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existing structures. Sites may be undeveloped or partially cleared or may require partial or total removal of existing structures.

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The following general considerations should be reflected in the development of the building system design.

1. Housing Types

This Proposal is to provide for building systems which address any one or combination of the following types:

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- Single family, detached. These can be individual houses on single

or multiple unit rural, suburban or urban sites.



- Single family, attached.

Row or town house configurations.

Multi-family, low-rise. Non-elevator structures, such as garden apartments with not more than two flights of stairs above grade. Separate consideration may be given to complexes of units with two or less bedrooms, and those with three or more bedrooms.

Multi-family, high-rise. Structures requiring elevator service. Designs must give particular attention to interior traffic flow, personal security aspects, and community facilities. High-rise configurations may be incorporated into total community environments; design shall provide for good family living.

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The Proposal is to indicate those types for which the proposed system is considered applicable. Final decisions as to type and location will be determined in negotiations between the Phase III contractors and the individual government agencies or sponsors groups who will be the ultimate purchasers.

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Total System

Provide for a total building system, including land, utilities, architectural, structural, foundation, electrical, mechanical and other elements such as appliances and built-in furniture and storage elements. Innovative concepts are encouraged not only for the subsystem elements and various combinations of subsystems, but also for the total system.

3. Architectural Standards

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To ensure equitable comparison among proposals, each is to indicate compliance with, or deviations from the draft "Unit Design Criteria," Attachment I. The appearance design should provide for a variety of architectural expressions.

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Where the proposed system utilizes generalized standards lower than those set forth in these criteria include the reasoning behind such deviations.


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The housing produced under this program must be safe, sanitary, durable and structurally sound. However, it is expected that insofar as practicable, restrictive code requirements will have been waived or modified as necessary to permit utilization of the proposed system. For a basis of comparison, indicate where the proposed system differs from, or is in conflict with, provisions of the following nationallyrecognized model codes:

Building Officials Conference of America (BOCA) Oode

Southern Building Code
- Uniform Building Code (ICBO)

National Building Code
- National Electric Code

National Plumbing Code
Uniform Plumbing Code
BOCA Plumbing Code

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The ability of a proposed system to provide for a number of family
sizes, and possibly for subsequent changes in unit sizes to reflect
changes in living habits or family makeup, places a premium on system
flexibility. In particular, consideration should be given to the ease
of expansion of single family units, and the possible adjustment
of unit sizes in multi-family units. Such flexibility could be
accomplished through "self-help" activities.

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Dwelling units are expected to provide facilities for the following functions, among others:

Food preparation, cooking and serving
Food and equipment storage
Disposal of food and other waste materials
Cleaning and / or washing of food service equipment
Personal sanitation
Recreational facilities

Built-in furniture may be included where it plays a direct part in the total design and efficiency.

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In order to reduce maintenance and upkeep costs to the housing occupants, finishes and materials should be selected with regard to minimum maintenance costs as well as initial expenses.

8. Utilization of Labor

System designs must take into consideration the breadth of
skilled-labor disciplines required for production and erection.
Current and projected skill shortages demand that system designs
provide for effective utilization of skills and furnish an
opportunity to train and/or use semi-skilled and unskilled labor.

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Housing to be produced under this Program must be well designed.
In particular, it shall provide an environment responsive to the
needs of the intended occupants and of the neighborhood. It should
make a full community-wide contribution to improving the urban
environment, as called for under Section 4 of the Housing and Urban
Development Act of 1968.

Contractors selected under Phase II for construction of prototypes
shall cooperate with the site planners to ensure proper fitting of
their prototype units into the site master plans. Contractors
selected for construction of large-scale housing projects under Phase
III will be responsible for their individual contracts and agreements
with local government agencies and where appropriate, sponsor groups.
The following relationships are considered to be of importance in
developing such master plans, and the design of the individual units
and structures should reflect such relationships insofar as practicable.

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The environmental design should consider the relationship between individual units and the total complex as to traffic flow, privacy and security, particularly when multifamily and/or mixed housing types are involved.

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The environmental design relating to the total complex to its immediate surroundings should provide for communal facilities such as play areas, parking, and traffic flow, while making effective use of the total available land.

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The site and its associated environment should be so related to
the immediate neighborhood as to constitute a viable part of the
community. Commercial facilities, utility services, public and
private transportation, schools, medical centers and similar elements
must be considered if required in the site master plan.

Innovative concepts regarding site and community environment design, including utility system arrangements, should be considered.

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Attachment D-1
RFP H-55-69






The Government Technical Representative for liaison with the Con-
tractor as to the conduct of work hereunder (including the accep-
tance of the Contractor's reports) will be

HUD or a successor designated in writing by the Contracting Officer.


The Government Technical Representative may issue written or oral
instructions to fill in details in the Statement of Work described
in this contract. Such instructions must be within the scope of
the work set forth in this contract and may not be of such a nature
as to affect price, period of performance, fixed fee, or any other
provision of this contract.


The Contractor's work hereunder will be carried out under the super-
vision of
See Attachment A for Schedule of Key Personnel to be provided as
required under Clause 27, Key Personnel, General Provisions.



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A specific completion schedule will be developed for each contract
generally based upon the time framework noted under Program Procedure
in Attachment C.

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The Contractor will submit a separate monthly financial report to the
Government Technical Representative, with a copy direct to the Con-
tracting Officer covering his effort and those of the subcontractors
separately, by the 25th of each month, including the following infor-

(1) Man-hours expended by professional and non-professional categories

during the report period broken down as to performance to the ex-
tent possible.

(2) Funds expended to end of the report period.
(3) Funds remaining unexpended at the end of the report period.
(4) Estimated financial commitments (e.g., outstanding agreements).

(5) Scheduled monthly forecast of fund expenditures for balance of

contract performance period.

Attachment D-l
RFP H-55-69




The estimated cost for the performance of this contract consisting of the allowable direct and indirect costs and the fixed fee, and the total of the estimated cost and fixed fee of the contract are set forth below:

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Estimated Cost
Fixed Fee


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The fixed fee will be paid in monthly installments based upon
the percentages of completion of work as determined by the Con-
tracting Officer, subject to the withholding provisions of Clause
4, Allowable Cost, Fixed Fee, and Payment.

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Invoice or public voucher shall be identified by Contract No. Hand submitted in original and 5 copies to the following address:

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Department of Housing and Urban Development
Contracts and Agreements Division
451 - 7th Street, s. W. (Room 2132)
Washington, D. C. 20410

Attention: ASA-2

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Final inspection and acceptance of all work required under this contract shall be performed by the Government Technical Representative.

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Cors afor

General Provisions for Cost Reimbursement Research and Development Contracts, Attachment E-l, are incorporated herein and made a part hereof as amended below.

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Clause 29, "PUBLICATIONS," is amended by changing the title, "PUB-
changing the title of Section (a), "Publication by Government,"
to read, "Publication and Information Rights of the Government,
and by adding the following new paragraph at the end of Section

"The Government shall also have the unlimited right to use,
duplicate, or disclose all information, data, and findings
resulting from this contract, in whole or in part, in any
manner and for any purpose whatsoever, and have others do so.

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