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made unto them in Christ, and have been fulfilled unto Christ. He is in the possession of all the good contained in them; and he is almighty to bestow upon his people every grace and blessing. The Father has sealed Christ as Head and Saviour of his people. He has treasured up in him all fulness; and Christ, as the head, has it to communicate to all his members; and out of his fulness his people receive grace for grace. Christ, as God's holy one, was to be anointed : by which we are to understand the call of Christ, and the setting him apart to the great work and office of salvation. He is in the text called the most boly, in allusion to the holy of holies. And indeed he is the most holy, and has been celebrated by the creatures, the feraphims, with a thrice holy-Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of bofts: the whole earth is full of his glory. And the evangelist John, quoting this passage from the prophet, says, these things said Ifaiah, when he saw his (Christ's) glory and spake of him. He was the most holy; and he, the most holy, in concert with his eternal Father and eternal Spirit, undertook the work of redemption. He, as Man, Mediator, was anointed with all the unmeasurable fulness and unction of the Spirit's grace, and this most holy and infinitely blessed God-man has done all things well; and, having put away fin by the sacrifice of himself, he is entered into the most holy place, where he appears before the throne as a lamb newly flain ; and where he, as our true high priest, presents himself as the everlasting representative of his chosen ones, wearing their names upon the breastplate of his heart, and appearing in the presence of God for them. And, as the high priest, on the great day of atonement, entered by means of the blood of the sacrifice into the holy of holies: fo Christ, by means of his own blood, entered as our great high priest into heaven itself, there to appear in the prefence of God for us. And, as the high priest carried into the holy of holies some sweet-smelling incense, and fumed it between the Cherubims: so Christ, by his divine intercession for his people within the vail, perfumed their services, and in him, and by him, they are accepted. And, as the high priest, when he came out of the holy of holies, used to bless the people in the name of the Lord: .fo Jesus Christ, the great high priest of his church and people, blesses his people from heaven with spiritual blessings; and sends 'down the Holy Ghost to turn them from their iniquities, to convince them in their consciences effectually of sing of righteousness, and of judgment; and to shew them what Jesus has done and suffered; and then to take of the things of Christ and shew them their interest in them. And when our great High Priest shall come out of the holy of holies, then he will lift

up his facred hands, and bless all his people in the name of the Lord, saying unto them, Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit ibe kingdom prepared

for you from the foundation of the world. On the day of atonement, after the scape.ggat had carried the fins of the people into the wilderness, and the high priest had performed the services of the day, the jubilee trumpet used to be founded, and it was a joyful sound : for it proclaimed liberty unto persons in distress. And in consequence of the eternally efficacious atonement which Christ has made, the trumpet of the gospel sounds, and it is a joyful found: for it proclaims pardon and peace, life and salvation, freedom and liberty, from sin and Satan, death and hell, through the facrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is supposed by Grotius, that the 32d Psalm was designed to be sung on the great day of atonement; and it must be allowed, that no Psalm could suit the folemnity of that day better : for it begins thus, Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, and whose fin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity. Now, that this was exactly suited to the service of this day, will appear, if we consider that they had seen by faith, in a type and figure, their fins laid on the scape goat and carried away by him, and the iniquity of the land thereby removed: and therefore they might well sing, Blessed is he wbose transgresfion is forgiven, and whose fins are covered: blessed is the man unto whom the Lord will not impute fin. Now there is nothing that can cover or hide our sins from the eye of God's justice, but the blood of Christ. He only is our propitiation, which word fignifies a covering. The mercy-seat was called a propitiatory, because it covered and hid what was contained in the ark, and the Lord was represented as looking down upon it. And, the ark being a type of Christ, and the law, the two tables of the covenant, being put into the ark, it typified the law written upon Christ's heart, and fulfilled in his life, and the mercy-seat pointed out his expiatory death : so that here, in a figure and type, was clearly set forth how Jesus hides all our transgres

sions from the Father's view. That his blood is a covering so thick, that God's justice being satisfied with the shedding of it, and God himself liaving placed it to the account of his people, all their fins are covered. And the apostle Paul will tell us plainly who those persons are unto whom the Lord imputeth not sin. They are those unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, Rom. iv. 6. Now it may be observed for our comfort, that it is not said by the Holy Ghost, blessed is the man that never finned-or bleised is the man who has no sin in him, or who feels no fin. No, blefied be God! for then we must have been eternally confounded. But it is, blessed is the man to wion the Lord will not impute sm. And the man to whom the Lord will not impute fin, is he unto whom God imputes the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ; whose fins he has laid upon Christ, and which have been already carried away by him, and put away by his facrifice. Here is the believer's blessed state, he is one with Christ. The Father beholds him in the beloved, all fair and complete. And herein the believer's blessedness consists, to know his union with, and his interest in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is made known unto him by the Holy Ghost, He is the revealer of it; and he bears his testimony in the heart and conscience to the truth of it. May the Holy Ghost shine upon his own truěh, and bless it, and to his name shall be the praise, Amen.




EPHESIANS, Chap. i. Ver. 8.

Wberein be bath abounded toward us in all Wisdom and



"HE writer of this epistle was, at the time of his

writing it, a prisoner for Christ. But though he was bound, the word of God was not bound: his spirit was most enlarged when his body was most straightcned. The Spirit of the Lord raised his foul, elevated and most divinely enlightened his understand. ing; so that from what is contained in this sacred treasury, the letter directed to the faints at Ephesus, he might truly say, that it was given unto him to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.

From prison he most richly waters and refreshes the church of the living God with a rich doctrinal display of the riches, freeness, fulness, and sovereignty of Jehovah's grace, displayed in eternal, unconditional, personal election, particular redemption, and effectual calling and sanctification, which he crowns with eternal glorification.

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