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Hearings held-

October 23, 1963...

March 11, 1964.

March 17, 1964.

March 18, 1964.---

Text of —

H.R. 7028

H.R. 7081.

H.R. 7104

H.R. 7148

H.R. 8177.

Report of -

Commerce Department --

Federal Maritime Commission

General Accounting Office-

Interior Department.

Navy Department.-

State Department-----

Statement of

Adams, Howard C., vice president in charge Atlantic territory, Pacific

Far East Line, Inc.--

.-- 20, 25

Aspinall, Hon. Wayne N., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Colorado -------

Blum, William, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer, Pacific

Navigation System, Inc.---

Brinson, Noah M., vice president, American President Lines --

Burchill, William, Assistant General Counsel for Legislation, Maritime

Administration, Department of Commerce ----


Coles, Marvin, counsel, Pacific Navigation System, Inc.---------- 55, 111
Gulick, J. W., Deputy Maritime Administrator, Maritime Adminis-

tration, Department of Commerce --

Harllee, John, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission ------- 105, 110

Mangan, Martin P., Acting Chief, Division of Insular Affairs, Office of

Territories, Department of the Interior...

Schmeltzer, Edward, Director, Bureau of Domestic Regulation,

Federal Maritime Commission ---



Sher, Stanley, Pacific Navigation System, Inc.---

Wakefield, Blair, Bureau of Domestic Regulation, Federal Maritime



Wester, Edwin A., vice president, Pacific Far East Line, Inc. ----- 25, 109

Westland, Hon. Jack, a Representative in Congress from the State of


Wiseman, Sherwood, treasurer, Pacific Navigation System, Inc.-----

Won Pat, Antonio B., speaker, Seventh Guam Legislature. ---------

Communications submitted to committee-

Adams, Howard C., letter dated April 27, 1964, enclosing revised version

of H.R. 7028--------

Belin, G. d'Andelot, General Counsel, Treasury Department, letter

dated May 11, 1964..---


Bonner, Hon. Herbert C.-

Letter to Hon. Douglas Dillon, Secretary of the Treasury, dated

April 16, 1964.---


Letter to Hon. Joseph Campbell, the Comptroller General, dated

April 16, 1964.---



Communications submitted to committee-Continued

Brinson, Noah M., letter dated April 16, 1964, enclosing data re-

quested during hearings ---

Campbell, Joseph, Comptroller General of the United States, letter

dated June 8, 1964.--------

Weisberger, Morris, secretary-treasurer, Sailors' Union by the Pacific.

and executive vice presient, Seafarers International Union, Pacific

district, telegram dated March 11, 1964.--.
Wiseman, Sherwood A., letter dated April 27, 1964, enclosing material
requested during hearings.---

Additional data furnished by-

Mangan, Martin P., Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, map..
Resolution 216, Seventh Guam Legislature, 1963, introduced by A. B.

Won Pat.


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Text of —

H.R, 8926.

H.R. 9153.

H.R. 9146.--

H.R. 9157

H.R. 9183.

H.R. 9188...

H.R. 9438.--

H.R. 9715.

S. 2317--------------

Executive communication 1371 from Chairman John Harllee to Speaker

John W. McCormack, dated November 13, 1963, enclosing draft bill and

justification for bill. --

Reports of —

Federal Maritime Commission.--

General Accounting Office:

November 7, 1963, re H.R. 8926.

December 2, 1963, re H.R. 9153.

January 2, 1964, re S. 2317..

Justice Department:

December 11, 1963, re H.R. 9153..

January 6, 1964, re S. 2317---

Statement of —

Amundsen, Paul, executive director, American Association of Port


Geoghegan, William A., Assistant Deputy Attorney General, De-

partment of Justice ------

Goldstein, Sidney, general counsel, Port of New York Authority--

Guerin, Thomas P., general manager of the Commission of Public

Docks, Portland, Oreg----

Harllee, Rear Adm. John, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission.

Matsunaga, Hon. Spark M., a Representative in Congress from the

State of Hawaii.--

McFall, Hon. John J., a Representative in Congress from the State

of California.---------------- -
Mulhern, Francis A., legal staff member, Port of New York Authority.
O'Hara, Hon. James G., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Michigan.------
Phelps, C. W., assistant port director, port of Stockton, Calif..----
Pimper, James L., General Counsel, Federal Maritime Commission
Schmeltzer, Edward, Director, Bureau of Domestic Regulation,

Federal Maritime Commission...

Communications submitted by Bert T. Kobayashi, attorney general, State

of Hawaii, letter dated January 17, 1964--------

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