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Page Anderson, P. G., vice president in charge of traffic, El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas, (telegram).

1058 Arkansas River bank protection above Little Rock.

1050 Arkansas River navigation --

1036 Arkansas River, Pueblo, Colo

819, 883 Arkansas-White and Red River Basin.

886 Bayo i Meto, Ark..

884 Beardstown, nl...

896 Beaufort to Cape Fear, N. C., Masonboro Inlet

855 Big Lagoon to Pensacola Bay, Fla.

801, 805, 844 Blevins, president, Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas (telegram). 1057 Brannan, Hon. Charles F., Secretary of Agriculture..

931, 1063 Brennan, J. R., Office of Chief of Engineers, Washington, D. C.

986 Busch, James, district attorney, Mendocino County, Calif.

1015 Byrd, Hon. Harry Flood, United States Senator from the State of Virginia. 797, 1041 Cain, Hon. Harry P., United States Senator from the State of Washington. 1043 Carey, Harvey L., special representative of Caddo levee board, clerk of the Louisiana House of Representatives..

961 Chandler, Leroy, president, Red River-Bayou Boeuf-Tenas levee board, Louisiana

964 Coe, Earl, State of Washington secretary of state.

1043 Colorado Motor Car Co., letter.

820 Colonial Beach, Va..

1069 Crawford, Maj. Gen. R. C., Chairman, the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors, Washington, D. C.--

880 Davis Creek, Mathews County, Va.

797, 803, 805, 828 Daw, Mervin, counsel and president, Municipal Board of Public Utilities, Santa Rosa, Calif.

1034 Dews, George, secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Arkadelphia, Ark. (telegram)

1057 Dixon, J. W., Director of Project Planning, Bureau of Reclamation, Interior Department..

935, 1065 Downey, Hon. Sheridan, United States Senator from the State of California

985 Durkee, Frank B., deputy director, Department of Public Works, California (letter).

996 Edmonston, A. D., assistant State engineer, California (letter).

997 Ellender, Hon. Allen J., United States Senator from the State of Louisiana. 897 Fletcher, Wayne, executive director of Arkansas Resources and Development Commission...

918 Fricke, Thomas J., engineer, Stuttgart, Ark

976 Gee, Col. Herbert C., Deputy Chief of Civil Works for Flood Control, Office of Chief of Engineers..

814, 910, 933, 1050 Gingerich, Edward, secretary-manager, Malvern Chamber of Commerce, Malvern, Ark. (telegram)

1057 Graham, Hon. Frank T., United States Senator from the State of North Carolina

817 Grand Prairie, Ark

857, 974, 1045 Graves, W. Mac., manager, Chamber of Commerce, Camden, Ark. (telegram)

1057 Gray, Gordon, Secretary of Army, Department of the Army, Washington, D. C.

917 Hart, Roy P., on behalf of railroads serving the Arkansas River Basin. 1036 Hodden, Charles W., speaker of house, Washington..

1043 Holmes, John M., president of Pueblo Conservancy District, Colo..

821 Humboldt River, Nev..

810, 935 Page Hyatt, Edward, State engineer, California (letter).

997 Illinois River at Beardstown, Ill..

876 Johnson, Hon. Edwin C., United States Senator from the State of Colorado..

819 Johnson, Hon. Lyndon B., United States Senator from the State of Texas (letter).

1070 Knous, Lee, Governor, and chairman of Colorado Water Conservation Board..

822 Knowland, Hon. William F., United States Senator from the State of California (letter)-

986 Krug, J. H., Secretary of Interior, Washington, D. C.

1064 Lawton, F. J., Acting Director, Bureau of the Budget.

886 Lea, Clarence, Santa Rosa, Calif.

1044 Lewis, Al, secretary-manager, Chamber of Commerce, Santa Rosa, Calif.. 1035 Lucas, Hon. Scott W., United States Senator from the State of Illinois.... 876 Lyttle, James, supervisor, Sonoma County, Calif.

1032 McCandless, Assistant Director, Estimates, Bureau of the Budget, Wash. ington, D. C. (letter)--

933 McCarley, B. R., mayor, Texarkana, Ark. (telegram)

1058 McGoldrick, Charles J., district attorney of Sonoma County, Calif., repre

senting Sonoma County flood control and water conservation district.. 994 McMillan, secretary, Ouachita Valley Association, Arkadelphia, Ark. (telegram)

1056 Malone, Hon. George W., United States Senator from the State of Nevada. sil Marsalis, Hon. John H., a Representative in Congress from the State of Colorado.

825 Masonboro Inlet, N. C.

817, 853 Matthias, L. R., executive secretary, Red River Valley Improvement Association.

947 Mendocino County flood control and water conservation district. 1015, 1028 Meyers, Victor A., president of senate, Washington.

1043 Miller, Richard, supervisor, Sonoma County, Calif.

1033 Millikin, Hon. Éugene D., United States Senator from the State of Colorado.

882 Minter, Hon. Marvin, State senator, Commonwealth of Virginia

803 Morrow, Jno. P., president of White River Flood Control Association, Batesville, Ark. (telegram)

1056 Muller, Henry M., Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors, Corps of Engineers

829, 849 Murray, J. C., Chamber of Commerce, Little Rock, Ark.

1039 Nelson, John M., manager, Chamber of Commerce, Hot Springs, Ark. (telegram).

1057 New Orleans tidewater channel

897 Norrell, Hon. W. F., a Representative in Congress from the State of Arkansas

1045 North Branch of Chicago River, Ill..

849 O'Mahoney, Hon. Joseph C., United States Senator from the State of Wyoming..

857 Pepper, Hon. Claude, United States Senator from the State of Florida. Peterson, Hon. J. Hardin, a Representative in Congress from the State of Florida.

798 Pick, Maj. Gen. Lewis A., Chief of Engineers

$78 Pryor, Edgar, president, Chamber of Commerce, Camden, Ark. (telegram). 1053 Purcell, C. H., director of public works, California (letter). Robertson, Hon. A. Willis, United States Senator from the State of

Virginia (letter and statement). Russian River Basin, Calif..

985, 101, 100 S. 1576__

961, 1065 Senate bill No. 1637, State of California.. Senate bill No. 1649, State of California...

1015 Scudder, Hon. Hubert B., a Representative in Congress from the State of California

991 Shultz, George D., county clerk and clerk of County Board of Illinois (resolution)

S90 South Platte River, Colo

Page Staats, Elmer B., Executive Assistant Director, Bureau of the Budget - 886, 905 Stockman, Hon. Lowell, a Representative in Congress from the State of Oregon..

903 St. Joseph Sound, Ozona, Fla

798, 838 Stone, Judge Clifford H., director of Colorado Water Conservation Board (letter)-

868 Straus, Michael W., Commissioner, Reclamation Bureau..

872, 945 Stump, H. C., secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Stuttgart, Ark.

974 Suggs, O. F., president, Ouachita Area Development Council, Malvern, Ark. (telegram)

1057 Thatcher, H. K., representing Ouachita Valley Association and White River Flood Control Association.

1055 Truman, Hon. Harry S., President of the United States (letter).

875 Umatilla Harbor improvements, Oregon -

903 Wallace, Marshall, county surveyor and road commissioner, Sonoma County, Calif...

1026 Walton, Fred, president, Chamber of Commerce of Saline County, Benton, Ark. (telegram)

1057 Watkins, Hon. Arthur V., United States Senator from the State of Utah - 864 White, J. Lester, director, Department of Public Works, Louisiana

966 Will, Ralph R., Office of the Secretary, Department of Agriculture.

920 Winslatt, Merrill, assistant to Congressman Sikes, of Florida..

802 Winter Harbor project, Mathews County, Va. Woods, Clinton D., acting regional director, Salt Lake City, Utah (letter). 946 Wright, E. Gordon, president, Ouachita Valley Association, Monroe, La. (telegram).






Washington, D.C. The subcommittee met at 10 a. m., pursuant to call, in room 412, Senat Office Building, Senator John L. McClellan, presiding.

Present: Senators McClellan (presiding), Holland, Stennis, Chapman, Kerr, and Malone.

Also present: Lieut. Col. Herbert C. Gee, Deputy Chief of Civil Works for Flood Control, and J. R. Brennan, Office of Chief of Engineers; and Henry M. Muller, assistant to resident member, Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors, Corps of Engineers.

Senator McCLELLAN. The committee will come to order.

We are continuing hearings regarding flood control and rivers and harbors projects, in anticipation of including projects coming over to this committee in the bill H. R. 5472 as passed by the House. We have set these hearings for today and tomorrow to try to round out any further testimony and consider any new projects that might be offered.

We have with us Congressman Peterson, of Florida, who is interested in some projects in his State.

Before we proceed with Congressman Peterson, however, we have with us Senator Byrd, of Virginia, who will make a brief statement upon a project in his State. You may proceed, Senator Byrd.


SENATOR FROM THE STATE OF VIRGINIA Senator BYRD. Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to come first with my statement. It will be very brief.

Mr. Chairman, I introduce Senator Marvin Minter, who is a State senator from Virginia and will appear here in behalf of two projects in Mathews County, Va.

DAVIS CREEK AND WINTER HARBOR, VA. These projects have been approved by the Board of Engineers and by everybody concerned, and they have the united support of the communities. They are of very vital interest to the tidewater region of Virginia. I personally know about them, and Senator Robertson and I are deeply interested in them.

Senator MCCLELLAN. They are very small projects, are they not, Senator Byrd?

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