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his everlasting love towards them. Moses was put into a clift of the rock, and covered, or protected by the Lord while this glorious discovery of JEHOVAH's name was made unto him. This shews us, that our whole security from divine justice and avenging wrath, is in the wounds of our Lord Jesus, who was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities, by whose stripes we are healed, whose blood is our cleansing, whose life is our ransom, and who has loved us, and walked us froin our fins in his own blood. All the gracious discoveries which the Lord makes of himself to his people, are wholly and only in Christ. In him they behold God reconciled, and at everlasting peace; and in Jesus he is everlastingly well pleased with all his chosen and beloved ones. In Christ it is, that believers see and feel themselves to be interested in all the bowels of Jehovah's mercy: for, as God to finners out of Christ is a consuming fire; so in Christ he appears to his people, as he did to Moses in the bush, all in flames of love, which warms their hearts, inflames their souls, melts their affections, and most powerfully attracts and draws them to cleave unto, to live in, and depend upon the Lord, as the fountain of living waters. Moses being put by Jehovah in the clift of the rock, and here covered and protected by him, the Lord passed on before him, and proclaimed himself to be gracious and merciful; an account of which you have in the following chapter. From hence we learn that God reckons it a part of his highest glory to proclaim himself in his dear Son, our adorable Mediator, in all the fulness

of his love, in all the freeness of his grace, and in all the riches of his sovereign mercy. So that I would here ask you, do you want to see and behold God's glory, the glory of his free grace, everlasting love, and endless mercy? He proclaims all, discovers all, causes the glory of all, to pafs before his people in our Lord Jesus Christ. And here I would again repeat it, that the very uttermost of God's glory, shines forth in the God-man, JEHOVAH's fellow, who is God over all, blefled for ever. God the Father beholds the man of his right hand with transporting pleasure, complacency, and delight. Angels behold JEHOV AH's highest glory manifested in him. When Moses saw Christ on the mount, all former discoveries of God's glory were lost and swallowed up there. by. He shines now more gloriously at the right hand of the Majesty on high, than when on the mount transfigured ; and he will shine with more dazzling beams of glory still, at the last day, and in the ultimate state of bliss throughout eternity. And what will the effect of this be ? Why, as Moses's face shone in consequence of his being in the mount with God, and as the souls of believers shine in consequence of their personal communion with Jesus, in his holy ordinances; so the redeemed of the Lord, being inore glorious in body and soul, and being clad with immortality and endless life, having been presented before the presence of JEHOVAH’s glory with exceeding joy, clothed in the everlasting robe of Christ's righteousness, and completely cleansed from every {pot and stain of sin in the blood of the Lamb, they


will shine as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Christ, the Sun of everlasting righteousnefs, light, and glory, will shine with all his glory upon their persons, will fill their bodies and souls with eternal glory, and cause them to shine for ever and ever. They will shine forth in his glory, and be like him, for they shall see him as he is ; and there all God's goodness will pass before them throughout eternity! And here I close, having gone through the text, attempting to shew that JEHOVAus nature, perfons, and perfections, are his glory ; that Moses defired a further discovery of the Lord's glory than he had hitherto had, and that his request was granted; he being put in a clift of the rock, while the Lord passed by, and proclaimed himself to be the Lord God, gracious and merciful : I pray that what is truly agreeable to the Lord's revealed will may be accompanied with his blessing, that what is amiss may be forgiven, that what is deficient


be fupplied by the Holy Spirit's teaching, and the whole praise shall be ascribed to the Three in Jehovah, to whom be equal and everlasting glory. Amen.




JOHN, Chap. xvii. Ver. 24.

Father, I will that they also whom thou hast given me be,

with me where I am ; that they may bebold my glory
which thou hast given me : for thou lovedst me before
the foundation of the world.
THIS chapter presents us with a view of our moft

adorable Jesus, the Son of God, the great High Priest of his church and people, praying for his whole mystic body. Zanchy calls this prayer, “ The founda“tion of the church from the beginning of the world to “ the end of it.” And certain it is, that like as the sacrifice and death of Christ extend their influences and efficacy from the beginning of time to the end of it, and reach all the elect of God, and they are saved in consequence of it: fo this wonderful prayer, which

may well be styled, The Lord's Prayer, extends its influence to all the people of God, who are equally interested in it, and as truly benefited by it, as they are by his death. We have in it a pattern and copy of Christ's intercession for his church, in the

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Holy of Holies. Our Lord Jesus had glorified his Father upon earth, by his most perfect obedience unto the law, in the room and stead of his people; and he was now about to offer up the sacrifice of his finless humanity, upon the altar of his Deity, to atone for, purge, cleanse, fanctify, and deliver his people from all their fins before the Lord. And he, having as it were the price of redemption in his hand, ready to pay 'down to the satisfaction of law and justice, here prays to his Divine Father in consequence of it. It may be truly faid, that this is the greatest chapter in all the New Testament. The 53d chapter of Isaiah, is the greatest chapter in the Old Testament, and this is the choicest in the New: the former represents our adorable Messiah, as the fin-bearing, and the cursesustaining Saviour; and this represents him as our interceding high-priest, wearing the names of all his {piritual Israel upon the breast-plate of his heart, appearing in the presence of God for them, and pleading, in consequence of his sacrifice offered upon earth, for the communications of grace and glory unto them.

In this sacred Scripture now before us we have the following particulars.

First, the person praying, and that is our adorable high-priest, who is the Son of God, and who for our fakes became the Son of Man.

Secondly, here is the person prayed unto, and that is God the Father, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

Thirdly, here are the persons for whom this prayer

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