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EGYPT. The General International Syndicate publishes a list of sixty-two companies doing business in Egypt, but does not state what lines they cover.

GIBRALTAR. The following companies transact a life business in Gibraltar: Provident Life, London, A. E. Ferrary, agent; Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, J. Speed & Co., agents; Mutual Life of New York, J. Cabedo, agent; Equitable Life of New York, J. J. Sterrico, agent.

GUADELOUPE, W. I. There are two American companies represented—the New York Life, L. Graéve, agent; and the Equitable Life of New York, E. Gabriel, agent. La Prévoyante, a French company, is represented by J. Hué.

GUATEMALA. There are no domestic insurance companies of any kind in Guatemala. There is an agency of the New York Life, with Banco Americano de Guatemala, of Guatemala City. A. G. Sama, of Guatemala City, is the company's general agent for Central America.

HAWAII. The following life and casualty companies are represented: The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, New York; Germania Life Insurance Company, New York; The Manhattan Life Insurance Company of New York; The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York; Mutual Reserve Life Insurance Company, New York; National Surety Company, New York; The New England Mutual Life Insurance Company, Boston; New York Life Insurance Company, New York; Northern Assurance Company of London ; Oriental Life Insurance Company, Limited, Hawaii; The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, San Francisco, Cal.; Provident Savings Life Assurance Society, New York ; The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, N. J.; The Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada; Employers Liability Assurance Corporation, London; Metropolitan Plate Glass Insurance Company, New York; Pacific Surety Company, San Francisco; Preferred Accident, New York; Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company; Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada ; United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company.

HONDURAS. There are no laws governing the operations of insurance companies as such, but each company would have to obtain its charter to do business along certain lines just as in the case of a foreign corporation seeking commercial or industrial privileges.

INDIA. The Oriental Government Security Life, Madras Equitable Society and the Empire of India Life Assurance Company of Bombay are the domestic companies. Arbuthnet & Co. act as secretary and treasurer for the Madras Equitable. R. Patterson Brown is managing actuary for the Oriental.

The following is a list of the life insurance companies represented in Calcutta: Alliance Life Assurance Company; British Empire Mutual Life; City of Glasgow Life Insurance Company; Commerical Union; Eastern Insurance Company; England Life Assurance; English and Scottish Law Life; General Life and Fire Insurance Company; Gresham Life Assurance Society; Imperial Life; Indian Metropolitan Life Assurance Company; Lancashire; Law Union and Crown; Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company; London and Lancashire; London Assurance Corporation Company; North British and Mercantile Fire and Life Insurance Companyt; Northern Assurance Companyt; Oriental Government Security Life Association Company, Ltd.*; Positive Government Security Life Assurance Company, Ltd.†; Scottish Imperial Insur• Head office in Bombay. † Agencies in Bombay.

ance Company; Scottish Metropolitan Life; Standard Life Insurance Company; Star Life Assurance Society of London; Sun Life of Canada; Universal Life Assurance Society; National Guarantee and Suretyship Association; New York Life.

JAMAICA, W. I. Jamaica Mutual is the only local company, whose operations have now reached over two-thirds of a million pounds. It is purely mutual, the profits all being divided among the policyholders. In addition to this company, the following are represented here, viz.: Scottish Amicable; Standard; Northern ; Queen; Royal; New York Life; London Assurance; Manufacturers; Barbados Mutual; Sun of Canada; Equitable Life; City of Glasgow.

JAPAN. There are about thirty domestic life companies. The Sun Life of Canada has an agency.

JAVA. The following life insurance companies operate in Java: New York Life Insurance Company, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Sun Life of Canada, Queens Insurance Company, Scottish Imperial Life Insurance Company, the Alliance Life and Fire Insurance Company, the Imperial Life Insurance Company, Royal Life Insurance Company, Nederlandsche-Indische Levensverzekering en Lijfrente Maatschappij, Algemeene Maatschappij van Levensverzekering en Maatschappij, Levensverzekering Maatschappij Dordrecht, Nederlandsche Verzekering Maatschappij, Nationale Levensverzekering Bank te Rotterdam, Levensverzekering La Nationale te Paris, Hollandsche Societiet ovn Levensverzekering, and Amsterdamsche Maatschappij van Levensverzekering.

KOREA. Life insurance companies operating in Korea are the Equitable Life of New York and the Standard Life Assurance Association of London.

MANAQUA. The New York Life and the Great Northern of London are represented. The Equitable of New York has not, since the death of its agent, James Thomas, written any new business.

MEXICO. The domestic companies are La Fraternal of Mexico City, established in 1891; La Mexicana of Mexico City, established in 1888, and the National of Mexico City, established in 1901. The Mutual Life of New York, Equitable of New York, Confederation -Life of Canada and the New York Life also operate in Mexico.

The Anglo-Mexicana, Mexico City, and the North American of Chicago do an accident and health business. William B. Woodrow & Co. represent the National AngloMexicana, which writes plate glass, accident and health.

MOROCCO. The Equitable Life, the Mutual Life, New York Life and La Prevoyante (French) operate in Morocco.

MOZAMBIQUE. There are no life insurance agencies here, and only a few English companies will take Delagoa Bay or Beira risks; and, when taken, an additional one per cent on the sum insured is added to the premium. The Mutual Life of New York appointed a resident agent here in November, 1902.

NATAL. Companies operating: Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society; Economic Life Assurance Society; Equitable Fire and Accident; Gresham Life ; Mutual Life of New York; National Life; Southern Life Assurance; Standard Life; Star Life Assurance Society.

PERSIA. There are no native companies, and only one company, the General Life of Amsterdam, Algemeene Maatschappij van Levensverzekering, has opened offices in Teheran.

PERU. There are no domestic companies. The New York Life's central office for Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, is at Lima, W. R. Grace & Co. being general agents. Under the operations of the decree by the Peruvian President, December 21, 1895, and amendments thereto approved by the Chamber of Deputies, September 21, 1899, according to the official report of the State Department, foreign insurance companies, except the South British of New Zealand, no longer transacted business in Peru. The decree provides that the smallest effective capital assigned for insurance operations in the Republic is 200,000 sols (silver), or $100,000; that fifty per cent of this capital is to be invested in immovable property situated within the Republic, or in local bonds, deposited in the banks of Lima; and that the policies granted by insurance companies shall be printed in the Spanish language.

Companies operating: The Fidelity and Deposit Company of Baltimore, Md.; The
Union Surety and Guaranty Company; Sun Life of Canada; Commercial Union Assurance
Company, L'imited.

The New York Life, Mutual Life and Equitable have agencies.

PORTUGAL. The Equitable Life of New York is the only American company represented. There are a large number of national and foreign companies transacting various lines.

ST. HELENA. The Alliance of London, established here in 1842; Standard of London, Imperial of London and Eagle of London are the only life companies transacting business. The Alliance is represented by W. H. Thorpe; the Eagle, Imperial and Standard are represented by Solomon & Co.

ST. THOMAS. The following is a list of life insurance agencies doing business at this island: New York Life, A. H. Riis; Equitable of New York, N. Kjaer ; Copenhagen Life, H. N. Arctander; Standard of London, McDougal & Co.; General Life of Netherlands, Lawyer Brun; Sun Life of Canada, Jos. Levi & Sons.

SAN SALVADOR. The New York Life is represented. Every agent must have a full power of attorney to represent his company and pays a monthly municipal tax of $10, silver, for the privilege.

SANTO DOMINGO. The Sun Life of Canada has a general agency, managed by L. Pardo. The New York Life is represented by A. C. Leon.

SIAM. Companies operating: The New York Life; Sun Life of Canada ; Manufacturers Life; China Mutual Life.

SOUTH AFRICA. Each company deposits with treasurer in cash or securities, £5,000. Fire, accident and life companies deposit £10,000. Interest on these securities is paid by the government at the rate of three per cent per annum. A yearly license fee of £20 is charged. Statement of business done to be filed annually with treasurer.

The following companies are represented: Agis Trust Company, Colonial Mutual Life, Employers Liability, Equitable Life of New York, Gresham Life, Guardian Assurance and Trust, Port Elizabeth ; Law Union and Crown Life, London and Lancashire Life, Mutual Life of New York, National Mutual Life Association of Australia, Norwich Union Life Assurance Society, Ocean Accident and Guarantee, Port Elizabeth Assurance and Trust, Rand Mutual Assurance, South African Mutual Life, Southern Life Association, Standard Life, Star Life, Union Life Assurance.

SUVA, FIJI ISLANDS. The companies represented here are the Mutual Life of New York, Brown & Joske; New York Life of New York, A. M. Brodziak & Co., and the Colonial Mutual Life of Melbourne, J. C. Smith & Co. There are no domestic companies.

The companies operating here are the New York Life, Mutual Life and Equitable of
New York; Gresham of London, Royal of London, Sun Life of Canada, Phænix of Paris,
Union of Paris and Assicurazione Generali of Trieste. There is a growing demand for
life insurance.

The New York Life and the New England Mutual Life have agencies.

TASMANIA. It appears from the statutory returns sent in to the government of Tasmania from the nine insurance companies operating in this State in 1902, that the Australian Mutual Provident Society has the largest share of business. The total sum assured in this State, by all societies, is £3,217,868, and of this sum the Australian Mutual Provident Society has £2,027,000. The total number of policies issued and held in Tasmania is 12,473, and of these 7170 have been issued by the society under notice. The total assets in the State of the nine companies operating here amount to £490,075, of which £325,131 represents the Australian Mutual Provident Society. During 1902 the business of that society increased by £ 54,320; that of the other offices combined by £35,170.

TRINIDAD. Manufacturers Life of Canada; Mutual Reserve Life, and New York Life have agencies.

TURKEY The following list of life insurance companies and their agents doing business in the Ottoman Empire was compiled for The Review, London: British offices—Eagle Life, A. Utudjian, Galata; Eastern Counties, K. Feradian, Galata ; General Life, Gingell & Co., Galata; Guardian Fire and Life, Patriotic, Edwards & Son, Stamboul; London and Lancashire Life, F. W. Cuming, Galata; Palatine Accident, Pelican Life, H. Swan & Co, Galata; Guardian Fire and Life, Patriotic, Edwards & Son, Stamboul; London and Galata ; New York, J. W. Whittall & Co., Stamboul. Continental offices-Abeille Life, A. Misrachi, Stamboul; Ancre Life, L. Bondy, Pera; Assicurazione Generali, Misrachi, Galata ; Compagnie Viennoise Life, Lebet Frères & Co., Stamboul; Confiance, Fire and Life, C. Joffredy, Galata; Foncière (Fire, Life, Marine and Accident), S. Mille, Galata; Phenix (Life), Aublé, Galata; Riunione Adriatica (Fire, Life and Marine), G. & R Casaretto, Galata ; Société d'Ottomane d’Assurances (Fire, Life and Marine), Galata. Union de Paris (Fire and Life), S. Kaisserlain, Galata; Urbaine (Fire and Life), A. Glavany, Galata; Valentinoise (Accident), G. B. Casaretto, Galata ; Victoria of Berlin (Life), E. Vogl, Galata; Gresham Life, Edwards & Son, Stamboul; Compagnie de Cologne (Accident), R. Syz, Galata; Rossia (Fire, Life and Accident), T. Reppen, Galata; Star Life, C. Azafadour, Stamboul.

URUGUAY. The Equitable Life, Mutual Life and New York Life operate here; also the Brazilian and Argentine companies La Positiva, La Previsora, La Franco Argentina, La Sun America and Standard of London.

ZANZIBAR. There are no domestic companies, but a number of English companies operate through the following agents: Smith, Mackenzie & Co.; Charlesworth, Pilling & Co.; Cowasjee, Dinshaw & Bros.; Boustead, Ridley & Co., and Pera Devji.


(From The Australasian Insurance and Banking Record.)

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