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Soudan. (Sir S. Baker) Fortn. 52: 552(O). Same art. | Steam-engine, Out-put of non-condensing, as a function
Ecl. M. 113: 736(D). Same art. Liv. Age, 183: of speed and pressure. (F. E. Nipher) Am. J.
387 (N16).
Sci. 138: 281(0).

- Memorandum on classes in, 1884. (C. G. Gordon) Steel, Hardening and tempering of. (W. C. Roberts-
19th Cent. 26: 861(N).
Austen) Nature, 41: 11(N7), 32 (N14).

Sound-shadows and sensitive flames. (W. Le. C. Ste- Steele, Richard, Aitken's life of. (A. Dobson) Contemp.

vens) Pop. Sci. Mo. 36: 36(N).

Sound-wave, Mechanical illustration of the propagation

of a. (F. J. Smith) Nature, 40: 620(024).

South Dartmouth, Mass., Southworth library. Lib. J. 14: 475(D).

56: 503(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 183: 359(N9).

- (J. A. Picton) Good Words, 30: 736(N).—Ath. '89, 2: 515(019).-Sat. R. 68: 438.-Spec. 63: 586(N2).

Stigmata and modern medicine. Dub. R. 105: 444(O).

South Kensington Museum, Buildings of; a plea for Stoicism, Cheery. Spec. 63: 299(S7).

their completion. Art J. 41: 340(D).

- Science collection at. Nature, 40: 565(010).

Stone images of San Augustin. (H. R. Lemly) M.
Am. Hist. 22: 384(N).

Southern Confederacy from the inside, A view of. (J. Story of Alice Lynton. All the Year, 65: 516(N30).
A. Campbell) Cent. 38: 950(0).
Southern planter, Mrs. Smede's Memorials of. (W. E.
Gladstone) 19th Cent. 26: 984(D).
Southwark, Ancient. (Wm. C. Preston) Good Words,
30: 683(O).—Chamb. J. 66: 720(N).
Speculation in Germany. Sat. R. 68: 431.

Stowey and Coleridge. [Lond. Q.] Liv. Age, 183:

Speech and song. (M. Mackenzie) Pop. Sci. Mo. 36: 99(N).

Spencer, Herbert: "Our great philosopher." (W. S.

Lilly) Contemp. 56: 586(0).

Reconciliation of science and religion. (J. M.
Greenwood) Educa. 10: 145(N).

Strafford, Viscount, Life of, by Traill. Sat. R. 68: 529.
Ath. '89, 2: 814(D14).

Strange compact, A; a story. Chamb. J. 66: 574(S).
Strike, Dock-laborers, in London. (B. Tillett) Eng.
Illust. 7: 97(N).— (Cardinal Manning and J.
Burns) New R. 1: 409(O). —Sat. R. 68: 257-580.
- And. R. 12: 422(O).— (C. S. Devas) Dub. R.

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105: 386(0).

its influence on trades-unions. (F. Harrison) 19th Cent. 26: 721 (N).

Spenser, E. Faerie Queene, One aspect of. (H. S. Strikes, English, Warning of. (H. George) No. Am.

Pancoast) And. R. 12: 272(0).

Spirit and letter. (H. D. Catlin) Unita. R. 32: 406 (N).

149: 385(0).

- A 14th century strike. All the Year, 65: 269(S21). Stuart, Arabella, Lady. Spec. 63: 887 (D21).

Spiritualism, Experiences with. (M. J. Savage) Forum, Substance of a shadow: a story. (J. G. Bettany) 8: 449(D). Argosy, 48: 294(O). Sponges, Lendenfeld on the horny. Nature, 41: 147 Suburban allotments and dwellings. (S. Evershed) (D19).

New R. 1: 596(N).

Sport in Cashmere, A night's. Chamb. J. 66: 733(N). Sugar, Production of. Science, 14: 202 (S20).
Some defects in. Spec. 63: 515(019).
Sulphur mines of Sicily. (V. Lamantia) Am. Arch. 26:
Sports, Scotch. Spec. 63: 522(019).
229 (N16).
Springbuck Flats, A week on the. All the Year, 65: Sunday school and young men. (H. Y. Satterlee)
Church R. 55: 187(0).

Squirrel hunting in Virginia and Tennessee. Outing, Sunday schools, Course of instruction in, should general 15: 104(N).

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convention set forth? (G. W. Shinn) Church R. 55: 24(O).

in the Church of England. (E. P. Thesiger) Eng.
Illust. 7: 227(D).

Sun-dials and hour glasses. Chamb. J. 66: 651(0).
'Supernatural religion." Ath. '89, 2: 447(05). — (J.


Owen) Acad. 36: 280(N2).

Superstitions and customs, West-of-Ireland. Chamb. J.
66: 655(O). — Spec. 63: 549(026).
Surface waters. (J. C. Thomson) Am. Law R. 23: 372

Surgery, Recent progress in. (W. W. Keen) Harper,
79: 703(0).
Surnames ending in "s."

State, The: What shall it do for me? (T. B. Preston) Surplus, Deposits of the.
Chaut. 10: 163(N).


Ath. '89, 2: 896(D28).
(A. Barker) Amer. 19: 172

- What shall I do for it? (T. B. Preston) Chaut. 10: Survival of the fittest. (A. R. Wallace) Nature, 40: 319 284(D).

Wilson on. Nation, 49: 523 (D26).

State legislatures in the U. S. (A. Shaw) Contemp. 56: 555(0).

(024). Spec. 63: 396(S28).

Sutri, Early rock-cut church at. (A. L. Frothingham, jr.) Am. J. Archæol. 5: 320(S).

Swanage. (W. A. Willis) Gent. M. n. s. 43: 354(O).

Statistics, International institute of, 1889. Sat. R. 68: Sweden, Bronze age in. (W. H. Larrabee) Pop. Sci. 298.

Mo. 35: 778(0).

Steam, Supplanting of. (A. D. Brock) Overland, n. s. 14: 396(0).


Revolution under Gustavus Vasa, Watson on.
(Ch.) 10: 167(N).


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Swinburne, Algernon Charles, as a literary critic. (J. | Textile fabrics at the South Kensington museum. (G.

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Tadpoles, Arboreal. (W. J. Holland) Am. Natural. 23:

Taking of Captain Ball. (S. O. Jewett) Harper, 80: 141

Tale of the incredible. (L. Kip) Overland, n s. 14:

Talk and talkers of to-day. New R. 1: 140(Jl), 233

Talking handkerchief. (T. W. Knox) Harper, 79: 936

Talleyrand and Pitt in 1792. (Mme. Blaze de Bury)
New R. 1: 358(S).

R. Redgrave) Art J. 41: 328(N).

Thackerayana, Some few. [Nat. R.] Liv. Age, 182: 670

(S14). Same art. Ecl. M. 113: 633(N).
Thanksgiving day in the U. S. Chamb. J. 66: 683(O).
Theatre; anecdotes of unrehearsed effects. Cornh. 60:



Attic, Haigh on. Sat. R. 68: 441.

Theatres, halls, and audiences. (D. Boucicault) No.
Am. 149: 429(0).

Theatrical lawsuits. (G. A. Aitken) Acad. 36: 135
(Ag31), 152(S7), 168(S14).

Theology is it a progressive science? (G. B. Willcox)
N. Eng. 51: 300(0).

- Scientific, the ground of all liberal religion. (F. E.
Abbot) Unita. R. 32: 481(D).

Theosophy, Genesis of. (H. S. Olcott) National, 14:

- Colonel Olcott's; a reply. (F. Legge) National, 14:

Thermometer, The modern. (E. Ingersoll) Chaut. 10:
Thomas, John Jacob.

- Correspondence with Louis XVIII. (W. F. Lord) Thought, Science of.
19th Cent. 26: 998(D).

Tamerlane; Romance of history. Temp. Bar, 87: 411
(N). Same art. Liv. Age, 183: 793(D28).
Taming of Tarias, The. (M. A. Owen) Cent. 39: 284

Tea, Revolution in. Chamb. J. 66: 501(Ag).
Teachers, Training of. (N. M. Butler) Cent. 38: 915

Acad. 36: 203(S28).

(J. P. Gordy) And. R. 12: 666.
Three kings, The. (A. M. F. Robinson) Contemp. 56:

Thrift, German, and German insurance. All the Year,
65: 304(S28).

Tidal rivers, Training of. Chamb. J. 66: 630(0).
Timber, Diseases of, Ward on. Spec. 63: 721 (N23). —
Sat. R. 68: 331.

Timoleon, liberator of Sicily. Westm. 132: 470(N).
Same art. Liv. Age, 183: 732(D21).
Tiryns and Mykenai. (W. Dörpfeld) Am. J. Archæol.
Titans, Mayer on Ath. '89, 2: 326(S7).

Technical education. (H. Roscoe) Nature, 41: 183(D26).
Technical instruction act. Nature, 40: 457 (S5).
Telegraph rates. (N. Green) No. Am. 149: 569(N).
Telegraphs, Early. Chamb. J. 66: 550(Ag).
Telephone, The pulsion mechanical. Nature, 41: 65 Tithes on the English church, Selborne's Ancient facts

Telescope, Bruce Photographic. Dub. R. 105: 419(O),
Tell el-Amarna tablets. (B. T. A. Evetts) Ath. '89, 2:
641 (N9).

and fictions concerning. (A. T. Lyttelton) Eng.
Hist. R. 4: 765(0).

Titian, Painting of, in Mexico. (S. Baxter) Am. Arch.
26: 287 (D21).

Temperance; Ethics of the drink question. (J. Runci- Toad, Lady; legend of the princes of Anhalt. (F. Max
man) [Contemp.] Ecl. M. 113: 677(N).
Müller) 19th Cent. 26: 668(O).

Temperature, Underground, Rate of increase. Nature, Tobacco, Women and. (J. D. Hunting) National, 14:
40: 551(03).


Tenements, Studies among the. (J. A. Riis) Scrib. M. Toronto granite club. (J. Hedley) Outing, 15: 28(O).
6: 643(D).

Teneriffe; Under the peak. (F. L. Shaw) Good Words,
30: 665(0), 742(N).

Tennyson: the man. (M. G. Gage) Unita. R. 32: 535


and Robert Browning. Spec. 63: 879(D21).
Demeter and other poems. (H. B. Garrod) Acad. 36:
413(D28). Ath. '89, 2: 883 (D28).- Spec. 63:
883 (D21).

Totems, American, Distribution of. (C. S. Wake) Am.
Antiq. 11: 354 (N).

Towers and domes. (McNamara) Am. Arch. 26:

Leaning. Chamb. J. 66: 538(Ag).
Town versus country. Spec. 63: 330(S14).
Township, Howard's Development of the. Nation, 49:

Toys, ancient and modern. Chamb. J. 66: 726(N).
Tenses, Nomenclature of. (H. Bradley) Acad. 36: 342 Trade, International, Some applications of the theory of.

Teplitz. (E. C. Papillon) National, 14: 392(N).
Terentianus Maurus. (J. Young) Ath. '89, 2: 675 (N16).
Teresa, St., Life of. Dub. R. 105: 464(O).

Terrible coincidence, A; a story. (A. L. Harris) All

the Year, 65: 333, 405.

Terror to evil-doers, A; a story. Chamb. J. 66: 648-

(C. F. Bastable) Q. J. Econ. 4: 1(0).
Trades-unionism, as influenced by the strike at the Lon-
don docks. (F. Harrison) 19th Cent. 26: 721(N).
Tragic muse, The. (H. James) Atlan. 64: 537(O), 652
(N), 735(D).

Trap ridges of the East Haven-Branford region. (E.
O. Hovey) Am. J. Sci. 138: 361(N).
Traps, Evaporation of water in. Am. Arch. 26: 269(D7).
Terry, David S., Life and character of. (E. G. Waite) Travel, Open-air, as a remedy for consumption. (H. 1.

Overland, n. 8. 14: 434(O).

Bowditch) Science, 14: 230(04).

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Treasure hunt, The new. (T. Hopkins) New R. 1: 287 | United States, History; civil war, Lord Wols eley

Treasures and fortunes. Chamb. J. 66: 566(S).
Trempeleau, French post at, 1685. (T. H. Kirk) M.

Am. Hist. 22: 498(D).

Tricycle in Essex. (C. R. Dodge) Outing, 15: 35(0).
Trimorphism in Scabiosa succisa. (A. Turner) Nature,
40: 643(031).

Triple alliance, The, and England. Contemp. 56: 469
(0). Same art. Liv. Age, 183: 259(N2).
Tropics; notes of a sub-tropic study. (E. M. Bacon)
Scrib. M. 6: 746(D).

Troughton, Richard Zouch Sebbon. Acad. 36: 276(026). |
Trout and salmon, Enemies of. (J. Watson) 19th Cent.
26: 695(0).

Trouting through the ice. (G. A. Stockwell) Outing,
15: 188(D).

Trusts. Sat. R. 68: 342.

[blocks in formation]

answered. (J. B. Fry) No. Am. 149: 728 (D). —
(J. Davis) No. Am. 149: 472(O).

--Mrs. McHatton-Ripley on the. Spec. 63:611(N2).
Non-combatant's war reminiscences.

Kendrick) Atlan. 64: 449(0).

(J. R.

Union woman's diary in the South. (Ed. by
G. W. Cable) Cent. 38: 931(0).

- National conceits of. (M. Halstead) No. Am. 149:

United States court of claims; Government and its
creditors. (H. L. Nelson) Atlan. 64: 508(0).
United States Supreme Court, Relief of. (S. Maxwell)
Am. Law R. 23: 958 (N-D).

Universities and the professions, l'he. Nation, 49: 425
(N28), 475(D12).

Cost of. (D. J. Hill) Forum, 8: 297(N).
Universities, Extension in England. (J. C. Collins)

19th Cent. 26: 561(0).

University, A national. (W. A. Mowry) Educa. 10: 73
Unprofitable servant, The. (W. B. Carpenter) Good
Words, 30: 767(N).

Uranium. Am. Arch. 26: 169(012).

Tupper family, Antiquity of. (F. A. Tupper) M. Am. Uruguay. Spec. 63: 394(S28).

Hist. 22: 324(0).

Turkey, Future of. Spec. 63: 624(N9).



in the 17th century. Ath. '89, 2: 312(S7).

Last days of the Ottoman empire. (J. Welsh) Fortn.
52: 538(0).

Politics in 1889. Sat. R. 68: 288.

Turkish land grabber; a story. (V. Caillard) Murray,
6: 512(0). Same art. Ecl. M. 113: 649(M).
Twelfth guest. (M. E. Wilkins) Harper, 80: 97 (D).
Twilight and zodiacal light, Observations on, at solar

eclipse, Dec. 22, 1889. (C. Abbe) Nature, 40: 519

Tylt-yard Guard, The. Chamb. J. 66: 507(Ag).
Tyrol, The. (O. M. Wavertree) Sunday M. 18: 664.
- German unity in. Nation, 49: 309 (017).

Ullathorne, Archbishop. Dub. R. 105: 456(0).

Useful, The, and the beautiful. (D. Swing) Chaut. 10:

Utah, Mormon settlement of, 1848-50. (H. H. Ban-
croft) M. Am. Hist. 22: 358(N).

The situation in, in 1889. (R. G. McNiece) Our
Day, 4: 518(D).

Vacations, School. (N. S. Shaler) Atlan. 64: 824(D).
Valley, The, of the shadow. (L. C. d'Oyle) Gent. M.
n. s. 43: 421 (N).

Van Voorst, Hooper C., with portrait. (G. W. Van
Siclen) M. Am. Ilist. 22: 455(D).

Variation, Causes of. (E. D. Cope; E. R. Lankester)
Nature, 41: 79(N28), 128(012).

Vasa, Gustavus, Watson's. Sat. R. 68: 658(D7).
Vegetables, Garden, History of. (E. L. Sturtevant)
Am. Natural. 23: 665(Ag).

Ultramontanism, National defense against. (A. C. Velasquez, Diego, Justi's Life of. (A. French) Dial

Coxe) Our Day, 4: 308(0).

(Ch.) Io: 133(O).

Under an Afric sun; a novelette. (G. M. Fenn) Chamb. Venice; Ducal palace, Restorations of. Am. Arch. 26:
J. 66: 423-470(JI).
168 (012).


Uniat catholics in Russia. (B. J. Clinch) Am. Cath. Q. From our terrace on the Grand Canal. Chamb. J. 66:
14: 624(0).

[blocks in formation]

- Bryce's American Commonwealth. Church Q. 29: Ventura, Autumn days in. (N. Eames) Overland, n. s.

14: 561(D).

M. 113: 687(N).

Christian evolution of. (C. Grecley) N. Eng. 51: Verdi. Otello. Macmil. 60: 428(O). Same art. Ecl.
Constitutional history, Howard's. (J. O. Pierce) Verulamium, Roman theatre of. Chamb. J. 66:793(D).
Dial (Ch.) 10: 135(0).
Vicars, Capitular. Dub. R. 105: 318(O).

- History; Revolution, Border warfare of. (J. Fiske) Vienna, Court of, in the 18th century. (M. Moriarty)
Atlan. 64: 813(D).

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Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Philippe Auguste Mathias de
Ath. '89, 2: 321(S7), (A. Symons) 354 (S14).
Virginia, Lincoln's restoration policy for, 1865. (H. E.
Hayden) M. Am. Hist. 22: 487(D).
Visions. (L. A. Dutto) Cath. World, 50: 80(0).
Viterbo, Artistic discoveries in. Nation, 49: 208 (S12).
Vitzthum von Eckstädt, K. F. Contemp. 56: 712(N).
Voice-figures. (E. I. Barrington) Spec. 63: 550(026).

Wabun Anung; sport in the great lake region. (F.
Houghton) Outing, 15: 163(D).

Wages and profits; Walker's theory of distribution.
(S. N. Patten) Q. J. Econ. 4: 34(O).

- Gross and net gain of. (R. Giffen) Contemp. 56: 830

Wagner, Richard, Forsyth on. Spec. 63: 639 (N9).

- Parsifal, at Baireuth. (E. C. Sellar) Murray, 6: 491
(O). — (G. B. Shaw) Eng. Illust. 7: 49(O).
Waifs and strays. Sunday M. 18: 808(D).



Water supply of London. Am. Arch. 26: 169(012).
Water-world wonders. (T. Wood) Sunday M. 18: 814

Wealth, Distribution of, in U. S. (T. G. Shearman)
Forum, 8: 262(N).

Weather signs. (S. Cox) Sunday M. 18: 728 (N).
Weeds. Cornh. 60: 417(O). Same art. Liv. Age, 183:
233(026). Same art. Ecl. M. 113: 657(N).
Weight and measure, New standards of. (Le Cocq de
Lautreppe) Nation, 49: 329(024).

Weird of the Walfords. (L. Baldwin) Longm. 15: 47

Weismann's essays. (St. G. Mivart) Nature, 41: 38

Wellington's letters, Selections from. (M. E. Davies-
Evans) Cent. 39: 163(N).

West, Roosevolt's Winning of the. (W. F. Poole) At-
lan. 64: 693(N). -Spec. 63: 440(05).—Sat. R.
68: 466.

Waiting for the 'Khiva.' (M. Rowan) Longm. 14: 610 West Indies, Froude on the. Sat. R. 68: 336.

Wakes, Irish. Spec. 63: 667(N16).

Waldenses, Wonderful return of, to their mountain
home. (C. W. Cyr) Unita, R. 32: 328(O).


- Spanish depredations on English trade, 1728-42. (J.
K. Laughton) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 741(O).
Westminster abbey. (W. J. Loftie) Portfo. 20: 181(0),
201 (N), 221(D).

- Celebration of. (V. W. Johnson) Critic, 15: 167 Westminster confession of faith, Revision of. (P. Schaff,

Wales; In a Welsh farmhouse. Chamb. J. 66: 585(S).
Wallace, A. R. On Darwinism. (George J. Romanes)
[Contemp.] Liv. Age, 182: 643(S14).

J. DeWitt) Presb. R. 10: 529(O).

Briggs on. (J. H. Hopkins) Church R. 55: 195(O).
Whaling. (H. L. Aldrich) Outing, 15: 113(N).
Whining. Spec. 63: 299 ($7).

Walpole, Robert. Morley's Life of. Sat. R. 68: 589.- White, Blanco. Night and death. (M. B. Benton)
Ath. '89, 2: 703 (N23).
Critic, 15: 233 (N9). — (W. D. Adams) Critic, 15:
287 (D7).

Walton, Izaak, Lowell on. Sat. R. 68: 472.

War and commerce. (F. Greenwood) New R. 1: 478 Whitechapel. (S. A. Barnett) New R. 1: 459(O).

- Anglo-continental, Effect of, on American commerce.
(J. R. Soley) Scrib. M. 6: 541(N).


in Europe, Mutterings of. (E. de Laveleye) Forum,
8: 117(0).


Ward, W. G., and the Oxford movement. Quar. 169:
356(0). — Church Q. 29: 72(O). — Dub. R. 105:
243(O). (W. R. Thayer) Amer. 19: 68(N9).
War-songs of Europe. (Laura A. Smith) 19th Cent. 26:
628 (0).

Warwick, England. Leycester's hospital. (E. Swim-
merton) Art J. 41: 277(O).

Washington, George, English ancestry of. (J. S. Cot-
ton) Acad. 36: 269(O26). — Nation, 49: 306(017).
- (H. F. Waters) Nation, 49: 449(D5).—(A.
Jessopp) Ath. '89, 2: 522(019).


Whitehall. All the Year, 65: 484 (N23).

Whitehead, Charles. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 183: 219

Whitman, Walt, M. Sarrazin on. (H. S. Morris) Amer.
19: 89 (N16).


Whittier, J. G., Writings of. Ath. '89, 2: 479(012). —
Spec. 63: 554(O26).

Wigmore castle. Chamb. J. 66: 337(Je).
William II., Emperor of Germany, Two views of. (P.
Bigelow) New R. 1: 243.

Williams, Samuel Wells. Life and letters. Ath. '89, 2:

Wilmington, Del., settled by the Swedes, 1638. (W. W.
Taylor) M. Am. Hist. 22: 393(N).

Wilson, Florence. (C. Rampini) Scot. R. 14: 281(0).
Wimbledon. All the Year, 65: 319(05).

- as an employer of labor. (W. C. Ford) Nation, 49: Winchester, Chapter of, 1541-1547. Ath. '89, 2: 413 (S.
227 (S19).

- Forged letters of. (W. C. Ford) Nation, 49: 427 (N28).
- Franklin, Washington, and Lincoln. Atlan. 64: 707

Memorial arch to. Critic, 15: 115-315(S-D).

Rare print of, by C. W. Peale. (W. S. Baker)
Pennsyl. M. 13: 257(O).

Washington, D.C., Aqueduct tunnel. Am. Arch. 26:


Winds, Ferrel's popular treatise on the. Nation, 49: 525
(D26). Nature, 41: 124(D12).
Windows, Our. Chamb. J. 66: 385(Je).
Winter, Wonders of. (J. G. Wood) Good Words, 30:
747 (N).

Winter camp, The; a day's ride from the mail. Cent.
39: 56(N).

With the eyes shut. (E. Bellamy) Harper, 79: 736(0).

- News from, How we get. (A. W. Lyman) Chaut. Wives, Deserted. (W. C. Preston) Sunday M. 18: 834
10: 36(0).

Waste, Wilful. All the Year, 65: 446(N9).

Water, Pure, for cities. (W. C. Conant) Lippinc. 44:


Wollaton Hall, In the old muniment room of. (Lady
Middleton and C. F. Gordon-Cumming) New R.
1: 490(0), 631(D).

- Underground, Work of. (N. S. Shaler) Chaut. 10: Woman question, Plain words on. (G. Allen) Fortn.

52: 448(O). Same art. Ecl. M. 113: 670(N).

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Womanhood, Three types of. (Countess of Cork) New Work, Pessimist view of. Spec. 63: 750(N30).
R. 1: 194(JI).
Working-girls. (F. Hillel) Chaut. 10: 328(D).
Women, American, Types of. (II. H. Boyesen) Forum, Working-man, A real. (Macmil.) Liv. Age, 183: 123
8:337 (N).


and church song. (W. G. Horder) Sunday M. 18: Workmen and politics. (H. Rose) Westm. 132:581(D).
- British. (G. R. Hall) National, 14: 229(O).
World's fair of 1892, E. Atkinson's plans for. Seience,

- and learning. (L. D. Morgan) Atlan. 64: 518.


— and their guns. (M. Bisland) Outing, 15: 225 (D).
- Eastern. (H. Victor) Fortn. 52: 505(O). Same art.
Ecl. M. 113: 723(D).

— Education of, Higher, Effect of, on her religious be-
lief. (C. P. Woolley) Unita. R. 32: 527(D).
- Colleges for, Boarding at. (E. F. Wheeler and
others) Critic, 15: 89(Ag24), 127(S14), 137(S21),
151(S28), 167(05), 221(N2), 257 (N23). -Na-
tion, 49: 326(O24).

-- in Germany. Nation, 49: 426(N28), 446(D5).
- in business, Incapacity of. (M. Harland) No. Am.
149: 707(D).

in politics. (A. M. Payne) National, 14: 401 (N).
- Literary, Domestic aptitudes of. (A. H. Wharton)
Amer. 18: 376(S28).

- of to-day, What is expected of them. (Lady C. M.
Gaskell) 19th Cent. 26: 776(N).

- of to-day, yesterday, and to-morrow. (Mrs. Mary
Jeune) National, 14: 547(D).

- of the world, Woes of. Spec. 63: 630(N9).

14: 182(S13).

Worship. (W. M. Bicknell) Unita. R. 32: 525(D).
Woven of love and glory. (A. E. Barr) Sunday M.
18: 649(0), 721 (N), 793(D).

Wrestling in Japan. (G. N. Curzon). New R. 1:

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