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ter zea ce suegos,

aisrites orai testiny beieze 70 Subcommittee on sene 19. Die we agereciate the copertezite to proride commes=27 Os the propese bilis and interdu S:04 views within a week or so, recik'tdi; secaise to appear as a witness at the bearings. Petit me, hoverer, to describe Aliandien Ricklieid Company's iave resent at the Lalerien Oregon area. Adiantic Richiie a company nerer mited craniu ore at the lakeview site: it was acquired in a non-operating condition as part of an exploration program in cregon. On March & 1978, this property was so d to the Clear Tumler Coupany of Sweethone, Oregon with the concurrence of the Oregon State Health Department.

Additionally, Atlantic Richfield Company recenely
completed an extensive program of clearing the
mill area and stabilizing the tailings pond to
meet the requirements of the State Health Depart-
ment of Oregon, which is a compliance state.
The steps taken in this program were as follows:
1. The surface material from the mill ore stock-

pile area was scraped up over the tailings


Waste junk material from the mill was also
deposited in the tailings pond area.

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Material from around the tailings pond area that appeared to be radioactive was scraped up and over the tailings pond.


The entire tailings pond area was then covered with from two to five feet of soil hauled in from outside the contaminated area and the pond stabilized.


The pond area was then fenced and posted
with signs.

The State Health Department inspected the site and issued a letter to Atlantic Richfield Company stating that the site was stabilized and no longer a health hazard. A copy of this letter is attached.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for bringing this matter to our attention and affording us the opportunity to express our comments.

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Deparimeni of Human Pesources

UND 1:A.

U S hone kita HEALTY DIVISION 1400 5.27. SO AVENUE, PORTLAND. DREGON 97233 PHONE 729-5797 (MENGENCY PITO!€ 0,23-5509 August 23, 1977

Mr. F. C. Sitmer, Hanzger
Atlantic-licijele Chery
Synthetic Croce 2nd Biterais Division
1500 Securii liie Duilding
Denver, Colorzio 80202

Dear Kr. titer:

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Atlantic-Richiicic tas urdericton and compleies en extensive clien up operation: 2:heir literis inteiiiie iiciiites requires :3 comply with ite Creçon scolitions icrita Cerirol of india icn. This work tics u.tericken in three prases:

The first phase 125 cropleted in the fall of 1974 and consisted of the roscial and burici ia re tailings prie si conicainic material from winin ite countries oiie prinsrity croits placement oí a 10" 10 24" eorio cover over ite icilisis file itself. The insisilction of a heavy duty ícrca cround ite tailings pile along with necessary isproveceriis ci che bouncery Yence and posiing is specijied hias undertaken io cenirol 200:55. * The second phase coupleted in the fall of 1975 consisted of the reapval and decontaination of equipment and cirer salzeşezpie items contained within ihe buildings iherselves. hiter inis was accomplislied öppropriate deceniinina:ier or the buildings

has undertaken. ::::. During this past month the remainder of the tork consisiing om

the final cican up of the land areas to the norii and inst 0 thie mill siructuro las inserialien and compleiec :o reduce ing

extcrnal ganna radiation 10 a fiore desirable level. As you are auere, representatives iron fry radiation conirol sociion start follo:cd closely all onerations as they liere being carried out and tiedo a thorough inspection on this property upon cor.plerien of the filial rorli on July 21, 1977. Sised upon this and prior frspections it has been determined hilantic-fichiiclo is in sull_Compliance !:)th the Orego: rications for !!ic Control oi Tiadiacion er.dllic current inicrprcission of itc Suroccn Concral's Guidelines in:) Otlici radiclogical cricris for deconiacination or Inactive Uranien lill sincs is cnnlicd in the norgy foscorch and Uciclopent Adminisiration "ID" pliuse I and phase 2 surveys.


Thiese survry's included ihe incclive ANCO Lalevics: facility. The phost: 1) (ngineering is.LSsnient report 1101 111 crort for: prepared by: Ford, Bicon, and laris Uich doc. ciind July 22, 1577, ideriitico additional redial aciicns inich included a con:inuelizinisnence firogram, oddilicual siil area de curicanination, sizbilization, drainage corrections and securizy. The additior.ül sile 2012 decontoninaiion r.:encioned 1:25 (pleied by hlico last lonch. The other suggested rorecial cctions concrec around the tailirins pile inscli; alilouch desirable, it is our opinion ihey would have li:lie costbenefit value. Since il 2pcars that he zaiiings pile entire immediate Lenced areas with appropricie access to che touri? ro20

will ulliricicly be deliced to the stail, inese succesiod 2ciicns cc.. not relate to ine renzincer of the Ickerier freueriy inclucing ire

mill and other buildings which ARCO is interesirc in sellis.s. The procedure for i!le sale or iransfer oí 1ho *RCS lelovie:: prczori; is covered in Pirt i "fcciiiion Saicty Recuiretenis ior ricrioactive Tailinçs 2:3 l'or.cs" on the Orecon feculations ist ine control of Radiation, speciiically Seciicr: J... 1. copy of Pari ) containing this section is caclosco idr your iniicrurica, A map is attached indicating propcriy boundaries in creen unich according io iho Oregon Regulations 1o. ihe controi oi fiziciisa and other applicable guidelines can be solc.íor any urrestricted use. The remainder of the properije omilingos in veiid: con disc is scic although some restrictions lill be imposed. These resoricrit::S are that a discicsure sinistrent needs to be made to the SUÖS:cuen: oxiners so that they 2re cizre thai ?!:o propery lies previously contaminated wiih radicccrive tozterici inic opproval is required by the Oregon Süüte firaltá Division teicre any werk is inderiiken which 1777 penetrate the surizce or if any clcsco sirucamies are crected. These resiriciidrs are incendet 10 freserve the irtegrity of the exiensive i:ork which ties scen completes er.d 13 insure that indoor raion levels in cicssd siruciures wiica Tocy te constructed will not exceed permissible levels. The Oresor. Sizie Mcalih Division tizs very much apprecizied ite fine cooperation you ind hilancic-niciiield tiave provides in srincing the frco Lakeview property into full compliance wiitcur regulacions. Sinceruly,

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Keith ruimen, nicminisiraior Oregon State Health Division


C.C. fr. lary Srilirk

fir. Jolin Hardin

Mr. OTTINGER I 2 Va very for me peribution Mr. Gore

Mr. GORE. I wc12 toti me ase for that enallent testimony and for mozessen

I would like to ask you verder is voe dat met de overs tailings even * bet vare si cad ender Givernment com tract?

Mr. MAREIOTT. His adeseas Vr Gore, har this I really tries to address be abandonada se rase or which are in the West and one ste is Penas.vania, which were under contract

Mr. GORE. In odber words, this does not cover any sites thar were not developed under Government contra

Mr. MARRIOTT. Tbat is correct.
Mr. OTTINGER. Would be gentleman med
Mr. GORE I will be glad to

Mr. OTTINGER. In the administration bill the term "prius site" is the site on which uranium ore is processed, but shall not include a site and then the No. 1 was where no uranium was produced for sale under a contract of the US Government.

In your bill, HR 12938, the definitions are identical exor that that particular subparagraph is dropped out.

It would appear the effect of the bill covers sites where 110 uraniums were produced for sale under contract to the US ernment.

Mr. MARRIOTT. I will provide an answer to that question for the record, Mr. Chairman.

We might indicate, though, it is not our intent that that be the case if you are reading that into the bill, so we will clarify that for the committee.

[The following information was received for the record In the drafting of my bill to include all sites, particularly Ray Hennie The under the Phase II Engineering Assessments done by Ford, Bacon & llavis ta Inc. for the Department of Energy, that has been the effect. However, har was my intention, and I am preparing new language to correct my bill to include only those sites where uranium was produced for sale under contract with one Materal Government. I will be glad to provide the subcommittee with the new languages prior to markup to claify this point and delete Ray Pointe, Texas from the national listed in Sec. 7 of H.R. 12938.

I would also like to point out for the benefit of the Subcommittee that the Wall Pointe, Texas site is currently owned by Exxon. They have stabilized the site ander license with the State of Texas as an NRC agreement state. Thus, further romelial action at this site is not necessary to prevent further exposure to the publice and would not be covered under my bill.

Mr. GORE. Utah is the second hardest hit State by this problem as I read the situation. Colorado has the biggest burden and Utah is the second in a list of approximately 11 States that are allected by this problem.

Within the State of Utah, there are three sites: Green River, Mexican Hat, and the Salt Lake City site, which is also referred to as Vitro. All of the sites in Utah were developed under Govern ment contract, is that correct?


Mr. GORE. What is the condition of the tailings storage now? Are they in containers? Are they just out on the ground?

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