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Albany NC Logistics Support Base, GA
Alleghany Ballistics Lab., MD.
Annapolis Naval Academy, MD.
Annapolis Naval Hospital, MD
ABRipolis Naval Ship R&D center, MD
Annapolis Naval Station, MD
Athens Naval Supply Corps School, GA
Atlanta Air Station, GA...
Jarders Point Air Station, MI
Barkin Sands Nissile Range Facility, MI
Barstov MC Supply Center, CA
Beaufort MC Air Station, SC
Beaufort Naval Hospital, SC
Bedford Weapons ind Reserve Plant, MA
Bethesda Nat'l Naval Medical Center, DC


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*Charleston Polaris Nissile Fac., SC *Charleston Shipyard, SC *Charleston Supply Center, SC Chase Field Air Station, TX Cheltenham Navy Comn, DC Area *Cherry Point Air Rework Fac., NC

Cherry Point MC Air Station, NC *Chesapeake Division, Naval Facility

Command, DC China Lake Naval Air Facility, CA China Lake Naval Wons Center, CA Cleveland Finance Center, OH Columbus Wons Ind Res Plant, OH Communication Unit, FL Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA Corona Annex-Weapons Center, CA Coronado Amphibious Base, CA . Corpus Christi Air Station, TX Corpus Christi Naval Regional Medical

Center, TX ...


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Kansas City MC Finance Center, MO Ky port Undersea Warfare Engrg Station

Monterey Post Grad School, CA
MWTC Bridgeport, CA
Naval Air Facility, DC
Naval Air Systems Cad, DC
Naval Base, NY..

Det.. WA .....
Key West Naval Air Station, FL
Key West Naval Hospital, FL.


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Pensacola Technical Training Center,

FL ... Philadelphia Ai Suppori office, PA Philadelphia MC Support Activity, PA

Philadelphia Nav Av Eng Svc Unit, PA **Philadelphia Naval Base, PA

Philadelphia Naval Reg Med Center, PA
Philadelphia Naval Support Activity,
Philadelphia pub and Forns cir; PA
•Philadelphia Shipyard, PA .
Pittsfield Weapons industriai Re's

Plant, MA.
Point Barrow Laboratory, AK :
Point Mugu Naval Air Station, CA

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San Diego Dev & Trng Center Fleet

Maintenance Asst. Group Pac, CA
San Diego Fleet Antisubmarine Warfare

School, CA.
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San Diego MC Recruit Depot, CA **San Diego Naval Base, CA •San Diego Naval Rese center, có *San Diego Naval Station, CA San Diego Public Works Center, CA San Diego Recruit Training Cad, CA San Diego Svc Sch Command, CA *San Diego Supply Center, CA *San Diego Training Center, CA

San Francisco Comu St. (stockton), có
**San Francisco Naval Base, CA .
San Francisco Naval Shipyard,'(Hunter's

Point), (IN-MOB) CA ...
MC Air Station (M) Tustin, CA
Schenectady Atomic Power Lab., NY

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TIee map Tor compler Toto which the activity Tits, or is Tocated.
** Not considered major installations but are included because of administrative significance.
(11) Inactive.


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