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falvation of his people. The Lord worketh all things after the counsel of bis own will. He worketh all things, not merely after his will, but after the counsel of his will. There is no part of his will, but his counsel was concerned in it; and no part of his counsel, or what his infinite wisdom saw beft, but his will resolved upon.

He first loved the perfons of his people, then chose them in Christ, and then appointed everything which they should be exercised with in this life. He willed one should be poor, another rich, and this as subservient to promote his own glory, and the real good of his people. It is astonishing grace! God's glory and his people's good are wrapt up and involved together; what in. creases the one, makes for the happiness of the other. It would greatly tend to compose the mind, calm our affections, and produce settled resignation to the Lord's righteous dealings with us, to consider every one of them as a channel cut out, through which everlasting love is to be vented towards us, and by which we are to have fresh testimonies of it. His everlasting love, mercy, and grace, are at all times exercised by him towards his people. Their days of trouble, pain, temptations, and misery are with him. Their times of spiritual quickening, reviving, joy, and comfort, are in his hands. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. hairs of their head are all numbered. What the Lord gives them is really good; he withholds from them no manner of thing that is good; and he bestows

The very

good upon them, to the end that they may enjoy it, be happy in the enjoyment of it, and be disposed to bless and praise him for it. Sirs, we have a right to enjoy what God bestows upon us; he gives it for that end and purpose His word declares it, and his truth confirms it. He says of his fpiritual Israel, Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good. It is a matter of joy to the Lord God to do good unto his children, and he is pleased when they joy and rejoice in bim and his benefits bestowed upon them. Hast thou health, wealth, and opportunity of doing good, of serving God in thy day and generation, and glo. rifying him in the world before men ? Rejoice in it, and lay thyself out to the uttermost to thy Lord's praise. Art thou poor, and hast thou but little ability to serve and promote the cause of Christ ? Rejoice, that though thou dost want an ability, yet thou dost not want a heart, and doft supply by thy prayers what is wanting in thee to answer other services and purposes. Learn to bless God who beltoweth

upon you all things richly to enjoy; and pray for a spiritual enjoyment of God in all his gifts and graces. Thou mayeit, in the absence of all creature good, say, thou hast all things, for Christ being thine, and his unsearchable riches thy portion, thou mayest say, The Lord is my portion, therefore will I hope in bin. O that the Eternal Spirit may lead us to see God in all our blessings, to enjoy him in all the mercies he daily bestows, and may we be influenced hereby to seek after constant communion with him at all times, and in all his dispensations. What has been delivered agreeable to truth, suitable to your experience, and as far as calculated to promote your happiness and joy in him, may he command his blessing on; even so. Amen.


Christ the Believer's ALL, In Life,


COLOSSIANS, Chap. iii. Ver. 11.

Cbrift is All.

T is the peculiar glory and excellency of this most

blessed and incomparable book, the Bible, that it has Christ as the supreme subject of it. It is the Father's record and testimony of his Son; and which is, that be that hath the Son, hath life. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Its history, its prophecy, its sacrifices and ordinances, all point, as so many lines in a circle; to him. The testimony of Fejus is the spirit of prophecy. The prophets and apostles treat of him ; whose person is the glory of heaven ; whose love is the everlasting miracle of heaven; whose finished work of salvation bears up the faints before the throne, and yields them matter for perpetual praise, so that they constantly cry, Thou waft flain, and haft redeemed us to God by thy blood. Worthy is the Lamb that was pain. His victories and triumphs on the cross, over fin, Satan, the world, death, and hell, will be celebrated by the hallelujahs of the host of the redeemed in glory, as long as heaven is heaven. Beloved, the sun in the firmament, is not so full of light, or the sea, with its vast abyss, so full of water, as the inspired volume is of Jesus, and his wonderful grace, work, victories, fame, and renown.

If it were poffible to collect the whole essence of Scripture, and express

. it in one fingle sentence, it would be con. tained and expressed in such words as those which I have now read unto you, Christ is all. So that you may see that my text, though short, is vastly comprehensive. It expresses what Christ is to his people on earth; and also what he is to them who are already admitted to his promised glory. In these words Christ is both text and sermon-the foundation and corner {tone--the first and the last--the Alpha and Omega--the aim and end--the author and finisher of faith. Christ is all in salvation work, the all in grace and glory. Our apostle, in the first chapter of this epistle, in his fetting forth Christ Jesus the Lord, gives such an account of him, in his ancient, native, perfonal, effential, relative, and mediatorial glories, as is not so fully to be found in all his writings elfewhere. You have the bridegroom of his church fhining forth in all the glory and excellency of his godlike Majesty. And why does the apostle set him forth ? What was his design in so doing? His intent was, hereby to draw the hearts of saints after him, that they might cleave to him as their well-beloved By presenting their heavenly busband thus unto them,

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