VIII. Shakespeare ; Married and

single. Com. J. Poole; King Henry IV. Part 1. Trag. Shakespeare; Paul Pry. Com. Poole; Guy Mannering. Musical play. Ď. Terry; Sweethearts and wives. Com. J. Renney; The Serious family. Com. M. Barnett; She stoops to

conquer. Com. Goldsmith . IIb 9-10956 – Vol. XI. Julius Caesar. Trag. Shakespeare;

The Vicar of Wakefield. Coyne ; Leap year, or the ladies' privilege. Com. J. B. Buck

French's standard drama, continued.

stone; The catspaw. Com. Jerrold; The passing cloud. W. B. Bernard; The drunkard. W. H. Smith; Rob Roy Macgregor, or“ Auld Lang Syne.” Op. play. J. Pocock; George Barnwell. Trag. Lillo

Hb 9-10957
Vol. XII. Ingomar. M. Loveli; Sketches in India.

Far. Morton; The two friends. R. Lacy; Jane
Shore. Trag. N. Rowe; Corsican brothers.
Grangé and Montépin; Mind your own busi-
ness. Lemon; The writing on the wall. Md.
T. and J. M. Morton; The heir at law. Com.
Colman, jr

Hb 9-10957 - Vol. XIII.' Soldier's daughter. Com. A. Cherry;

Douglas. Trag. Dr. Home; Marco Spada. J. P. Simpson; Nature's nobleman. Com. H. O. Pardey ; Sardanapalus, king of Assyria. Trag. Byron; Civilization. J. H. Wilkins; The robbers. Trag. F. Schiller; Katherine and Petruchio. Com. Shakespeare

Hb 9-10958 – Vol. XIV. The game of love. Com. J. Brougham;

A midsummer-night's dream. Shakespeare; Ernestine. W. Robertson; Rag-picker of Paris. E. Stirling ; The flying Dutchman, or the phantom ship. E. Fitzball; The hypocrite, Com. Sol. Smith; Therese, the orphan of Geneva. Payne; La tour de Nesle, or the chamber of death

Hb 9-10958 – Vol. XV. Ireland as it is. J. A. Amherst; The sea

of ice, or a thirst for gold; The seven clerks. T. E. Wilks ; The game of life. Com. Brougham; The forty thieves ; Brian Boroihme. Sheridan; Romance and reality. Com. Brougham; Ugalino. Trag. J. B. Booth

Hb 9–10959 - Vol. XVI. The tempest. Shakespeare; The pilot.

Fitzball ; Carpenter of Rouen, or the massacre of St. Bartholomew. J. S. Jones; The king's rival. Tom Taylor, and C. Reade; The little treasure. Com. A. Harris ; Dombey and son. Brougham; Parents and guardians; The Jewes. W. T. Moncrieff .

Hb 9-70959 — Vol. XVII. Camille. A. Dumas; Married life.

Com. Buckstone; Wenlock of Wenlock. Md.
T. E. Wilks; Rose of Ettrick Vale. T.J. Lynch;
David Copperfield. Brougham ; A line. E. Stir-
ling; Pauline; Jane Eyre. Brougham

Hb 9-10960 - Vol. xviii. Night and morning. Brougham

Aethiop. W. Dimond; Three guardsmen. c.
Rice; Tom Cringle. Fitzball; Henriette, the
forsaken. Buckstone; Eustache Baudin. J.
Courtney ; Ernest Maltravers. Miss L. Medina;

Bold dragoons. M. Barnett Hb 9-10960 Vol. XIX. Dred, or the dismal swamp. Brough

am; Last days of Pompeii. Medina ; Esmeralda. Fitzball; Peter Wilkins, or the flying islanders; Ben, the boatswain. Wilks ; Jonathan Bradford. Fitzball; Retribution. Tom Taylor; Minerali, or the dying gift. H. G. Plunkett

Hb 9-10961 - Vol. XX. The French spy. J. T. Haines. Wept

of the Wish-ton-wish; Evil genius. Bernard ;
Ben Bolt. J. B. Johnstone; The sailor of
France. Johnstone; The red mask. Md.
Brougham; Grimaldi, or the life of an actress.
Boucicault; The wedding day. Com. Mrs.

Hb 9-10961 – Vol. XXI. All's fair in love. Brougham ; Hofer.

Fitzball; Self. S. F. Bateman; Cinderella.
Op.; The phantom. Boucicault; Franklin.
Brougham ; Gunmaker of Moscow. Brougham;

The love of a prince. C. Gayler Hb 9-10962 - Vol. XXII. The son of the night. Gayler; Rory

O'More. S. Lover; Golden eagle. J. B. Howe;
Rienzi. Trag. Miss Mitford; The broken sword.
Md. Dimond; Rip Van Winkle. C. Burke;
Isabelle. Buckstone; Heart of Mid-Lothian.
T. Dibdin

Hb 9-10962 – Vol. XXIII. Angelo, G. A'Beckett; The floating

beacon. E. Ball; The bride of Lammermoor.





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French's standard drama, continued.

French's standard drama, continued.
J. W. Calcraft; The cataract of the Ganges. - Vol. XXXVI. Belle's stratagem. Com. Mrs. H.
Moncrieff; The robber of the Rhine. G. Almar; Cowley; Old and young. J. Salmon; Raffaelle
The school of reform. T. Morton; Wandering the reprobate. Wilks; Ruth Oakley. T. Wil-
boys, by Anon; Mazeppa. H. H. Milner

liams; British slave. J. B. Howe; A life's ran

Hb 9-10963 som. W. Marston ; Giralda. B. Webster; Time – Vol. xxiv. Young New York. Com. G. P. Wil- tries all. J. Courtney .

Hb 9-10969 kins; Victims. Tom Taylor; Romance after – Vol. XXXVII. Ella Rosenberg. Kenney; Warmarriage. Goodrich and Warden; The brigand. lock of the glen. C. E. Walker; Zelina. C. A. Planché; The poor of New York; Ambrose Somerset; Beatrice. 0. S. Leland; Neighbor Gwinnett. Jerrold; Raymond and Agnes. M. Jackwood. J. T. Trowbridge; The wonder.

G. Lewis; Gambler's fate. Milner Hb 9-10963 Com. S. Centlivre; Robert Emmet. Pilgrim; Vol. XXV. Father and son. Fitzball; Massani- The green bushes. Buckstone Hb 9-10970

ello. Milner; Sixteen string Jack. L. Rede; Vol. XXXVIII. Flowers of the forest. BuckYouthful queen. By Shannon; Skeleton wit- stone; A bachelor of arts. P. Hardwicke; Midness. W. L. Rede; Innkeeper of Abbeville. night banquet; Husband of an hour. É. FalFitzball; The miller and his men. Pocock; coner; Love's labour lost. Shakespeare; Naiad

Aladdin, or the wonderful lamp Hb 9-10964 queen. J. S. Dalrymple; Caprice. Leland; - Vol. XXVI. Adrienne, the actress. J. Oxenford; Cradle of liberty. S. E. Glover . Hb 9-10970

Undine. G. Soane; Jesse Brown. Boucicault; - Vol. XXXIX. The lost ship. T. Townsend;
Asmodeus. T. Archer; The Mormons. T. D. Country squire. C. Dance; Fraud and its vic-
English ; Blanche of Brandywine; Viola. E. tims. Coyne; Putnam, the iron son of '76. N.

Maturin; Deseret deserted . Hb 9-10964 H. Bannister; The king and deserter. J. M. - Vol. XXVII. Americans in Paris; Victorine. Maddox; La fiaminina. W. W. Clapp; A bard

Buckstone; Wizard of the wave. Haines; Cas- struggle. Marston; Gwinnette Vaughan. Le tle specter. M. G. Lewis ; Horseshoe Robinson.

Hb 9-10971 C. W. Tayleure; Armand. Mrs. Ritchie;

- Vol. Xl. The love-knot. Coyne; Lavater, the Fashion. Mrs. Ritchie ; Glance at New York

physiognomist, or not a bad judge. Planché; Hb 9-10965

Noble heart. G. H. Lewes; Coriolanus. Shakts– Vol. XXVIII. Inconstant. G. Farqubar; Uncle peare; Winter's tale. Shakespeare; Eveleen

Tom's cabin. G. L. Aiken; Guide to the stage. Wilson. Pilgrim ; Ivanhoe. Dibdin; Jonathan
L. T. Rede; The veteran. J. L. Wallack; Mil- in England

Hb 9-10971 ler of New Jersey. Brougham; Dark hour be- Vol. XLI. Pirate's legacy. Saunders ; Charcoal fore dawn. Brougham and Goodrich; Midsum- burner. Almar; Adelgitha. M. G. Lewis; mer night's dream. Laura Keene; Art and art- Senor Valiente. G. H. Miles; Forest Rose. S. itice. Brougham

Hb 9-10965 Woodworth ; Duke's daughter. Bourgoise and – Vol. XXIX. The romance of a poor young man. Feval; Camilla's husband. W. Phillips; Pure O. Feuillet; Ossawattomie Brown. J. C. gold. Marston

Hb 9-10972 Swayze ; The pope of Rome. Boucicault; Oli- -- Vol. XLII. Ticket-of-leave man. Tom Taylor; ver Twist. G. Almar; Pauvrette. Boucicault; Fool's

's revenge. Tom Taylor; O'Neal the great, The man with the iron mask. W. J. Lucas; N. H. B. Clarke; Handy-Andy. W. R. Floyd; The knight of Arva. Boucicault; Moll Pitcher. Pirate of the isles. Clarke; Fanchon, the J. S. Jones

Hb 9-10966

cricket. A. Waldauer; Little barefoot. Wal– Vol. XXX. Black-eyed Susan. Jerrold ; Satan in dauer; Wild Irish girl. Pilgrim Hb 9-10972

Paris. C. Selby; Rosina Meadows. C. H. Saun- – Vol. XLIII. Pearl of Savoy. M. Mitchell; Dead ders; West end. Com. Boucicault; Six de- heart. Webster; Ten nights in a bar room. grees of crime. Md. F. S. Hill; The lady and W. W. Pratt; Dumb boy of Manchester. B. F. the devil. Dimond; Avenger. H. Lee; Masks Rayner; Belphegor, the mountebank. C. Webb; and faces. Com. Tom Taylor and C. Reade

Cricket on the hearth. A. Smith; Printer's

Hb 9-10966 devil. Planché; Meg's diversion. H. T. Craven Vol. XXXI. . The merry wives of Windsor.

Hb 9-10973 Shakespeare; Mary's birthday. G. H. Miles ; Vol. XLIV. Drunkard's doom. G. D. Pilt; Shandy Maguire. J. Pilgrim; Wild Oats. John Chimney corner. H. T. Craven ; Fifteen years O’Keeife; Michael Erle. Wilks ; Idiot witness. of a drunkard's life. Jerrold; Identity, or a no Haines; Willow copse. Boucicault; People's thoroughfare;" Peep O'Day. E. Falcoper; lawyer. Com. Jones

Hb 9-10967 Everybody's friend. Coyne; Hamlet. Shakes- Vol. XXXII. The boy martyrs. Tayleure; Lu- peare; Guttle and gulpit. By Tally Rhand cretia Borgia. J. M. Weston; Surgeon of Paris.

Hb 9-10973 Jones; Patrician's daughter. Trag J. W. Mars

Vol. XLV. Gen. Grant. By Anicetus: Kathton; Shoemaker of Toulouse. Hill; Momentous leen Mavourneen; Nick Whiftles. J. H. Robquestion. Fitzball; Love and loyalty. W. J. inson; Fruits of the wine cup. J. H. Allen;

Robson; Robber's wife. Pocock Hb 9-10967 Drunkard's warning. C. W. Taylor; Temper– Vol. XXXIII. The dumb girl of Genoa. J. Far- ance doctor. H. Seymour; Widow Freeheart.

rell; The wreck ashore. Buckstone; Clari. E. T. Hardy; The cup and the lip. M. G. Wal-
Payne; Rural felicity. Buckstone; Wallace, W. cot; Everyday lite. By C. W. S. Hb 9-10974
Barrymore; Madelaine. Mrs. V. Cunningham; French's minor drama. Ed. by Wemyss, et al. 1-313
The fireman. S. D. Johnson ; Grist to the mill. N. Y. 39 v. in 13

Hb 10-10993

Hb 9-10968 - Vol. I. The Irish attorney ; Boots at the Swan; - Vol. XXXIV. Two loves and a life. Taylor and How to pay the rent; The loan of a lover ; The Reade; Anne Blake. W. Marston ; The stew

dead shot; His last legs ; The invisible prince; ard. Com. S. Beazley ; Captain Kyd. J. S. The golden farmer

Hb 10-10993 Jones; Nick of the woods. Medina ;

The mar

– Vol. II. Pride of the market; Used up; The ble heart. C. Selby; Second love. J. P. Simp

Irish tutor; The barrack room; Luke the lason; Dream at sea. Buckstone Hb 9-10968 borer; Beauty and the beast; St. Patrick's – Vol. XXXV. The breach of promise. Com. eve; Captain of the watch IIb 10-10993

Buckstone; The review. Colman, jr.; Lady of Vol. III. The secret; White horse of the pepthe lake. Dibden ; Still waters run decp. Tom pers; The Jacobite; The bottle; Box and Taylor; The scholar. Buckstone; Helping Cox; Bamboozling; Widow's victim ; Robert hands. Tom. Taylor; Faust and Marguerite; Macaire

Hb 10-10993 The last man. G. D. Pitt

Hb 9-10969 Vol. IV. Secret service; Omnibus: Irish lion ;




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French's minor drama, continued.

French's minor drama, continued. Maid of Croissy; The old guard ; Raising the Vermont wool dealer; Ebenezer Venture ; wind; Slasher and crasher; Naval engage- Principles from character; Lady of the lake ments Hb 10-10994

Hb 10-11000 – Vol. V. Cockneys in California; who speaks - Vol. XXIII. Mad dogs; Barney the baron; Swiss

first; Bombastes furioso; Macbeth travestie ; swains; Bachelor's bedroom ; A Roland for an Irish ambassador; Delicate ground; The Oliver ; More blunders than one; Dumb belle; weathercock; All that glitters is not gold

Limerick boy

Hb 10-11000 Hb 10-10994 — Vol. XXIV. Nature and philosophy; Teddy the – Vol. VI. Grimshaw, Bagshaw and Bradshaw; tiler; Spectre bridegroom; Matteo Falcone;

Rough diamond; Bloomer costume; Two Bon- Jenny Lind; Two Buzzards; Happy man; nycastles; Born to good luck; Kiss in the Betsy Baker

Hb 10–11000 dark; 'Twould puzzle a conjurer ; Kill or

- Vol. XXV. No. 1 round the corner ; Teddy Roe;

Hb 10-10994 Object of interest; My fellow clerk; Bengal – Vol. VII. Box and Cox married and settled ; tiger ; Laughing hyena; The victor vanquished; St. Cupid; Go-to-bed_Tom; The Lawyers; Our wife

Hb 10-11001 Jack Sheppard; The Toodles; The mobcap; – Vol. XXVI. Ny husband's mirror; Yankee land; Ladies beware

Hb 10-10995 Nora Creina; Good for nothing; The first - Vol. VIII. Morning call; Popping the question ; night; The Eton boy ; Wandering minstrel; Deaf as a post; New footman; Pleasant Wanted, 1000 milliners

Hb 10–11001 neighbor; Paddy the piper; Brian O'Linn;

– Vol. XXVII. Poor Pillicoddy; The mummy; Irisb assurance

Hb 10-10995 Don't forget your opera glasses ; Love in liv– Vol. IX. Temptation; Paddy Carey; Two ery; Anthony and Cleopatra ; Trying it on;

Gregories; King charming; Po-ca-hon-tas ; Stage struck Yankee; Young wife and old um-
Clockmaker's hat; Married rake; Love and brella

Hb 10–11001 murder

Hd 10-10995

– Vol. XXVIII. Crinoline; A family failing; – Vol. X. Ireland and America ; Pretty piece of Adopted child; Turned heads; A match in

business; Irish broom-maker; To Paris and the dark; Advice to husbands; Siamese back for five pounds; That blessed baby ; Our Twins; Sent to the tower . . Hb 10-11002 gal; Swiss cottage; Young widow

– Vol

. XXIX. Somebody else ; Ladies' battle;

Hb 10-10996 Art of acting; The lady of the lions; The - Vol. XI. O'Flannigan and the fairies; Irish post; rights of man; My husband's ghost; Two can

My neighbor's wife; Irish tiger; P. P., or man play at that game; Fighting by proxy
and tiger; To oblige Benson ; State secrets ;

Hb 10–11002
Irish Yankee

Hb 10-10996

– Vol. XXX. Unprotected female ; Pet of the pet– Vol. XII. A good fellow; Cherry and fair star ; ticoats; Forty and fifty; Who stole the pocket

Gale Breezely; Our Jemimy; Miller's maid ; book; My son Diana; Unwarrantable intru-
Awkward arrival ; Crossing the line ; Conjugal sion; Mr. and Mrs. White. A quiet family
Hb 10-10996

Hb 10-11002 – Vol XIII. My wife's mirror; Life in New York ; – Vol. XXXI. Cool as cucumber; Sudden thoughts;

Middy ashore; Crown prince; Two queens; Jumbo Jum; A blighted being ; Little toddle-
Thumping legacy; Unfinished gentleman; kins; A lover by proxy ; Maid with the milking
House dog.

Hb 10-10997 pail; Perplexing predicament. Hb 10-11003 - Vol. XIV. The demon lover; Matrimony ; In – Vol. XXXII. Dr. Dilworth ; Out to nurse; A

and out of place; I dine with my mother; lucky hit; The dowager; Metamora. Bur.;
Hi-a-wa-tha; Andy Blake; Love in '76; Ro- Dreams of delusion; The shaker lovers; Tick-
mance under difficulties

Hb 10–10997
lish times

Hb 10–11003 -- Vol. XV. One coat for two suits ; A decided case ; Vol. XXXIII. Twenty minutes with a tiger ;

Daughter; No, or the glorious minority; Cor- Miralda, or the justice of Tacon; A soldier's oner's inquisition ; Love in humble life; Fam

courtship; Servants by legacy; Dying for love; ily jars; Personation .

Hb 10-10997 Alarming sacrifice; Valet de shåm; Nicholas - Vol. XVI. Children in the wood; Winning a hus- Nickleby

Hb 10-11003 band; Day after the fair; Make your wills;

– Vol. XXXIV. The last of the pigtails; King Rendezvous; My wife's husband; Monsieur Rene's daughter; The grotto nymph; A

Tonson ; Illustrious stranger Hb 10-10998 devilish good joke; A twice told tale ; Pas de – Vol. XVII. Mischief-making; A live woman in fascination; Revolutionary soldier; A man the mines; The Corsair ; Shylock; Spoiled without a head

Hb 10-11004 child; Evil eye; Nothing to nurse; Wanted a

– Vol. XXXV. The olio. Part i; The olio. Part 2; widow

Hb 10-10998 The olio. Part 3; The trumpeter's daughter; – Vol

. XVIII. Lottery ticket; Fortune's frolic; Seeing Warren; Green Mountain boy; That Is he jealous; Married bachelor ; Husband at nose; Tom Noddy's secret Hb 10-11004 sight; Irishman in London; Animal magnet- – Vol. XXXVI. Shocking events; A regular fix;

ism ; Highways and by-ways: IIb 10–10998 Dick Turpin; Young scamp; Young actress ; – Vol. XIX. Columbus ; Harlequin bluebeard ; Call at No. 1—7; One touch of nature; Two Ladies at home; Phenomenon in a smock


. Hb 10-11004 frock; Comedy and tragedy; Opposite neigh

_ Vol. XXXVII. All the world's a stage; Quash, bors; Dutchman's ghost ; Persecuted Dutch- or nigger practice; Turn him out; Pretty

Hb 10-10999 girls of Stillberg; Angel of the attic; Circum- Vol. XX. Musard ball: Great tragic revival; stances alter cases ; Katty O'Sheal; Supper in High, low, jack, and the game; A gentleman


Hb 10–11005 from Ireland; Tom and Jerry; Village law

– Vol. xxxviii. Ici on parle Francais: Who yer; Captain's not a-miss ; Amateurs and act- killed cock robin; Declaration of independ

Hb 10-10999 ence; Heads or tails; Obstinate family; My - Vol. XXI. Promotion ; ' A fascinating individ- aunt; That rascal Pat; Don Paddy de Bazan ual; Mrs. Caudle ; Shakespeare's dream; Nep

Hb 10-11005 tune's defeat; Lady of the bedchamber; Take – Vol. xxxix. Too much for good nature; Cure care of little Charley ; Irish widow

for the fidgets

Hb 10-11005 Hb 10-10999 Freneau, P. Poems, chiefly illustrative of the events - Vol. XXII. Yankee peddler; Hiram Hireout; and actors in the American war of independDouble bedded room; The drama defended; ence. L., 1861.

Hf 4-12253






Freres ennemis. Trag. Racine Hb 2–10792, and 10775 Friswell, J. H., continued.
Fresh and Salt water aquarium. J. G. Wood

Other people's windows. L., 1869 Fa 15–14354

Dk 10–7060 Frith, John. Writings. British reformers Ee 6–8084 Fresh gleanings. D. G. Mitchell Di 3–15038

Contents.-Life of J. Frith; A letter containFresh hearts. R. T. S. Lowell

Hf 9-12420

ing the articles for which he died; Letters conFresnel, A. J. Arago, F. Biography Dd 1-5395

cerning Frith; A mirror, or glass to know Friar Bacon and friar Bungay, R. Greene Hb 4-13786

thysell; Extracts from the book of purgatory;

Extracts from a bulwark against Rastall; Note Friar Gerund, history of

Ha 14-15958

on the supplication of beggars" by Simon Frick, J. Physical technics; or, practical instruc- Fish; A letter to the faithful in the tower of tions for making experiments in physics, and

London ; A defence of some of the reformers the construction of physical apparatus, with

from the aspersions cast upon them by Sir

Thomas More, in his book against Frith. --from the most limited means. Trans. from German

Frith's treatise on the sacrament; A compari. by J. D. Easter. Ph., 1861. 8 Eb 2-8674

son between the paschal lamb and the sacrament Friend, the. S. T. Coleridge

of the Lord's supper.

Hd 8-11608 Friendly counsel for girls. Syd. Cox. Ci 6–4328 Frobisher, M. First voyage in search of a northFriends. Cox, S. H. Quakerism not Christianity

west passage to China, made in 1576; second Ed 10–1972

voyage, 1577; third voyage, 1578. Pinkerton's Gurney, J. J. Views and practices Ed 10-7977

voyages. 12

Df 1-5837 Wagstaff, W. R.. History

Ed 10–7976 Frogs. Wyman, J. Anatomy of the nervous system Friends and neighbors. T. 8. Arthur FI 2-15646 of rana pipiens. S. C. to K. Vol. 5, Art. 4 Friends in council. A. Helps. He 12-12067

Ae 1-13479 Friends in fur and feathers. By Gwynfryn. L., 1869 Frogs. Drama. Aristophanes Ha 2-10491

Dk 4-10576 Froissart, J. Chronicles of England, France, Spain, Friendship in fashion. 'T. Otway Hb 1-10745 and the adjoining countries, from the latter Friendships of women. W. R. Alger Ci 6–4336

part of the reign of Edward II. to the coronaFrigate Philadelphia ; capture and destruction at Tri- tion of Henry IV.; with introductory essay on

poli; official and unofficial documents relating the character and society of the middle ages, to the case, 1850 .

Bh 6-Pam. 37

by John Lord; containing life of Froissart, esFrisbie, Levi. Inaugural address delivered in the

say on his works, and criticism on his liistory chapel of the university of Cambridge, Nov. 5,


Cf' 1-3:363 1817 Bh 6-Pam. 2 Frolics of puck

Fd 12-15528 Friswell, J. H. About in the world. 'Essays by the From Dan to Beersheba. J. P. Newman Dg 5–6264 author of " The gentle life.” L., 1866

From dawn to dark in Italy. A tale of the reformaHd 11-11963 tion in the 16th century

Fd 13-13924 Essays on English writers. 1., 1869 Hd 11-11950 From hay-time to hopping. Miss Coulter Contents.-Introductory; The study of his

Hf4-14036 tory; History and historical biography: The

From the oak to the olive. J. W. Howe Di 3-6644 English poets; The essayists; The rise of the Frome, captain. Outline of the method of conductdrama : The bible and its translators; Letters and letter-writing; The ratirists; Scottish

ing a trigonometrical survey, for the formation poets; Political and metaphysical writers: The

of geographical and topographical maps, and British novelists; English periodical essayists;

plans, Jevelling, etc. L., 1850._89 Eb 10–7596
Poets of the present century,-Lord Byron, Sir
Walter Scott, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley,

Fronmüller, G. F. C. See Lange, J. P., and
Keats, Landor, Barry Cornwall, Crabbe, and

Ad 3-13369
Thomas Hood; Some Scottish poets, --Burns, Frost, John. Book of the colonies; comprising a his-
Scott, Campbell, etc.

tory of the colonies composing the United Friswell, J. H. The gentle life. Essays in aid of the States. N. Y., 1846

Cb 4-2064 formation of character. L., 1869 Hc 10–16820 – Great cities of the world in their glory and in Contents.-On the difference between leading

their desolation. Auburn, 1853 Ca 3-4273 the gentle life and being genteel: Upon the al- Frost, P. The western juvenile harp, designed for leged equality of men; On the " Manner of the

Sabbath and other schools. Buf., 1841
man"; On what is called etiquette; Touching
teaching and teachers; On what is commonly

Hb 12-13790 called luck in life; On successful people and

Frost, S. A. Godey's lady's book receipts and houseothers who are not successful; On male and

hold hints. Ph., 1870

Gb 6-16326 female flirts : On “Going a-courting"; Relating chiefly to the wives of men; Principally con

Frost and fire. J. F. Campbell

Ea 2-7131 cerning women's husbands; The disappoint

Frothingham, E. L., and A. L. Philosophy as absoments of life; On religion in the gentle life;

lute science, founded in the universal laws of Getting on in the world and growing rich; The question of “Slang". in writing and conversa

being, and including anthology, theology, and tion; The servants within our gates; On being

psychology made one as spirit, soul and body. soberly sad ; On being merry and wise: Regard

B., 1864. v. 1. 8°

Hc 6-11198 ing the company we keep; Friendship in gentle life; On the good opinion of ourselves which

Frothingham, R., jr. History of the siege of Boston, the world calls * conceit"; On speaking within

and of the battles of Lexington, Concord, and bounds; Good humour and bad temper; High

Bunker hill; also an account of the Bunker life; Indolence or laziness; On wanting to be

hill monument. B., 1851. 8° Cc 6-2963 somebody ; Concerning certain illusions; On decision of character; On the lottery of mar

Life and times of Joseph Warren. B., 1865. 8° riage; Is knowledge worth having; Upon

Db 8-4996 growing old.

Froude, J. A.' History of England from the fall of - The gentle life. Essays in aid of the formation Wolsey, to the death of Elizabeth. N.Y., 1865. of character. Second series. L., 1869

Ce 9-3282 Hc 10–11270 Short studies on great subjects. n. y., 1868 Contents.-On a certain noble animal; The

He 3-11910 weaker vessel,-1. and II.; (pon troubles and Fruits. Baker, c. R. Practical and scientific fruit adversity; A new race of old maids; Nature

culture and art: On health of mind: Laughter and

Ec 7-7710 tears ; Marks of honor; Gossip and scandal;

Barry, P. The fruit garden: Ec 7-7713 On book love; Going about doing good;

Beecher, H. W. Talk about

Ec 11-7801 Power: Thoughtlessness and want of care; Responsibility; Wandering from truth; Time,

Bernard, Mrs. B. Our common (English) fruits the avenger: The foolih passion; Part

Ec8-1729 ners for life: The queen of the home; On being – Dawning, A. J. Fruits and fruit trees of America poor; Zealous people; Snobs; On making

Ec 7-7717 apologies; Great men; Weeds, human and otherwise; Conscience: New teachers; On

– Floy, M. ' Account of the most valuable fruits taking leave and going away.

cultivated in America

Ec 8-7733

12 v.

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