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on Obscenity and Pornography for the purpose of determining legal and

constitutional means to protect the country from what the Congress

recognized as a threat.

Unfortuna tely, what was intended to provide to

our legislators a blueprint for coping with a problem has been turned one

hundred-eighty degrees into a blank check for the pornographers to flood

our country with every variety of filth and perversion.

The Commission majority report can only be described as a

travesty, preordained by the bias and prejudice of its Chairman, closely

followed by his Staff, who has long advocated relaxation of restraints for

the dealers in pornography. The Report of the majority of the Commission

does not reflect the will of Congress, the opinion of law enforcement

officials throughout our country, and, worst of all, flaunts the underlying

opinions and desires of the great mass of the American people.

Were we

not concerned with the morals and life of a nation, the situation represented

by the majority Report would be ludicrous.

Far from needing repeal of legislation controlling pornography,

what is called for is a return to law enforcement which permits the

American to determine for himself the standards of acceptable morality

and decency in his community. Our law enforcement in the area of obscenity

has been emasculated by courts, seemingly divorced from the realities of

our communities, determining from afar the standards of those communities.

The law is capable of coping with the problem of pornography and obscenity,

but it must be law, coupled with the logic that an American is innately


capable of determining for himself his standards of public decency and,

beyond that, he has a right to make that determination.

The words of Alexis de Toqueville (during his American visit,

1835-1840) seem appropriate:

I sought for the greatness and genius of America in
her commodius harbors and ample rivers--and it was
not there; in her fertile lands and boundless prairies--
and it was not there. Not until I went to the churches
of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteous -
ness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.
America is great because she is good--and if America
ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission on Obscenity and Pornography

September 30, 1970

Section B


Hon. Frank Church, Idaho
Hon. Peter V. Domenici, New Mexico
Hon. J. James Exon, Nebraska
Hon. John Glenn, Ohio
Hon. Orrin G. Hatch, Utah
Hon. Samual 1. Hayakawa, California
Hon. Jesse Helms, North Carolina
Hon. Gordon J. Humphrey, New Hampshire
Hon. Daniel K. Inouye, Hawaii
Hon. James A. McClure, Idaho
Hon. Larry Pressler, South Dakota
Hon. Ted Stevens, Alaska
Hon. Strom Thurmond, South Carolina
Hon. Milton R. Young, North Dakota


Hon. James Abdnor, South Dakota
Hon. Don Albosta, Michigan
Hon. Jerome A. Ambro, New York
Hon. Mark Andrews, North Dakota
Hon. Frank Annunzio, Illinois
Hon. Douglas Applegate, Ohio
Hon. John M Ashbrook, Ohio
Hon. Thomas L. Ashley, Ohio
Hon. Les AuCoin, Oregon
Hon. Robert E. Badham, California
Hon. L. A. Bafalis, Florida
Hon. Don Bailey, Pennsylvania
Hon. Mario Biaggi, New York
Hon. Lindy Boggs, Louisiana
Hon. Edward P. Boland, Massachusetts
Hon. Jack Brinkley, Georgia
Hon. William S. Broomfield, Michigan
Hon. John Buchanan, Alabama
Hon. Clair W. Burgener, California
Hon. William Carney, New York
Hon. Bill Chappell, Jr., Florida
Hon. Richard B. Cheney, Wyoming
Hon. Don H. Clausen, California
Hon. James C. Cleveland, New Hampshire
Hon. James M. Collins, Texas
Hon. Barber B. Conable, Jr., New York
Hon. Baltasar Corrada, Puerto Rico
Hon. Dan Daniel, Virginia

Hon. William E. Dannemeyer, California
Hon. Mendel J. Davis, South Carolina
Hon. Butler Derrick, South Carolina
Hon. Edward J. Derwinski, Illinois
Hon. Samuel L. Devine, Ohio
Hon. William L. Dickinson, Alabama
Hon. Robert K. Dornan, California
Hon. Charles F. Dougherty, Pennsylvania
Hon. John J. Duncan, Tennessee
Hon. Joseph D. Early, Massachusetts
Hon. Mickey Edwards, Oklahoma
Hon. Dave Evans, Indiana
Hon. Millicent Fenwick, New Jersey
Hon. Geraldine A. Ferraro, New York
Hon. Paul Findley, Illinois
Hon. Hamilton Fish, Jr., New York
HO Floyd J. Fithian, Indiana
Hon. Daniel J. Flood, Pennsylvania
Hon. Harold E. Ford, Tennessee
Hon. Edwin B. Forsythe, New Jersey
Hon. Benjamin A. Gilman, New York
Hon. William F. Goodling, Pennsylvania
Hon. Lamar Gudger, North Carolina
Hon. Tennyson Guyer, Ohio
Hon. Sam B. Hall, Jr., Texas
Hon. John Paul Hammerschmidt, Arkansas
Hon. Kent Hance, Texas
Hon. James M. Hanley, New York
Hon. George Hansen, Idaho
Hon. William H. Harsha, Ohio
Hon. Margaret M. Heckler, Massachusetts
Hon. W. G. Hefner, North Carolina
Hon. Elwood H. Hillis, Indiana
Hon. Harold C. Hollenbeck, New Jersey
Hon. Marjorie S. Holt, Maryland
Hon. Larry J. Hopkins, Kentucky
Hon. James J. Howard, New Jersey
Hon. Carroll Hubbard, Kentucky
Hon. Bill Hughes, New Jersey
Hon. Earl D. Hutto, Florida
Hon. Henry J. Hyde, Illinois
Hon. Richard H. Ichord, Missouri
Hon. James M. Jeffords, Vermont
Hon. Jim Jeffries, Kansas
Hon. John W. Jenrette, Jr., South Carolina
Hon. James R. Jones, Oklahoma
Hon. Robert W. Kastenmeier, Jr., Wisconsin
Hon. Richard Kelly, Florida
Hon. Jack F. Kemp, New York
Hon. Thomas N. Kindness, Ohio
Hon. Ken Kramer, Colorado

Hon. Delbert L. Latta, Ohio
Hon. Claude Leach, Louisiana
Hon. Marvin Leath, Texas
Hon. Norman F. Lent, New York
Hon. Jerry Lewis, California
Hon. Bob Livingston, Louisiana
Hon. C. Trent Lott, Mississippi
Hon. Manuel Lujan, Jr., New Mexico
Hon. Daniel E. Lungren, California
Hon. Robert McClory, Illinois
Hon. Mike McCormack, Washington
Hon. Larry P. McDonald, Georgia
Hon. Edward R. Madigan, Illinois
Hon. Dan Mariott, Utah
Hon. Robert H. Michel, Illinois
Hon. Clarence E. Miller, Ohio
Hon. Joseph G. Minish, New Jersey
Hon. Donald J. Mitchell, New York
Hon. Robert H. Mollohan, West Virginia
Hon. G. V. Montgomery, Mississippi
Hon. Carlos J. Moorhead, California
Hon. Ronald M. Mottl, Ohio
Hon. Austin J. Murphy, Pennsylvania
Hon. John M. Murphy, New York
Hon. John T. Myers, Indiana
Hon. Michael O. Myers, Pennsylvania
Hon. Bill Nichols, Alabama
Hon. Mary Rose Oakar, Ohio
Hon. George M. O'Brien, Illinois
Hon. Charles Pashayan, Jr., California
Hon. Dan Quayle, Indiana
Hon. Ralph S. Regula, Ohio
Hon. John J. Rhodes, Arizona
Hon. Matthew J. Rinaldo, New Jersey
Hon. J. Kenneth Robinson, Virginia
Hon. John H. Rousselot, California
Hon. Eldon Rudd, Arizona
Hon. Harold Runnels, New Meixco
Hon. Richard T. Schulze, Pennsylvania
Hon. Keith G. Sebelius, Kansas
Hon. Norman D. Shumway, California
Hon. Bud Shuster, Pennsylvania
Hon. M. G. Snyder, Kentucky
Hon. Gerald B. Solomon, New York
Hon. Gladys Noon Spellman, Maryland
Hon. Floyd Spence, South Carolina
Hon. Harley O. Staggers, West Virginia
Hon. Arlan Stangeland, Minnesota
Hon. J. William Stanton, Ohio
Hon. Dave Stockman, Michigan
Hon. Gene Taylor, Missouri

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