Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1989: Secretary of the Interior

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Page 1126 - The Department of the Interior and the Office of Management and Budget have approved of such an adjustment in the undistributed reduction of the BPA budget.
Page 4 - Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee: I am pleased to appear before you today in support of the President's FY 1989 budget for the Department Of the Interior.
Page 745 - advisory committee" means any committee, board, commission, council, conference, panel, task force, or other similar group, or any subcommittee or other subgroup thereof...
Page 30 - Territorial and International Affairs The Assistant Secretary for Territorial and International Affairs carries out the responsibilities of the Secretary...
Page 88 - ... owner") of improved property on the date of its acquisition by the Secretary may, as a condition of such acquisition, retain for themselves and their successors or assigns a right of use and occupancy of the improved property for noncommercial residential purposes for a definite term...
Page 750 - Unless otherwise specifically provided by statute or Presidential directive, advisory committees shall be utilized solely for advisory functions. Determinations of action to be taken and policy to be expressed with respect to matters upon which an advisory committee reports or makes recommendations shall be made solely by the President or an officer of the Federal Government.
Page 113 - prohibited from ever selling or letting to any corporation or individual, except a municipality or a municipal water district or irrigation district, the right to sell or sublet the water or the electric energy sold or given to it or him
Page 747 - ... (1) whether such committee is carrying out its purpose; (2) whether, consistent with the provisions of applicable statutes, the responsibilities assigned to it should be revised ; (3) whether it should be merged with other advisory committees; or (4) whether is should be abolished.
Page 503 - The Administrator shall review and comment in writing on the environmental impact of any matter relating to duties and responsibilities granted pursuant to this Act or other provisions of the authority of the Administrator, contained in any (1) legislation proposed by any Federal department or agency. (2) newly authorized Federal projects for construction and any major Federal agency action (other than a project for construction) to which section...
Page 503 - In the event the Administrator determines that any such legislation, action, or regulation is unsatisfactory from the standpoint of public health or welfare or environmental quality, he shall publish his determination and the matter shall be referred to the Council on Environmental Quality.