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Home, farm, and business loan guar- Home and farm guarantees subject antees, as well as direct home loans on to payment of a mortgage guarantee fee same basis as World War II veterans. not to exceed one-half of 1 percent of Ninety days' service required.

principal amount of loan.

Six months' service required.

Direct home loans subject to payment of fee during period they are available to World War II and Korean veterans (until July 25, 1960). No additional money provided.


Special program administered by Department of Labor.

No provision in bill. Unemployment compensation program for peacetime ex-servicemen provided on permanent basis by Public Law 85–848.


Program similar to that for World No provision in bill. War II veterans administered by seryice departments.


No provision in bill.

Continuation of World War II program administered by Department of Labor.


Vocational rehabilitation provided Provides vocational rehabilitation for for Korean conflict veterans by Public persons in need thereof as a result of a Law 894, 81st Congress, if veteran is in disability arising from service between need of such training to overcome hand- July 25, 1947 ,and June 27, 1950, and icap of a compensable service-connected after January 31, 1955. disability.

Not limited to induction period.

Requires stricter proof of need in cases of disability rated less than 30 percent as suggested by VA.

REENLISTMENT RATES-DEFINITIONS The following definitions established under Department of Defense Instruction No. 1304.3 dated September 20, 1954, and revised July 13, 1956, apply to reenlistment rates listed in this section.

Separatees eligible to reenlist.—Consists of enlisted personnel who, under current policy in each service, are acceptable for reenlistment in the Regular components, either at expiration of term of service or who receive a separation action, prior to expiration of normal tour of service for the purpose of reenlistment. Excluded from eligibles are enlisted persons given medical, disciplinary, inaptitude and unsuitability discharges, persons separated for retirement and dropped from rolls, persons separated for transfer out of enlisted status, transfer between components of the same service or to another service, and other separatees who, under service policies are not eligible to reenlist.

Reenlistments.-Entry into active duty in the Regular component of individuals with prior military service, either as regulars or as inductees of the same service, within 90 days after separation from a prior tour of active duty. Excluded from reenlistments (for rate computations) are reenlistments in or from the Reserves or National Guard, extensions of tours of duty for less than a normal term of service, enlistments in a service of individuals with prior service only in another service, and reenlistments of those individuals who reenlist after 30 days from the date of their separations.

Reenlistments listed in the following tables represent reenlistments used in computation of rates given in the adjacent columns. Prior to July 1, 1956, reenlistments of "persons separated" during the specified period are shown. For July 1956 and subsequent periods reenlistments "occurring” during the specified period are shown.

Reenlistment rate: Fiscal year 1950 through fiscal year 1956.-Reenlistments of enlisted personnel separated in a given period as a percentage of the total separated in that period who were eligible to reenlist. This is the official reenlistment rate for release outside DOD.

Reenlistment rate: Fiscal year 1957 to date.-Ratio of total reenlistments occurring in a given period to total separations, eligible to reenlist, occurring in the same period, expressed as a percentage. This is the official reenlistment rate for release outside DOD.

Adjusted reenlistment rate.-A modified reenlistment rate designed to measure the net reenlistment yield from a group of separatees who would normally complete a term of service in a given period, excluding the effect of early separation for reenlistment. (The adjusted rate is designed for use in analysis of trends in the career attractiveness of military service and for longer range personnel planning, rather than for current administrative or operating purposes.)

Types of separatees.DOD instruction 1304.3 provides for reporting reenlistment rates for three major groups of separatees. First term regulars consists of individuals serving on an initial term of service in the Regular component of a service. Career regulars consists of individuals serving on active duty for a second or subsequent term of service in the Regular component of a Service. Inductees represent persons inducted under the UMTS Act of 1951.


Reenlistment rates for regulars and inductees, fiscal year 1950 to date

[blocks in formation]

Comparable rates are not available for Army inductees prior to January 1954. Rates for Marine Corps and Navy inductees are omitted because meaningful rates cannot be derived from available data.

Note.See definitions of reenlistment rates given on p. 1231. Statistical Services Center, Office of Secretary of Defense, Jan. 27, 1960.

Reenlistment rates for Army Regulurs by category, fiscal year 1955 to date

[blocks in formation]

Fiscal year 1957, total
Fiscal year 1958, total.

July-December 1957.

January-June 1958. Fiscal year 1959, total.

July-December 1958.

January-June 1959.
Fiscal year 1960, 1st 5 months.

54.9 50.4

55, 532 104.850
32, 894 59, 943
22, 638 44, 907

23.0 22.1

12,012 53, 104
6, 780 29, 433
5, 232 23, 671

[blocks in formation]

July-September 1959.


18, 848

38, 715



21, 022


14, 311


56. 5

11, 659 25, 016
3, 743

3, 446


20.8 21.4 25.8

2, 942


14, 140
2, 769

82. 1

8,717 2. 863 2, 731

10, 876 3, 487 3,330

VOTE.---See definitions of reenlistment rates given on p. 1231.

Reenlistment rates for Army inductees, fiscal year 1955 to date

[blocks in formation]

Fiscal year 1957, total.
Fiscal year 1958, total..

July-December 1957.

January-June 1958.. Fiscal year 1959, total..

July-December 1958.

January-June 1959..
Fiscal year 1960, 1st 5 months.

[blocks in formation]


27, 712

July-September 1959.

1. 491

5.4 4.9 5. 5

1. 082

191 218

19, 862 3. 916 3,934

NOTE.-See definitions of reenlistment rates given on p. 12.31.

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