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Ν Τ Ε Ν pursued in Europe towards the attainment of a general peace. Empress of Ruffia, and the Emperor of Germany, mediators. State and condition of she contending parties. Mr. Grenville sent 10 Paris, Mr. Firzherbert appointed plenipotentiary, to negociare and conclude a treaty of peace, with obe ministers of France, Spain, and Holland. Mr. Oswald appointed commiffoner on the part of his Britannic majesty, ro negociate a ireary wirb Fohn Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and Henry Laurens, ibe American commissioners. Provifonal articles signed with America. Proliminary articles of peace between England, France, and Spain, þigned, at Versailles, by Alleyne Filz-Herbert, Esq. the Count de Vergennes, and be Count D'Aranda. Skerch of ibe provisional and preliminary treaties. (114

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Various conjectures concerning the flate and views of the different political

partier revious 10, and at the meeting of parliament, -Letters from the secrei 1.110 10 tbe lord-mayor of Londo: repeting ihe peace.-- King's Speech ries in both bouses on the ad iress.- Reasons aligned by Mr. Fox for "ihe resignation of bis office. - Second debate, on exprefions in the Speech respecting the treaty zvirb America. - Queflion put in the first commiffioner of the treasury in the House of Peers on the same fubjeél. - Marion for ibe provisional kreaty to be laid before the House of Commons rejeéied. --Bill brought in for preventing doubts ibat migbt arife refpecling ibe legilance and judicial rights of the parliament and courts of jufice of Ireland.- Cafe of the introduction of the bill, and objections made iu it.


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Preliminary articles of peace fgned at Versailles-laid before both houses

of parliament.-- Address of thanks moved by Mr. Thomas Pits. Amenda ment proposed by Lord John Cavendis.-Second amendment proposed by Lord Norrb.-List of the principal speakers for and against ibe criginail address.-T be peace defended on rbree grounds.-14. From the deplorable fiate of the finances of tbe navy-of ibe army. -2dly. On the meriis of the articles of the several treaties. Defence of the French irea: of the ceffion of part of the Newfoundland fisbery, and of the ifiands of St. Pierre and Miquelon-of the restoration of St. Lucia, and of the cefsion of Tobago - of ibe ceffion of Senegal, and ine refloration of Goree of the refloration of rúe French continental ferrlements in the EafiIndies of the abrogation of the articles relative 79 Dunkirk - Defence of the Spanib treaty of the cellion of East and West Florida and Minorca.- Defence of the provisonal treaty with the Americans - of ibe line of boundaries -- of be serilement of the fifcries-of she rerms proq cured for ibi loyalijs.-dly. On ibe factions and inerenti morives of those who pretended 10 difapprove of it.- Arguments. urged by the opposite fide in support of the amendinents.Argumenis used in defence of the peace replied 19 in the jame order. ---Boib amendments carried in the Horse of a 3



Τ Ε Ν Τ S. Commons, by a majority of 16. - Amendment to be address in the House of Lords moved by Lord Carlife, and negatived by a majority of 13.List of speakers in the debate.-Resolution of censure on the peace meved in rhe House of Commons by Lord John Cavendish, and carried by a jority of 17.


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Lord Shelburne's resignation, and chancellor of exchequer's declaration on

what account be conrinued 10 hold bis office. -Ministerial interregnum mischiefs resulting therefrom-conje&tures on the causes.--Address 10 bis Majesty for the same restrictions to be observed, previous 10 the sth of April, respecting granting pensions, as are directed by an ait of lafl le fions pubsequent so that time.- Debate thereon.— Account of pensions granted.Animadversions on them.-Mr. Coke'ś notice of his intention 10 move an aldress on the unfetiled fate of the ministry.--Its effects-unsuccessful.Makes his morion-received with approbation.— Ministers attemps 10 exculpate themselves answered.-Coalition abused; and an addition, to its disadvantage, proposed to tbe address.7 bis attack repelled, with great dexterity, by . Fox. -Allusions having been made, in ibe debaie, ro fecret advisers of be crown, a gentleman alluded 10 avows, and justifies bis conduct --- Reply.- Address presented. - Answer.- Mr. Pito resigns--queftioned respečling any new arrangement being made.- His anfue-nos jau sisfaclory.-Eari of Surry's motion on the occasionebjections to it-withdrawn.-- He proposes another, wbich is belier approved; it is however postponed. --- Report to be disadvantage of tbe coalition party-disclaimed by Lord North. Fieb invectives against the coalition.--Heads of jufiification insisted on by that pariy.--Negociarion again opened 10 form an administration--fucceeds.- List of the new minifry. Its first objects.-Difficulties obstrueling a commercial intercourse with ibe States of America.Steps taken 10 remove them.---Loan of ruelve millions brought forward -objetied 10--juftified.-Mr. Piri's motion for a reform of the parlia nentary representation-debate thereon--divifon - loft by a majority of 144.-- Earl Shelburne condemns the loan.---Rrfolution proposed for ibe con. ciuch of future loans.-The loan juftificd, and former ministry blamed. Proposed resolutions discussed, and reječied. - Duke of Ricbmond's mosion, reporting danger to be apprehended from purring the great feal in commission 10 rbe judges.--Ileads of bis speech, which embraces furiber objects.- Mo. sion objccted 10-withdrawn.- Anoiber proposed-debated-negarived.-' nimadversions on the original motion.--Melage recommending a separare clablishment for the Prince of Wales-- 50,000l. feniled on bim-and 60,00:1. vored as a temporary aid.-- Heads of sbe bill for regularing cer. rein offices in tbe exchequer.--Clause offered 10 exemp: Lord Thurlow from jos operation - debated-agreed 10- rejeled on the report by a majority of $. ---Cine of the relien.-Specch.-Eal India affairs left unfenled.

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Biribs for the year 1783
Principal Promotions
Sheriffs appointed by his Majesty in council for 1783

(22+ (225 [229 (235 [236


Letters and papers relating 10 Captain Afgill's case; written by his morber,

Lady Afgill; ibe Comie de Vergennes, prime minister of France; the American Congress, and General Wasbingion

[241 Extracts of letters from Lieutenant General Sir Eyre Coole, K. B. daied Ma

dras the 31st August and 2.516 September 1782, received at the office of bis Majesty's principal secretary of state for the home department, on the 7eb April, 1783


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REMARKABLE ACTIONS at SEA. Extracts of lesters from Vice Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, K. B. commander

in chief of bis Majesty's bips employed in the Eaft-Indies, to Mr. Stepbens ; received the 6th of April, 1783

[:49 Account of the capture of tbe Solitaire, a French 64 gun bip, by the Ruby, Captain Collins

[258 Extract of a letter from Admiral Pigot 10 Mr. Stephens, dared tbe 3d of March 1783

[258 Extract of a letter from Rear Admiral Rowley, commander in chief of his

Majesty's bips at Jamaica, dated be gob of February, 1783, 10 Mr. Stephens

[259 Extract of a letter from Rear Admiral Digby, commander in chief of his

Majesty's sbips and vessels in North America, 10 Mr. Stephens, dared Feb. 8, 1783

(1259 Extrafl from the Kingslon Gazelle, received May 2, 1783


Extract of a letter from Colonel Deveaux 10 Sir Guy Carleton, daréd New

Providence, June 6, 1983, giving an account of the recapture of the Babama islands

[ 260 A memorial of the commanding officers of his Majefty's provincial regimenis and

corps in North America, presented 10 Sir Guy Carleton in March 1783 (263 Copies of letters from General Carleton and Admiral Digby, in answer 10 ibose

difparched by Robert R. Livingston, Esq; fecretary for foreign affairs, relu. ritve to the cessation of Infilities

[265 Copy of a letter from his Excellency Sir Guy Carleton, Bart. io che president of aba American Congress, relative 10 his evacuaring New York

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A circular letter of his Excellency George Wasbington, commander in cbief of

ibe armies of the United States of America, dated June 18, 1783 [266 General Washington's farewell orders to the armies of the United States (274 The address of bis officers to his Excellency General Wasbington, commander in chief of ibe armies of the United States of America

[277 Ceremonial of the introduction of his Royal Higbress George Auguflus Frederick

Prince of Wales, into the House of Peers, at the meeting of parliament 47 Tuesday November 11, 1783

(279 Ceremonial of the invefliture of the Knights of St. Patrick

[ 280 Installation of tbe Knights

[282 Extract of a letter from the president and selezt commince al Bombay, to the secret committee of the Court of Directors of the East-India company, dated 271h June, 1783, received overland 211 of November; containing a concise detail of the transactions and occurrences in those parts

[285 Copy of a letter from Mr. Hutchinson 10 the secret committee of tbe court of

Directors, &c. dared Anjenjo, 19ıb July, 1783, giving an account of the most recent occurrences in tbe Carnaric

(294 A general bill of all the chrislenings and burials in ons London, Westminster, &c. for the year 1783

[.96 A complete and authentic lift of men of war, bob of France, Spain, Holland, and England, which bave been either saken or destroyed during ibe lare war

[297 An account of ihe quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and imported

into England and Scorland, with the bounties and drawbacks paid, and the duties received tbereon, for one year ended the 5th of January, 1784

(301 Prices of Stocks for the year 1783

(303 Supplies gransed by parliament for the year 1783

(304 Ways and means for raising the supplies Taxes for the year 1783



S T A T E P A P E R S.


5, 1982

His Majesty's most gracious speech 10 boib bonses of parliament, on the closing the feffion, July 11, 1782

(310 His Majesiy's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament on opening the feffion, December

(311 The bumble address of the lords fpiritual and temporal, in parliament assembled, 10 ihe King; with bis Majesty's answer

(314 The bumble address of the commons of Great Britain to the King; wirb bis Majesty's answer

(317 His Majesty's speech on clofing the feflion, July 16, 1783

(318 Preliminary articles of peace between bis Prisannic Majesly and the Siales Ce. neral of the United Provinces

[13 The definitive treaty of peace and friendship between his Britannic Majcsy and the Mon Christian King

[329 Separate articles, and declaration, p. (328.- Counter-declararion | 320


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The definitive reary of peace and friendsbip between his Britannic Majesty and the Most Catholic King

(331 Separare articles, p. [336.-Counter-declaration

(338 The definiriq'e treaty of peace and friendship berween bis Britannic Majesty and the united states of America

(339 Treaty of perpetual peace and friendship between the Hon. East-India company.

and ihe Pesowa Madboo Row Pundit Purdban, seniled berween Mr. David Anderson on the part of the company, and the wbole of the cbiefs of the Mahratta nation

(343 Transcript of the treaty between France and the United States of America ; rogether with the ratification of the same by Congress

(346 The petition of the people called Quakers

(350 Warrant by obe lord lieutenant general and general governor of Ireland for ibe seulement of the Geneveje in that kingdom

(351 Letter to Mr. D’Ivernois, from Mr. Secretary Hamilton, on the same subječi

(354 The humble address of the lord-mayor, serifs, commons, and citizens of the

city of Dublin, presented March 11, 1783, to the lord lieutenant ; with bis excellency

(354 is excellency the lord lieutenant of Ireland 10 borb bouses of parliament, 08. 14, 1783

(356 To the king's most excellent majefly : the humble address of the lords Spritual and temporal of Ireland, in parliament assembled

(357 To the King's most excellent Majesly: the humble address of the knights, citizens, and burgesses of Ireland, in parliament assembled

(359 The bumble address of the lords Spiritual and temporal of Ireland, in Parliament allembled, 10 bis Excellency Robert Earl of Northington, lord lieute

[3_o The bumble address of the knigbes, citizens, and burgefjes of Ireland, in par. liament allembled, 19 rbe same

(362 Translation of the manifeflo published by order of the Empress of Rulia, upon

occafion of ber troops entering ibe peninsula of the Crimea, &c. (363 Heads of the principal acts of parliament passed during the prejeni fellion of parliament, 1783


The Speech





Character of Elizabeth Queen of England ; from Dr. Watson's history of

Philip III. king of Spain
Cbaracter of the Mareschal Lesdiguieres; from the same

Charafier of the Spaniards ; from she same
Character of King James ibe Secund; from Mrs. M. Grabam's history of

5 Dejcription of the Rejangs in the island of Sumaira ; from the biftory of ibat isand, by IV. Njarsden, F. R. S.

8 Differen in character bitween the Malays and orber Sumatrans; from ike fame axibor



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