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Haagensen, Sophus. (Trans.) Methods and The- | or, The Why and Because of Broken Knees and Unsound ories for the Solution of Problems of Geometrical Construction, by Julius Petersen, Lon., 1879, 8vo.

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Habershon, Samuel Osborne, M.D., F.R.C.P., 1825-1889, b. at Rotherham; studied medicine at Guy's Hospital and at the University of London, where he graduated 1848; physician to Guy's Hospital 1866-80; vice-president of the Royal College of Physicians 1887, &c. 1. A Catalogue of the Models of Diseases of the Skin in the Museum of Guy's Hospital, Lon., 1854, 8vo. 2. Pathological and Practical Observations on Diseases Mof the Abdomen, Lon., 1857, 8vo; 4th ed., 1888. Medical Science in its General Aspects and Study: a 3. Lecture, Lon, 1859, 8vo. 4. On the Injurious Effects of Mercury in the Treatment of Disease, Lon., 1859, p. 8vo. 5. On Disease of the Stomach: the Varieties of Dyspepsia, their Diagnosis and Treatment, Lon., 1866, p. 8vo; 3d ed., 1879. 6. On the Pathology and Treatment of some Diseases of the Liver, (Lettsomian Lectures, 1872,) Lon., 1872, 8vo; 2d ed., 1885. 7. On the Pathology of the Pneumogastric Nerve, (Lumleian Lectures, 1876,) Lon., 1877, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1885. 8. The Advancement of Science by Experimental Research: the Harveian Oration, 1883, Lon., 1883, er. 8vo. Habershon, William G., and Gladstone, Thomas II., Ph.D. (Ed.) Hymns for the Use of Christian Associations, Lon., 1863, 16mo.

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Travancore, South India. Illust. Lon., 1887, cr. 8vo.
Guide for the Order

of High Priesthood, Portland, Me., 1864, 12mo.
Hacker, M. E. William.
liam Henry Young Hackett: with Selections from his
Hackett, Frank Warren. 1. Memoir of Wil-
Writings, Portsmouth, N.H., 1879, 8vo. Privately
References to Decisions of the Court of Commission of
printed. 2. The Geneva Award Acts: with Notes and
Records: with Notes, 1886, Svo.
Alabama Claims, Bost., 1882, 8vo. 3. (Ed.) Portsmouth

[ante, vol. i., add.,] d. 1875; resigned his chair in New-
Hackett, Rev. Horatio Balch, D.D., LL.D.,
ton Theological Institution in 1869, and in 1870 was
appointed professor of New Testament Greek in Roches-
ter Theological Seminary. Christian Memorials of the
War: with Historical Notes, Bost., 1864, 12mo.

York City; a popular actor, specially noted for his im-
Hackett, James Henry, 1800-1871, b. in New
personation of Falstaff. Notes and Comments upon Cer-
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round: an Historical Sketch, Wirksworth, 1863, 8vo.
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Climber: a Memoir of John Wilcox, Late Corporal,
Successful Pole-
Ninety-Sixth Regiment, Lon., 1859, 8vo.

gind: a Poem, N. York, 1869, 12mo.
Hackleton, Mrs. M. W. Jamestown of Pama-

Hackley, Charles Elihu, M.D., b. 1836, at Unadilla, N.Y.; graduated at the Medical School of the civil war as surgeon in the U.S. cavalry, and was the University of Pennsylvania 1860; served through clinical professor of diseases of the eye and ear in the Women's Medical College, New York, 1870-76. 1. (Ed.) Treatise on Diseases of the Eye. By C. Stellwag von of Practical Medicine, by F. von Niemeyer, Lon., 1873, Carion. Lon., 1868, r. Svo. 2. (Trans.) A Text-Book 8vo; new ed., 1880. 3. (Trans.) General Surgical PaAdditions by Dr. A. von Winiwarter, Lon., 1879, 8vo. thology and Therapeutics, by Dr. Theodor Billroth: with

Fulham, near London; graduated at Christ Church, Ox-
Hackman, Rev. Alfred, M.A., 1811-1874, b. at
ford, 1837; chaplain of Christ Church 1837-73; vicar
of Cowley from 1839; sub-librarian of the Bodleian
MSS. in the Bodleian, Oxf., 1860, 4to.
A Catalogue of the Collection of the Tanner
Hackner, Rev. Willibald. Socialism and the
N. York, 1887, 12mo.
Church; or, Henry George vs. Archbishop Corrigan,

Lessons on Moral Subjects: for Teachers, &c., Lon.,
Hackwood, Frederick William. 1. Notes of
1883, p. 8vo.
1884, 8vo.
2. The Wednesbury Papers, Wednesbury,
Wednesbury, 1887, 8vo.
3. A History of Darlaston, near Wednesbury,

b. at Woodford, Essex; graduated, first class Lit. Hum.,
Haddan, Rev. Arthur West, B.D., 1816-1873,
at Trinity College, Oxford, 1837, and elected to two Fel-
lowships; ordained 1840, and in the same year was
curate to J. H. Newman; dean of Trinity for several
on-Heath, Warwickshire, from 1857.
years, and afterwards vice-president; rector of Barton-
works of Archbishop Bramhall and of Herbert Thorn-
He edited the
the essays in "Replies to Essays and Reviews." 1. Apos-
dike in the Anglo-Catholic Library, and wrote some of
8vo; new ed., 1883. 2. (Trans.) St. Augustine On the
tolic Succession in the Church of England, Lon., 1869,
Trinity, (The Works of St. Augustine, vol. vii.,) Edin.,
1871, 8vo.

3. Remains.
D.C.L., Bishop of Brechin. Lon.. 1876, 8vo.
Edited by A. P. Forbes,

The papers range over a wide field, and are classified in the table of contents under the heads of On the Holy Scriptures,' Doctrinal Works,' Ecclesiastical History,' Of all of these subjects Mr. Haddan had something to say, The Prayer-Book.' Miscellaneous,' and General History.'

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