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Here lyes Sir Roger Cholmley, Kt. for the Body to K. Henry Eighth, he deceased 28 April, 1538.

Here was also buried Will. Crouch, Citizen and Mercer of London, and one of the Common Council of this City, who gave by his Will 106. a Year for a Sermon on his Funeral day, and 40s. Yearly for a Dinner on that day, for the Common Council, the Church Wardens, and 12 Freemen of this Parish at the Election of his Executors. And he also gave 101. a Year for ever, to be distributed yearly among 36 poor People of honest Life dwelling in this parish. He was buried near to this Monument, 16th of April, 1606.

Here also lyeth Laurence Dalton, Esq; late Norroy King at Arms Deceas’d, 1561.

MONUMENTS. On the north side the chancel, is a handsome black and white marble monument of the Ionic order, with an inscription : to the memory of Sir RICHARD HUTTON, one of the justices of the court of Common Pleas, who died on the 16th of February 1638, aged seventy-nine.

Over the vestry door a white marble monument, with this inscription :

In Memory of the Honourable and Virtuous MARGARET TALBOT, Widow, who died 31st of March, 1620.

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By this small Statue Reader is but shewn
That she was bury'd here, but hadst thou known
The Piety and Virtues of her Mind,
Thou wouldst have said, Why was she not Enshrin'd!
Both Vere's and Windsor's best Blood fill'd her Veins,
She matcht with Talbot, yet their noble Strains
Were far below her Vertue, in whose Breast
God had infus'd his Grace above the rest
Of all her sex, whose sacred course of Life,
Both in the state of Widow, Maid and Wife!
(For each she had been, tho her latter days
Chast Widow-hood crown'd, to her immortal praise)
Was so immaculate, she deserves to be
The Crystal Mirror to Pusterity ;
More Honour hast thou hy her burial here
Dunstan, than to thee chanc'd this many a Year.


Earth from her Coffin heave thy ponderous Stones,
And for thy sacred'st Relict keep her Bones :
Since spight of Envy't cannot be deny'd,

Saint-like she liv'd, and like a Saint she dy'd.
A tablet, on which is inscribed :

" Sacred to the memory of Sir RICHARD HOARE, knight, wbo died January 6, 1718, aged seventy years. “And of his relict, Dame Susannah Hoare, who died September 24, 1720, aged sixty-seven. Both exemplary in their piety and strict adherence to the Church of England, and in their singular care and education of a numerous issue (they had eleven sons and six daughters), three only of which are now surviving.

" He was eminent for his fidelity, humanity, diligence, and circumspection, strict justice, and charity, in the several trusts and offices of lord mayor, alderman, and sheriff of London, of member of parliament for this city, and of president of Christ's Hospital and the London work house. This monument was gratefully erected by Henry Huare, Esq. their son and sole executor, 1723."

On the north side of the chancel, near the vestry door, a pretty white marble monument of the Composite order, adorned with laurel branches, cartouch, pediment, urn, and a long Latin inscription : to the memory of ALBERT OTHO FABER SOLMS, LL.D. surgeon general to the emperor, afterwards physician to the kings of Denmark and Sweden; and lastly to Charles II. He died in 1684.

A black and white marble monument of the Corinthian order, with the carved image of a woman in a kneeling posture; and likewise three children, all in sable habit ; this inscription:

Mors mihi Lucrum. Near to this place lyeth buried the Body of E112ABETH North, Wife of Roger North, Esq. and one of the Daughters and Coheirs of Sir John Gilbert, Knight, of Great Finborow in Suffolk. She died in 1612, aged twenty-two.

On the north wall of the north aisle, near the east end, on an eliptical moulded stone, much decayed by being so hear the earth of the churclı-yard:

Near the foot of this Pillar, under a Tomb-stone, with these Arms, lyes the Body of MARY COLClouch, the most deservedly heloved and lamented Wife of Adam Colclough. This is only inte tended to tell who she was; for her Virtues ought rather to be imitaled every where, than recited here. She was Daughter to Col. Blagge, Governor of Yarmouth and Languard Fort, Captain of the Yeomen of Guards, and of the Bedchamber to his Majesty that now is. Her Mother was Daughter of Sir Roger North, and of his Wife, mentioned in the Monument at the head of this aisle.


At the east end, near that above, by the altar-piece, a small monument, engraved in brass :

Anno Domini 1556. Hic jacet humatus WILLIEL. PORTMAN, Miles, Serviens in. clitissimæ Principis H. 8. ad Legem, & illo tempore unus Justic. suorum ad Placitum, coram ipso Rege tenend. ac postea temp. illustris Principum Phil. & Marie, Regis & Reginæ Angliæ Capitalis Justiciarius hujus Regni Angliæ. Eoque officio summa æquitate ita perlunctus erat, ut in Deum in primis sanctus & pius; in Patriam ac Principem fidus & morigerus; in omnes denique semper equabil. fuit & perseveravit. Ab hac autem luce in Cælestem prætorum cætum, 5 die Februar. Anno Regni præfat.. Regis & Reginæ 3 & 4 emigravit.

Near the south-east angle of the church, a small monument, with this inscription:

Hic requiescunt Ossa ROBERTI HOUGHTON, Militis, unius Justiciariorum Dona. Jacobi nuper Regis, ad Placita coram Dom. Rege tenenda Asig. Qui natus est apud Gunthorpe in Com. Norfolciæ 3 die Augusti, Anno Domini 1548. & ex hac vita migravit infra hanc Parochiam sexto die Februarii, A. D. 1623. Ex Maria Uxore Filia Roberti Rychers de Woortham in Comitatu Cantix, Armigeri, tres suscepit Filios, totidemque Filias. Ex quibus (Roberto & Susanna in vita ejus extinctis) Franciscus, Johannes, Elizabetha &. Maria, tempore mortis suæ. De favore fuere suo perstites.

A handsome white marble monument on the south side, and near the south-east angle of the church, this inscription :

Iu the middle aisle of this Church, near the Chancel, are in. terred the Bodies of EDWARD MARSHAL, Esq; formerly Master Mason of England, together with Ann his Wife, by whom he had 9 Sons and 5 Daughters, whereof Joshua the eldest only sure vived him. He was loyal to his King, useful in his Parish, cha


ritable to the Poor whilst he was living, and left several Memorials of it at his Death, and departed this life the 10th of Dec. 1675. Aged 77 Years.

Near him lyeth the Body of his Son Joshua MARSHAL, Esq; late Master Mason to King Charles the Second. He walked in the Steps of his Father, and succeeded him not only in his Office, tui Virtues. Whereas his Father, in his Life-time, did give 10l. per annum, issuing out of a House in Fetter lane during the Term of a Lease, for the daily reading of Divine Morning-service in this Church; he hath perpetuated it for ever. He was twice Master of his Company, and bequeathed unto them above 2001. to the end that by them 10l. per annum should be for ever distri. buled to their poor Widows, and he gave several other cha. ritable bequests. . On the same side, over the door to Fleet Street, a large sarcophagus, and a boy holding a medallion of the deceased in Iris official robes; thus inscribed:

" To the memory of Sir RICHARD Hoare, knight, Alderman, and Lord Mayor of this city in the memorable year 1745. In which alarming crisis he discharged the great trust reposed in him with honour and integrity, to the approbation of his Sovereign, and the universal satisfaction of his fellow-citizens. He died October 12, 1754, and lies, in the same vault of this church, lue gether with the remains of his first and second wives ; Sarah, the daughter of James Tully, Esq. of Charterhouse Square; and Eli. zabeth, the daughter of Edward Rust, Esq. of Crutched Friars; by each of whom he left one son, now living, to pay this last tribute of gratitude and respect to an affectionate parent.”

A small white marble monument, adorned with a cherub, cartouch, pediment, two babes weeping ; this inscription:

Near this place lyeth interred the Body of Henry Jones, late of this Parish, and of the Inner Temple, Clockmaker, Son of Wil. liam Jones, heretofore Vicar of Boulder, in the County of Southampton.

He was industrious, honest, and charitable, five poor Widows, having annually the Benefit thereof for ever. He died the 26th of November 1695, aged 63 years.

In this church were also buried Ralph Baines, bishop of Coventry and Litchfield, and Owen OGLETHORPE, bishop of Carlisle, who crowned queen Elizabeth. Vol. IV. No. 81. : P


MINISTERS OF EMINENCE. THOMAS WHITE, D.D. 1575,an eminent preacher ; founder of Sion College, the Moral Philosophy Lecture at Oxford, and an almshouse in Temple parish, Bristol, where he was born.

John Donne, the excellent dean of St. Paul's.

JAMES MARSH, D. D. chancellor of Chichester, was sequestered during the Civil wars, and died at Oxford 1647.

WILLIAM Bates, S.T.P. - was a man of good and amiable character; much a scholar, much a gentleman, and. no less a Christian. His moderation and sweetness of temper, were known to all that conversed with him ; among whom were eminent and pious men of various persuasions. Archbishop Tillotson's friendship for him began early; and as his merit was invariably the same, it continued without interruption, to the end of that prelate's life. Dr. Bates's abilities qualified him for the highest dignities in the church; and it is certain that great offers were made him, but he never could be prevailed on to conform. He is esteemed the politest writer of his age among the Presbyterians, He was silenced for non-conformity in 1662, and died in 1699,” * .

Adjoining the church and charity school is CLIFFORD's. Inn. It was the antient residence of the honourable family of Clifford, whence the earls of Cumberland descended; Robert de Clifford having the inheritance by grant from king Edward the Second, anno 1309; to hold by the service of one penny paid into the Exchequer at Michaelmas. It came to the king for certain debts due to him from one Malcolme de Harley, escheator to Edward the First, on this side the Trent. The widow of Robert de Clifford demised it, anno 1337, to students in the common law for the rent of 101. and afterward by a grant to Nicholas Sulyard, Esq. principal, and others seniors, disposed of the premises, &c. of Clif. ford's Inn, in consideration of 6001. and 41. per annum ; and it bath continued ever since one of the inns of court. This society are governed by a principal and twelve rulers; the gentlemen are in commons a fortnight in every Term, and * Granger.


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