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Nevertheless, without indulging in the temptation to make a

detailed but obvious reply to the Positive Approaches Panel Report which

advocates sex education without reference to morality, God, or religion,

I find there are some positive considerations which should be mentioned.

First of all, the United States gives to each and every one of us

a constitutional prerogative heretofore denied to citizens in the history

of nations; namely, the undeniable right of free speech and free press

guaranteed under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to our Constituion.

Throughout history, nations have declined and disappeared coincidental

with the rise of the libertines and the moral anarchists in their midst.

Here one sees a corresponding denial of freedom and liberty to the

dissenting and right-minded people in those societies.

It is historically

accurate to say that those who would free the creatures of vice would

enslave the proponents of decency. Thus, contrary to those nations wherein

free speech was denied as libertines obtained power, in the United States

we are guaranteed--and our courts will protect--our right to speak.

Accordingly, it is possible for me, as a member of this Commission, to

obtain per force my right to dissent.

It is possible for me and every reader

of this opinion to bespeak decency, morality, God--indeed, sanctity and

purity throughout this land.

This, to me,

is a positive approach which I

encourage everyone to take.

In short, be an articulate, outspoken

champion of your principles. That is guaranteed to you: and given your

time and attention, the common sense and the logic of your position will



St. Paul, in a letter to the Ephesians, points out a very positive

approach. He said:

Be imitators of God as very dear children, and follow the
way of love, as Christ also loved you and gave himself for
us, an offering to God, a sacrifice of pleasing fragrance.
As for fornication or any kind of uncleanness or lust, let it
not be mentioned among you; such is the rule for the saints.
Nor should there be any obscenity, or silly and suggestive
talk; all that is out of place. Instead, give thanks. And
make no mistake about this: no fornicator, no unclean or
lustful person, who is really an idolator, has any inheritance
in the kingdom of Christ and of God. Do not let anyone
deceive you by worthless arguments: these are the sins
that bring down God's wrath upon the disobedient; so have
nothing to do with them. It is true that you were once dark-
ness; but now you are light in the Lord. Live, then, as
children of light; for light produces every kind of goodness
and justice and truth.

Alexis Carrel makes an excellent point when he says:

Let us send our sons and daughters, but first let us obtain
from them a mode of life which imposes on them a constant
effort, a psychological and moral discipline and privation,
then we will create an ascetic and mystical minority which
will rapidly acquire an irresistible power over this self-
indulgent and spineless majority. Without this moral self-
denial, intelligence itself becomes anemic. The problem
then is not what to do with our own sons and daughters,
it is who will train them in the Ten Commandments and
morality before they are 16 and 17.

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Perhaps it is a "give-away" that it is included in a report on pornography.

I have seen sex education text books based on Drs. Masters and Johnson.

Such references to the works of those "kooks" for impressionable children

are difficult to comprehend.


In any event, on a recent trip to London, I heard a speech on the

subject by Robert Clegg, Headmaster, Barden Primary School, Burnley,

Lancaster, England, which seemed appropriate to include here, which I

have done as Exhibit "G."


I have reviewed the state of the law on the subject of obscenity. My

review is attached hereto as Exhibit "H."

In view of the all-important role

of law in stopping the pornographers, I intend to submit a comprehensive

brief as a Technical Report. I, therefore, urge a careful reading of

Exhibit "H" hereto; and, further, anyone interested in obtaining a copy of

my brief, etc. in the Technical Reports may obtain same by inquiring of

Citizens for Decent Literature, Inc., 5670 Wilshire Boulevard, Los

Angeles, California 90036.

The real problem in stopping the pornographers obviously lies with

the Federal Courts, and especially the United States Supreme Court.


judges of these Courts simply have not looked at the facts in a realistic

fashion: by their commissions and omissions they have dictated a level

of public morality which relegates us to an animalistic, pagan society.

The actions of the Courts bring to mind the words of G. K.

Chesterton, who, referring to Blatchford's remarks that "no English judge

would accept the evidence for the Resurrection," answered:

Possibly Christians do not have such an extravagant
reverence for English judges as is felt by Mr. Blatchford
himself. The experiences of the founder of Christianity
have perhaps left us in a vague doubt of the infallibility
of courts of law.


Another good indication of the problem was given on September 28,

1970, when a defense attorney, arguing a Petition for Removal in the

Federal Court (Southern District of Ohio, Western Division), stated in

open court:

I have never won an obscenity case in the Common Pleas
Courts of Hamilton County, Ohio, and I have never lost
an obscenity case in the Federal Courts.

As I completed my Legal Report, a national closed-circuit video

production of the two-hour sex show which I previously referred to in

this Report, called "Oh! Calcutta!" was being telecast into numerous

cities in the United States.

It will, according to Rodney Erickson, President

of Color Media Communications Corporation, gross approximately four

million dollars as a result of its one-night showing (Variety, September 23,


These figures are very significant when one considers that

"Airport," a top-grossing movie for the year 1970, has only reached

twelve million dollars gross after showing for a ten-month period.

The pornographers thus have found a new market to exploit in their

perpetual quest of disseminating filth for profit.

Despite thousands upon thousands of complaints by the American

people who cry out daily to their governmental representatives for

protection from the pornographers, the Federal Communications Com

mission and other governmental agencies in the United States have refused

and, in fact, took no action to stop this telecast, stating they were power

less under the existing laws to prevent such a showing. If this is true,

we are entering a new era of mass dissemination of pornography.

What is



How far are we away from "Oh! Calcutta!" being beamed into

our living rooms?

Obviously, this is an area which merits serious

consideration by the Congress of the United States, and I specifically

recommend, in the national interest, that Congress investigate and enact

legislation to prevent the pollution of our airwaves.


At a time when the spread of pornography has reached epidemic

proportions in our country and when the moral fiber of our nation seems

to be rapidly unravelling, the desperate need is for enlightened and

intelligent control of the poisons which threaten us -- not the declaration

of moral bankruptcy inherent in the repeal of the laws which have been

the defense of decent people against the pornographer for profit.

To deny the need for control is literally to deny one's senses,

unless such denial is based upon a conclusion that there is nothing evil

or dangerous about pornographic material.

For a Presidential Commission

to have labored for two years at the expense to the taxpayers of almost

two million dollars and arrive at the conclusion that pornography is harm

less must strike the average American as the epitome of government


Credit the American public with enough common sense to know that

one who wallows in filth is going to get dirty. This is intuitive knowledge.

Those who will spend millions of dollars to tell us otherwise must be

malicious or misguided, or both.

The Congress of the United States created a Presidential Commission

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