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laid down his life for the sheep. And here is the love of Christ manifested to the uttermost in bearing the fins, iniquities, and transgressions of his people, and his Father's curse and wrath, to deliver them from endless woe. Christ also hath loved us, and given himJelf for us, an offering and a fucrifice to God for a sweet smelling favour. There was in and by the sufferings, atonement, and death of Christ, a perfect and an everlasting satisfaction given to all the demands of infinite justice; and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ beheld the travail of his soul and was satisfied. Divine justice was not more incensed against sin, than divine holiness was pleased with the offering of Christ for sin. The facrifice of Christ fully restores the honour due unto God's law, and it has in it an eternal value, endless worth, and an everlasting efficacy. Again, as God the Father was well pleased with the sufferings, blood-shedding, and death of his Son, so he declared it by raising him from the dead, when he said unto him, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. And Christ appeared to be God's beloved Son in whom he is well pleased, in his being exalted by the power of God to his right hand, and seated by him upon his mediatorial throne, as the Lamb newly flain. So everlastingly well pleased is the Father with Christ, and with his death, that he will have the remembrance of it kept up in the churches of his saints below, in the celebration of the Lord's Supper, and he will have the Lamb that was slain appear in the midst of the throne, that he may continually view him with everlasting delight, as the

Lamb who hath taken away sin, and abolished it for ever. John tells us, Rev. v. 6, And I beheld, and lo, in the midh of the throne, and of the four beasts, (or, living creatures) and in the midst of the elders, food a Lamb, as it had been sain. He will, throughout eternity, be viewed in heaven by all his redeemed, as the Lamb that was slain, and they will behold in his glorified humanity, the wounds which he received when he became their facrifice, which will serve to unite their hearts in everlasting love to him. And here I would observe, that as God is well pleased with the ever blessed Mediator, so he is likewise, in him and with him, well pleased with all the elect; and this will appear when we consider that they were united, by the bond of everlasting love, to Christ, and set by him as a seal upon his heart before all worlds. He represented them in the everlasting covenant, and undertook their cause, and became their surety. For their sakes he was manifested in the flesh, in their law-place he stood and acted. Their sins he bore, their curse he sustained, he died for them, considering them as one with him ; the members of Christ are always considered by the Father in relation to Jesus, in whom God beholds themeverlastingly righteous as they shine in his fight, and are viewed by him, as wrapped upin, and clothed with the robe of Christ's righteousness, that garment of salvation, in which they are eternally justified, and in which they will be eternally glorified. Chris hath loved us, faith John, speaking of believers, and washed us from our fins in his own blood. And, as


God beholds his people in the atonement of his Son, they are all fair, immaculately pure; and as such he is everlastingly well pleased with them in his beloved Son. God takes no view of his people, but in Jesus ; he sees them, represented by Christ, their head, high priest, and furety, complete in him. He communicates all his love, grace, and mercy unto them through Christ the Mediator; and these are actually conveyed into their hearts, through the agency of the blessed Spirit. I close the whole with this observation, that this is the life of faith, the being employed in contemplating the mystery of reconciliation ; and happy, inexpressibly happy it is, to be viewing the eternal engagements between God and Christ on our behalf: to be viewing Christ in his person and mediatorial office and character, observing how completely he hath finished the work of salvation, and obtained eternal redemption for us :

to attend to the revelation which the Father hath made of him in the word, and the character he gives of him, and the testimony which he bears concerning him, and of þis being well pleased with him, and with all his. Faith receives God's testimony concerning Chrift, and by this means the belief of God's love is brought into the heart, and his peace into the conscience, and there it is actually enjoyed by help of the Holy Spirit. May God the Holy Ghost glorify Jesus in our hearts. Amen.


Moses's. REQUEST.

EXODUS, Chap. xxxiii. Ver. 18.

And be faid, I beseech thee, few me thy glory.


O prayed Mofes the man of God, that peculiar

favourite of Jehovah, who had been admitted into the pavilion and presence-chamber of the Most High, and had enjoyed extraordinary fellowship and communion with him, with whom the Lord conversed freely and fully, as a man doth with his friend. Mofes was, in many particulars, a very extraordinary type of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, in his prophetic, priestly, and kingly offices: for all these he exercised upon occasions.

occasions. That he was a prophet, and as such a type of Christ, is fully clear, from his own words : A prophet will the Lord your God raise, up unto you of your brethren like unto me; him fall ye bear. And that this respected the Lord Jesus, is clear from Peter's application of it to Christ, Acts iii. 22, 23. He was likewise a priest (though but for a short space) and acted as such at the confecration of Aaron and his sons; for it was Moses who anointed them, and installed them into their offices. He is also styled, King in Jeshurun,—when the heads of the people and the tribes of Israel were gathered together; so that in this he exceeds all others who are types of Christ, seeing that in him, as in a shadow, the threefold office of Christ was represented; as meeting and centering in one person. In his being admitted into God's presence, and in his having the Lord's mind and will made known unto him, we see a parallel between him and Christ, who is expressly styled, the angel of JEHOVAH's presence, who knows God's whole mind and will, and reveals and makes it known to his church and people. No man bath seen God (or known God, for so the words may be rendered, says Dr. Goodwin) at any time, the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. John i. 18. And Moses in his mediation on the behalf of the children of Israel, shewed forth the powerful and all-prevalent intercession of our Lord on the behalf of his beloved

He was most eminently a type of Christ in his prophetic office.

The children of Israel, in the account given concerning them in the Book of God, present us with a perfect picture of what human nature is; their perverseness, ingratitude, and unbelief, and the Lord's dealings with them, serve most fitly to be a memorial to us, of what we have been, of what we are, and of what the Lord hath been, and done, and is, to all his spiritual Ifrael. This chapter informs us of the Lord's refusing to go with the people of Israel, upon account of their sin com


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