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p. 52.

Reports of the recording secretary and curators. p. 526-531. Correspondenee. p. 532-535.

Donations to Museum 1861. p. 535-539. Donations to libra. ry. p. 540-556. Proceedings of the Academy, of natural sciences of Philadelphia.

Nos. I-IV. January - April 1862. Philadelphia: Academy of natural sciences, Corner of broad and Sansom streets. 1862. Lex. 8. (p. 1-168.) 8. B. Bu okley, Notes on some of the American Ash trees, (Fraxinus), with descriptions of new species. p. 2-5.

Descriptions of new plants from Texas. No. 2. p. 5-10 Thomas Meehan, On the uniformity of relative characters between allied spe

cies of European and American trees. p. 10-12 Theodore Gill, Notice of a new species of Hemilepidotus, and remarks on the group [Temnistiæ) of which it is a member. p. 13. 14.

On the subfamily of Argentininæ. p. 14. 15.
Appendix to the synopsis of the subfamily of Percinæ. p. 15. 16.
Note on the Sciænoids of California.

p. 16-18. F. B. Meek and F. V. Hay den, Descriptions of new cretaceous fossils from Ne

braska territory, collected by the expedition sent out by the Government under the command of Lieut. Jo‘n Mullan, U. S. topographical engineers, for the loca · tion and construction of a wagon road from the sources of the Missouri to the

Pacific Ocean. p. 21-28. Temple Prime, Monograph of the species of Sphærium of North and South

America. (Continued.] p. 28–37 c. 2 bigg. xyl. Johu L. Le Conte, Note on the classitication of Cerambycidæ, with descriptions of new species. p. 38-43.

Synopsis of the Mordellidæ of the United States. p. 43-51.

Notes on the species of Calosoma inhabiting the United States. 53. W m. H. Edwards, Descriptions of certain species of diurnal Lepidoptera found within the limits of the United States and British America. No. 2.

p. 54-58. Wm. Stim pson, Description of a new Cardium (C. Dawsoni) from the pleisto

cene of Hudson's Bay. p. 58. 59 c. fig. xyl. Aug. R. Grote, Additions to the nomenclature of North American Lepidoptera.

p. 59. 60. E. D. Cope, Synopsis of the species of Holcosus and Ameiva, with diagnoses of

new West Indian and South merican Colubridæ. p. 60 82. George H. Horn, Monograph of the species of Trogosita, inhabiting the United

States. p. 82-88.
S. B. Buckley, Descriptions of plants. No. 3.

p. 88-100. On Quercus heterophylla, Mich. p. 100. 101. Theodore Gill, Synopsis of the family of Cirrbitoids. p. 102–122. (-- -- ) Description of a new species of Cirrhitus, Cirrithus alternatus, Gill. p. 122-124.

On the limits and arrangement of the Scombroids. p. 124–127.
Descriptions of new species of Alepidosauroidæ. p. 127-132.

On a new species of Priacanthus discovered in Narragansett Bay, R. I. p. 132. 133. Wm. Stimpson, on a oceanic Isopod found near the south-eastern shores of

Massachusetts. (Idothea robusta, Kr.) p. 133. 134. Theodore Gill, On the West African genus Hemichromis and descriptions of new species in the Museum of the Academy and Smithsonian Institution. -139.

Catalogue of the Fishes of lower California in the Smithsonian Institu. tion, collected by Mr. J. Xuntus. Part I. p. 140-15). E. D. Cope, On some new and little known American Anura. p. 151-159. A sa Gray, Notes upon the „Description of new plants from Texas, by S. B.

Buckley,“ published in the Proceedings of the Academy of natural sciences of

Philadelphia, Dec. 1861 and Jan. 1862. p. 161-168. I 8 a ac Lea, Descriptions of ten new species of Unionidæ of the United States.

p. 134

p. 168.

of the Natural history Society of Dublin, for the sessions 1859-1862, [inclusive.] Vol. III. (II parts.) Dublin :

printed for the Society, by M. H. Gill. 1863. 8m. (VI, 140 p. c. figs xyl., ! tab. xyl., 2 tabb. aen, et col.) (à 2 sh. 6 d.) 5 sh: (1-111: 18 sh.) 1. Robert Warren jun., On the occurrence of rare birds, and of the oblong suutish, in the county of Mayo.

p. 2. 3. Dominick J. Corrigan, On some structural peculiarities of the mouth in the

pipe-fishes (Syngnathidæ]. p. 4-6 c. 3 figg. xyl. F. J. Foot, on the Ferns of West Clare, being a list of those growing west of a

liue drawn North and South through the town of Tulla. p. 7- 10.

Kinahan, On the occurrence of the black redstart (Ph. lithys) in the neighbour.

hood of Dublin. p. 10-14. ( -) On migration in birds, and its bearings on the winter occurrence in the

British Isles of European summer migrants. p. 14-20. Eugene O'Meara, Notes on the reproduction of Diatomaceae. p. 20. 21. William Archer, On the occurrence of zoospores in the family Denmidiaceae. With a plate. p. 21-37. 1 tab. aen. et col. --- Further notes on abnormal growth in the Desmidiaceae.

p. 37. 38. F. J. Foot, Notes on some of the marine animals to be met with on the shore

at Spanish Point, Miltown Malbay, county of Clare. P. 38-41. John R. Kinahan, Addendum to Mammologia Hibernica Cheiroptera. p. 42.

43. William Andrews, On the Syngnathidae, or pipe-fish-family. p. 43–46. G. Henry Kinaban, Notes on the Cormorants in the neighbourhood of Castleconnell. p. 46. 47.

On the occurrence of Trichomanes radicans in the county of Limerick, with a list of the Ferns of Killaloe. p. 47-49, W. Archer, Description of a new species of Cosmarium, and of a new species of

Xanthidium. p. 49-52. II. Henry Lawson, On the generative system of Helix aspersa and hortensis.

With a plate. p. 53-59. | tab. xyl. Alfred Newton, On the occurrence of the snowy owl (Nyctea nivea) in the

county of Mayo. p. 60. R. P. Williams, On the occurrence of the spoon-bill (Platalea leucorodia) in the

counts of Cork. p. 60–63. F. J. Foot, Notes on the Astraeacea of the coast of Clare. p. 63-69. William Areher, Description of a new species of Micrasterias (Ag, et aliorum,

pon Ehr.), with remarks on the distinctions between Micrasterias rotata (Rales) and M. denticulata (Breb.) p. 69–78.

Description of a new species of Cosmarium (Corda), of Staurastrum (Meren], of two new species of Closterium (Nitzsch), and of Spirotaenia (Breb.) p. 78-85. tab. aen, et col.

On a new (?) species of Ankistrodesmus (Corda), with remarks in connerion therewith as regards Closterium Griffithii (Berk.), und C. subtile (Breb.) p. 85. G. Henry Kinahan, Oo a new locality for Polypodium phegopteris, with a list

of the Ferns occurring in the district comprised in that part of sheet 125 of the orduance inch maps of Ireland that lies to the west of Lough Derg, and the

south-east of sheet 124; communicated. p. 90. 91. Robert Cooolly Gage, A list of birds found in Rathlin Island, communicated.

p. 91 - 93. John Robert Kinaban, Three days among the Bats in Clare. p. 94-99.

Notes on the marine fauna of the coast of Clare. p. 99-103. F. J. Foot, Natural history notes on the Mammalia of the west coast of Clare. p.

104-106. J. R. Kinahan, Inquiries into the causes of the present decay of the Dublin crab

and lobster fisheries; with a few suggestions as to the practicability of amendment of them and the market supply, either by substitution of species or other.

wise. p. 107-112. Robert Warren, A list of the birds of prey, perchers, and waders, observed to

frequent the districts of Mayo, and Sligo, which border on Killala. p. 113–117. John Robert Clare, On the migration of Buffon's Skua (Lestris parasiticus),

and record of occurrence of rare birds in Ireland. Communicated by R. P.

Williams. p. 118. 119. Robert Warren, A list of the swimming birds (Natatores) observed to frequent

the districts of the counties Mayo and Sligo which border on Killala Bay and the

tidal parts of the river Moy. p. 119–125. Robert J. Montgomery, On the occurrence of the snowy owl (Surnia nyctea]

near Swords, county of Dublin. p. 125. 126. R. P. Williams, On the occurrence of the golden Oriole, and other rare birds.

p. 127. 128. Samuel Haughton, On the form of the cells made by various wasps, and by

the honey bee; with an appendix on the origin of species p. 128-140. Schriften des Vereines zur Verbreitung naturwissenschaftlicher Kennt

nisse in Wien. II. Band. Jahrgang 1861/62. Mit 2 Tafeln und 18 Holzschnitten. Wien, C. Gerolds Sohn in Comm. 8. (1.XXIV, 550 P. c. figg. xyl., 1 tab. lithogr. et 1 tab, chromolith.)

2 B Zeitschrift, Würzburger Naturwissenschaftliche. Herausgegeben von

der physikalisch-medicinischen Gesellschaft. Redigirt von C. Claus, H. Müller, A. Schenk. III. Band. IJ. Heft. Mit 2 lithogr. Tafeln. Würzburg, Stahel. 1862. 8m. (p. 107–180 c. figo. xyl., 2

III. Band: 2 m

tabb. lith.)

Alexander Schneider, Ueber die Vermehrung der Epithelzellen der Ilora

haut. Mit 2 Holzschnitten. p. 107-110 c. 2 figg. xyl. Ludwig Schneider, Ueber das Vorkommen und Verhalten glatter Muskeln in

der Hant der Säugethiere und Vögel. Eine von der medizinischen Facultät in Würzburg gekrönte Preisaufgabe. Mit Taf. III und IV. p. 111-148. 2 tabb.

lith. c. Claus, Ueber die morphologischen Beziehungen der Copepoden zu den ver.

wandten Crustaceengruppen der Malacostraken, Phyllopoden, Cirripedien und

Ostracoden. P. 159-167. II einrich Müller, Ueber den unmittelbaren Uebergang der Arteria radialis in

die Vena cephalica bei Fledermäusen. p. 168-173. (1 ngust) Schenk, Bemerkungen über einige Pflanzen des lithographischen Schiefers. p. 174-177.

-Bemerkungen über einige Pfanzen der Keuperformation. p. 178-180.

5. Vermischte naturhistorische Schriften.

Album der natuur. Een werk in maandelijksche afleveringen, ter ver

spreiding van natuurkennis onder beschaafde lezers van allerlei stand, onder redactie van P. Harting, D. Lubach en W. M. Logeman. 12. jaargang. Nieuwe reeks, 6. jaargang. 1863. Groningen, Erven C. M. van Bolhuis. Hoitsema.

Roy. 8.

3 f. 60 ct,

Met het bijblad : 4 f. 60 ct. Annales des sciences naturelles comprenant la zoologie, la botanique,

l'anatomie et la physiologie comparée des deux règnes et l'histoire des corps organisés fossiles , rédigées pour la zoologie par Milne Edwards, pour la botanique par Ad. Brongniart et J. Decaisne. IV. série. Zoologie. Tome XIX. No. 2-6. Paris, V. Masson & fils. Lex. 8. (p. 65-384. 8 tabb. aed., quarum 4 in 4 obl.)

12 cahiers : 25 fr. Lereboullet, Recherches d'embryologie comparée sur le développement de la

Truite, du Lézard et du Lymnée. p. 65–100. Claude Bernard, Recherches expérimentales sur les nerfs vasculaires et calo

rifiques du grand sympathique. p. 101–107. G. Hodge,

Observations sur le développement d'un Pygnogonon. (Extrait.] p. 108. J. Setchenow, Études physiologiques sur les centres modérateurs des mouve

ments réflexes dans le cerveau de la Grenouille. p. 109-134. Bau delot, Recherches sur l'appareil générateur des Mollusques gastéropodes. P.

134-222. 4 tabb. aen. in 4 obl. No. 2-5. H. Hollard, Recherches sur le placenta des rongeurs et en particulier sur celui

des lapins. p. 223--232. 1 tab. aen. H. Hoerskel, Monographie des Radiolaires ou Rhizopodes radiaires. (Extrait par

l'auteur) p. 233-240. Charles Lespès, Observations sur les Fourmis neutres. p. 241-251. 1 tab.

No. 6. Publications nouvelles. A. Vinson, Note sur une nouvelle espèce du genre Indri [Indris albus); décou.

verte dans un voyage à Tananarivo (lle de Madagascar). p. 253 – 258. G. Colin, Mémoire sur les mouvements pulsatiles et rhythmiques du sinus de la

veine cave supérieure chez les mammifères. p. 259-267. B a udelot, Recherches sur l'appareil générateur des Mollusques gastéropodes,

p. 268-294. Léon Vaillant, Mémoire pour servir à l'histoire anatomique de la Sirène lacer. tine. p. 295-346. 3 tabb. aen. No. 7-9.

Note sur quelques Helminthes de la Sirène lacertine. p. 347-350. Fabre, Étude sur le role du tissu adipeux dans la sécrétion urinaire chez les in.

p. 351-382. Table des articles contenus dans ce volume.

Table des matières par noms d'auteurs.

des sciences naturelles comprenant la zoologie, la botanique, l'anatomie et la physiologie comparée des deux règnes et l'histoire des corps organisées fossiles, rédigées pour la zoologie par M. Milne Edwards, pour la botanique par MM. Ad. Brongniart et J. Decais ne. IV. série. Botanique. Tome XVII. 6 cahiers. Paris,


p. 252.



p. 383.

p. 384.


V. Masson & fils. 1862. Lex. 8. (384 p 15 tabb. aen., quarum 4 in 4m.)

Tomes XVII. et XVIII.: 25 fr. Commission chorographique de la Nouvelle Grenade. Partie botanique. Prodro. mas florae Novo-Granatensis. Énumération des plantes de la Nouvelle-Grenade, avec description des espèces nouvelles, par MM. J. Triana et J. E. Planchon.

p. 5-190. Comte Gastou de Saporta, Études sur la végétation du sud-est de la France à

l'époque tertiaire. p. 191-311. 14 tabb. aen., in color. impr., quarum No. 1.

3. 7. 12. in 4m. Arthur Gris, Note sur les teguments de la graine du Ricin. p. 312- 318. tab. aen.

No. 15. Prodromus florae Novo-Granatensis ou énumération des plantes de la Nouvelle-Gre.

nade, avec description des espèces nouvelles, par MM. J. Tria na et J. E.

Planeho. (Fin.) p. 319-382. Annales des sciences naturelles comprenant la zoologie, la botanique,

l'anatomie et la physiologie comparée des deux règnes et l'histoire des corps organisés fossiles, rédigées pour la zoologie par Milne Edwards, pour la botanique par A d. Brongniart et J. Becaisne. IV. série. Botanique. Tome XVIII. 6 cahiers. Paris, V. Masson & fils. 1862. Lex. 8. (384 p. 8 tabb. aen.) Casimir de Candolle, Mémoire sur la famille des Juglandées. p. 6— 48.

tabb. aen. Alph. de Candolle, Note sur un nouveau caractère observé dans le fruit des chênes et sur la meilleure division à adopter pour le genre Quercus. p. 49–58.

Étade sur l'espèce à l'occasion d'une révision de la famille des Cupuli. fères. p. 59-110. C. Kosmann, Études sur l'ozone exhalé par les plantes. [Extrait des Comptes

rendus des séances de l'Académie des sciences du 10 novembre 1862.) p. 111

117. F. V. Jodin, Da role physiologique de l'oxygène chez les Mucédinées et les fer.

ments. (Extrait des Comptes rendus des séances de l'Académie des sciences,

séance du 28 avril 1862.) p. 118-124. 8. de Luca, Recherches sur la formation de la matière grasse dans les olives.

(Extrait des Comptes rendus des séances de l'Académie des sciences, séance du

22 septembre 1862.) p. 125 - 129. Alfr. Courbon, Flore de l'ile de Dissée (Mer rouge). p. 130–158. 1 tab. aen.

No. 7. Boucerosia Russeliana. Ch. Naudin, Cucurbitacées cultivées au Muséum d'histoire naturelle en 1862. Description d'espèces nouvelles et de quelques formes hybrides obtenues de plan. tes de cette famille. p. 159-192.

1 tab. aen. No. 8. Trianosperma Belangeri. Jules Liège, Note sur l'usage de l'Aeschynomene aspera. p. 193-257. Prodromus florae Novo-Granatensis ou énumération des plantes de la Nouvelle

Grenade, avec description des espèces nouvelles par J. Triana et J. E. Plan

chon. (Suite.) p. 258-382. Table. p. 383. 384.

des sciences naturelles comprenant la zoologie, la botanique, l'anatomie et la physiologie comparée des deux règnes et l'histoire des corps organisés fossiles, redigées pour la zoologie par Milne Edwards, pour la botanique par A d. Br niart et J. Decais ne. IV. série.

Botanique. Tome XIX. No. 1 -- 3. Paris, V. Masson & fils, 1863. Lex. 8. (192 p. 6 tabb. aen., quarum 2 in 4m.) Comte Gaston de sa porta, Études sur la végétation du sud-est de la France

à l'époquo tertiaire. V. p. 5–124. 6 tabb. aon., quarum 2 in 4m. Rapport sur la question de l'hybridité dans les végétaux, mise au concours par l'Académie des sciencos en 1861.

p. 125-134. D. A Godron, Des hybrides végétaux considérés au point de vue de leur fécon

dité et de la perpétuité ou non-perpétuité de leurs caractères. p. 185-179. Ch. Naudin, Nouvelles recherches sur l'hybridité dans les végétaux. Mémoiro

couronné par l'Académie des sciences en 1862. p. 180-192. Annals, The, and magazine of natural history, including zoology, bot

any, and geology, conducted by Pride aux John Selby, Charles C. Babington, John Edward Gray, and William Francis, being a continuation of the „Annalsós combined with Messrs. Loudon and Charlesworth's „Magazine of natural history." Vol. 11. No. 61 .-65. London: Taylor & Francis. 8m. (p. 1–392 c. figg. xyl., 6 tabb. lith., 2 tabb. sen., 1 tab. aen. et col.)

12 Nrs. : 30 sh.

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P. 114

No. 61. Notes on tho Hydroida ; by Allman. p. 1--12. On the Raphides of

Britisb plants; by George Gulliver. p. 13-15. - On the proposed change in name of Gracula pectoralis ; by Alfred R. Wallaco. p. 15--17. – Descrip tions of five new genera of Mollusca ; by Henry and Arthur Adams. p. 18

20. On new species of snakes in the collection of the British Museum; by Albert Giinther. (Plate Ill.] p. 20- 25. 1 tab. lith. On new species of Batrachians from Australia ; by Albert Günther. (Plate IV.) p. 26–28. 1 tsb. lith, - Descriptions of newly discovered spiders captured in Rio Janeiro by John Gray, and Humbet Clark; by Job n Black wall (Concluded.) p. 29-45. – On some new British Hydroids ; by Thomas Hincks. p. 41-47. On the transformations of the Porcellanae; by Fritz Müller. Translated by W. S. Dallas, (Plato I.) p. 47--50. 1 tab. aen. Bibliographical notices. p. 51–55. – Proceed.

ings of learned societies. p. 55 -- 71 c. 2 tigg. xyl Miscellaneous. p. 71. 72. No. 62 Observations on some of the fossil fishes of Dura Den; by Robert Wal.

ker. (Plate II ] p. 74-80 c. 4 figg. xyl et 1 tab. lith. : Glyptolepis. On In dian species of land-shells belonging to the genera Helix, Linn., and Nanica, Gray; by W. T. Blanford. p. 81-86. Characters of new land-shells of the genera Helix, Clausilia, and Spiraxis , from the Andainans, Moulmein, Northern India, and Ceylou; hy W. H. Benson. p. 87 -- 91. - On the nomenclature of the Foramifera; by W. K. Parker, and T. R. Jones. Part VIII p. 91–98 e. 2 figg. xyl. Arthur Adams, On the genera and species of recent Brachio. pods found in the so.'s of Japan; by Arthur A da me. p. 98-101.

A c0n. tribution to the knowledge of the Taeniae; by Ludwig Stie da. p. 101-107.

Remarks on some coal-measure Crustaces belonging to the genus Belinurus, Konig; with description of two new species from Queen's County, Ireland; by William Hellier Baily. (Plate V.) p. 107–114. 1 tab. lith. – On new speries of Fishes from Victoria, South Australia ; by Arthur Günther. 117 Bibliographical notices. 117 - 122. Proceedings of learned societies. p.

122 -- 148 c. 13 tigg. xyl. Miscellaneous. p. 148--152. No. 63. Observations on the British Tunicata, with descriptions of several new species; by Joshua Alder. [Plate VII.] p. 153 – 175. | tab. aen.

- On the composition of the head, and on the number of abdominal segments, in insects ; by H. Scha u m. Plate VI. p. 173–182, 1 tab. aen. et col. On the colouring matter of the Red Sea; by H. J. Carter. p. 182-188. - On the contractile tissue of plants ; by Ferdinand Cohn. p. 188-- 202. – On the Japanese ape. cies of Sipbonalia, a proposed new genus of Gasteropodous Mollusca ; by Arthur Adams. p. 202 -- 206. On the higher subdivisions in the classification of mam. mals; by James D. Dana. p. 207-214. Diagnostic notices of new Canarian Coleoptera ; by T'. Vernon Wollaston. p. 214–221. - Bibliographical notice. P. 221. 222.

Proceelings of learned societies. p. 2:2 - 228 c. 12 figg. xyl. Miscellaneous. p. 228-232. No. 64. On the classification of the Brachyura, and on the bomologies of the an. tenpary joints in decapod Crustacea ; by Wm. Stimpson. p. 233-237. - Notes ou rare and little-known fishes taken at Madeira; by James Yate Johnson. No. III. p. 237-248. On Ephedra; by John Miers. (Continued from vol. X. p. 140.) p. 248-263. On the Raphides of Isnardia ; by Guiliver. P. 263, 264


new genera and species of Umboniidae from the seas of Japan. p. 264–268. Notice of the occurrence of a rare Cetacean (Lageporhynchus albirostris , Gruy) at the mouth of the dee; by Thomas J. Moore. p. 268 - 270. - On the geographical distribution and varieties of the honey.bee, with remarks upon the exotic honey.bees of the old world ; by A. Gerstäcker. p. 270-283 - On

some species of tree-snakes (Abaetulla) by Albert Güdther p. 283 -- 287. On an undescribed indigenous form of Amoeba ; by G. C. Wallich. Plate VIII. p. 287--291. 1 tab. lith. Bibliographical notices. p. 391 -- 296. Proceedings of learned societies. p. 297-308. Miscellaneous. p. 308

312. No. 65. A novel instance of the production of fermentation by the presence of In.

fusoria capable of existing without free oxygen and deprived of all access of atmospheric air; by M. L. Pasteur. p. 313-317. Characters of new landshells from tho Andaman islands, Burnab, and Coylon, and of the animal of So. phidia; by W. H. Benson. p. 318-323. On natural and artificial section in some Chaetopod Annelids ; by W. C. Minor. p 323–333. – On the geograpbl. cal distribution and varieties of the honey-bee, with remarks upon the exotic bo. ney.bees of the old world; by A. Gorbiä с ker. (Concluded from p. 283.) P. 933-347 On Microstelma and Onoba, two forms of Rissoid Gasteropods; with notices of new species of the latter from Japan ; by Arthur Adams. p. 347– 3:19 - On the genera and species of Lacunidae found in Japan; by Arthur Adams. p. 350. 351. On the structure of the valves of Pleurosigma and other Diatoms; by G. C. Wallich. p. 351-365. Further observations on an undescribed indigepous Amoeba, with notices on remarkable forms of Actinophrys and Difflugia ; by G. O. Wallich. (Plate IX.) p. 365–371. 1 tab. lith.

Biblio. graphical notice. p. 371-379. Proceedings of learned Societies. p. 380-389.

Miscellaneous. p. 389-992


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