The Aged and the Aging in the United States, Volumes 2-6

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Page 696 - Cobb, associate professor of the Graduate School of Public Health of the University of Pittsburgh.
Page 335 - For any person, whether an employer or an employee or not, to aid, abet, incite, compel or coerce the doing of any of the acts forbidden under this article, or to attempt to do so.
Page 335 - For any employer, labor organization or employment agency to discharge, expel or otherwise discriminate against any person because he has opposed any practices forbidden under this article or because he has filed a complaint, testified or assisted in any proceeding under this article.
Page 436 - There are two points I would like to make. One is that regardless of better financing for medical care, there will aways be a great need for many more trained personnel.
Page 334 - It shall be an unlawful employment practice: 1. For an employer, because of the race, creed, color or national origin of any individual, to refuse to hire or employ or to bar or to discharge from employment such individual or to discriminate against such individual in compensation or in terms, conditions or privileges of employment.
Page 379 - Said commission shall report to the general court the results of its investigation and study, and its recommendations, if any, together with drafts of legislation necessary to carry its recommendations into effect, by filing the same with the clerk of the house of representatives on or before the last Monday of December in the current year.
Page 488 - We will insert your prepared statement in the record at this point. (The statement referred to follows :) STATEMENT BY W.
Page 335 - ... 3. For any employer or employment agency to print or circulate or cause to be printed or circulated any statement, advertisement, or publication, or to use any form of application for employment or to make any inquiry in connection with prospective employment, which expresses, directly or indirectly, any limitation, specification, or discrimination as to race, creed, color, or national origin, or any intent to make. any such limitation, specification, or discrimination, unless based upon a bona...
Page 379 - Service is hereby authorized to sit during the recess of the general court for the purpose of making an investigation and study of the subject matter of current house document numbered 3044 (App.
Page 386 - If you have a prepared statement, it will be made a part of the record in its entirety and you may summarize it in your own manner.

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