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Dramas, continued.

Dramas, continued.
Jumbo-jum. Far. J. B. Wright Hb 10–11003 Lady of pleasure. J. Shirley

Hb 2-10889 Jameaux, les. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12940 Lady of the bed-chamber. Far. W. J. Hoppin Kaisar Claudius. Sch. Kotzebue Hb 8-10931

Hb 10-10999 Kapitan Belronde. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10939 Lady of the lake. "M. Thompson Hb 10–11000 Käsicht. Com-opera. Kotzebue Hb 8–10935 Lady of the lake. T. Dibdin

Hb 9-10969 Kater und der Rosenstock. Kotzebue Hb 8-10931 Lady of the lions. Burl. O. F. Durivage Katherine and Petrucio. Com. Shakespeare

Hlb 10-11002 Hb 9-10958 Lady's last stake. Com. c. Cibber Hb 1-10735 Kathleen Mavourneen Hb 9–10974 Lady's trial. J. Ford

Hb 7-10884 Katty O'Sheal. Far. J. Pilgrim Hb 10-11005 Lame lover. S. Foote .

Hb 7-10901 Kifhauser-Berg. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10938 Last days of Pompeii. Miss L. Medina Hb 9–10961 Kill or cure. Far. C. Dance Hb 10-10994 Last man. G. D. Pitt.

Hb 9-10969 Kind der liebe. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10921 Last of the pigtails. Com. C. Selby Hb 10-11004 King and deserter. J. M. Maddox Hb 9–10971 Laughing hyena. Far. B. Webster Hb 10-11001 King and no king. Beaumont and Fletcher

Lavater the physiognomist. Com. J. R. Planché Hb 7-10882

Hb 9-10971 King charming. J. R. Planché Hb 10-10995 Laws of candy. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10882 King!Edward IV. 1st and 2d parts. T. Heywood Lawyers. Com. S. Lawrence

Hb 10-10995 Hb 3–10813 Leap year. Com. J. B. Buckstone Hb 9-10957 King Henry IV. ist part. Shakespeare Hb 1-10756 Legatoire universel. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12941 Hb 5–10634, 10761, 14630, 6-10860, and 9–10956 Leineweber. Sch. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10931 King Henry IV. Part second. Shakespeare

Lena, la. L. Ariosto IIb 12–11046, and Aa 5-12808 Hb 5–10634, 10762, 14630, and 6–10860 Lend me five shillings. Far. J. M. Morton King Henry IV. S. $. Pub. Shakespeare

IIb 9-10953 Hb 3–10827 Lethe. D. Garrick Hb 7-10902, and 1-10737 King Henry V. Shakespeare

Letter writers. Far. H. Fielding Hd 13–11728 Hb 1-10749, 5–10634, 10762, 14630, and 6-10860 Libraire. Com. Genlis

Hb 2-10797 King Henry VI. First part. Shakespeare

Liebe Dorfchen. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10931 Hb 5–10634, 10762, 14630 and 6-10860 Liebhaber-Theater. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10940 King Henry VI. Second part. Shakespeare Life in New York. Com. J. Brougham Hb 10–10997 Hb 5-10635, 10762, 14630, and 6–10860 Life's ransom. W. Marston

Hb 9-10969 King Henry VI. Third part. Shakespeare

Life's vagaries. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10896 Hb 5–10635, 10762, 14630, and 6–10860 Liliput. D. Garrick

Hb 7--10903 King Henry VI. First sketches of. 2d'and 3d parts

. Limerick boy. Far

. J. Pilgrim. Hb 10-11000 Shakespeare Hb 3-10815 Lingere. Com. Genlis

HD 2-10797 King Henry VIII. Shakespeare Hb 1-10753 Lionel and Clarissa. Com. op.

Hb 1-10736 5-10635, 10763, 14630, 6–10860, and 9–10956 Little barefoot. A. Waldauer

IIb 9-10972 King John. Shakespeare Hb 1-10752, 5–10634 Little French lawyer. Beaumont and Fletcher 10761, 14630, 6-10860, and 9-10954

Hb 7-10882 King Lear. Trag. Shakespeare Hb 1-10751 Little hunchback. 'J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10897 5-10635, 14630, 6–10860, and 9-10956 Little Toddlekins. Com. C. Mathews Hb 10–11003 King of the commons. J. White

Hb 9-10953 Little treasure. Com. A. Harris Hb 9-10959 King Rene's daughter. H. Herz Hb 10–11004 Live woman in the mines

Hb 10-10998 King Richard II. Shakespeare

Lo que ha de ser. Vega

Aa 2-12575 Hb 5–10634, 10761, 14030, 6–10860, and 9–10952 Loan of a lover. J. R. Planché. Hb 10–10993 King Richard III. Trag. Shakespeare

Locos de Valencia. Vega

Aa 2-12575 Hb 1-10753, 5–10763, 14630, 10635, and 6–10860 Lohn der wahrheit. Sch. Kotzebue . Hb 8-10926 King's rival. T. Taylor, and C. Reade Hb 9–10959 Lois de Minos. Trag. Voltaire . Aa 12-13245 King Victor and king Charles. R. Browning

London assurance. Com. D. L. Boucicault
Ht 2-12184

Hb 9-10953 Kiss in the dark. Far. J. B. Buckstone

London hermit. j. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10898 Hb 10–10994 Look before you leap. Com. G. W. Lovell Kleine Deklamator. Kotzebue Hb 8-10932

Hb 9-10954 Kleine Zigeunerin. Sch. Kotzebue Hb 8-10933 Looking glass for London and England. R. Greene Kluge Frau im Walde. Kotzebue Hb 8-10926

Hb 4-13786 Knight of Arva. Com. Dion Boucicault Lord Russel. Trag. Wm. Hayly Hf 2-12192 Hb 9-10966 Lost ship. T. Townsend

Hb 9–10971 Knight of Malta. Beaumont and Fletcher

Lottery. Far. H. Fielding

Hd 13–11727 Hb 7-10883 Lottery ticket. Far. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-10998 Knight of the burning pestle. Beaumont and Fletch- Love. J. S. Knowles

Hb 9-109.56 Hb 7–10883 Love and intrigue. Trag. Schiller · Hb 10–10977 Knights. Com. Aristophanes

Ha 2–10490 Love and loyalty. W. J. Robson Hb 9-10967 Knights. Far. S. Foote Hb 1-10737, and 7–10900 Love and murder. Far. J. Brougham Hb 10–10995 Know your own mind. Com. A. Murphy

Love chase. J. S. Knowles

Hb 9-10953 Hb 1-10749 Love in '76. Com. O. Bunce

Hb 10-10997 Komodiantin aus Liebe. Kotzebue IIb 8–10933 Love in a camp. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10899 Kosack. Kotzebue IIb 8-10936 Love in a maze. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10887 Kostlichste. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10930 Love in humble life. Com. J. H. Payne
Kreuzfahrer. Kotzebue
Hb 8-10936

Hb 10-10997 Kynge Johan. J. Ball

Ce 9–16012 Love in livery. Far. J. P. Wooler Hb 10-11001 Ladies at home. J. G. Millengen Hb 10-10999 Love in several masks. Com. H. Fielding Ladies' battle. Com. Hb 10-11002

Hd 13-11727 Ladies beware. Far.

Hb 10-10995 Love-knot. Com. J. S. Coyne Hb 9-10971 Lady and gentleman, in a peculiarly perplexing pre- Love of a prince. C. Gaylor

IIb 9-10962 dicament. Burl. C. Selby Hb 10-11003 Lover by proxy. Burl. Ď. Boucicault Hb 10-11003 Lady and the devil. W. Dimond Hb 9-10966 Lover's cure. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10883 Lady Jane Grey. Trag. N. Rowe Hb 1-10730 Lover's melancholy. J. Ford

Hb 7-10884 Lady of Lyons. Bulwer-Lytton

Lover's progress. Beaumont and Fletcher
Hb 1-10739, and 9-10952

Hb 7-10883

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Dramas, continued.

Dramas, continued. Lover's vows. Kotzebue

Marina. G. Lillo

Hb 11-11020 Hb 8–10920, 10942, and 1-10748 Married and single. J. Poole

Hb 9-10956 Love's cruelty. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10887 Married bachelor. Far. P. P. O'Callaghan Love's labours lost. Shakespeare

Hb 10–10998 Hb 5–10634, 10760, 14630, 6-10860, and 9–10970 Married life. Com. J. B. Buckstone Hb 9-10960 Love's last shift. Com. C. Cibber Hb 1-10733 Married rake. Far. C. Selby

Hb 10–10995 Love's metamorphoses. J. Lilly Hb 11-11017 Martyr. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Love's pilgrimage. Beaumont and Fletcher Mary's birthday. G. H. Mills

Hb 9-10967 Hb 7-10883 Mary Stuart. Trag. Schiller

Hb 10–10978 Love's sacrifice. G. Lovell : Hb 9-10952 Masken. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10934 Love's sacrifice. J. Ford

Hb 7-10884 Masks and faces. Com. T. Taylor, and C. Reade Love tricks. J. Shirley Hb 7-10886

Hb 9-10966 Loyal subject. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7–10882 Massacre at l'aris. Com. Marlowe Hb 11-11016 Lucius Junius Brutus. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1-10742 | Massacre of Paris. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1-10744 Lucky hit. Com. H. Paul Hb 10–11003 Massaniello. G. Milner

Hb 9-10964 Lucretia Borgia. J. M. Weston Hb 9-10967 Match. Com. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Lugenfiend. L. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10934 Match in the dark. Com. C. Dance. Hb 10-11002 Luke the labourer. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-10993 Matrimony. J. Kenney

Hb 10-10997 Luria. Trag. R. Browning

Hf 2–12185 Matteo Falcone. Md. W. H. Oxberry Hb 10–11000 Lustspiel am Fenster. Kotzebue Hb 8–10931 Mausoleum. Com. Wm. Hayley Hf 2-12192 Lyar. S. Foote

Hb 7-10900 Max Helfenstein. L. Kotzebue Hb &_10934 Lying valet. D. Garrick Hb 7–10902 May day. D. Garrick .

Hb 7-10904 Lysistrata. Com. Aristophanes Ha 2–10491 Mayor impossible. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 Macbeth. Shakespeare

Mayor of Garrat. S. Foote

Hb 7-10900 Hb 5–10635, 10761, 14630, 6–10860, and 9–10955 Mazeppa. H. M. Milner

Hb 9-10903 Macbeth Travestie. W. K. Northall. Hb 10-10994 Measure for measure. Shakespeare Madchenfreundschaft. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10929

Hb 5–10634, 10759, 14630, 1-10747, and 6-10360 Madelaine. V. Cunningham Hb 9–10968 Méchant. C. J. Dupont

Hb 2-10793 Mad dogs. Far. J. Moore Hb 10–11000 Medea. Euripides

Hb 3-10849 Mad lover. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7–10882 Medecin malgré lui. Com. 'Molière Magic banner. J. O'Keeffe . Hb 7-10899

Hb 2-10766, and 8–10946 Magico prodigioso. Calderon Aa 2–12576 Medico de su honra. Calderon

Aa 2–12576 Magistrat. Com. Genlis Hb 2–10796 Meg's diversion. H. T. Craven

Hb 9–10973 Magnetic lady. B. Jonson

Hb 7-10641 Melicerte. Molière Hb 2-10766, and 8-10946 Mahomet. Trag. J. Miller Hb 1-10757 Menechmes. Com. Regnard

Aa 6-12940 Mahomet. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13242 Menschenhasz und Reue. Kotzebue Hb 8-10940 Mahomet the imposter. Trag. J. Miller Hb 1-10730 Menteur. Com. Corneille Hb 2–10769, and 8–10949 Maid in the mill. Beaumont and Fletcher

Mercator. Com. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 Hb 7–10883 Merchant of Venice. Shakespeare Maid of Bath. s. Foote

Hb 7-10901

Hb 5–10634, 10760, 14630, 6–10860, and 9–10955 Maid of Croissey. Mrs. C. Gore. IIb 10–10994 Mère coupable. Beaumarchais

Aa 6-12915 Maid of honour. P. Massinger Hb 7–10884 Merope. Trag. A. Hill

Hb 1-10732 Maid of Orleans. Schiller Hb 10–10978 Merope. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13242 Maid of the mill. Com. op. I. Bickerstaff

Merry wives of Windsor. Shakespeare Hb 5–10634, Hb 1-10756

10759, 14630, 1-10749, 6–10860, and 9–10967 Maid's revenge. J. Shirley

Hb 7–10886 Merry wives of Windsor. First sketch. Shakespeare Maid's tragedy. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7–10882

Hb 3–10809 Maid with the milking pail. Com. J. B. Buckstone Metamora. Burl. J. Brougham. Hb 10–11003

Hb 10–11003 Metromanie. Com. A. Piron Hb 2-10786, and 10794 Make your wills. Far.' E. Mayhew, and G. Smith Michael Erle. T. E. Wilks

Hb 9-10967 Hb 10–10998 Middy ashore. Far. W. B. Bernard Hb 10–10997 Malade Imaginaire cb. Molière

Midnight banquet. Md. J. B. Wright Hb 9-10970 Hb 2–10767, and 8–10947 Midsummer night's dream. Shakespeare Malcontent. J. Webster

Hb 11-11022

Hb 5–10634, 10760, 14630, 6–10860, and 9–10958 Male coquette. D. Garrick .

Hb 7-10903 Midsummer night's dream. Arranged from ShakesMan milliner. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10899
peare by Laura Keene

Hb 9-10965 Man without a head. Far. 'J. P. Wooler

Milagros del desprecio. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575

Hb 10-11004 Miller and his men. Md. Pocock Hb 9-10964 Man with the iron mask. W. J. Lucas Hb 9-10966 Miller of Mansfield. Far. R. Dodsley Hb 1-10738 Manager's daughter. E. Lancaster Hb 10–11004 Miller of New Jersey. J. Brougham .

Hb 9-10965 Mananas de abril y mayo. Com. Calderon, Miller's maid. Md. J. F. Saville Hb 10-10996

Aa 2–12576 Mind your own business. M. Lemon . Hb 9--10957 Mann von vierzig Jahren. Kotzebue : 11b 8-10923 Mineralli. H. G. Plunkett

Hb 9-10961 Mannequin, proverbe dramatique. Ståel-Holstein Miralda. M, M. Ballou

Hb 10–11003 Aa 1-12589 Minor. S. Foote.

Hb 7-10900 Manor Sackville. Lady Morgan Hb 1–10741 Misanthrope. Com. Molière Hb 2-10766, and 8-10946 Maratre, la. Balzac

Aa 2–12560 Mischief making. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-10998 Marble heart. C. Selby

Hb 9-10968 Miser. Com. H. Fielding Marcella. Trag. Wm. Hayley

Hf 2-12192

Hd 13–11729, and Hb 1-10731 Marchandes de modes. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10797 Miss in her teens. Far. D. Garrick Marco Spada. J. P. Simpson Hb 9-10958

Hb 1-10737, and 7-10902 Marcus Brutus. Trag. J. Sheffield Hd 4–11476 Miss Lucy in town. Far. H. Fielding 'Hd 13–11730 Maria Stuart, Schiller Aa 1-12587 Mistake. ' Com. J. Vanbrugh

Hb 1-10735 Mariage de Figaro. Com. Beaumarchais Aa 6–12945 Mithridate. Trag. J. Racine Mariage de la Folie. Com. Regnard Aa 6-12940

Hb 2-10777, and 10792 Mariage forcè. Com. Molière

Mithridates. Trag. N. Lee

Hb 1-10743 Hb 2–10766, and 8–10946 Mob cap. H. Paul

Hb 10-10995 Mariamne. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12–13240 Mock doctor. Com. H. Fielding Marie. Kotzebue IIb 8-10938

Ha 13-11728, and 1-10737

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Dramas, continued.

Dramas, continued. Modern antiques. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7–10896 Nicomède. Trag. Corneille Hb 2–10770, and 8–10950 Modern husband. Com. H. Fielding Hd 13–11728 Night and morning. J. Brougham Hb 9-10960 Molino, el. Com. Vega

Aa 2–12575 Night walker. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10883 Moll Pitcher. J. S. Jones

Hb 9-10966 Nina de Gomez Arias. Com. Calderon Aa 2-12576 Momentous question. E. Fitzball Hb 9–10967 No! Operetta

lib 10-10997 Momies d'Egypte. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12943 : No siempre lo peor es cierto. Com. Calderon Money. Com. Bulwer Hb 9-10952, and Hf 2–12183

Aa 2-12576 Monsieur de Pourceaugnac. Com. bal. Molière Noble gentleman. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 2-10767

Hb 7-10883 Monsieur Thomas. Beaumont and Fietcher Noble heart. G. H. Lewes :

Hb 9-10971 Hb 7-10882 Noch temands reise abenteurer. Kotzebue Monsieur Tonson. Far. Moncrief Hb 10-10998

Hb 8-10940 More blunders than one. Far. T. G. Rodwell Norah Creina. E. Stirling :

Hb 10-11001 Hb 10–11000 Northward hoe. T. Decker, and J. Webster Mormons. T. D. English Hb 9-10964

Hb 9-12459 Morning call. Com. C. Dance Hb 10-10995 Nothing to nurse." Far. c. M. Walcot Hb 10-10998 Mort d'Adam. Trag. Genlis Hb 2-10798 Not so bad as we seem. Bulwer

Hf 2-12183 Mort de Cesar. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13241 Number one around the corner.

W. Brough Most unwarrantable intrusion. Com. J. M. Morton

Hb 10-11001 Hb 10–11002 Object of interest.' Far. Stocqueler Hb 10–11001 Mostellaria. Com. Planteus Ha 2–10161 Obstinate family. Far.

Hb 10-11005 Mother Bombie. J. Lilly Hb 11-11017 Octavia. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10926 Mountaineers. G. Colman Hb 8–10920, and 9–10955 Oedipe. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13240 Mr. and Mrs. White. Far. R. J. Raymond

Oedipus. Trag. Dryden and Lee IIb 1-10742

Ab 10-11002 Oedipus Coloneous. Sophocles. HD 3-10852 Mrs. Caudle's curtain lecture. E. Sterling

Oedipus Tyrannus. Sophocles
Hb 10–10999

Ila 2-10487, and Ib 3-10852 Much ado about a merchant of Venice. J. Brougham Old and young. Com. J. Salmon Ilb 9-10969

Hb 10-11005 Old batchelor. Com. Congreve Hb 1-10727 Much ado about nothing. Shakespeare Hb 5–10634 Old guard

Hb 10-10994 Hb 10759, 14630, 1-10753, 6-10860, and 9–10955 Old heads and young hearts. D. Boucicault Mumyny. Far. W. B. Bernard . Hb 10–11001

Hlb 9-10955 Musard ball. J. Brougham . Hb 10–10999 Old law. P. Massinger

Hb 7-10884 Muses galantes. Ballet. Rousseau Aa 6–12934 old man taught wisdom. Far. H. Fielding My aunt. Com. S. J. Arnold Hb 10–11005

Hd 13-11729 Mrdas. J. Lilly Hb 11-11017 Old wives' tales. G. Peele :

Hb 4-13786 My fellow clerk. Far. J. Oxenford : Hb 10-11001 Oliver Twist. G. Almar

Hb 9-10966 My husband's ghost. Com. J. M. Morton

Olympie Trag. Voltaire :

Aa 12-13244 Hb 10-11002 Omnibus. Far.

Hb 10-10994 My husband's mirror. Com. w. w. Clapp, jr. O'Neal the Great. ' N. H. B. Clarke Hb 9-10972

Hb 10-11001 One coat for two suits. Com. C. M. Walcot My neighbor's wife. Far. A. Binn Hb 10-10996

Hb 10-10997 My son Diana. Far. A. Harris Hb 10-11002 One touch of nature. B. Webster Hb 10-11004 My wife's husband. Far. F. Challis Hb 10-10998 Opfer-tod. Sch. Kotzebue

IIb 8-10924 My wife's mirror. Com. E. G. P. Wilkins

Opportunity. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10888 Hb 10-10997 Opposite neighbors. Får. J. H. Paul Hb 10-10999 My young wife and my old umbrella. Far. B. Optimiste. C. J. Dupont

Hb 2-10793 Webster

Ilb 10-11001 Orators. Com. s. Foote isb 1-10729, and 7–10900 Nabob. S. Foote Hb 7-10901 Oreste. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13243 Nachlmutze des propheten Elias.' Kotzebue Orestes. Euripides

lib 3-10849 Hb 8–10935 Organe des Gehirns. L. Kotzebue Hb 8-10930 Naiad qucen. J. S. Dalrymple Hb 9–10970 Orlando Furioso. R. Greene

Hb 4-13786 Naissance d'Amadis. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12913 Oroonoko. Trag. T. Southern

Hb 1-10750 Nanine. C. J. Dupont

Hb 2-10793 Orphan. Trag. T. Olway Hb 1-10728, and 10746 Nanine. Com. Voltaire

Aa 12-13246 Orphelin de la Chine. Trag. Voltaire . Aa 12-13243 Narcisse. Com. Rousseau Aa 6–129:34 Orra. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Nature and philosophy. Far. IIb 10-11000 Ossawatomie Brown. Mrs. J. C. Swayze Nature's nobleman. Com. H. O. Pardey

Hb 9-10966 Hb 9-10958 Othello.' Trag. Shakespeare lib 1-10148, 5–10635 Naval engagements. Com. c. Dance Hb 10-10994

14630, 6-10860, and 9-10953 Nave del Mercader. Auto. Calderon Aa 2-12576 | Othon. Trag. Corneille

Hb 2-10771 Negersklaven. Kotzebue Hb 8-10923 Otto of Wittelsbach. Babo .

Hb 8-10943 Negromante. Com. L. Ariosto

Our gal. Far. S. D. Johnson

Hb 10-10996 Hb 12–11046, and Aa 5–12808 Our Jemimy. Far. H. J. Conway Hb 10-10996 Neighbor Jackwood. J. T. Trowbridge Hb 9–10970 Our wife. Com. J. M. Morton . Hb 10–11001 Neptune's defeat. J. Brougham Hb 10-10999 Out to nurse. Far. T. Williams Hb 10-11003 Nero, emperor of Rome. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1–10744 Pachter Feldkümmel. Kotzebue IIb 8-10934 Nervous man and the man of nerve. Far. W. B. Paddy Carey. T. Power

Hb 10-10995 Bernard

Hb 9-10954 Paddy the piper. Com. J. Pilgrim · Hb 10–10995 Neue frauenschule: L. Kotzebue Hb 8–10934 Padlock. Far. I. Bickerstaff

Hb 1-10738 Neue Jahrhundert. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10925 Pagenstreiche. Posse. Kotzebue HD 8-10929 New footman. C. Selby Hb 10-10995 | Pamela Giraud. Pièce. Balzac

Aa 2-12560 New inn. B. Jonson Hb 7-10641 Pandore. Op. Voltaire

Aa 12-132-18 New way to pay old debts. Com. P. Massinger Pandorens Büchse. Trag.

Kotzebue Hb 8-109:32 Hb 1-10747, 7-10884, and 9–109.54 Papagei. Sch. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10922 Nice valour. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7–10883 Parliament of love. P. Massinger IIb 7-10884 Nicholas Nickleby. Far. E. Stirling Hb 10–11003 Pas de fascination. Far. J. S. Coyne Nick of the woods. Miss L. H. Medina Hb 9–10968

Hb 10-11004 Nick Whiffles. J. H. Robinson . Hb 9–10974 Pasar del arroyo. · Vega

Aa 2-12575

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Dramas, continued.

Dramas, continued.
Pasquin. H. Fielding

Hd 13–11729 Pride of the market. Com. J. R. Planché
Passing cloud. W. B. Bernard
Hb 9-10957

Hb 10–10993 Patient Grissil. T. Dekker, et al .

Hb 3-10806 Primer fior del carmelo Auto. 'Calderon Patrician's daughter. Trag. J. W. Marston

Aa 2-12576 Hb 9-10967 Princess of cieve.' N. Lee :

Hb 1-10742 Patron. Com. s. Foote Hb 1–10729, and 7-10900 Princess d'Elide. Molière Hb 2-10766, and 8–10946 Paul Pry. Com. J. Poole .

Hb 9–10956 Princess de Navarre. Cb. Voltaire Aa 12-132-18 Pauline

Ib 9-10960 Principles form character. Com. J. H. Wehner Pauvrette. D. Boucicault Hb 9-10966

Hb 10–11000 Peace. Com. Aristophanes Ha 2–10490 Printer's devii. Far. J. R. Planché

Hb 9-10973 Pearl of Savoy.

Hb 9-10973 Prinzessin von Cacambo. Kotzebue Hb 8-10935 Peep behind the cirtain. D. Garrick Hb 7–10904 Prisoner at large. J. O'Keeffe

Hb 7-10999 Peep o'day. E. Falconer

Hb 9-10973 Prisonniers de guerre, les. Com. Rousseau
Pelopides. Trag. Voltaire
Aa 12–13245

Aa 6–12934
People's lawyer. " Com. J. S. Jones · Hb 9–10967 Promotheus chained. Trag: Aeschylus
Perfection. Far. T. H. Bayly
Hb 9-10953

Ha 2-10473 Pericles. Shakespeare 1b 5–10635, and 10764 Promotheus chained. Aeschylus Hb 3-10851 Perkin Warbeck. J. Ford . Hb 7-10884 | Promotion. J. R. Planché.

Hb 10-10999 Perro del hortelano. Com. Vega Aa 2-12575 Prophetess. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10883 Persa. Com. Plautus

Ha 2–10464 Provoked husband. Com. Vanbrugh and Cibber Persecuted Dutchman. Far. s. Barry Ab 10–10999

Hb 1-10731 Persians. Trag. Aeschylus Ha 2–10473 Provoked wife. J. Vanbrugh

Hb 1-10727 Persians. Aeschylus Hb 3-10851 | Prude. Com. Voltaire

Aa 12-13246 Personation. Mrs. C. Kemble

Hb 10-10997 Psyche. Trag. Molière Hb 2-10767, and 8–10947 Pervonte. Kotzebue Hb 8–10935 Pure gold. W. Marston

Hb 9-10972 Pet of the petticoats.

Op. J. B. Buckstone Putnam, the iron son of '76. ' N. H. Bannister
Hb 10–11002

Hb 9-10971
Peter Wilkins
Hb 9–10961 Pyrrhus. Trag. Crebillon

Hb 2-10773 Peyrouse. Kotzebue Hb 8–10924, and 10939 Quaker. Sch. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10934 Plålzgraf Heinrich. Kotzebue Hb 8–10940 Quash. Far. G. Brookes

Hb 10-11005 Phantom. D. Boucicault

Hb 9–10962 Queen of Corinth. Beaumont and Fletcher
Phantom. J. Baillie
Hb 7-10885

Hb 7-10883 Phedre. Trag. J. Racine Hb 2–10778, and 10792 Quiet family. Far. w. Suter Hb 10-11002 Phenomenon in a smock frock. Com. W. Brough Raffaelle the reprobate. T. E. Wilks . Hb 9-10969

Hb 10–10999 Rag picker of Paris. E. Stirling Hb 9-10958 Philaster. Trag. Beaumont and Fletcher

Raising the wind. Far. J. Kenney Hb 10–10994 Hb 7–10882, and 1-10734 Ralf Roister Doister. Udall

Hf 3-10834 Philoctetes. Trag. Sophocles

Rape upon rape. H. Fielding

Hd 13–11727 Ha 2–10487, and Hb 3–10852 Rauber, die. Schiller

Aa 1-12587 Philomele. A. Piron

Hb 2-10789 Raymond and Agnes. M. G. Lewis Hb 9-10963 Phoenician damsels. Euripides Hb 3-10849 Rayner. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10835 Phormio. Terence Hb 11-11013, and Ha 1-10445 Recollection of O'Flannigan and the fairies. J. Piccolomini. Schiller Hb 10–10979, and Aa 1-12587 Brougham

Hb 10-10996 Picture. P. Massinger Hb 7–10884 Red mask. "J. Brougham

Hb 9-10961 Pilgrim. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7–10882 Register office. Far. J. Reed

Hb 1-10738 Pilot. E. Fitzball

Hb 9–10959 Regular fix. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10-11004 Pippa passes. R. Browning Hf 2–12184 | Rehbock. L. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10937 Pirate of the isles. N. H. B. Clarke Hb 9-10972 Rendezvous. R. Ayton

Hb 10–10998 Pirate's legacy. C. H. Saunders Hb 9–10972 Renegado. P. Massinger

Hb 7-10884 Pizarro. Trag. R. B. Sheridan

Rent day. D. Jerrold .

Hb 9–10953 Hb 9–10933, and 11-11026 Respektable Gesellschaft. Kotzebue Hb 8-10934 Plaideurs. com. J. Racine Hb 2–10776, and 10792 Ressources de Quinola. Com. Balzac Aa 2-12560 Pleasant neighbor. Far. Mrs. E. Planché

Retour du Jeune Tobie. Com. Genlis Hb 2–10798

Hb 10–10995 Retour impreva. Com. Regnard Aa 6–12940 Plutus. Com. Aristophanes Ha 2–10491 Retribution. T. Taylor

Hb 9-10961 Po-ca-hon-tas. J. Brougham

Hb 10–10995 Return of the Druses. Trag. R. Browning
Poenulus. Com. Plautus .
Ha 2–10161

Ff 2-12185
Poetaster. B. Jonson
Hb 7-10641 Review. ' Far. G. Colman :

Hb 9–10969 Politician. J. Shirley

Hb 7–10890 Revolutionary soldier. Far. G. Jaimson Hb 10-11004 Politicians. C. Mathews

He 2-11900 Rhadamisthe et Zenobie. Trag. Crebillon Polyeucte. Corneille Hb 2-10769, and 8-10949

Hb 2-10772 Pompèc. Trag. Corneille Hb 2-10769, and 8–10949 Rhesus. ' Trag. Euripides Poor gentleman. G. Colman

Hb 9-10953

Ha 1-10457, and Hb 3–10348 Poor of New York. Hb 9–10963 Richardus tirtius. 'T. Legge

Hb 3-10321 Poor Pillicoddy. Far. " J. M. Morton' Ab 10-11001 Richelieu. Bulwer Hť 2–10739, and Hb 9-10952 Poor soldier. J. O'Keeffe Hb 7-10896 Rienzi. Trag. Miss Mitford

Hb 9-10962 Pope of Rome. D. Boucicault

Hb 9-10966 Rights of man. Com. 0. S. Leland Hb 10-11002 Popping the question. Far. J. B. Buckstone Rip Van Winkle. C. Burke

Hb 9-10962 Hb 10-10995 Rival candidates, Com. H. Bate Hb 1-10729 Por la puente Juana. Com. Vega Aa 2–12575 Rival Queens. Trag. N. Lee Hb 1-10744, and 10751 Portrait. Com. Genlis.

Hb 2-10797 Rivals. Com. R. B. Sheridan
Positive man. J. O'Keeffe.
Hb 7-10897

Hb 9-10953, and 11-11026
Posthaus in Treuenbrietzen. Kotzebue Hb 8-10931 Road to ruin. Com. T. Holcroft
P. P. Far. T. Parry
НЬ 10-10996

Hb 1-10754, and 9-10955 Precienses ridicules. com. 'Molière

Robber of the Rhine. G. Almar. Hb 9-10963

Hb 2-10766, and 8–109-45 Robbers. Trag. Schiller Pretty girls of Stillberg: Far. Hb 10-11005

Hb 8–10944, 9-10958, and 10–10977 Pretty piece of business. Com. T. Morton

Robber's wife. J. Pocock

Hb 9-10967 Hb 10–10996 Robert Emmet. J. Pilgrim .

Hb 9-10970

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Dramas, continued.

Dramas, continued. Robert Macaire. Md. C. Selby . Hb 10–10993 Sea voyage. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10883 Rob Roy Macgregor. J. Pocock Hb 9-10957 | Second love. Com. J. P. Simpson Hb 9–10968 Rodogune, princess des Parthes. Trag. Corneille Second marriage. Com. J. Baillie Hb 7-10885 Hb 2–10769, and 8–10949 Secret. Far.

Hb 10-10993 Roland for an Oliver. Far. T. Morton'ub 10-11000 Secret service. J. R. Planché

Hb 10-10994 Roman actor. P. Massinger

Hb 7–10884 Seeing Warren. Far. T. Morton Hb 10-11004 Romance after marriage. Com. F. B. Goodrich and Seelenwauderung. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10937 F. L. Warden

Hb 9-10963 Seechlacht und Meerkatze. Kotzebue Hb 8-10932 Romance and reality. Com. J. Brougham Seige. Com. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Hb 9–10959 Seige of Damascus. Trag. J. Hughes Romance of a poor young man. 0. Feuillet

Hb 1-10732, and 10755 Hb 9–10966 Sejamus, his fall. B. Jonson

Hb 7-10641 Romance under difficulties. 'Far. F. c. Burnand Selbstmorder. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10939 Hb 10-10997 Self. Com. Mrs. S. F. Bateman Hb 9-10962 Rome sauvée. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13243 Seltene Krankheit. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10935 Romeo and Juliet. "Trag. Shakespeare

Semiramis. Trag. Crebillon

Hb 2-10772 Hb 1-10752,5-10635, 14630,6-10860,and 9-10954 Semiramis. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13242 Romeo and Juliet. D. Garrick

Hb 7-10902 Senor Valiente. Com. G. H. Mills Hb 9-10972 Romiero. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Sent to the tower. Far. J. M. Morton Hb 10–11002 Rory O'More Hb 9–10962 Separation. Trag. J. Baillie

Hb 7-10885 Rosamond. Op. J. Addison Hd 4-11486 Serenade, la. Com. Regnard

Aa 6–12939 Rose. Com. op. A. Piron

Hb 2-10787 Serious family. Com. M. Barnett Hb 9-10956 Rosen des Herrn von Malesherbes. Kotzebue Sertorius. Trag. Corneille Hb 8-10934

Hb 2-10770, and 8-10950 Rosenmadscheu. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10939 Servants by legacy! Får. J. Pilgrim Hb 10-11003 Rose of Ettrick Vale. T. J. Lynch Hb 9-10960 Seven against Thebes. Trag. Aeschylus Rosiere de Salency. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10797

Ha 2-10473 Rosina Meadows. C. H. Saunders Hb 9-10966 Seven chiefs against Thebes. Aeschylus Hb 3-10851 Rothmantel. Kotzebue Hb 8-10939 Seven clerks. T. E. Wilks

Hb 9-10959 Rough diamond. Far. J. B. Buckstone

Sganarelle. Com. Molière Hb 2-10766, and 8-10945 Hb 10-10994 Shaker lovers. S. D. Johnson

Hb 10-11003 Royal convert. Trag. 'N. Rowe Hb 1-10730. Shakespeare's dream. J. Brougham Hb 10-10999 Roval king. Heywood Hb 3–10844 Shandy Maguire. J. Pilgrim

Hb 9-10967 Royal master. J. Shirley Hb 7-10889 Shawl. L. Kotzebue.

Hb 8-10936 Rubezahl. Sch. Kotzebue Hb 8–10928 Sheep shearing

Hb 1-10737 Ruckkehr der Freiwilligen. Kotzebue Hb 8-10936 She stoops to conquer. 'Goldsmith Hb 9-10956 Rudens. Com. Plautus

Ha 2-10464 She would and she would not. Com. C. Cibber Radolph von Habsburg und Konig Ottaker von Boh

Hb 1-10731 Kotzebue

Hb 8–10937 Shocking events. Far. J. B. Buckstone Hb 10-11004 Ruinen von Athen. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10935 Shoemaker of Toulouse. F. S. Hill Hb 9-10967 Rule a wife and have a wife. Beaumont and Fletcher Shylock. F. Talfourd .

Hb 10–10998 Hb 7–10882 Si no vieran las mugeres. com. ' Vega Aa 2-12575 Rural felicity. Com. J. B. Buckstone Hb 9–10968 Siamese twins. Far. G. A. A'Becket Hb 10-11002 Rus. Kotzebue Hb 8-10938 Sicilien. Cb. Molière

Hb 2-10767 Russe in Deutschland. Kotzebue Hb 8-10931 Siege of Aquileia. Trag. J. Home Hd 3–11474 Ruth et Noémi. Com. Genlis Hb 2-10798 Signing the declaration of independence. C. E. B. Ruth Oakley. T. Williams and A. Harris


Hb 10-11005 Hb 9–10969 Signora Fantastici. Proverbe dramatique. Ståel-HolRuy Blas. Hugo

Aa 1-12600

Aa 1-12589 Sad shepherd. ©B. Jonson

Hb 8-10924 Sailor of France. J. B. Johnstone Hb 9–10961

Hb 11-11019 St. Cupid. Com. D. Jerrold

Hb 10-10995 Simpson & Co. Com. J. Poole Hb 9-10955 St. Patrick for Ireland. J. Shirley Hb 7-10889 Sir Clyomon and Sir Clamydes. G. Peele Hb 4-13786 St. Patrick's day. Far. R. B. Sheridan Hb 11-11026 Sir Harry Wildair. Com. Farquhar Hb 1-10731 St. Patrick's eve. T. Power Hb 10–10993 Sir Thomas More. Dyce

Hb 3-10823 Sammtrock. L. Kotzebue Hb 8–10930 Sisters. J. Shirley

Hb 7-10890 Samson. Op. Voltaire

Aa 12–13248 Six degrees of crime. F. s. Hill Hb 9-10966 Sapho. Stäel-Holstein Aa 1–12589 Sixteen string Jack. L. Rede

Hb 9-10964 Sapor. Trag. Regnard Aa 6-12941 Skeleton witness. L. Rede

Hb 9-10964 Sapho and Phao. J. Lilly

Hb 11-11017 Sketches in India. Far. T. Morton : Hb 9-10957 Sardanapalus. Trag. Lord Byron

Hb 9-10958 Slasher and Crasher. Far. J. M. Morton
Satan in Paris. C. Selby
Hb 9-10966

Hb 10-10994 Schauspieler wider willen. L. Kotzebue

Socrate. Com. Voltaire

Aa 12-13247 Hb 8–10928 Soldier's courtship.

Com. J. Poole Hb 10-11003 Schelmische Freier. Kotzebue :

Hb 8–10936 Soldier's daughter. Com. A. Cherry Hb 9–10958 Schlane Witwe. Posse. Kotzebue Hb 8–10927 Soldier's fortune. T. Otway

Hb 1-10745 Scholar. Com. J. B. Buckstone Hb 9–10969 Somebody else. Far. J. R. Planché: Hb 10-11002 Scholastica. L. Ariosto

Son of the night. C. Gayler

Ilb 9-10962 Hb 12–11046, and Aa 5–12805 Sonnenjungfrau. Kotzebue

Hb 8–10921 Schone Unbekaunte. Kotzebue Hb 8–10940 Sophie. Stäel-Holstein

Aa 1-12589 School for scandal. Com. R. B. Sheridan

Sophonisba. Trag. J. Marston. Hb 11-11021 Hb 9-10952, and 11-11026 Sophonisba. Trag. N. Lee

Hlb 1-10744 School of Reform.' Com. T. Morton Hb 9–10963 Sophonisha. Trag. Thompson Hb 1-10734 Schreibepult. Sch. Kotzebue Hb 8–10925 Sophonisbe. Trag. Corneille

Hb 2-10771 Schule der Frauen. L. Kotzebue Hb 8–10930 Sophonisbe. Trag. Voltaire

Aa 12-13244 Schutzgeist. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10936 | Sorgen ohne Noth und Noth ohne Sorgen. L. KotScornful lady. Beaumont and Fletcher Hb 7-10882 zebue.

Hb 8–10933 Scythes. Trag. Voltaire Aa 12-13244 Souhaits, les. Com. Regnard

Aa 6-12941 Sea of ice Hb 9–10959 Spaenier in Perew. Kotzebue

Hb 8-10922


. 2-10641 Silberne Hochzeit. Koizebue


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