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dawning upon us, and divine grace abounding towards us; for by it dead sinners are quickened, hard hearts , softened, great sins manifestatively forgiven, and great mercy displayed and magnified. The Holy Ghost, who is the Lord and giver of all fpiritual life, gives poor finners, in a day of his power, to know that God is love-he presents to their spiritual view Christ as crucificd for them; fets before tliem the amazing freeness and boundless fulness of divine grace; and makes an application of Christ and his salvation to the soul, enabling the believer to say, God is my falvation. But, that which I conceive as most principally intended is, the aboundings of God's grace in all wisdom and prudence in the following way. By wisdom and prudence, I think may be understood, not only the gospel, which contains an account of the glorious riches of free grace, but also I apprehend they may here intend the work of God's fpirit in the soul; and that by wifdom, the grace of faith may be intended, and by fru. dence the principle of holiness; which two, though not radically distinct, they being but one, the root and fruit, yet it pleaseth the Holy Spirit thus to distinguish them, informing us hereby, that faith is principally concerned in conversing with the truths and doctrines of the gospel; and that prudence, or holiness, is the means of our proving the truth of what the Lord had taught us, inwardly and effectually from his word and by his fpirit. At conversion, there is a manifeftative abounding of divine grace, inasmuch as God the Spirit, as the comforter, comes to dwell and make his abode in our, souls, to set us apart to be the Lord's, by separą.


țing us from an evil world, and saving us from an ungodly conversation. It is at this time we are openly invested with, and instated into, all the blessings of grace and glory, and begin, in our own souls, actually to partake of everlasting life, according to our Lord's declaration, He that believeth on me bath everlasting life. Now it is that forgiveness of sins and

pardoning mercy are made known to the soul; and our ftate being thus changed, as in regeneration we pass from death to life, this change is accompanied with those glorious fruits and manifestations of God's free grace, as the grand blessings of it; and we see and feel that our sins are forgiven, that they are blotted out, that our names are written in the Lamb's book of life, that we are justified and made everlastingly righteous in him, that God is at perfect peace with us, and hath forgiven us all trespasses. At this great season, it is sometimes visibly perceived by us, and spiritually and actually felt, that we are quickened together with Christ, with life from him, and are divinely drawn forth in acts of spiritual life upon and towards him. All our spiritual acts of faith, are living, real, spiritual acts, put forth in our souls by the Holy Spirit upon Christ, and the Father, as reconciled in him. If we could keep clear and distinct thoughts respecting the grace expressed to us, in effectual calling, it would be a great blessing to us in real experience. It is the revelation and application of all that Christ hath done for us, and an investing us into a manifestative interest in Christ, to the end that we may by faith in him, enjoy all the blessings of our heavenly Father's love

and grace, in that daily walk with God which we are called to.

I would here observe, it is a matter of , moment to us to consider what the Scriptures say upon this point. I will quote two, and leave them without any explanation for your own ftudy and meditation. The first is, 1 Cor. i. 9. God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. The second is, 1 Pet. V. 10. The God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Jesus Chrift. Give me leave to say, it is loss of time to think and pore so much as many do, to see and find by looking into themselves, whether they are effe&tually called, while they altogether neglect to consider what the Scripture says respeeing it. It is a grand ftumbling block, in the way to our enjoyment of spiritual blessings, to doubt of our interest in them. One of the great operations of the Spirit upon our souls is to bring us fpiritually to know Christ, and to believe in him, his work, grace, and fulness. It is an everlasting truth, that there is such a thing as asfurance, and that some enjoy a sense of pardoning mercy. But, I would ask, how it is they come by this? It is in believing. Hear the apostle upon this subject in verse 13th of the chapter before us. In whom ye also trusted after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation : in whom also after that ye believed ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise. Hearing goes before believing, and the spirit feals his own truth upon the heart, and by it leads us to know our particular interest in it. Observe it well. He does not comfort you by marks and signs of grace, nor by the

fruits and effects of faith, but he comforts you, as he takes of the things of Christ and fhews them unto you. Believers, review what the Lord did for

you when he first called you by his grace. It may be, it was the happiest season you ever yet enjoyed. I will fay it for you, this was what your souls were then taken with, the love of Christ in dying for finners— the pardon of your sins, through the blood-shedding of Christ. Your souls stood amazed at the views you had of being justified in the glorious righteousness of Jesus. Was it not thus ? And how is it with you now? It may be, for so it frequently befalls believers, that your hearts are not so happy in Jesus, your souls not lo burning with love to him, nor you so dependent upon him as you then were. I have known it to be the case with some real believers, that the longer they have lived, the more legal they have been : indeeed, we should guard against every thing which hath the least legal influence upon us, and pray the Holy Spirit to gospelize our understandings, hearts, and minds, with spiritual sights of Christ. The Lord give you to consider your high calling, dignity, and privilege, and help you to live out of yourselves upon Christ Jesus. And what hath been delivered, as far as calculated to this blessed end, may he most graciously bless. Amen.

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And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another

Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.

HE ever blessed Jesus, in every act of his life in

his incarnate state, gave his beloved people an everlasting proof of his friendship, evidencing unto them, that as a friend he loveth them at all times, and was that brother who is born for adversity; yea, that friend which sticketh closer than a brother. His acts of friendship towards his people in love, mercy, and sympathy, were various, wonderful, and surprising. He manifested his friendship in his ancient undertakings and goings forth in a covenant way on the behalf of his people, in his eternal transactions with his Divine Father. His love flamed forth in a sur prising manner, when he, the essential word and Son of God, became incarnate-God personally dwelling in the manhood, whereby he became Immanuel, God with us. Every word he spoke, every act he per

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